Sunday, November 22, 2015

"Uninformed"? -No, Stupid!

I used to be kind and professionally correct when I called all those that voted Barry Soetero into America's White House just plain "uninformed" voters.  Now, after all, this evil radical Islamic Muslim has done in the past seven years, I call the people that voted for him, just plain stupid.

In 2008 I managed a golf league of 32 seniors; guys from all walks of life. Professionals, teachers, CPA's, veterans, etc. Of the 32  there were only 3 of us that were devout conservative Republicans, so when Barry Soetero won the Presidency you can imagine the razzing and outrageous teasing the 3 of us received from the "Hope & Change' supporters.

And then it started; low work force participation, increasing food stamps participation, followed by lies, corruption, and never ending scandals. At first the Hope & Change Soetero supporters still clung to their leader Barry saying, "well, he's still better than Bush".

And then, as if all the lies, scandals, and corruption weren't enough Americans noticed this president's loyalty to Islam, and now his overwhelming desire and self-proclaimed destiny to bring down the American way of life, refusing to protect our great land.

Suddenly, many of the progressive liberal Democrats on my golf league became "Independents". They wouldn't pledge any change to Republican conservatism, but they certainly distanced themselves from Barry's policies by declaring they were now Independents.
What a joke that was to me.

Initially I felt bad criticizing those that voted for and help put Barry in power, not once, but twice. Acquaintances, that I once called friends, and even family members that to this day still believe Barry is the answer to all of America's problems, "that he inherited America's current problems from the previous administration". 

Well,  now I don't apologize for calling these people "uninformed".  These acquaintances and family members are just plain stupid. Yes, stupid for not being objective and looking at the facts and policies that have emanated from this radical Islamic Muslim that lives in America's White House. 

We are at war with ISIS. Everyone in the world has acknowledged this. We have a man that will not acknowledge ISIS. He keeps telling us that we cannot attack the wonderful peaceful religion of Islam. He says we are at war, but with conditions. America knows we cannot win a war fighting the enemy with conditions. 

Can you imagine president FDR in 1941 put conditions on our war against Hitler? What if FDR refused to use the word "Nazi" when describing the dastardly deeds of Hitler? What if Eisenhower, Patton, Clark, etc., were told they cannot do any fighting in areas that may have civilians? You can bet we would have lost the war in Europe.  Remember president LBJ? He told the Japanese to surrender, or else. Well, they didn't surrender, so he dropped A-bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Suddenly they surrendered.

So, I just want to ask the "stupid" and uninformed liberal progressives that voted this man in office to ask themselves objectively, when did America's war against radical Islam really take off? Of course these uninformed and stupid people that voted this Muslim in office won't admit that this all took off in 2009.

They forget that Barry's first foreign speech was to "apologize" to the world for America's freedom way of life. That alone should have put all Americans on high alert about this man. Today this man continues his onslaught against America. This should have been a wake-up call to those that cast their vote TWICE allowing this man to govern in America's White House.

Now, are those uninformed stupid voters want any more proof as to the designs this Islamic Muslim has in store for our great country? He is now advocating thousands upon thousands of Syrian refugees to enter the U.S., while refusing Christians religious asylum in our country.  One of the radical Islamist terrorists that took part in the Paris massacre admitted that he sneaked into Europe posing as a Syrian refugee. 

The initial and foremost duty of the American president is to protect its citizens. It's very obvious this is not the intent of this Muslim in our White House. Congress has passed a veto-proof bill that will stop Syrian refugees from entering, and yet Barry is ignoring this bill and vows to by-pass Congress and sign executive action to allow these refugees into our country.

This man's intent is to flood America with radical Islamist Muslims so that our great country will someday honor and promote Islam as our chief religion and Sharia Law will be maintained.  There is no such thing as freedom of religion to this man.

However, all hope is not lost for the "uninformed" and "stupid" Americans who voted for this man TWICE. We have an election just a short year from this month to begin the change our country back to the freedom loving land we fought for and deserve. 

