Sunday, September 30, 2012

Religion in politics

Starting with our esteemed A.C.L.U there are so many organizations that attempt to keep religion away from politics as well as keeping religions away from public schools, government buildings, courthouses, Christmas mangers from city parks, prayers at public schools and official functions. 

There is a definite problem with this process however. This only pertains to the Judeo-Christian beliefs. It does not seem to pertain to Muslim beliefs.

A close friend sent me some information to remind me of the values of the Catholic faith that I so proudly embrace. I thank my friend for this, and I don't think he'll protest if I pass this on to my Judeo-Christian friends. Like me, my friend strongly embraces the Catholic faith.

While I am not in complete agreement or compliance of the "man-made" laws of the Catholic church, I am using today's blog to extol the virtues of the religion I proudly embrace.

First of all, when the Catholic church was founded there were no hospitals. Today, one of every five people in the U.S. receive their medical care in a Catholic hospital.

When the Catholic church was founded there were no Catholic schools. Today, the Catholic church teaches more than three million students a day, in more than 250 Catholic colleges and universities. Also, today there are more than 1200 Catholic high schools, and over 5,000 Catholic grade schools.


It must be noted here that the Obamacare health mandate could very well end all this, and we taxpayers will have to make up the loss.  Also, Catholic adoption services will come to an end.

Here's some facts: there are more than 77 million Catholics in this country, and it takes an estimated 50 million Catholic votes to elect a President.

Our current President, Mr. Obama stated, "this is not a Christian nation". You are wrong Mr. Obama. We are a Christian nation founded on Judeo-Christian values, allowing all religions to worship and practice with freedom from condemnation and bias.

And that's Politics.....oh wait, before I sign off:

Has anyone ever been to a Muslim hospital?
Has anyone ever heard of a Muslim orchestra?
Has anyone ever seen a Muslim band march in a parade?
Has anyone ever witnessed a Muslim charity to feed and clothe the downtrodden?
Has anyone seen a Muslim shake hands with a Muslim Girl Scout?
Have you ever seen a Muslim candy striper?

We must replace Mr. Obama with a President that will honor and respect all religions beside Islam.  It's hard to believe why any one who embraces the Judeo-Christian values would vote for Mr. Obama again. Don't  ever forget over 60% did in 2008.

Don't do it again America. Don't swallow the Kool-Aid this time.

And now I can write....that's Politics with Pete for today...God Bless our country and our troops.

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