Saturday, April 22, 2017

They bring a knife....

My favorite line in the movie "The Untouchables" was when the character played by Sean Connery told Elliott Ness, played by Kevin Costner, "If your enemy brings a knife to the fight, you bring a gun. If he puts one of yours in the hospital, you put one of their's in the morgue".

I've decided to follow in the footsteps of my favorite infamous characters, i.e., Whoopi, Joy, Chrissy Matthews, Ashley Judd, Madonna, Chelsea Handler, Okra Wipfry, Warren, Alysa Milano, George Lopez, Streisand, Springsteen, Maher, Scuemer, Sharpton, Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, Clooney, Streep, and so man other stupid lib Dems.

My President, Donald Trump, is doing a great job in his initial 92 days, but you will never hear or read about it because every President Trump review gets 93% negative coverage by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC. I would like to see President Trump eliminate all press conferences. Why give the media a platform to ask nothing but gotcha questions, and then report their answers to the public with a negative spin, and at times even lying. 

It would serve the American people better if Sean Spicer would just establish TV and on-line meeting format wherePresident Trump communicates directly to the American people, with question and answer periods  Why give the media any more ammunition to fight President Trump?

It's more than just the negative reporting on President Trump, and the lack of reporting on the accomplishments of the President and his cabinet. It's the cruel vicious personal and nonsensensical attacks on the President and his family. Chelsea Handler saysour President has syphillis, Ashley Judd says President Trump and his daughter Ivanka have incestious sex, Madonna wants to burn down the White House.

DeNiro wants to punch Trump in the face, an MSNBC guest said never mind burning Trump in effigy,  let's burn him for real, Pelosi says our President has not done a thing so far, Whoopi and Joy accuse our President of being unstable, Melania Trump is accused of being a prostitute that George Lopez wants to pimp out, lib Dem Congresswomen Waters and the idiot from Hawaii are promising impeachment of Trump will be here very soon. 

Lib Dem Howard Dean says President Trump just may be on cocaine when he makes Presidential decisions, and then there's Sharpton who owes millions in taxes out there screaming for President Trump's tax return.  Well, if the ignorant stupid lib Dems can hit out with personal attacks on my President, then I'm hitting back. Here goes:

Whoopi gets her clothes made by Omar the ten-maker to hide her Black ugly fat body that most likely smells like she never bathes. Joy looks like a female Porky the Pig. George Lopez looks like a greasy Mexican burrito, All you have to do is scream real loud to remember Howard Dean.

Madonna's tight outfits are made to thin her out, but the squeezing in shows her back end that is loaded with cellulite and overweight fat. Alyssa Milano is just one pukey no-talent C-lister. black Lives Matter is just a bunch of Black criminals on welfare that want to kill cops. Chuck Schumer is just a frustrated Jewish man that doesn't know the difference between a Mosque and a Temple. Ashley Judd is just jealous that her mother and half-sister have more talent than her. Michael Lavaugn Robinson and Bruce Jenner both went to the same clinics for their transgender sex changes into Michelle Obama and Caitlyn Jenner.

As long as the stupid ignorant disrespectful lib Dems keep personally attacking my President Donald J. Trump with lies and personal attacks on him and his family, I'm going to hit back on them. And believe me, I have a lot of ammo. I haven't even started on Crooked Hillary, Chelsea, Barry Soetero's living quarters in the White House with his husband Michael. Stay tuned folks. I'm just getting started.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops.
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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Yes Virginia, there is.....

Today marks the 91st. day Sheriff Donald J. Trump has been in office. Yes, only 91 days, and it's been 163 days (Nov. 9) since the stupid lib Dems and Crooked Hillary officially were notified by the American people that we just don't want her and her lying scandoulus corruption in our White House. Remember that; yes only 91 days in office, and 163 days since election night.

