Friday, November 30, 2012

The quiet 75%

I wish I could take a survey of how many of the 75% welfare-freebie people watch Fox News. I'm sure most of them don't even know who Fox News is. The welfare-freebie people get most of their Kool-Aid from MSNBC, CNN, PBS, ABC, & CBS.

I am so glad to be one of the millions of viewers who have made Fox the number one cable news network for several years. I mean, let's face it; millions of Americans every day can't be all wrong. Even millions of progressive libs will tune into Fox when they want the news honest, fair, balanced, and unafraid. Well, except for the 75% of the freebie-welfare base that voted Mr. Obama into our White House.

To me the most hilarious is there is only one host, Sean Hannity, that openly declares he's a conservative Republican. And yet he still garners more viewers every night at 9:00 than MSNBC and CNN combined. The rest of the  Fox programming starting at 6:00 every morning is all televised under the charter of "fair & balanced".

To those critics who may disagree with me I can only proudly point to Fox's monthly published ratings. I always compare Fox to the old UCLA basketball teams under my hero John Wooden.
I lived in Southern California for thirty-five years, and watched John and UCLA win ten national championships; seven in a row. 

Coach Wooden's claim to fame was he never actively recruited a player. All the high school basketball stars flocked to UCLA just for a tryout to play for the Wizzard of Westwood.
To make my case I just point to Bill Walton and Kareen Abdul Jabaar. Yet, for all the unprecedented success Coach Wooden had at UCLA, the outstanding citizen, father, grandfather, teacher, and leader that he will always be remembered for, he was still attacked by his opponents. Blasphemy and lies were always cast at him. 

But all Coach Wooden did was keep winning; never paying attention to those that constantly castigated him. And what did he do in 1975? He put the exclamation mark on his career. He walked off the court after his final job of coaching with the NCAA championship in hand. What a guy. If John were alive today I'm confident Fox News would be his favorite news source.

To me, Fox News is the same way. Fox keeps getting attacked by the freebie-welfare populate because Mr. Obama has done a great job of convincing this particular group that the "evil-revenge" Republicans want to take their freebies away. Mr. Obama further promises the welfare people that he'll raise taxes on the rich to get revenue to keep their welfare checks flowing.

I guess if I was out of work, and only listened to MSNBC and CNN, I would be drinking Mr. Obama's Kool-Aid also. Really, can you blame them? They actually believe why work....the ugly evil rich cats are going to take care of us because our "Lord & Savior" will make sure they do so through his taxing policies.

If Mr. Obama's policies are so effective why has his approval rating dropped to 49% in the twenty-four days since his election? Yes, CNN and MSNBC won't report that. Another fact the fawning media won't report , and Fox will, is the drastic unemployment and welfare growth under Mr. Obama's watch is the only growth Mr. Obama can report to his welfare base.

Have any of the lame-stream media bothered to report that Mr. Obama, with the help of Senator Reid, wants to increase spending by $1.2.Trillion over the next decade with no promise of spending cuts except for the military. He also wants executive power to raise the national debt without congressional approval.  You can bet he won't cut any spending from his 75% of 14.9 millions on welfare. And where is Mr. Obama today? He's out selling this foolish dream on his campaign trail. Someone tell him to stay home, quit campaigning for the 2014 mid term.

Maybe one of may favorite scenarios is the media, along with Mr. Obama's minions are reporting to their welfare base that the Republicans are not offering any solutions to the fiscal cliff problems. What the fawning media and the Democrats won't report is that the House has offered forty-one job market solutions to the Senate. And what does Senator Reid do about it?
He won't even bring a single offer to the floor of the Senate for a vote. I think old Harry is afraid a House suggestion might actually get passed.

If the freebie-welfare people would only spend some time with Fox News they would see that Mr. Obama only wants their votes. He is not concerned about any job creation. If he were would he be sending money to wasteful energy companies instead of focusing on our own resources? Is it because these are the companies that donated to his campaign? Is he still giving them our tax money in bail-outs so they can donate it back for the mid-term elections?

I just can't seem to get a basic question answered, no matter how many times I've asked in my blogs; IF FOX NEWS IS SO TERRIBLE, HOW COME THEY ARE NUMBER ONE IN EVERY TIME SLOT FROM 6:00 A.M. TO MIDNIGHT EVERY DAY? Please, one of you strong critics of mine answer me.  To add insult to injury to the other networks, there are time slots where Fox leads in ratings against all other networks COMBINED. When I ask that I can't seem to get a logical valid challenge from my critics. Why is that?

I'm sure the other networks won't tell you that on election night Fox even topped the the big major networks; ABC, CBS, and NBC. And that's a fact easily proven.  Why are CNN and MSNBC constantly apologizing for comments from their show hosts? They just aren't credible.

I encourage all to keep watching your favorite talk shows; be it CNN, MSNBC, PBS, ABC, CBS, or NBC. But every once in a while press your remote towards Fox. I guarantee you'll receive the news honest, fair, balanced, and unafraid. 

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.

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