Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cheaters never win?

Along with learning the Golden Rule while growing up, another axiom drilled into my young thick skull was, Cheaters Never Win".  Although the results of the election a week ago has made me think twice about cheaters never winning.

Can't believe the things emerging from election sites since last Tuesday. It's probably treasonous to call the current White House resident a cheater, but I think it's OK to call his campaign people and supporters just outright Chicago thugs and cheaters.

Of course none of the cases of voter fraud will ever be investigated. In fact, even if hard evidence of voter fraud were proven to be factual, it would never make to through our Senate's main man Reid, or to our esteemed Attorney General Holder.

Thirteen counties in the state of Ohio were shown that not a single vote was cast for Governor Romney. If that wasn't bad enough fifty-nine voting wards in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania reflected not a single vote was cast for Romney. Another voting bloc showed 108% percent of voters registered, and all their votes were cast for Mr. Obama.

Another voting area showed 19,605 votes cast for Mr. Obama, and none again for Governor Romney. The tragedy of this is that there weren't that many people residing in that voting bloc. A voting monitor in a ward actually witnessed voting fraud taking place, and even spoke of it.
But of course, it never made it through the media, and nothing will ever be done about it anyway.

Of course my progressive liberal critics are calling me a sore loser, but I'd rather rely on the old axiom of Cheaters Never Win. I'm a strong believer of what goes around comes around. To me that simply means someday, maybe not today, or tomorrow, or next year, but these disgraceful people that blatantly cheated the American people out of an honest electoral process will pay the price for their cheating criminal exploits. 

I strongly believe that if the election were held again today, and only manual voting was available, and all military votes were counted, and a more intense monitoring was made available,  Governor Romney would be our 45th. President.

Please stay tuned. There's more of Mr. Obama coming your way through my blogs.

And that's Politics with Pete for today. God Bless our country....and our troops.

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