Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Plan? Where Mr. Obama?

(Before I start my blog, I want to address a critic that challenged my November 24th. blog. My esteemed critic asked for my sources as to Democrat James Carville's message. It appears my esteemed critic didn't read my blog in its entirety. I did offer two sources as to the validity of Mr. Carville's message.  To repeat I offered two sources for Mr. Carville's message. First source is THE WORD PRESS, whereby Mr. Carville's picture appeared showing him delivering his message. The second source is the AMAZON.COM NETWORK, showing the same picture, along with the actual word for word message from Mr. Carville. I don't think THE WORD PRESS, or AMAZON.COM.NETWORK would print a quoted message unless it was straight from Mr. Carville. I was able to locate two more sources; THINKEXIST.COM, and the YAHOO.COM NETWORK. These are also reputable sources, that like my other sources, printed the quotes direct from Mr. Carville, along with a picture of Mr. Carville delivering his message.  Now, I'm sure my critic will not recognize the four reputable sources, but that's his problem.)

Has anyone informed Mr. Obama that in order to prevent a "fiscal cliff" fiasco he has to present a plan. Yet, it appears he has no plan, except to raise taxes.  Has anyone informed Mr. Obama that raising taxes only alleviates the national debt by less than one per cent. The only spending cuts he has offered is to cut military spending. Mr. Obama himself said in 2009, and again in 2010 that "we should never raise taxes in a recession, and Medicare and Medicaid are doing fine." Me thinks Mr. Obama speaks in forked tongue.

In fact, Mr. Obama met  yesterday met with union leaders and promised there would be no entitlement cuts. Can you blame him? His plan is to keep delivering the same campaign message to the 75% of freebie-welfare people that he did campaigning for his presidency.

There is only one thing on Mr. Obama's mind right now. The 2014 mid-term election, and to destroy the Republicans. He continues to remind the freebie-welfare people that he will continue to furnish them with monthly welfare checks, to coerce them how to vote in two years.  And this will probably work for Mr. Obama, because our country now has eleven, yes eleven, states that have more "takers" than "makers". This means we have more people on welfare/food stamps/extended unemployment than we do working in a job in these particular eleven states. 

Want to know how clueless Mr. Obama is? Guess who he's having lunch with tomorrow? Yes, the same man he attacked and criticized during the presidential campaign, Governor Romney.
Can you see the meeting now....."Governor Romney, you were a successful business man for decades...what should I do to get our country out of this economic mess?"  Oh yes, it's a private meeting and no press is allowed. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in that meeting.

It's very clear Mr. Obama does not want income and economic growth in the country. What he really wants is income equality through income distribution. This is something he alluded to in his own voice from the movie "2016".  I just  wonder if Mr. Obama would like all Americans to send their entire assets, holdings, and moneys to him. Then he would sit in a large office with Jarret, Reid, Pelosi, Geithner, Holder, and Bernanke and then "equally" send money out to Americans based on their need. Wow, what a country.

Way to go Mr. Obama. We sure like the way you're looking out for all Americans.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country....and our troops

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