Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Any doubt now?

Just a few hours ago outgoing president Barry Soetero gave a commutation to convicted traitor Bradley/Chelsea Manning. This transgender actually gave secret documents to Wikileaks, causing the deaths of many Americans. And while in prison he petitioned to have the U.S. government pay for his sex change from Bradley to Chelsea Manning.

One wonders if Barry Soetero granted a commutation to Chelsea Manning, a transgender, because Barry is married to a transgender, who was born Michael Lavaugn Robinson, and then transgendered to Michelle, who later married Barry Soetero a gay man who became the country's 44th. president.

There is now speculation that in Barry Soetero's two remaining days he may even pardon Army deserter Sgt. Bergdahl, that consorted with ISIS after he deserted his post in the Army. Now add this to the billions of dollars he gave to Iran along with the approval to build nuclear arms, and the release of dangerous ISIS war criminals from Camp Gitmo should make us all think that Barry Soetero just may be a radical islamist Muslim destined to overthrow America.

When I began this blog Barry Soetero had two days left in America's White House. At a time when most of us wish he would spend it on the golf course , instead he's trying to coerce, manipulate, and lie to make PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump's initial time in the oval office complicated with land mines of problems.

It's apparent that nearly all of Barry Soetero's policies are ending up to be part of a disastrous legacy all attributed to the horrible way this man served the American people for eight years.
Barry Soetero will most definitely go down in history as the president that has done more damage to America than all previous presidents combined. 

Just a quick glance at what he's done in eight years to leave behind as his legacy: (1) Fast & Furious, (2)  failing Obamacare, (3) increasing national debt more than all previous presidents combined, (4) lowest labor market participation since the Great Depression, 

(5) Benghazi cover-up and lies, (6) impactful rise in homicides in gun-free cities across the country, (7) lowest GNP since the Great Depression, (8) allowing tens of thousands illegals to obtain refuge in our country with little or no vetting, (9) jobs to population growth the lowest ever in our country, (10) highest rate of police officer homicides ever over the past eight years than ever in our country, (11) Highest increase in food stamp/welfare since the Great Depression, (12) highest number of presidential commutations and pardons to felony prisoners by any former president, (13) almost $90.million in vacations paid for by taxpayers, (14) abolishing our great space program while reducing our military strength to its lowest in decades,  and let's not forget (15) 1,030 Democrat seats lost in elections in the House & Senate.

I'm sure there are more, but these items listed above are definitely Barry Soetero's legacy. So, if you consider all this can you have any doubt about this man that, thankfully, will be out of our White House permanently in less than two days? He never loved our great country, and for eight years apologized to the rest of the world about the United States being the most powerful country in the world.

Thank you dear God for helping America take a step to rid our country of stupid, ignorant liberal Democrats like Barry Soetero. We can now give PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump a chance to make and keep our country great again.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Karma & Pay-Back

Let's say you're hosting a weekly dinner gathering and one of your guests is consistently causing problems for you along with telling others lies about your weekly gathering. What would you do with this guest? Would you codntinue to invite this guest back every week?
Maybe, you would do, as most dinner hosts would do, and just plain stop inviting this rude, lying guest

Which sort of brings me to my two favorite bit**es, Karma and Pay-Back. For eight "deplorable" years Americans watched a president try to bring down the greatest country in the world. Under Barry Soetero's watch we saw our great country increase our national debt to nearly $20.Trillion, America's work force cut to its lowest since the great depression, the rise of the radical state of Islam, welfare and food stamp participation rising to its all time high.

There is the ultimate increase in homicides in Chicago, where over 80% of crimes against Blacks are committed by Blacks, while Barry's fawning media refuses to report it. The race divide between Blacks and Whites has been fueled by Barry and one of his most trusted visitors Al Sharpton.

And all the while we Americans stood by, observed it, and never demonstrated any violent protests, in fact, no protests at all. Then we observed news outlets from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC that "carried the water" for Barry Soetero for eight years.They not only twisted and distorted every word that cam out of the White House, they screamed "racist" to anyone who spoke out against their great leader King Barry.

Also these major outlets would not broadcast or write any news information that did not "prop up" the great Barry. He was deffinitely the man that could do no wrong. On many occasions, too many to even write here, the fawning media refused to broadcast any news that would cast dispersions upon their leader Barry. 

A very open proof of this is that the media continues to attack  PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump, while ignoring pure solid objective news. The media has brutally attacked Trump on his stance about the proper vetting of Muslims entering our country, but the media won't report that just a few days ago hundreds of Muslims paraded through the main streets of Chicago screaming, "Death to America". Yeah, no report on that.

This is the greatest country in the world to live and grow up in, yet we continue to divide ourselves because we have groups of Democrat disidents actually promoting division among  Americans. We have countries that hate us just standing back and watching this in-fighting. 

The stupid ignorant lib Dems, along with the far left media will soon realize that PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump does not really care about the media and the stupid ignorant lib Dems. Mr. Trump wants to be a good President for ALL Americans, and he doesn't need the biased media. He also doesn't need the Hollywood and entertainment elites to be successful leading our country.