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Saturday, October 10, 2015

* * * * FaceBook!

I only joined Facebook for two reasons. One was to use it as another venue to post and promote my blogs.  The other reason was to view pictures of my grandchildren on the west coast. Many of my Tea Party associates, along with my conservative friends cautioned me against joining.

Then I noticed the double standards that Facebook and their leader Zuckerbeerger live by. Facebook has allowed the writings of a Black journalist to write that GOP candidate Dr. Ben Carson is a "coon".  Facebook has also allowed an article by GQ magazine where the writer posted F**K Carson in the headlines of the article.

Yet, this morning in the "comment" space on Facebook I posted my views on 2nd. Amend. rights, being a U.S.A.F. veteran, an NRA member, being a licensed concealed carry citizen, owning four firearms, and my disdain for the left wing progressives and their leader Barry Soetero wanting to take away the rights of Americans to defend themselves.

Almost immediately after I hit the "post" key my comments were deleted from Facebook. Any opposing views of Barry, liberals, and progressives that appear in Facebook are quickly scrutinized and are usually deleted before or shortly after the comments are posted. 

However, I am very proud of the American people. We are starting to see through the double standards that the media and people like Zuckerberger of Facebook are doing. Can you imagine a White journalist calling a known Black leader a "coon"?  

What if a writer in The Blaze wrote and published in their headline F**K Hillary?  Can you imagine the uproar from the left wing? Can you hear Sharpton now screaming for someone's scalp?  

Everyone knows how Barry Soetero pontificated over the shootings in a Black church. He even went there to sing "Amazing Grace". When the three Muslims were shot dead in North Carolina he screamed, "no one should be attacked for their religious beliefs".

But not a word from Barry about the American soldiers killed by people with terrorist ties in Mississippi. The main stream media wants you to believe we need much stronger anti-gun laws, but have no specific agenda. Like Barry, they use it as a platform for ratings. Not a word from Barry to the family of the beautiful young woman shot and killed by an illegal in San Francisco.

How aboutDemocrat  Congressman Guiterrize, saying "we shouldn't let a little thing like the shooting in San Francisco by an illegal prevent us from passing immigration reform". Really, Congressman "little thing"? What if your child was  gunned down by an illegal, you double standard hypocrite?   In Hillary's case she compares the NRA to terrorists, Iran, and communism. Of course the media goes right along with it. 

Here's a story the media won't report: an 11-year old girl was home alone in Montana when two illegals broke into her house. The illegals didn't know she was a national skeet shooting champion. She ran upstairs got her rifle, knelt in a shooting position, and blasted away at the illegal intruders. One died in the house, the other staggered outside, fell, and bled out dead. You'll never hear that on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, or MSNBC, Fox broadcasted it.

And now the media, and my favorite network MSNBC. are scathing against Ben Carson for saying he would have rushed the shooter in the Oregon college where nine were killed by a deranged shooter.  

And what does Barry do? He goes to Oregon and "talks" to the families of the victims promising them stricter anti-gun laws. Everyone knows this was just a political stance he was using to leave quickly and go to cities to fund raisers.

Kudos to the people of Rosburg, Oregon where hundreds showed up on roadsides leading into Roseburg with signs telling Barry he wasn't welcome there. He was so flabbergasted by this he wouldn't allow the media into the auditorium when he talked to the families. He wouldn't take questions, and he quickly left for his fund raising to use this trip as fodder.

The left wing media, along with Barry, Hillary, Reid, and other progressive libs are being seen for what they truly are, just a bunch of self-centered, headline grabbing  narcissists. Why do you think MSNBC is going further in the tank every day, while Fox's ratings are climbing?

To sign off now I would like to exercise my 1st. Amend rights much like Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and GQ magazine have, as I post this blog on Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Tea Party:  **** you Zuckerberger,  **** you GQ, **** you Facebook, and a special **** you to the Black journalist who called Dr. Carson a "coon".

