Friday, November 9, 2012

51 per cent'ers

In case you haven't heard, the election is over and Mr. Obama by a margin of 51% to 49% has been reelected to live in our White House for another four years. Of course that's barring a possible impeachment over the Benghazi massacre. 

Yesterday I wrote a blog featuring the breakdown of the voting blocs in the Presidential election. The blog reflected age, gender, and income groups that voted for Mr. Obama and Governor Romney.  I just wish they there was a bloc reflecting how many of the 51% that voted for Mr. Obama actually held a job, had a viable 401-K, or was living on welfare.

When you look at the classifications of these groups it's easy to see that Mr. Obama did not get reelected on any of his accomplishments, mainly because he didn't have any accomplishments to run on.  He did, however, promise the majority of the 51% that voted him in he would provide free health care, an increase in welfare, a tax on anyone who is successful making $200K per year, even free cell phones. 

The election is over and still the progressive liberals continue to berate the hard working 49% of Americans that didn't vote for Mr. Obama. They're calling Republicans the party of old, white, outdated men. Just yesterday two of my blog critics called me racist, and a white supremacist. And my "team" lost. I can just imagine the name calling from them if Governor Romney had won.  Would you call them "good" winners? 

Mr. Obama ran a remarkable platform convincing the 23 million Americans out of work, and the people on welfare that if Governor Romney was elected they would lose their "freebies", and may have to find a job. I guess you can get an enormous following from a group if you keep promising them free stuff. Ever wonder where Mr. Obama is going to continue to raise money to keep giving "freebies" to the 23 million millions out of work?

The most effective way Mr. Obama is assuring his funding of "freebies" to the majority of the 51% who voted him in office is to take our country over the fiscal cliff. When the 51 per cent'ers voted in Mr. Obama they automatically signed on the dotted line for a $500. Billion dollar tax increase. I'm sure his 51% didn't even realize this, and if they did, they didn't care.

Mr. Obama will expire the Bush tax cuts, along with spending cuts in our military, and cuts in Medicare. He will not, however, reduce any spending in the welfare program, which he has increased dramatically in his first term; some say over 100%. 

Most of the 51% that live on welfare and other "freebies" don't know, or for that matter, really don't care, about the upcoming fiscal cliff that the Congressional Budget Office has proclaimed will take us to over 9% unemployment during 2013. Mr. Obama will not tell the American people that his fiscal cliff policy will raise our national debt approximately $1.Trillion a year.
Of course this means when Mr. Obama leaves office in 2016 our national debt will be in excess of $20.Trillion. This is an unsustainable debt that we may never recover from.

But to the 51 per cent'ers that are on the "freebie" welfare list, don't worry you won't have to work, or try to help our country rise up from the financial crisis we're in. You'll be well taken care of.

Tomorrow my blog will discuss the lay-offs that Obamacare is causing.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God Bless our country...and our troops.

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