Monday, October 1, 2012

Mr. Obama..patriotic?

There are so many narratives, speeches, and gaffes presented by Mr. Obama, Joe Biden, and their minions that the main stream media will keep from the American people. But there is one story, among others, deeply covered by the media that rings a deafening bell to me, that I want to share with you.

First, I'd like to preface my story by simply asking, is there any red-blooded patriotic American that doesn't love our American flag? Is there any red-blooded American that won't perform the patriotic symbolic gestures at all of our American flag displays, be it singing the national anthem or placing your hand over your heart?  Is there any patriotic American who isn't proud to wear the flag pin in their lapel?

Well, I am aware of one person that at times does not want to wear the American flag lapel pin. I also know of one person who, at times, does not want to place their hand over their heart during flag ceremonies, or the American pledge to our American flag.

That person currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. His name is Mr. Barrack Obama. 

In a 2008 "Meet the Press" TV show, then-Senator Obama, was asked by USAF Retired General Bill Gann to explain why he doesn't follow American protocol when the National Anthem is played, nor say the words during the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag. Mr. Obama was also asked why he refused to wear the American flag pin in his lapel.

He first spoke to the absence of the flag pin in his lapel. His exact words, "I don't want to be perceived as taking sides....there are a lot of people in the world in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression....the National Anthem itself conveys a war-like know...bombs bursting in air and all that sort of thing". Really Mr. Obama?

Mr. Obama continued, the National Anthem should be swapped out for a song like 'I'd  Like To Teach The World To Sing' to better offer our enemies hope and love". Really Mr. Obama?
Mr. Obama actually said,  "the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard are Muslims at prayer".
If that wasn't enough then-Senator had the audacity to continue, "if I'm elected it is my intention to disarm America to the level of acceptance to our Middle East Brethern. America is a nation of warring people, and if we conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace prevails, perhaps mutual peace and accord can exist between our governments". And just whose side are you on Mr. Obama...ours or your Muslim brethern?

Oh, there's more...there's more quotes from Mr. Obama which should scare all Americans from voting him another term in OUR  White House.  These are quotes from Mr. Obama that was never, and will never be broadcasted in our main stream media.

Allow me the space in my blog to give another quote from then-Senator Obama in 2008. "We, as a nation have placed an unfair justice upon the nations of Islam, which is why my wife disrespects the flag....she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past'.

If those quotes weren't bad enough, President-elect Obama said, "Michelle and I look forward to becoming the First Black Family for our country....indeed change is about to overwhelm the United States of America".

Yes, these quotes went unnoticed by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, and MSNBC during the 2008 campaign, and 52% of Americans let this man  into OUR  White House.

With no more campaigning to do, and not worrying about unlimited spending for the entitlement communities can you imagine what another term by this man will do to our great country? Our best economists say if Mr. Obama stays on this path for only two more years we'll be the United States of Greece.

There are 36 days left folks. Please research before you vote, and pay attention. Do you want this man and his wife, who at times display un-Americanism,  in OUR White House for four more years? I pray not.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God Bless our country....and our troops. 

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  1. I have shared this on my facebook. I salute you Mr. Pete, along with our beloved flag.


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