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country....and our troops.
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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Just when did it start?

We all agree that our country is in a definite downward spiral, and this great America needs immediate help. One can review any subject and realize that leadership, strong leadership, is needed to take back our country, and move it to the prominence it once experienced.

Take a look at the problems facing this country, and when they all started. Crime, education, terrorism, health care, racism, poor economy, low workforce participation,  government dependence, religious persecution, government lying and corruption. Not to mention racial unrest, the lowest unemployment in African-American history since WWII. The list could go on and on.

And we must not forget our tragic foreign policy implementations. Our enemies do not fear us, and our allies do not trust us. I mean, really I could go on for pages of tragedies that are befalling our great country, but when, when, did it get so bad?

When did the crime rate rise so high in cities like Chicago, Detroit, L.A., Baltimore, and D.C.?
When did the violent crimes of Black on Black begin to surge astronomically?  We all know when it started and why it's continuing to rise. It started in 2009, and it's continuing because we have Barry Soetero in our White House.

When did racial tension between Blacks and Whites, and Blacks against police start, and why does it continue to escalate with threats of, "we will assassinate all sheriffs and police officers when we see them alone". It started in 2009 and it rises today because of the man in our White House.

When did the wars of Muslims vs. Christians and Jews escalate out of control? When did the double standards of Muslim acceptance and Judeo-Christian slaughterings by Muslims start?
Why is the Islamic Soldiers of Satan gaining power in their war against the western world?
When did it start? Why does it escalate so today? This is all due in totality to Barry Soetero. 

Who could possibly sanction the Gitmo release and swap of five Taliban chiefs for one Army deserter that today is facing desertion charges, and may spend the rest of his life in Leavenworth? You know who....Barry Soetero.When did health care premiums rise so high that employers began cutting back employee work hours, and corporations almost halted the creation of any jobs? All this started in 2010 when a Democrat Congress passed Barry's Obamacare.

When did the United States begin to turn its back on Israel? What president would ever allow a devout enemy of Israel full permission to continue its pursuit of nuclear warheads? Friends, this all started in 2009 when Barry settled into our White House.  Now the Ayatollah of Iran declares he will have not further dealings with Barry and the U.S. Why is that? It's because Iran got what they wanted from this spineless man. All that and billions of dollars from Americans to use to supply arms to terrorists. Who is responsible for that?  You know who!

What about our national debt? When did our national debt begin to astronomically rise to out of control proportions?  When G.W. left office we were at $6.Trillion national debt. In six short years Barry has managed to increase America's national debt more than ALL previous presidents COMBINED!

We can't wait till January, 2017 to remove this man from our White House. We need our Admirals and Generals to march in, remove this man, and try him for treasonous acts against our Constitution. We just can't wait any longer.

Don't ever forget...ever, that this all started in January, 2009.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops
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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Today I'm selfish

Today, to me it doesn't matter if you're a Democrat, Republican, or Independent. Today, to me it doesn't matter if you Jewish or Christian. Today, to me what matters i if you're an American that loves this great country.

After our Labor Day picnic this past weekend I've decided today to vent and express my selfishness. I watched my great granddaughter, and her young toddler cousins run around the big backyard enjoying the day, and in the evening enjoying and taking in the fireworks.

I took many pictures of the young ones hugging each other, sharing their toys, and just plain expressing love to one another. So much joy shown on the faces of the adults. I was sitting next to my nephew enjoying a cold beer, when he said, "isn't this great today? No hassles, no worries, just watching the young ones have a great time".

Just then my grandson jumped on the ATV, loaded it up with the young ones and drove off to show them a scenic path in the woods. Can't say enough about this beautiful scenario. 

Just then I started to think that at this very moment when we are teaching our young ones love and faith there are Muslim children of the very same age being taught hatred, being taught how to hold a saber to behead someone. What if we could gather up ALL the young infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers in the world and teach them that someday they will inherit this entire planet, and war and slaughtering will not make our world a better and safer place to live.

