Friday, February 1, 2013

Last blog

When I was first invited to write a daily blog, "Politics with Pete" for the News-Herald I was humbly grateful to have a forum to write my daily conservative points of view. I will always feel a debt of gratitude to the editor and communications director for the opportunity.

I became very enthused about my blog, and maintained a daily stream of conservative blogs. Some of my blogs were even approved for printing in  the daily News-Herald newspaper. Of course that encouraged me to go on and try my best to improve.

I was always grateful for the supportive comments I received from those that read and agreed with my political philosophy and point of view. I also welcomed those who disagreed with me, and respected their opposite points of view. After all I was used to it, as one of my daughters, and both of my sisters are very strong Obama supporters, and consider themselves liberal progressives.

Then along came a very negative responder to my blogs. Immediately he became vile enough in his lies and personal attacks that I approached the communications director who schooled me in how to review his comments and delete them instead of publishing his personal attack comments. The lab communications director then suggested I just ignore his comments and he may "go away".

Well, the more I ignored his comments the more vile his remarks of lies and personal attacks became. At first my wife just teased me, "watch out Pete, he may find out where you live". At first I thought this was just a little disturbing. I thought about contacting this person in hopes we could become friendly adversaries. I even thought we would meet at a blogger's media lab meeting at the News-Herald, share a cup of coffee and have a friendly debate.

Then his blog responses became so vile that my wife actually started to become frightened. At first she just mildly suggested that I opt out of blog writing for the News-Herald.

Then the News-Herald allowed this man a blog site; he goes by the blog name of Zwicky-RWT, or something like that. With that I guess he felt this entitled him to increase his vile personal attacks to me with inferences to my family, along with his lies. He began calling me moron, stupid, whitey racist, a_ _h_ _ e,  the "F" bomb, and some names not fit to print in this blog today. I will not stoop to his level.

It came to be that the more I ignored this Zwicky-RWT the more his responses became more vile and objectionable. This RWT, or whoever he is knows what a strong gun advocate I am.
He knows I am a strong supporter of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, along with being an NRA member. His comments about Rush being a drug addict, and his comments about Fox, which is the number one news channel today was full of lies.

But after reading today's comments my wife strongly urged me to stop writing blogs anymore for any news media that would allow this type of writing. Yes, we all need to respect our First Amendment rights, but we should also all be mindful of..., well the best way to describe Zwicky-RWT is that he is a combination of Martin Bashir and Ed Schultz from MSNBC, and Bill Maher from HBO.

Proof of that is his response to me today. He wrote that my hobby of target shooting stems from latent homosexual tendencies. He further wrote inferring that my wife stroked the barrel of my gun thinking of my penis, and the bullet that fired from my barrel was similar to a sexual and ultimate ejaculation. Upon reading that my wife quickly responded, "that's it....this man is dangerous...stop writing for that media can find another venue...he can't take away your writing capabilities".

I can no longer associate myself with a media lab and a newspaper that would allow a person to write such vile gutteral comments. So Mr. Zwicky-RWT, you win, I lose. You The more I ignored you the worse you became, and I will not take the chance of you seeking out where my wife and I live. So you can start your celebration, and gloat. I won't be writing any more blogs for the News-Herald.

Special note to the News-Herald: Please keep Zwicky-RWT in your media lab blogger role. If he was asked to leave because of his vile written language he may erupt and seek me out. Keep him on. Please

Thanks again to all who took the time to read my blogs.

As always....God bless our country....and our troops.

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  1. I love your Blog......I believe the Herald is going to lose a lot of followers if you leave....what a shame....I hope to see you blogging somewhere else that appreciates you as much as I do......Good Luck.


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