Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's racist of course

Didn't we get enough of the race card baiting during the presidential campaign by the progressive liberals and their fawning media? The election is over, Mr. Obama won, or better yet, his Chicago thuggery machine, along with his rigged electronic voting machines, managed to amass 51% of the votes. It got so bad  the humorous MSNBC declared everyone a racist that disagreed with any of Mr. Obama's policies during the campaign.

So  what do we have now?  It seems the progressive liberals won't let it go. Now the Republicans are racists because they don't approve of Ambassador Susan Rice's possible nomination to Secretary of State. The progressive libs seem to forget the Republicans did have an African-American female as Secretary of State. Her name was Condoleeza Rice.

But the libs and the media fail to understand that  the Republican Senators don't care about Ambassador Rice's gender or the color of her skin. They're concerned about her abilities to hold one of the highest jobs in our country. Many believe she just isn't qualified. And let's face it; the way she conducted herself with lies on national TV trying to explain the Benghazi fiasco proves it.

She will probably be nominated by Mr. Obama, and will eventually be confirmed. My belief, along with many others, is that Ambassador Rice is definitely not qualified to be Secretary of State, but her qualifications have nothing at all to do with the color or her skin or her gender. Yet, any disagreement is met with horrible bitter words starting with "racist", or "war on women".

If it wasn't so true it would be comical. Even normal, everyday words seem to invoke tirades of racism from the progressive libs and their fawning media. Al "Rev" Sharpton of MSNBC is now blaming the Republican party for the high unemployment. Is that the biggest laugh you've ever heard? I'm not going to take the time and space in this blog to highlight how are economy has spiraled downward since Mr. Obama has been in our White House. I've done that enough.

Another piecee of race-baiting factual information is that currently there are 14.9 million Americans on food stamps. Over the past three years percentage numbers have grown from 10% to 12%, under Mr. Obama's watch. Yet whenever "food stamps" is mentioned in a sentence it is considered racist.  One liberal talk show host even went so far to say that to say "Black Friday" is racist when talking about shopping the day after Thanksgiving.   Really?

Layoffs have increased dramatically since election day, but to report that is considered racist.
Seventeen states have opted out of Obamacare; even states that Mr. Obama carried in the election. Well, states he carried or the electronic voting machines were successfully rigged.
The point is these seventeen states are called racist states because they will not support Mr. Obama's health care plan. Really?

Just got this great idea. Why not have two dictionaries in circulation? One dictionary could be labeled Politically Correct, and the other dictionary would be labeled Dictionary of Racist Words.
Is this a great country or what?

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country....and our troops

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