Yes, there were many Americans that voted for Crooked Hillary, but it's really time the stupid lib Dems "give it a rest".  Donald J. Trump will be the new Sheriff in town for at least four years, and from the cry baby antics of the stupid lib Dems and the lying media he'll most likely be in our White House for two terms.

No you may not like his hair and his bombastic "take no prisoners" attitude to those that lie and defame him. He's loud, and has a large ego, but he's getting things done, and he's working hard to do what's best for our country. Sheriff  Trump did not run on a political platform. He just wants to work hard for the American people.

Right now Sheriff Trump just wants to prove to the American people that voting for him was the right choice and he just want wants a chance. Instead, though, the stupid lib Dems are already seeking to impeach him and refuse to accept him, and let Crooked Hillary wander through the woods while expounding on all the excuses that cost her the election.

Just look objectively at what he's done in his first 91 days in office, and also take a look at what he's trying to accomplish for the future of our country. He was, and will always be, one of the most successful businessmeen in our country, and the first thing Sheriff Trump did even before he took the Presidential oath was to visit many corporations convincing them to create jobs for Americans. He then convinced companies to bring jobs back from their foreign locations. 

Then he attacked the very worst healthcare program our country has ever had to endure. Even many Dems in and out of Congress are verifying that Obamacare is not sustainable, and is failing because of very high premium costs and horrific deductible costs. Many states now are not even offering Obamacare to its citizens.

The stupid lib Dems are now crowing that Sheriff Trump is a failure because he didn't put together a better healthcare plan. He and Tom Price are working hard to come up with a plan that his GOP base in Congress will support. Yes, there are glitches right now, but does anyone want to wager against Sheriff Trump  not being successful in creating a healthcare plan?

He has increased our military power, and will continue to do so. Unlike Barry Soetero, Sheriff Trump didn't "didn't need no steeenkin' red line". After the evil Asaad from Syria dropped deadly gas on women and children Sheriff  Trump responded with sixty tomahawk missles.
It was a successful strike, and Sec'y. of State Tillerson says more will come if Asaad continues down this path. Haven't been any gas attacks byAsaa  since.

Due to the fat little upstart in North Korea Sheriff Trump adjusted his position when he asked China to step up and help take a big interest in the threats from N. Korea's fat little idiot.
Then, to the approval and joy of our military leaders Sheriff Trump sent military vessels and fighter jets to the coasts near N. Korea. The military loves this Sheriff.

Millions of Americans were completely against the stupid deal Barry Soetero made with Iran, and his "open border" immigration policy. However, now that Sheriff Trump wants to negate Barry's horrific unlawful directive, he's suddenly the bad guy. And all he asks is to give him the respect due his Presidential office and allow him the four years American have given him.

In Barry Soetero's first 100 days the White House press corps gave Barry softball questions like, "What's your favorite NCAA basketball team"?, "What did you have for dinner last night"?, "how did you and the first lady meet"?. When you tune in now poor Sean Spicer gets hit with dozens of gotcha questions, and never a compliment about the Sheriff or his family.

But the beauty of all this is the American people still overwhelmingly support Sheriff  Trump, and will continue to do so for the next 8 years. The more the stupid lib Dems lie about our President, the more he pushes back. Yes Virginia there is a new Sheriff in town, and his name is Donald J. Trump, and we all need to stop the petty pity and hate parties to support our 45th. President.

And that's Politics with Pete for today..God bless our country...and our troops
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Monday, April 17, 2017

So who cares?

Another comical blog coming your way with thanks to our stupid lib Dems and their fawning media. When the lies, fake news, and personal attacks completely fail, well there's only one thing left to do. Of course it's to recycle their old stupid lib Dem attacks.

Remember when President Trump was "candidate" Trump?  He was verbally slaughtered by the stupid lib Dems and media for not showing his tax returns. Crooked Hillary's stupid supporters were desperately hoping this would change the voting of the millions of the Americans that voted Donald J. Trump in as our 45th. President if they knew what his tax returns reflected.

