Sunday, November 18, 2012

Just a mish-mash

When a chef threw a lot of ingredients into their cooking presentation they usually said it was a "mish-mash" of stuff. Or a journalist writing an article might throw a "mish-mash" of ideas or thoughts in their article.

Well, today's blog is a mish-mash of different items, rather than sticking to one topic for the entire blog. Hope that's OK.

First of all, on taxes again. Right after Mr. Obama was reelected he stood, and stared into his teleprompter and extended his hand with a writing pen, and said, "I have the pen right here ready to raise taxes".  Yes, Mr. Obama is going to raise taxes on just about everyone starting in January, 2013.  Well, there are still two groups who will not have to abide by his new tax increase.

One group is the 49.7 million Americans on welfare that do not have a job to pay any taxes. Any wonder over 75% of them voted to reelect Mr. O.  And there's another group we shouldn't forget about. It's the 36 aides that work for Mr. Obama. Collectively they owe nearly $850,000. in back taxes, and have no desire to pay their back taxes.  Nice to get a job as a Mr. Obama aid huh?

Another item on my mish-mash blog today is the election is less than two weeks old, and already we've got some lies uncovered from promises made by Mr. Obama.  While campaigning Mr. Obama promised that he would support same-sex marriage. Now that he's reelected he has backed away and there are very strong indications he  will not support same-sex marriage.  

Mr. Obama also promised while campaigning that he would recognize and honor veterans from the Cold War, including Viet Nam veterans. He has now completely backed away from that promise. When he was challenged about these items he just smirked with his  condescending smile and remarked, "well, uh, um, uh, all candidates promise a lot when campaigning". Stand by folks. I got a feeling we're in for a lot more broken promises from Mr. Obama in the next four years.

I've tried to stay away from the voter fraud allegations, as I don't want to be tagged as a Republican whiner.  However, it's pretty difficult to ignore some very startling bits of valid information that is beginning to emerge. Governor Romney was leading in the pols in Florida, Virginia, Ohio, and Colorado. On election day Mr. Obama won these four states by a total of   400,000 votes for all four states. These four states have a total of sixty-nine electoral college votes.

In Florida, the county of St. Lucie with a population of 175,000 registered voters, there were 250,000 votes cast which means a voter turn-out of 141%. By the way Mr. Obama won this county. In Philadelphia over 50 wards cast 19,605 votes for Mr. Obama and zero, nada for Governor Romney. In Ohio thirteen counties showed 100% of their votes were cast for Mr. Obama and again none for Governor Romney.

So, I did some more research and this is certainly worth mentioning. In 1982 the Democrat and Republican parties entered into agreement that there would be no challenging of voter fraud. The source for this is the Judicial Review based on 1981 case #09-4615. Yes, three Republicans were investigated, so both parties agreed to avoid any controversy to hamper upcoming elections there would be no voter fraud challenges.  

The interesting issue here is that this Consent Decree must be renewed every year. Judge D.R. Debevoise revisits every year to renew the decree. A provision is made whereby the Republican party can appeal and have the decree vacated, which RNC chairman Reince Prebus did this year. However the appeal was denied by Judge J. Greenway, an African-American liberal Judge. Now do you get the picture? 

Don't think for a second that the Democrat Party were not aware of this "Consent Decree", and knew that it would not be vacated. Therefore if, by chance, the Democratic Party decided to commit voter fraud they knew the Republican Party could not challenge them.

Did you know the states that required voter I.D., with the exception of Michigan,  were won by Governor Romney? Did you know a county in the state of Maine, with a very low African-American population, had literally dozens, yes dozens of African-Americans showing up to vote? Did I mention that Maine is one of the states that do not require voter I.D.

With the Consent Decree law in effect, and many states not requiring voter I.D., is it any wonder that Mr. Obama received 93% of the African-American vote?  Just sayin'.

Now we know that the Republican Party is in favor of voter I.D., and the Democratic Party is against it. Not having any form of identification certainly favors the Democratic Party.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops.


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