Friday, October 5, 2012

It's the climate stupid!

OK, I'll admit I'm old enough to remember Frank Valli's song of 1963..."Oh What A Night".
I started to sing it immediately after Wednesday's debate, and I haven't stopped singing it since.

I don't know what amused me more; the way Governor Romney performed in the debate, or the way the liberal progressives started to make excuses immediately following the debate.

Of course I was extremely proud of the way Governor Romney performed and presented his ideas and policies. He exuded strong leadership, and laid out specific plans to lift our country out of the economic crisis we're currently suffering.

However, I was almost just as amused by the way Mr. Obama's supporters, and the main stream media offered excuses as to why Mr. Obama did so poorly.  No one would dare admit that Mr. Obama was just outclassed, and with no accomplishments to focus on he just sulked, smirked, and looked lost for the entire debate.

An MSNBC journalist said Mr. Obama performed poorly on purpose because he didn't want to portray himself "as an angry black man". Another Democrat pundit said a backstage noise distracted Mr. Obama, and "threw him off his game".

Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, and Ed Schultz went into attacking tirades that most people can't even understand. Matthews went so far as to "demand" Mr. Obama start watching MSNBC, and start attacking, "with guns blazing and with knives" in his next debate .  
Yeah, you can bet Mr. Obama will take that helpful advice. Especially since your cohort at MSNBC claimed Mr. Obama doesn't want to appear as an angry black man. You guys should talk to one another.

Did anyone tell MSNBC that over 70 million people tuned into the debate, and Fox garnered over 40% of the viewers, and MSNBC was at the bottom or the viewing list. Oh yeah, he's sure going to take the advice of those at MSNBC. 

Of course my favorite excuse was from former Vice President Al Gore, on Network TV. He offered that Mr. Obama was "out of sorts" because he flew into Denver just a few hours before the debate, and the high altitude disoriented him.  Way to go Al.  You sounded as logical as your global warming theories.

I've had some strong critics of my conservative blogs. One in particular, who believed in the falsely reported polls, and repeatedly kept answering my blogs with comments as to how far ahead Mr. Obama was compared to Governor Romney. In his responses he kept writing, "goodbye Willard...goodbye Ryan". Well, where are you now Mr. Critic?

It was discovered that the latest Washington Post poll only polled 160 people, of which 40% are registered Democrats. Subsequently the poll reported Mr. Obama was up by ten points. Polls also reflected Mr. Obama with large leads in Florida, Virginia, and a ten point lead in Ohio.

I wonder why I haven't heard from my liberal progressive critics since Wednesday. Today's polls showed Mr. Obama up only a point in Ohio, and Governor Romney actually ahead in Florida and Virginia. Where are you critics?  Nothing to say now?

I am actually having a great time writing my blogs, and look forward to writing 32 more.

Hey, do you thing my great blogs are turning things around for the Romney-Ryan ticket? Yeah, probably.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God Bless our country and our troops.


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