Hey, you stupid lib Dems, how did that work out for you? The truth is the millions of us that voted for President Trump didn't care then, and certainly don't care now about President Trump's tax returns. And of course this is driving the stupid lib Dems crazy. It's a laugh.

Then there's the infamous MSNBC anchor Rachie Maddow.  We all know that scenario. She blasphemously announced on her liberal show that her and her alone had a copy of President Trump's tax return. It showed he made over $100.Million, and paid $38.Million in taxes in 2005. Hey MSNBC how did that work out for you?

Many Americans, actually the majority of Americans, completely forget anything about our President's tax returns. With all the issues facing our country today I will wager the last thing on most Americans' minds is President Trump's tax returns. I mean, who really cares? The truth is most of us couldn't even understand President Trump's returns.

Honestly, it's a big laugh. Do these stupid lib Dems that are funding these protests think President Trump will resign, or as Maxine Waters wants, "he will be impeached", really think they are making any headway? Isn't it about time the stupid lib Dems realize that parading all their Hollywood elites at these rallies will help them? Really? That's hilarious. 

TV actress Debra Messing was screaming at one of the protest marches, "we deserve to see Trump's tax returns".  Debra, you defifnitely couldn't understand the President's tax returns. I'm sure you have someone else preparing yours. You're dumb as a bag of rocks. 

All these stupid marches and protest have no effect whatsoever on what our President has done,  or what he's planning. When these ridiculous lib Dems carrytheir stupid  signs and scream obscenities I really have to laugh as I wonder just who are they yelling at, and who is listening? Bottom line here is most Americans want President Trump to continue doing what he's doing and couldn't care less about his tax returns.

Have you noticed who's attcking President Trump about  his tax returns? It's the stupid lib Dems, and the news flunkies at CNN and MSNBC. Maybe the better question would be why won't the stupid lib Dems accept that their goddess Crooked Hillary lost the election? Do they think that these Soros-funded marches and protests are going to have an adverse effect on President Trump, or change his mind on his goals and policies?

Final note for me on President Trump's tax returns....Just to spite the media and the stupid lib Dems I hope his tax returns are never made public. Why? Because no one really cares. Well no one except the stupid lib Dems and the media. It would serve more purpose for those stupid lib Dem marchers and protesters if they would march through the streets of Chicago protesting all the Black on Black crimes.

President Trump also doesn't care about your marches and protests. Trump won and Crooked Hillary lost. Get over it and move on.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country....and our troops.
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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Fox News Channel

Just because I'm a Fox News junkie doesn't mean I don't flip over to the other channels to get their views on news topics.  The only difference is I have changed from being angry at their fake news reporting to actually laughing and finding it comical. I keep asking one single question to the ignorant lib Dems and the media, and I just can't get an answer: Why is Fox rated the number one news outlet on TV today?

The answer that the other networks don't want to admit is that more people trust Fox to report the news "fair & balanced", than any other news network.  And the more that ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, and MSNBC continue to report fake news only means more and more viewers will turn the channel to Fox News when they want today's news to reported factually and with integrity.

Now that their daily rantings of fake news still won't turn any views away from Fox these fake news networks have taken their hatred of conservatives and Fox News to a whole new level. Now it's the biased personal attacks on Fox News, President Trump and his family, and any of his cabinet members. 

When I'm not laughing at these other news outlets, I actually find myself feeling sorry for them. Can you imagine the employees that work for these other news outlets that find themselves day in and day out working for the likes of CNN and MSNBC that don't agree, but have to abide by "the hand that signs their payroll checks"?  

One example is a former Fox anchor, Alyson Camarota, who left Fox because they would't give in to her demands, went to CNN.  Now she's one of those journalists that report lies and personal attacks on our President, or for that matter, anyone with an R next to their name. Ms. Camarota is even a supporter of Islam and the Muslim preachings, including Sharia Law, suggesting that American women should wear Muslim hi-jabs to honor Islam.

