Saturday, October 6, 2012

Oh goody...7.8%

Wow, I know everyone woke up yesterday feeling great when they saw the unemployment dip under 8%. John and Jane Doe's all over the country started to get ready to go back to work Monday morning. It's a miracle folks...HALLELUJAH!!

Well folks, hold up a second before you get too excited. The unemployment was +8% for 44 consecutive months, and history will show that no President has ever been reelected when unemployment was 8% or higher. Hmmm, see what's unfolding here?

Pundits,  most economic experts, and even Rush Limbaugh months ago predicted that Mr. Obama's administration and campaign team would use all their "questionable" gimmicks and tricks to show the American people that unemployment fell below 8%, and jobs are being created. Wow, yipee for this Administration.

Here's the truth people, supported by facts. These past three months we have averaged more than 350,000 Americans per week filing for first term unemployment aid. We also have a net job loss these past three months, simply meaning for every job created, two jobs are lost.

Our gross domestic product remains steady at a low 1.3% average for the past three months.
Just last month 114,000 jobs were lost in the manufacturing industry. Just maybe you would think that would tick up a little when unemployment went from 8.1% way down to 7.8%.

Unemployment among women, along with the Hispanic and African-American communities remain above the national unemployment average for the past several months. Among Mr. Obama's largest supporters, African-American males between the ages of 18-29, unemployment is 20% or higher.  Household incomes are still down over $5,000. per year since Mr. Obama has been in office. Still think 7.8% is accurate?

In this month's calculation of 7.8% unemployment companies with payrolls were not surveyed.
Want to know what was surveyed? Households and self-employed individuals were mostly surveyed. If Jane Doe started to bake cookies to sell for extra income that was considered a job created under Mr. Obama's administration. Really? You call that a created job?

The true realistic figures for unemployment and underemployment is between 11% and 15%.

All this writer can garnish from this is that Mr. Obama is truly more interested in getting reelected than explaining the truth and helping Americans climb out of this economic disaster we are now in. Like maybe creating jobs by opening the Keystone Pipeline, or drilling for oil to create jobs.  Do you really want this man back in the White House to continue doing this for another four years? Remember this in thirty-one days.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God Bless our country....and our troops.

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  1. Right On !!!! Love your analogy of the FACTS! We need more reporting of the FACTS! Keep up the great writing.
    Romney/Ryan 2012!


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