Thursday, October 4, 2012

Racist follow up Mr. Obama

Just a short follow up to add  to yesterday's blog.  This is short, but important, especially since Mr. Obama's performance in last night's debate.

During a speech to African-American pastors in 2007, Senator Barack Obama  claimed that the Stafford Act was to aid the hurricane Katrina victims, but was very slow to respond and was not helpful enough in the funding.  Mr. Obama claimed the aid to the 9-11 victims and hurricane Andrew victims received more aid than the hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans.

Now would you like some truthful facts that show Mr. Obama is once again distorting the truth? First the financial aid given to the hurricane Katrina victims is more than the financial aid given to the victims of 9-11 and hurricane Andrews COMBINED. Now that is a fact that I welcome my critics to dispute, and offer their "facts".

And now the most disturbing fact of all.  Just two weeks before Senator Obama stood in front of the African-Americans pastors in Virginia a vote was taken on the Senate floor to release funds to the victims of hurricane Katrina. The vote was passed overwhelmingly on the Senate floor with only 14 Senators voting to oppose releasing funds to the victims in New Orleans. Would you like to know the name of that U.S. Senator that voted against releasing the funds? Yes, you guessed right....U.S. Senator Barack Hussein Obama.

Now, I'm urging any critic of my blogs to please respond and tell me if this is wrong. Please.

Kind of gives you the real picture of Mr. Obama.

In tomorrow's blog we'll cover the Wednesday night debate. Please "tune in"'ll love it.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God Bless our country....and our troops.


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