Monday, October 8, 2012

Capitalism(Romney) vs. Socialism(Obama)

So much has been made of Governor Romney's wealth and his ties to Bain Capital. All the attacks on Governor Romney have been brutal. He's been called a felon because we don't know where all his wealth is "hidden". Then he caused a woman to die of cancer, and later the dead woman's husband died. The left wing progressives want you to believe Governor Romney is at fault for these catastrophes.

Before last week's debate Governor Romney was called an extremist by the left wing liberals.
Then Governor Romney overwhelmingly defeated Mr. Obama in the debate by simply laying out a better case to the American people. Of course the left wing liberals quickly changed course from Governor Romney being an extremist to quickly calling him a liar during the debate. 

 Mr. Obama and his "minions" think they can convince Americans that Governor Romney is a liar, but that concept is quickly fading and actually harming Mr. Obama's reelection bid. 

Let's face some facts that are truly generations old in our country. Capitalism is what this country is based on. Free trade and competition are what truly make our private enterprise flourish, not a growing Government to move toward Socialism.

Through the years Governor Romney has used private funds to grow private companies, and each of these companies have prospered. The key operative word here is PRIVATE money. Whereas Mr. Obama has used TAXPAYER funds for several business that have drastically failed since he's been in office.

Here's a look at the truthful settings:

       ROMNEY/BAIN                                                                     OBAMA
    AMC Entrtainment -          Successful                     Solyndra -           Bankrupt
    Burger King -                      Successful                     Ener 1 -                Bankrupt
    Burlington Coat Factory - Successful                     Beacon Power -   Bankrupt
    Clear Channel Commun. -Successful                     Abound Solar     Bankrupt
    Dominos Pizza -                  Successful                     Amonix Solar -   Bankrupt
    Dunk 'n Donuts -                Successful                     Spectra Watt -    Bankrupt
    Guitar Center -                   Successful                     Eastern Energy - Bankrupt
    Staples -                               Successful
    Toys 'R Us -                         Successful
    Warner Music Grp. -          Successful

Only one more step in this analysis; all of these companies that went bankrupt with Mr. Obama using taxpayers money were heavy contributors to Mr. Obama's campaign. 

To me this simply means Mr. Obama used OUR money to finance these failed companies, who in turn used much of the same money to give back to Mr. Obama. so, folks, even if you're a strong conservative just know that some of your taxpayer money was used to finance Mr. Obama's campaign.

Before you walk into the voting booth in 29 days ask yourself if you want a successful business man in the White House, or do you want to reelect a man who has a track record of using someone else's money to stimulate failing companies that will use much of their money in donations to Mr. Obama.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God Bless our country...and our troops.

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    If Barack Obama was in business rather than in the White House and was running an airline, what kind of airline would he run?


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