My selfishness today comes from watching my 20-month old great granddaughter run around playing and laughing with her cousins at the picnic. What kind of world will she inherit? 

This week the House and Senate in  Congress will cast votes for what could be the most impactful move to either protect my great granddaughter, or start a world of nuclear wars starting against our greatest ally, Israel, and then spreading to America.

Iran is not working to develop nuclear bombs to destroy only Israel. They are developing a nuclear bomb to reach Manhattan, New York. 

Barry Soetero is so transfixed on passing this law to enable his radical islamic brethren that he has taken to threatening his fellow Democrat Congress members if they don't vote in support of him so he can attain veto status. Barry has struck fear in the hearts of his fellow Dems by threatening to hold any funds for their respective constituent programs. He has threatened that without their vote to support him he will not help in their upcoming re-election campaigns.

DNC chairwoman Debbie Schultz, a full Jewish woman, knows full well what the dangers are to Israel if Iran is granted to continue their uranium enrichment, but how did she vote? Yes, she voted in favor of Barry giving millions to Iran while allowing them to build a nuclear bomb. It's clear her own well being and future mean more to her than her Jewish heritage.

Is it any wonder that our members of Congress have such low approval ratings? Is it any wonder that three of the GOP candidates running for president are Trump, Carson, and Florina? What these three have in common is that they are not part of the D.C. insiders. They have no political experience. they are what we need to overturn Barrys' legacies.

I'm 80 years old, and no matter how well I take care of myself I know I haven't got a lot of time left, but today I'm very selfish, because if Americans don't take action through voting and contacting our House & Senate members, then I'm in heavy fear of the world my great granddaughter will grow up in.

And that's Politics with Pete for today..God bless our country...and our troops.
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Monday, September 7, 2015


So much bantering being thrown around about how to name and define the evil group of radical Islamic Muslims that are raping, torturing, murdering, and even beheading Jews and Christians, including small defenseless children. Americans, starting in our White House, argue so much about the naming of this evil group. They believe the solution to this evil group is to name it correctly, and to identify it. Yeah, that and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee. Let's start identifying this group for what it is.

The man in our White House, Barry Soetero, won't even address our most evil enemy by their correct name. He wants us to honor, accept, and praise Islam and love their Muhammad and Allah. Yes, of course we know that not all Muslims are evil radicals, but isn't it hard to accept a religion while some of them are beheading Jews and Christians.

Even the quiet and docile Muslims who preach Islamic peace won't speak up against their terrorist evil brethren. All this while Barry Soetero continues to praise his Islamic Muslim beliefs. I know I'm not the only one that finds it strange that Barry supports his Muslim beliefs while turning his back on Israel at the same time he is allowing Iran to continue their uranium enrichment program. 

I don't care that Barry calls this evil radical Islamic group ISIL. Nor do I care what Congress or the Media calls this group. My name for this group is ISOS, simply meaning Islamic Soldiers
Of Satan. There can be no other truthful meaning and explanation for this evil group.

Their sole charter is to viciously destroy every Jew and Christian in the world. Even our own Admirals and Generals are declaring that ISOS is actually growing and continuing to do more evil damage as they advance their beliefs. Our retired Admirals and Generals our now speaking up against Barry's actions and beliefs. Where were these Admirals and Generals when they were on active duty.

Not only is Barry doing absolutely nothing about these disasters, he is actually abetting Iran in their quest to arm and enable the evil ISOS terrorists. What member of Congress would vote to pass Barry's terrible agreement with Iran, even after Iran declares that they will do their own "policing" of their nuclear sites, and will not allow inspectors from the U.N. or the U.S.  

Can anyone imagine a police narcotics department calling a meth lab and asking, "Are you guys making any meth today"?  Only to have the meth lab reply, "Nah, we're not making' any meth today officer".  Can anyone imagine or comprehend a scenario like that? I certainly cannot, but folks that is exactly what is happening with our agreement with Iran. We are allowing them to continue with their nuclear warhead advancements.

