Thursday, November 15, 2012

Supreme Ruler Obama

Just a short humorous blog that shot through my thick empty skull. Got to have a little humor in the midst of all the stuff going on now. Right?

Anyway, in a blog of mine a few days ago one of my progresive liberal critics, while calling me names that I can't write in any of my decent blogs, said it was only a few cities that wanted to secede from the United States since Mr. Obama's reelection, and not any states.  

My critic further said it was just a few signatures from a few cities. Obviously my critic didn't do any valid research. The state of Texas, for example, has 65,000 signatures. Only 25,000 are needed by any state to "start the ball rolling". Hmmm, still wonder how Mr. Obama got 51% of the votes?

Well, in less than a hour it has been reported on more than one news source that in all fifty states close to one million signatures have been submitted for secession from the United States.

This led me to comically think that if all states were successful in seceding from the Union, then Mr. Obama can stay and have his own little kingdom, and be anointed Supreme Ruler of Washington, D.C..

Funny huh?

Short one from Politics with Pete....God bless the 50 states....and our troops


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