Let's not forget Greta Van Sustern that slimed her way over to MSNBC. She hoped to bring her old Fox viewers over to her new MSNBC show by declaring "MSNBC has given me free reins on my show".  And then soon enough to began to drink their Kool-Aid. All MSNBC had to do was remind Greta who signs her check. Remember "The Kelly File"? Well now everyone at Fox is saying Megan who?, and Good riddance.

How bad is Fox News dominating CNN and MSNBC? These two networks are at the extreme bottom of the viewer ratings so bad that they have now turned their lies and personal attacks on the Fox News anchors.  Good old Rachel Maddow claimed she had proof of President Trump's IRS cheating because she had his tax return to present to viewers on her show. That debacle was right out of SNL. She's still scraping the egg off her face.

We all know Mika Brzezinski from the Morning Joe show on MSNBC. She said on their show that the women on Fox's noon show Outnumbered "was nothing more than four blonds with short skirts showing off their legs". Rrecently I saw a short video clip of Mika jogging wearing shorts. Well Mika, all I can say is after seeing your legs in a pair of shorts I would advise you not to throw stones at the Outnumbered women at Fox. 

We could all write comic stories about the infamous "leg-tingler" Chrissy Boy Matthews. He keeps making Fox look good by his inept and lying reporting. On his Hardball show a few days ago he said, "Only reason Trump and his administration is going after Susan Rice is because she's a Black woman".  Of course, like all MSNBC reporting, the leg tingler had no evidence. 

CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the media, along with stupid lib Dems will continue to attack Fox News for the simple reason  Fox is number one in channel news reporting. Most likely, another reason is their strong hatred for President Trump. They want President Trump and all his policies to fail, and their main reason is....hmm, what is their main reason? Do they even know, or is it because their queen Crooked Hillary didn't win? 

Maybe Fox should thank CNN and MSNBC for their fake news reporting and their personal attacks on anchors at Fox. Their lies and distortions are visible to the millions who voted our President in the White House. These are positives for Fox, and for President Trump's 2020 run.

And so, in closing, again I welcome anyone at CNN and MSNBC to answer the question I asked earlier, "Why is Fox News rated number the one news outlet on TV today"?  

And that's Politics with Pete today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hooray for Hollywood!

Today we are faced with many challenges; economy, jobs, Syria, foreign policy, Trump-haters, Trump lovers, Crooked Hillary supporters, etc.,, etc. With all of these challenges we just have to try and interject some levity, jokes, teasing, and laughter into our daily lives. As the Reader's Digest always promoted in their monthly publications, "Laughter is the best medicine."

Let's talk about the things that now are actually becoming comical. First there was "the gang of escape artists" from Hollywood. Of course these escape artists fully believed that their Goddess Crooked Hillary was a pure favorite to be their next president. And they were so positive they got a lot of media attention, and their recycled fifteen minutes of fame by declaring to leave the U.S. if Trump won. Remember when Samuel Jackson bloviated, "If that mother-f****r wins I'm taking my Black a** back to Africa". Hilarious huh? 

Of course we all know what happened next. These Hollywood spineless "elites" all backed down from their threats. Probably all their agents had a fit, and convinced these elites they make their best revenue from the movies and TV  right  here in the good old U.S.  I laughed when Whoopi tried to get the last word, "I'm rich enough that I could move to any country, but I've decided to stay".  Yeah, right Whoopi.

Then, there was the combined useless efforts by the Hollywood irrelevant has-beens and the media that started immediately after the election.  Even before the voting began during the campaign Crooked Hillary kept parading the Hollywood elites on her stage everywhere she went as she spewed and ranted on during her many useless speeches. I'm sure the stupid lib Dems felt Americans were so gullible that American voters would believe anything Crooked Hillary said. After all, she had Whoopi, Joy, and Rosie supporting her.

John and Jane Doe sit at the kitchen table every month pay bills, and try to save for the kids' education, while being grateful to have a few bucks left over to carry them through another month. Did the stupid lib Dems and Crooked Hillary think that Springsteen jumping around the stage screaming, or Beyonce shaking her booty was going to change anyone's mind to vote for Crooked Hillary?

