Thursday, November 15, 2012


There just is not a better title for this blog than 439,000. I wonder if any of Mr. Obama's welfare freebie people know what 439,000 signifies.

Well,  what it means is that in the week ending November 10, 2013, 439,000 Americans, for the first time, filed for unemployment benefits. Has it ever been explained to the entitlement freebie people that voted for Mr. Obama, where the money comes from that supports these unemployed people? Here's a clue: it comes from hard working Americans that go to work every day, earn a living to take care of their family, and yes, pay taxes that help support these 439,000 that filed for benefits for the first time.

And it has gotten worse since Mr. Obama entered office in 2009. Since Mr. Obama became a resident of our White House in '09 the poverty level has RISEN to 16% of the population, or simply put one in every six Americans now live in poverty. What is startling is that in September of this year 46.2 million Americans lived in poverty, which was 15%. Today, November 15, 2012 we have  49.7 million Americans living in poverty. By the way this figure was not reported from the media until AFTER the election. Today 16% of our population live in poverty.

I'm sure my next factual statistic will have my liberal progressive Democrats howling. It is a proven fact that 75% of Americans living in poverty voted for Mr. Obama this past week. Now I know that this correlation is due to Mr. Obama's campaign message to this 49.7 million poverty Americans that if they voted for Governor Romney all their freebie welfare benefits would vanish.

Ready for another statistical fact that I'm sure my liberal progressive Democrats will find very interesting. Effective January 1, 2013 Mr. Obama will raise taxes by $514.Billion, with his "fiscal cliff" tax policy.  This calculates to $2,100 per year in additional taxes for every American family that goes to work every day to earn a living, take care of their family, and yes, pay taxes.

Yes, I'm sure there are some Americans that should be on welfare, but the increase since Mr. Obama has been in office is staggering. Really, 49.7 million Americans? Why?

Guess who will not be paying any of this additional $514.Billion in taxes? Yes, you guessed it; the 49.7 million Americans that are on poverty, and do not pay any taxes, because they just plain do not work.  If Mr. Obama keeps expending money to his welfare base we will run out of money within a very short few years. I'm sure Mr. Obama, the media, or our welfare base has not paid any attention to our Congressional Budget Office (CBO), that reports if our national debt exceeds $20.Trillion we may never recover.   What then?

Mr. Obama's welfare base is drastically growing, and in 2013 will hit over 50 million Americans. Are we going to continue to rely on hard working Americans to support Mr. Obama's welfare base while he's raising taxes by $514.Billion in just two months? Before my liberal progressive Democrat critics scream about taxing "the rich", please remember taxing everyone that makes over $200,00 per year will only equate to $80.Billion in revenue; hardly a dent in the $514.Billion tax increase.

Mr. Obama successfully convinced his 75% of the welfare base to hate the "ugly rich fat cats" enough to vote him back in our White House for another four years. Has anyone told these welfare freebie people that these are the very people, along with small business owners,  that invest money and create jobs? Someone, please tell me where and how else jobs are to be created? Can we expect any of Mr. Obama's 49.7 million Americans on welfare to create a single job? Don't think so.

 It must also be noted that dividends tax will increase 15% to 25%. Do you think this will encourage those "fat cats" to invest money to create jobs? Don't think so. Come on now my liberal progressive critics; do you have any brilliant ideas as to where and how we're going to create jobs to reduce our welfare population? Please don't answer with lies, blasphemy, and personal attacks on me and the Republican Party. Give me something intelligent. You probably don't have anything. Right?

Please read tomorrow's blog. We're going to write about how Mr. Obama is causing  drastic cuts in the work force, increase in unemployment, businesses shutting down, and increased  prices to the consumer.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country....and our troops

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