Sunday, November 11, 2012

Caveat Emptor

I don't want to insult anyone with the meaning of the Latin phrase, Caveat Emptor, well other than the majority of the 51 per cent'ers on Mr. Obama's freebie-welfare list. Caveat Emptor in English is simply "let the buyer beware", or in the case of the freebie welfare people that voted Mr. Obama in, it interprets to "we don't wanna beware...just show us where the kool-aid is". I am happy to report  however, 49% of Americans are really aware of what's going to happen in the next four years.

As I've written in a previous blog, Mr. Obama did a masterful job of convincing the freebie welfare people that if they reelected him he would make sure their freebies would continue. This is evidenced that for all the bloviating Mr. Obama is doing about spending cuts to the military and Medicare, he continues to raise the welfare spending. I find it amazing that in less than a week after the 51 per cent'ers voted in Mr. Obama how the factual information  is emerging from "the woodwork".

Before I go any further; we still have over 400,000 Americans out of power, some out of food, clothing, and shelter, and I'll give three guesses as to where Mr. Obama was yesterday. Of course the first two guesses don't count. Yep, you guessed it; with his waving and smiling face he was on the golf course. What a leader huh?

OK, now let's go to Mr. Obama's great cover-ups. First there is Benghazi with CIA Director Petrateus resigning just a few days after the election.  Sorry Director, you're going to get subpeoned. You're not getting off that easy, and someone tell Hillary she's next. Holder will still probably sweep it under the rug, but it's going to be fun to watch them squirm a little.

Then there's the drone attack by Mr. Obama's friend Iran. Firing on an American military aircraft in a neutral zone constitutes an act of war.  However, Mr. Obama convinced the authorities to withhold any information until after the election. He was so busy with Springsteen and Jay-Z that he didn't want to deal with it. What a leader huh?

How about our energy crisis? Right after the election, not before, Mr. Obama announced there will be no oil drilling on Government land in several states. Hmmm. wonder why he didn't make this announcement BEFORE the election. Of course he wants us to keep buying oil from his Muslim friends in the mid east. Now that'll sure create jobs. What a leader.

How 'bout dem taxes huh? Mr. Obama's main man, David Axelrod publicly announced that Mr. Obama "has a mandate to raise taxes".  Gee, just another axiom that didn't surface till after the election. Now Mr. Obama is smart enough, at least I presume he is, that if tax everyone in the United States that has an income of $200,000 or more, including ALL millionaires and billionaires you won't even dent our national debt, and could only run the Government for approximately eight days. 

But what you can do, and most likely what Mr. Obama will do, is increase taxes to assure his freebie welfare people that their welfare and food stamps will continue and will increase.

My favorite: Obamacare. Remember when giggling Nancy Pelosi reminded us that we have to read the 2,977 pages of Obamacare if we wanted to know what was in it. Well, we still don't know everything that's in it. However, there are some issues that have emerged, and if they weren't so true they'd be funny.  First, if Obamacare is so great for the country why are there twenty-seven states suing the Federal Government to opt out of Obamacare?

Why are there many, many companies that are now in the process of laying off employees rather than pay for their health care? Why are so many companies cutting hours of their employees to less than thirty hours per week, so they can consider them part-time, therefore denying them healthcare?  Buried in the 2,977 pages is a mandated tax on healthcare equipment manufacturers that will be passed on to hospitals, insurers, and lastly down to patients.

Why are there many, many companies initiating a hiring freeze so they will not have to have medical healthcare insurance for new employees?  Currently there are thirteen companies, most in the healthcare industry, that will initiate layoffs of over 30,000 employees due to anticipation of escalating healthcare costs. These layoff will begin in 2013.

Obamacare is starting off great by robbing Medicare of $716.Billion to help put Mr. Obama's freebie welfare followers onto his Obamacare plan. This is going to be great in 2013.

I've decided that I'm going to spend the next four years, watching and reporting on my blogs the complete and utter failure of our economic path that Mr. Obama is taking America down.

It's easy to surmise that the facts I'm reporting is still getting under the skin of my critics. Someone please tell the liberal progressives that they won. The election is over, and yet they continue to spew lies and personal attacks on me and the Republican party. No one is going to stop me from writing researched facts in my blogs. I will never stop reporting the lies and cowardice coming from the White House. I have promised the News-Herald that I have researched my facts and will stand by my reporting. 

I can also  about report that just about everything coming from the "other side" will continue to be blasphemy and lies. It's going to be an interesting four years, and you can expect a lot of "I told you so" coming from me.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God Bless our country....and our troops

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