Is there any wonder that members of the House and Senate have such horrible approval ratings. Many Americans are even strongly supporting term limits for members of Congress.
And certainly we cannot believe that the members of Congress that we voted to represent us are   passing the laws that Americans want. 

Even our down Congress leaders in the House & Senate, Boehner and McConnell are the biggest disappointments so far this year.  Talk about broken promises. They are both just Barry's "boys".  Remember how they were going to change and restructure many of Barry's directives once the GOP regained the House and Senate? I predict both of these will be in trouble during their next election cycle.

Back to ISOS; why do Americans, including Jews and Christians have to "bow" to the Muslim ways? Why do we have to accommodate their every whim? When are Muslims going to try to assimilate to our laws and our Constitution? Even in prison Muslim inmates are protesting that there are no Muslim based meals. Really? 

It is still not too late to take our great country back and live under the Constitution laid out by our Founding Fathers. Barry has been trying to desecrate our American way of life and our Constitution for nearly seven years now. We have a great opportunity to stop this next November. Our time is now. Let's not waste it.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Friday, August 7, 2015


At 80 years of age I feel so blessed that I get to spend two to three times a week with my 19-month old great granddaughter. She is such a joy to me. I can't imagine not spending time with her every week. Pushing the stroller, rocking and singing her to sleep, and  walking through the stores with her are joys that make my day every time we're together.

However, every time I'm singing to her, reading to her, and just enjoying her smile I can't help but think of the disastrous, horrific, unethical, and murderous Planned Parenthood group.
To me there's no such thing as Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. It's either Pro-Life or Pro-Murder.

I don't know, nor do I care, or agree with any decision a human being would sanction to crush the skull of a baby, yes baby, not fetus just to sell the child's body parts "for medical and/or scientific research", when these human body parts are being sold for profit.

This "Nazi-type" harvesting of human parts is nothing short of barbaric.  I often wonder why Democrats stand so strong with this horrible organization. Here's something extremely ironic;
a founder and proponent of this organization was Margaret Sanger, who proudly said many times, "Blacks are like weeds, and we must remove them". 

It is a fact that the majority of abortions performed by this unGodly organization is performed on young Black females. And so I ask again, why is this horrible organization supported by the Democratic Party and African-American women? I'm sure I'm just one of millions of parents, grandparents, and great grandparents whose lives are enriched by these little miracles from God that we nurture every day. Why is there a sanctioned group that kills these babies.

Here's another astounding fact: If we took a moment of silence for every aborted baby since 1973, we would be silent for ten, yes,  ten years. Yet, there are still thousands, maybe millions who strongly justify the horrible massacre actions of this evil group.

Videos have very recently surfaced where medical Doctors of this organization are actually negotiating the price of body parts of these young humans to sell "for medical research". This is nothing more than a gigantic falsehood. Stem cell research can be accomplished in medical labs, rather than mutilating a baby to sell the baby's human parts for profit.

Even one horrible Doctor that works for this evil organization very matter-of-factly said she wanted to make enough profit selling human baby body parts so she can buy a high-priced sports car. 

Here's more factual scenarios: The very same Pro-Life Americans that despise this horrible organization are having some of their taxes going to fund this group. And then, in turn, this unethical, immoral, and illegal group donates to the Democrats including Barry softer and Hillary. That's why Barry and Hillary love and support this group.  

This another impactful reason America needs to elect a GOP leader. It is the only way we can not only defund this horrible evil organization, but maybe even disband it. We can not and must not murder babies for profit. that ideology was destroyed in the '30's and '40's in Europe, and we must not let is continue here now in our great country. Just maybe in the future there will be no horrible group called Planned Parenthood.

I think of this every time I hold by little granddaughter. I hope you do too.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless America...and our troops.
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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Why not Trump?

