Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thank you Mr. Obama

Whew...I thought if Governor Romney won the election I would have to retire from blog writing because the Romney-Ryan plan would immediately create jobs, balance the budget, and there wouldn't be too many controversial issues to blog about.  

But, WOW, in less than a week after Mr. Obama's reelection I have enough ammunition to blog about for his next four years that he's in our White House; that's providing Mr. O doesn't get impeached over the Benghazi massacre.

Gee, I don't even know where to start. Oh yeah, I got it...to kick things off for my next four years let's start with the twenty two states that are currently petitioning to secede from Mr. Obama's world.  Leading, is the great state of Texas. They have garnered over 25,000 petition signatures for submission to Mr Obama, for secession from the United States. Texas is currently the fifteenth largest economy in the world, and are excited at the possibility that they can increase their economic growth immediately as they will not need Mr. Obama's approval to drill for oil, build oil refineries, lower taxes, initiate tort reform, offer affordable health insurance, while offering a better way of life in Texas.

More states are now soliciting for petition signatures to also secede from Mr. Obama's world.   Of course the liberal progressives are already screaming, "Republicans want a confederacy like the one that put Blacks back in slavery". Someone should remind the progressive libs that it was the Republicans that freed slavery.  Remember when Biden said, "they wanna put y'all back in chains"? Did Gaffer Joe mean the Dems? In a later blog we'll discuss Mr. Obama's 93% of the Black vote last week.

Rather than throw lies and blasphemy at the states that are soliciting petition signatures to secede from Mr. Obama, maybe it would be better to investigate as to WHY over twenty states want to "get out from under" the policies of this White House resident that will destroy our economy and any growth of this great nation.

It's obvious that these states that want to secede from Mr. Obama feel very confident they can increase growth in their individual states by "going it alone" with no interference from our current federal government. A factual example is one state that is currently soliciting for petition signatures is in the process of closing down 175 coal-fired plants, only to have the current federal government deny this state any permits to operate their plants. It's plain to see that if this particular state was "on its own" with no government interference there would be operations in these coal-fired plants and the Americans in these plants would be holding on to their jobs. 

More states are becoming discouraged at Mr. Obama's Socialist progressive liberal policies, along with the growth of his regulations to prohibit private businesses from growing and succeeding. Yes, it's sad over the divisiveness that is growing among the states of this great nation. Almost seems like it's planned.

So many states are now protesting the enormous cost increase in welfare in this country. They see no relief in sight to reduce our national debt of $16.Trillion. These states also see an increase of over $1.Trillion a year under Mr. Obama's policies. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has already announced to continue on this path will increase unemployment to 10% by year's end in 2013.

States may be beginning to view Mr. Obama as the same type of person they escaped from when Pilgrims came to this country escaping from the tyranny in England. These states want to start on their own, set up their own land of freedoms designated by the founding fathers of our U.S. Constitution. Just maybe if these states do go out on their own they will find another George Washington, or Abraham Lincoln, or even another Ronald Reagan.  It's obvious we will never find leaders like that here under Mr. Obama's failed leadership.

Many more issues coming in future blogs thanks to Mr. Obama.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God Bless our country...and our troops


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