Saturday, November 17, 2012

Taxes, taxes, & more taxes

My major in college was Marketing, but I guess with my C- average I didn't understand the taxing system. I always believed you worked, and in your paycheck you noticed money was taken out for "taxes". When you bought a product there was money taken out of your bill for "taxes". This money was then sent to our city, state, and federal governments so they would have money to operate on their own designed policies called "budgets".

How am I doing so far? Wish my Marketing professor could read that paragraph to see that I was really paying attention in class.Well, not all the time. Am I wrong in writing that this money called "taxes" are not to be used as max'd out credit cards?  It's like a husband telling his wife, "honey, can't use the credit's max'd out".  Whereupon she replies, "that's the bank and tell them to raise our limit"., or else she might say, "just get another credit card and transfer the balance, then we can start over".

While this may seem comical, it's exactly what our government is doing now. It's like the same family above that complains their outgoing bill payments are more than what they bring home each month. Thousands and thousands of American families are being forced to cut back and stay on track with their family budget. 

Ah, budgets...what a nice word. Millions of Americans will gladly live within their budget constraints, but our own federal government has not passed a budget in over three years. The last budget Mr. Obama submitted was shot down 0-97.

But hey, let's get back to the context of taxes. Effective January 1, 2013 Mr. Obama is assessing an additional $514.Billion a year on Americans, or $2,100. a year per family. But hey, he doesn't care; his salary is payed by the taxes from hard working Americans. And of course the freebie welfare people, who voted Mr. Obama into office don't care, because welfare entitlement spending is not going to be cut, and they don't have a job to be taxed, so they couldn't care less.

But let's roll with this for a minute OK?  Our true enemployment is over 14%, our GDP is less than 2%, our job growth is less than our job-population growth, and the only answer and plan that Mr. Obama can give us is, "those making over $200,000. will have their taxes increased ".
Now as I wrote earlier, I was a C- Marketing student, but with a national debt of $16.Trillion and climbing, if you taxed everyone making over $200,000. a year 100%, yes 100%, you couldn't run the government for more than eight days.

Of course there's always the Ben Bernanke route. Go down to the basement of Congress, turn on the little green money printing machine and spend, spend, spend.  Wouldn't it be great if we all had a money printing machine in our basements, and when a bill came due we just turned on our little printing machine, and lived happily ever after. Well, at least till the dollar value hit rock bottom.

And the additional taxing is not done yet by any means. It is now being proposed that we have a tax called the stimulus spending tax. Wow. And then an addititional payroll tax, and wait, even Al Gore is getting into the act. Yes, Mr. Gore is strongly proposing a carbon tax. Seems the mantra of Mr. Obama's plan is tax, tax, and more tax.

If we continue on the path of tax, tax, and tax more,  within a few short years what's going to happen if our unemployment rises to Europe's level?  What if there's no jobs being created, and more jobs are being shipped overseas? What happens then? What happens when Ben Bernanke's little printing machine runs out of ink or paper? What happens when our credit rating drops further down the hole? What happens when China says they must increase the rate of interest on their loan? What happens when the mid-east raises the cost of oil?

What happens when  the entitlement welfare community grows, but there is no more money to sustain our welfare community? What happens when we run out of pension money to give to the retired people that paid taxes for years expecting a retirement pension? 

Do you want to see what happens? Take a peek at Greece, Spain, and the rest of Europe. And if we continue on the path we're on today we may be only two years away from becoming them.

There is only one sure way to rise from this crisis, and that is to create jobs for the American people, and get the 49.7 million Americans off welfare and back into earning a living, and yes paying taxes.  We had an opportunity to elect a strong business leader in Governor Romney, but 51% of the voting population turned their back on him. You may not have agreed with everything about him, and you may not even have liked him, but he had a proven track record of creating jobs. That's what he promised the American people.

Instead 75% of people on welfare voted to have their welfare benefits continue under Mr. Obama, and it appears they only cared about themselves on a "short-term fix".  But let me give you welfare people a clue. On this path that money for your welfare is going to dry up soon.
What will you do then?

Government is operating above their means, and taxing, taxing, taxing is not the answer. Creating jobs is the only true answer. 

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God Bless our country.....God bless our troops.


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