Of course, after the election the vile hatred by Hollywood escalated to the point that Class B actors like George Clooney actually thought he could lead a revolution to have President Trump impeached. George was overjoyed when Scarlett Johanssen and Shia Beiloff joined him.

Dare I write that the truth is more Americans are smarter and have more common sense than Clooney, Johansen, and Bieloff combined. And then the most comical ever was dropped by our brilliant Hollywood bafoons. Read....wait for it comes.

George Clooney and Whoopi (Jabba-the-Hut) Goldberg actually believed they could convince Hollywood movie and TV actors to go on strike and discontinue making movies and TV shows until President Trump was thrown out of office. What ever possessed them to believe they had that much power? That was the funniest thing I ever heard.

What is more hilarious is their boycott of President Trump and their threatened "strike" has completely backfired on Hollywood. First the movies and TV shows that these so called "elites" are in are total flops.  Their movies and TV shows are so bad that Americans are now hoping that people like Clooney, Shia Beiloff, and Scarlett Johansen do go on strike. Their movies are actuallly losing money.

Ever notice who is making the most noise? Yeah, people we will really miss if they move or go on strike. Yeah, right. This is definitely a group not only will no one miss, we actually hope and pray they will go on strike.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Finally, a President

I never thought that the joy, satisfaction, and hope that I felt at 3:00 A.M., November 9, 2016 could be repeated for me. Then our President ordered the tomahawk missile firing on Syria, and once again I became deleriously overjoyed.   After listening to the horrible rhetoric from citizen Soetero for the past eight years, we finally have a real true President in America's White House.

I know I speak (write) for the millions of Americans that voted for President Trump. Maybe one of my favorite quotes from President Trump regarding the missile firing was when he said, "Maybe people, especially my critics, will finally take me serious." 

Yes, finally after eight years, we have a President that fully believes in actions and not words.  The former occupant in America's White House was so full of his own self-importance and hubris he actually believed he could just sit back, do nothing, and his glorious words would heal the world. 

Of course there are millions, mainly the media and ignorant lib Dems, that completely despise President Trump. The media and the stupid lib Dems continue to attack him, and they still haven't recovered from Crooked Hillary's loss in November. They would be better served if they concentrated on improving their own crumbling party than focusing on showing how much they hate our President.

In office only around 80 days, and President Trump has done more than Barry Soetero did in eight years. And the more hateful lies that are thrown at the President and his family, the more he puts them in their place. When will they understand they will have absolutely no impact on the President's decisions in the four, hopefully eight, years.

Actually, Barry Soetero was very helpful in getting President Trump elected. After eight years of very weak, and at times, no leadership, America declared they wanted a strong leader who would stand strong for the people of America, and base all his decisions on what is best for our country.

Former president Barry Soetero was so thin-skinned and spineless that he left the decision making to Reid, Pelosi, Jarrett, Holder, and even his husband Michael. The truth is that Barry wasn't experienced enough to make any intelligent  decisions regarding our economy and foreign policy. After all, the only real job he ever had was as a community organizer.

Now, America has a very strong tough-skinned leader that cares nothing what the lying media reports. President Trump cares nothing about the diatribe of Chuckie Schumer and tunnel-faced Pelosi. Even the idiot from MSNBC coudldn't faze President Trump when he said that Trump fired missiles on Syria to distract from "his strong ties to Russia". 

The more President Trump becomes more and more unfazed about the media reporting the more the media becomes outraged at him, of course this spurs on more lies and personal attacks on him and his family, even his 11-year old son. The media is starting to realize that President Trump doesn't like the lying media anymore than they like him.  

And now the millions of Americans that voted for President Trump are beginning to distrust the media more than ever before. The media, especially CNN and MSNBC are losing their credibility and viewer ratings like they've never witnessed before. Also, the millions of Trump supporters are overjoyed that our President communicates directly to us through Twitter and other social network outlets. President Trump just doesn't need the media.

