Monday, November 26, 2012

Must be getting old

Today I'm feeling a little melancholy and benevolent. When you get my age you learn to cherish these serene and peaceful times. What does this have to do with my "Politics with Pete" daily blogs? Well, keep reading.....please.

I continue to thank my two "bosses" Laurel and Cheryl for giving me this opportunity to write my daily conservative blogs. It's been great, and I hope they allow me to continue this passion  for years to come. Writing a daily blog has become a hobby that I look forward to every day.

I am grateful for the positive feedback I receive from Twitter, Facebook, and the News-Herald comments. I've received some pretty nice feedback comments from as far away as  the Carolina's and even California. Makes an old man feel good. Thanks. Even received a phone call from a close friend of my California daughter, asking, "hey Mr. C. is that you writing those blogs....I read them every day".

Before I break my arm from patting myself on the back I must also acknowledge the comments I receive from those that do not agree with my political views. Rest assure these comments will not dissuade me in any way. I will continue to write on the errors and fallacies of Mr. Obama's policies. I find myself, at times, that these particular negative feed backs allow me a much deserved chuckle.

My wife, children, and grandchildren are the most precious gifts in my life, and right under them is this great country I live in. I will continue to do, speak, and write all this 77-year old body allows to honor this country, and yes I will continue to do, speak, and write against those policies that do not honor and do what they can to advance the growth of this great country. Of course this includes Mr. Obama. Yes, I will continue to refer to him as "Mr.", not President. I will always respect the office of the presidency, but never respect what this man is doing to this great country.

As I've written earlier, I will invoke my First Amendment privileges to do this, as I will welcome the First Amendment rights of those who speak against me. However, I've noticed that with every disagreeing comment I receive I can always count on personal attacks, lies, and blasphemy. I've grown to accept this, but still can't understand why when someone cannot intelligently, with facts, point out their views, they resort to names like "whitey", "supremacist", "old man who has outlived his use fullness". Of course there are names not fit to write in this or any other blog, but my 77 years has afforded me a pretty thick skin.

I find myself this afternoon, as I sit here in my peaceful, melancholy, and benevolent mood trying to understand why people like that feel they are elevating their positions, or themselves for that matter, by degrading someone else. At this moment I actually feel pity for them.  Love and God bless to them; more than those who agree with my blogs.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our great country....and our troops.

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