Wow, the media is having a grand old time attacking Donald Trump, and getting away with it no less. Do you think that just maybe the liberal media, along with the White House, Hillary Clinton, and our inept members of Congress led by Boehner and McConnell are afraid of Mr. Trump?

I remember lying in bed refusing to fall asleep last November until the election results reflected that the GOP had gained control of the House and the Senate once again by large margins. What followed was the best night's sleep I've had since January, 2009 when Barry Soetero took office to start his machinations to destroy America.

All I could think of the next day was waking feeling that our great country was back on its feet again, and things were going to start rolling the way Americans wanted. Things like the repeal of Obamacare, and the opening of the Keystone Pipeline.

What I didn't realize back then, but sure do now, is that the House and the Senate have weak leaders in Boehner and McConnell. And I keep wondering why are they unable to act like we expected them to when we voted for them in November, 2014.  I do have some ideas and notions. 

Maybe these current House and Senate leaders are looking ahead to their $5.Million a year job as a lobbyist, and really aren't focused on getting the right things done for America. Maybe, just maybe, they are afraid to challenge Barry Soetero, lest they be called racists and will be thoroughly trashed by the media. Maybe trashed so bad that they'll lose their cushy lobbyist jobs when they leave Congress.  After all, isn't money the name of the game, and why we need term limits?

And maybe, just maybe these GOP House and Senate leaders, along with other GOP Congress members have some deep dark ugly secrets that the White House is holding over their heads causing them to just acquiesce to Barry's wishes. After all there are rumors  that the White House got Obamacare through the Supreme Court because they had "something" on Chief Justice Roberts, and he broke the voting tie.

Most of us have now realized that Barry Soetero is not human. He's just a machine put together and in place by companies and groups that he has been "paying back" since he's been in office.
We all know what he's already done, and will continue to do, for these entities that have donated large sums of money to keep him in office. This corrupt man, Barry Soetero, has pledged loyalty only to those that have put him in power. He owes them, plain and simple.

Which brings me to my headline and topic, "Why Not Trump"?  Donald Trump is a billionaire several times over. He has created jobs, he runs may conglomerates, and he doesn't owe any company, any person, any group ANYTHING. He certainly has more experience and is more truthful and honest than Barry Soetero ever was. 

Donald Trump wants to take America back from the machine that created Barry Soetero, and give it back to the American people. And if you want to know anything about Mr. Trump, just Google or Bing his name and you can get all the information you need to know about him; his business enterprises, his background, his college, and even his college grades. Why is that, while Barry Soetero's life is one big dark mystery, and he has spent millions to block his information from the very Americans that voted him in office?

Really, can all these stories about Barry Soetero be exaggerations or fabricated lies?  His background, his citizenship, his religion, his education, his scholastic grades, etc. No one, no one remembers him in college. A former high school classmate says she remembers him as a gay, crack-cocaine smoking boy that never had girlfriends, but had several male gay friends. There is no evidence to prove if she's lying or not.

Many feel that "the machine" picked this guy Barry because he would be so easy to manipulate and bend to their wills and wishes. They knew, from the outset, that Barry had no spine, no backbone, and he'd do anything they wanted. Sort of like the movies, "Manchurian Candidate", and "No Way Out". Barry's only job was a short-lived community organizer, followed up by only 183 days in the Senate where he only voted "present".

The media and the White House are in full attack mode on Donald Trump because they are terrified of him. The media, White House, Barry, and even Hillary knows that Trumps owes nothing to anybody. He needs n one else's money for his campaigning. 

Can you imagine what Hillary will be doing in the White House if she's elected? She'll be paying back many favors to the donors that helped her during her campaigning. Can you imagine what those favors might be? Her and Slick Willie have admitted that their donations are from countries at war with the U.S.  And what's Slick Willie's answer, "when it comes to charity for good causes who cares where the money comes from"?

We cannot allow this woman in America's White House. 

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless America..and our troops
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