Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let 'em have it all

Hey Republicans don't forget that 51% of the American people voted in Mr. Obama for another term. Well, we really don't know how much help he got from alleged rigged electronic machines, or votes that were cast by dead people. But nevertheless Mr. Obama, barring impeachment,  is our "Lord & Savior", as Jamie Fox puts it, for another four years.

Therefore my idea for the Republicans in the House & Senate is to stand back and let Mr. Obama and his Democrat supporters do everything they want without a fight. Let Reid and Pelosi structure the "fiscal cliff" anyway they want.

Mr. Obama wants to raise taxes on everyone making over $200,000. per year. Heck, just stand back and let the Democrats raise taxes on anyone making more than $1.00 a year.  Don't you understand Republicans that if you don't go along with everything Mr. Obama wants you're going to be criticized for stopping the growth of America's economy.

Presently we have more Americans on welfare than the combined population of 21 states. This has grown substantially since Mr. Obama took office in 2008. The Republicans should just step aside and let Mr. Obama raise taxes all he wants so that he can raise the welfare program to 50 or 60 million.  Presently the national average of tax computation is those making one million or more are taxed at 20.4%.  Those making $50K- $110K per year are taxed at 7.7%, and those making $30K-$50K per year are taxed at 4.8%.  Those making less than $30K per year pay no taxes at all because of their deductions and tax credits. Still, Mr. Obama feels the necessity to raise taxes.

Dividend taxes are going to raise to 39%, layoffs have increased since this past election, more colleges and companies are suing to opt out of Obamacare. So what? Why even care?  Just step back and let Mr. Obama, Senator Reid, and Nancy Pelosi take us over the fiscal cliff. Don't protest anything they want. Let them have whatever they want.

Yes, give them all the rope they want. And in three years or less our country will be so far down the drain hole that severe changes will have to be made to get us back on track. However, at least the Republicans can hold up their hands and proclaim, "don't blame us...we had nothing to do with it".  Another nice thing is Mr. Obama will be in office for eight years, and he'll not be able to say, "it's Bush's fault".

If we do give Mr. Obama and his team everything, yes everything, they want you can be sure we will not grow enough revenue to sustain welfare, and along with unemployment growing to 12% or higher there will be no more money. We will be so broke that Ben Bernanke won't even be able to buy green ink to print more money. 

This is not sarcastic rage. It's very simple reasoning. Mr. Obama and his supporters feel they know what is best for America. They feel the best way to raise revenue is to tax, tax, and tax more. They even feel justified in raising taxes on small businesses is the way to go. Of course the media will support them, and as we continue to spiral downward you can bet they will broadcast, "it's still Bush's fault".

The Republican leaders in the House & Senate should take the easy road and say, "whatever you want Mr. Obama...it's your ballgame". If this happens then even the 75% on welfare that voted in Mr. Obama will start wondering, "hey where's our welfare check Mr. Obama?". You can bet without their monthly welfare checks they're going to start doubting their "Lord and Savior".

Republicans should not put up a fight any longer. Just give Mr. Obama all the rope he wants. Let him raise taxes, let him increase welfare and food stamps, let him pay back all the companies that donated to his campaign with taxpayer's money. Hey, it's not his money.
In fact, the best job now is to be one of Mr. Obama's 36 aides. According to the IRS they owe a combination of $836.Million in back taxes, and have no intention of paying it.

Republicans and the 49% that didn't want Mr. Obama in office are smart enough to realize and predict that if Mr. Obama gets all the rope he wants America will suffer more economically than we ever have. Then when we're at the very bottom there's only one place to go.  We'll find another Ronald Reagan and once more America will prosper. But not until we suffer the burden of Mr. Obama. 

I guarantee, however, America will again prevail. God sent us Mr. Obama to wake us up. Just be patient.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country....and our troops

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