Saturday, October 13, 2012

Joe Wilson knew

Remember when, during Mr. Obama's State of the Union delivery, Congressman Joe Wilson from Florida yelled out, "you lie"?

Congressman Wilson was ridiculed and even forced to apologize. It seems now that Congressman Wilson was definitely telling the truth calling Mr. Obama a liar.

I am going to go a step further; I would like to write that Mr. Obama is a liar, Joe Biden is a liar, Hillary Clinton is a liar, Jay Carney is a liar, Janet Napolitano is a liar, Susan Rice is a liar, Katherine Sebilius is a liar,  Eric Holder is a liar, Harry Reid is a liar,  Nancy Pelosi is a liar, David Axelrod is a liar, and yes even Stephanie Cutter is a liar.

Having said (written) that I am not only encouraging, but urging, any critic of my blog to please respond and tell me where I'm wrong. Now, don't waste time telling me what you think of Governor Romney, or other personal attacks. Just stick to my request and answer my accusations of calling the above individuals a bunch of liars. Any takers?

Mr. Obama is lying to the American people every time he discusses Obamacare, medicare, and
his tax cuts. Joe Biden told numerous lies during last Thursday's debate on many topics, especially the attack on the Libyan consulate. Hillary Clinton is lying as we speak discussing the fiasco at the Libyan consulate. Jay Carney is lying during all his coverups at press conferences.

Janet Napilatano is consistently lying about our border security. Eric Holder is lying about the Fast & Furious program. Susan Rice is lying about the basics of the Libyan attack. Katherine Sebilius is lying about campaigning for Mr. Obama using taxpayers money. Harry Reid consistently lies about Governor Romney. Nancy Peolosi lied to the American people when she discussed Obamacare. And of course Stephanie Cutter and David Axelrod lie just by opening their mouths. 

Mr. Obama claims he respects and honors our military service men and women. Yet, Mr. Obama fully knows the overwhelming majority of our military do not want to vote for him, so he is making sure our brave service men and women are being blocked in their absentee voting.

So I'll close with asking the voters do you want this current administration that is full of liars back into the White House for another four years? And led by a man who will not recognize our military enough to allow them to vote? 

I certainly won't vote for a group of liars like this....will you?

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God Bless our country....and our troops.


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  1. Mr. Caruso, you are right. All of the people that you mentioned are liars. I would like to add that most of the media are liars. This, of course, makes it nearly impossible for Americans to get truthful information, in order to make decisions when they vote. I no longer believe anything in the news, because they lack truth and integrity. I watch the 2 candidates as often as possible, I listen to what they say, and I believe my own eyes and ears. I have heard Obama lie. I would never vote for him.

    When Joe Wilson said, "You lie!"...he had it absolutely right. It's about time the rest of Congress realizes this and starts standing up for this country and the Constitution.



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