Monday, October 8, 2012

Clint was right-on!

As we look back and re-visit Clint Eastwood's "empty chair/empty suit" portrayal of Mr. Obama it  now appears that Mr. Eastwood could not have been more accurate. It's also pretty obvious now that the empty chair at the RNC was more responsive than Mr. Obama himself at the debate last Wednesday.  At least the empty chair didn't say "um-ah" when asked to respond.

Mr. Obama not only failed miserably in the debate last Wednesday, he quickly showed his cowardice tendencies immediately following the debate. When a person shrinks back, refuses to challenge his opponent, won't even look his opponent in the eye, and yet goes out the very next day, and spews personal attacks on his opponent, it's clear he is definitely a coward. That's just what cowards do...they don't have the guts to stand up to you...they wait till you're not around, then they call you names. Yep, that's our celebrity-in-chief for you.

I can just imagine the meeting Mr. Obama had with all his minions the day after the debate. He contacted them all through Skype, Internet, and phone meetings, and said, "OK, here's the plan...all of you go on TV and the radio talk shows and start making up stuff about Romney, and start calling him a liar".  Just more of what cowards do.

Am I the only one that can see this scenario? Nah, we all see it, and the lies and name calling are starting to backfire on Mr. Obama's campaign for reelection. 

Mr. Obama has even gone so far to say that Governor Romney's tax plan is refuted by a Princeton University professor.  However, when the professor was contacted he said he never made that refuted comment.  The professor went on further to sayf that Governor Romney's tax plan would, in fact, work.  Bet the media won't report this though.

Most of Mr. Obama's supporters started to complain, "What happened...where was our real Mr. Obama?....he got clobbered tonight". Mr. Obama himself spoke to his Hollywood donors and elitists that he "just had a bad night".  The truth to Mr. Obama supporters: you did see the real Mr. Obama. This is how he reacts to questions he doesn't know up front. This is how he truly reacts when there's no teleprompter. This is how he really reacts when there's no one around to tell him what to say.

Did you notice how professional, even Presidential, Governor Romney acted during the debate, and how he has conducted himself since the debate?  He hasn't called Mr. Obama a liar, or used personal attacks against the President. And there are plenty of Mr. Obama lies that Governor Romney could have used. Instead Governor Romney is staying steadfast on his plans and goals for the American people when he's in office next January. Now that's a man I want in our White about you?

I think the nation consensus is that Mr. Obama has failed and is continuing to fail in his mid- east policies. The tragedy in our Libyan consulate is certainly proof. And what is Mr. Obama's reaction to  this tragedy? He calls the Libyan slaughter on our Americans as " just bumps in the road".  This is how cowards react when they have no accomplishments to talk about and praise.

On October 22nd., the final debate between Mr. Obama and Governor Romney will be on foreign policy. Is it true that Mr. Obama will not even show up? I heard he's contacting Mr. Eastwood to send the chair instead.

And that's Politics with Pete for today.....God bless our country....and our troops.

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