Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mr.Obama...are you racist?

It seems that the left wing liberal media and Mr. Obama's supporters would have all of us believe that if anyone disagrees, or even debates Mr. Obama's policies then you are labeled a racist.

There is even a journalist at the liberal progressive MSNBC network that will  attack you for being a racist if you use words like Chicago, food stamps, stimulus, or even unemployment.  It doesn't matter in what context you use these words. You're a racist if you use these words in any sentence. The MSNBC journalist went into a tirade against a Republican guest on his show for using these words.

Of course my favorite is when a conservative guest on a liberal radio talk show used the term "the blacks", instead of just saying "blacks".  The liberal talk show host called his guest a racist because the host felt using the word "the" put African-Americans into a definitive category.

It's  truly amazing that anytime anyone disagrees, debates, or argues against any of Mr. Obama's politics or policies you can bet the media will jump in to call the individual a racist. Critics of my daily blogs, who do not even know me, will respond to my blogs calling me "whitey", "racist", and other names not fit to write here.

Let me draw attention to then-Senator Barack Obama on June 5, 2007 when he addressed a large group of African-American pastors. Then-Senator Obama was berating the federal government for not giving enough aid to the survivors of the Katrina hurricane in New Orleans. He went so far as to accuse the federal government of being unwilling to help the people of New Orleans because they were black. Now is that racist Mr. Obama?

Mr. Obama supposedly was born in Hawaii, raised in Chicago, and educated at Harvard. Yet I'm sure everyone that watched the speech noticed that Mr. Obama spoke with a strong African-American southern drawl. What happened to his normally elegant speaking delivery?
Of course it was because he was pandering to the crowd, and wanted them to think "he was one of them".

Mr. Obama further went on to outwardly praise his pastor Rev. Wright, who has blasphemed the United States, on several occasions, spewing out words and phrases also not fit to write here. Rev. Wright's tirades were so vile against our country that Mr. Obama found it necessary  just ten months later to "throw the Rev. under the bus", and disavow him.

Mr. Obama's June, 2007 racist speech was forty minutes long, and if I could wave a magic wand I would have everyone watch Mr. Obama's speech before voting. I can assure everyone that the American people  would clearly see how Mr. Obama is the most divisive President this country has ever known. Are you a racist Mr. Obama?

Does this country want a President for another four years that derides our federal government, and racially accuses our government of ignoring our African-American community? Mr. Obama's actions will surely incite racism in our country. Don't give this man another four years.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God Bless our country...and our troops.

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