President Trump has only been in the White House 80 days, and his critics, with nothing but personal bias, wants him impeached. Lib Dem Congresswoman Maxine Waters was asked why she believed President Trump should be impeached. Her well thought out answer was priceless...".....because Trump and his administration are nothing but a bunch of scumbags".

Now that's a very valid reason Ms. Waters. By the way how's your high crime district in California doing? What are you doing to improve your district for your constituents?  Truth is that President Trump, by creating jobs, is doing more for your district than you are, and you want him impeached? 

The bare truth is America finally has a strong leader, that while many may disagree with him, always plans and does what he and his administration feel is best for our country. Really, does the media and the ignorant lib Dems think they can even make a dent in President Trump's leadership? No, and they never will.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Protest this!

A few days ago I wrote a blog about my anger to ALL  Americans for not properly preparing our youth for the future when they assume the leadership of our country, and for that matter, also not preparing our country to turn over to our youth. Also, isn't it just plain common sense that we all want to see our country emerge to the top where we belong in jobs, economy, and security? What American doesn't want this?

Do you lib Dems remember what John F. Kennedy reached out to ALL Americans in his presidential inauguration way back in 1960, when he said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for our country". It's foolish for us to believe that one single individual can put our whole country on the back of one singular man/woman and ask them to make us a great country again. We are all responsible for the success or failure of America.

The lib Dems, along with the support of the fawning media, figuratively jammed Barry Soetero down our throats for eight years. Of course the Republican voters who wanted McCain in 2008, and Romney in 2012 were extremely disappointed. However, even with what this man did to us in eight years, all Republicans accepted their fate. Barack Husein Obama was the president of our country.  

Even as lib Dem president Soetero tried to bring our country down to our knees as America continued to support a purely un-American agenda, there were no protests, marching in the streets decrying "White lives matter".  Nor was there any looting, destroying of personal property, burning down of private successful business. 

Americans sat back for eight years while, under Soetero's presidency there were horrific increases in police assassinations, a failed health care plan down our throats, lies, scandals, a horrible Iran deal, thousands of unvetted refugees entering our country, traveling all over the world "apologizing" for the great country that voted him into our White House.

Under president Soetero there was the highest rate of welfare, food stamps, and many other "entitled freebies". And still the Republicans remained complicit to respect the man in office, just waiting for someone to come along and reverse the agendas of this man. Of course, in 2016 the lib Dems, along with the media projected Crooked Hillary as the 45th. president even before the presidential voting in November, 2016.

And so the point here is the Republicans don't want any special treatment now that there is a Republican president in our White House. President Trump, and the GOP are just asking for the same support Soetero received in eight years. He just wants the media to report news with honesty and integrity. In only 77 days in office President Trump has done more to create jobs, increase our economy, and creating security than Soetero ever did in eight years.

So instead of ".......asking what you can do for your country", the lib Dems and the media are doing everything they can to show their hatred, and it's only because their beloved Crooked Hillary didn't emerge victoriously in November, 2016. Without any clear facts, the lib Dems and the media resorted to their hateful personal attacks and lies not only against our President, but his family as well. What does the lib Dem party and the media hope to gain by spending the next four years by not giving our 45th President the same respect they gave Soetero?

Therefore a war has emerged between the lying media, lib Dems against President Trump, and guess who's winning the war? Our fearless President, that's who, and it is driving lib Dems and the left wing media crazy. The more personal and lying attacks the Dems and the media display against President Trump and his family, the more the credibiity of the Democrat party and the media continues on a downward spiral that they may never recover from.

How can the lib Dems and the media claim they want the best for Americans while they continue to turn their backs on President Trump? Even after only 77 days in office the likes of Dems Maxine Waters, Pelosi, Schumer, etc., want him impeached, and continue to act like playground children.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country....and our troops)
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