So now we have some of the media, especially CNN, that are angry and upset the way PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump responds to their biased news reporting, while throwing lies and personal attacks at him, even his family. Americans want to hear the news fairly with integrity and honesty. Many Americans are hoping that President Trump uses more of the social media such as Twitter to communicate directly to the American people and less of the leftist media.

Really, who needs the likes of CNN and Jim Acosta, who was completely disrespectful at Mr. Trump's press conference. Why is CNN surprised as to how Mr. Trump is reacting to them? Did they think PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump was going to turn the other cheek? If you attack Mr. Trump you can bet he's going to push back, and some media outlet news reporters may find themselves absent from the press briefings.

So, some advice for news outlets from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC: President Trump does not need you as much as you need him, so start reporting the news the way it's supposed to be reported, or be prepared for the consequences. And never forget Karma and Pay-Back are true bit***s.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Politics with Pete: Hey...remember us?

Politics with Pete: Hey...remember us?: I continue to wake up every day completely and totally  overjoyed that Crooked Hillary will  NOT     be our 45th. President. Actually it&#39...

Hey...remember us?

I continue to wake up every day completely and totally  overjoyed that Crooked Hillary will NOT   be our 45th. President. Actually it's like an alarm clock every morning. Soon as my eyes open I rush to get my first cup of coffee, and hurry to turn on the news (Fox) to see the many ways that the ignorant uninformed stupid lib Dems, along with ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC are just about sealing PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump's reelection in 2020.

The media and the ignorant lib Dems are certainly showing their true colors. Does anyone think they care about Americans? Of course they don't. The "gang" of stupid lib Dems only care for their own personal power gains that they will not enjoy, for at least the next four years.

When are ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC going to understand that PRESIDENT TRUMP is not going to lay awake at night worrying about what they write, say, or print about him and his administration. And when these lib Dem outlets publish "fake news' about PRESIDENT TRUMP, he's gonna push back very forceful. 

Hey, media and you ignoraant lib Dems, remember us? We're the people that PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump reached out to with the right messages. We Americans were ignored for eight years and so badly wanted to hear. Mr. Trump more than we wanted to believe in Crooked Hillary.PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump showed that he can relate to us middle Americans, and we responded overwhelmingly to give him 306 electoral college votes.

Crooked Hillary felt she was entitled to the presidency, and was successful in convincing her rich donors, along with the media that she was definitely going to win. Ah, but Crookked Hillary forgot about us "little people" in middle America. 

I remember quite vividly a CNN reporter one morning bragging, "Well, Hillary better win this thing...we're certainly doing our part to help her here at CNN".   This is the very same network that promised Americans on November 8, 2016, "Folks, gonna be an early night...we're prdicting that by 11:00 PM we'll be calling the election for Hillary, so you can all go to bed early for work tomorrow". An then a chorus of loud cheers by their panel broke out in loud raucus cheers.

Even when the polls throughut the campaign reported that Crooked Hillary was ahead of PRESIDENT-ELECT  Trump by double digit leads, many of us "little people" from middle America kept wondering why Crooked Hillary was drawing only a few thousand at her rallies, while PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump was drawing tens of thousands.

In my blogs I kept urging the "little people" from middle America that regardless of what the stupid ignorant lib Dems and the media reports, on November 8, 2016 we "little people" from middle America will be the ultimate ones that chooses who will be in our White House. We will be the kings and queens that day that will rule by waay of the voting booth.

I remember a well-respected journalist who attended Crooked Hillary's Philadelphia rally. Jay-Z and Boyonce opened the rally with their "free" concert. Actually there was a pretty large sized crowd there. However, as soon as the free concert was over and Crooked Hillary walked on stage the large crowd started to disperse and go home. CNN won't report that.

Right now there are seventeen stupid lib Dem members of Congress led by John Lewis  (D-GA) loudly voicing that they will not attend the inauguration.  Really? As I wrote earlier, these people are not true Americans that care about us "little people" from middle America.

Maybe, just maybe the stupid ignorant lib Dems will realize that us "little people' from middle America do not, can not, and will not relate to the likes of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Rosie O'Donnel, Whoopi Goldberg, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC. They mean absolutely nothing to us. We don't give a rat's a** what they say, or their threats.

But it's very clear and understandable that us "little people" from middle America can sure relate to our incoming 45th. President, DONALD J. TRUMP.  And let me leave you with a very strong promise. You fake news people in the media, along with the Hollywwod and entertainment elites,  had better never forget us "little people from middle America because we'll be back in 2020, where we'll be the kings and queens in the voting booths once again.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country....and our troops
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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Look who's talking?

Other than a handful of supporters, Donald J. Trump was not only campaigning against Crooked Hillary and the Democratic Party, he was also fighting the media and of course our highly esteemed Hollywood elites. And let us not forget the ladies of The View, along with many other TV show hosts, and that includes Megan Kelly and Shep Smith of Fox.

So, with all the support from the "elites", with all the support of ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN Crooked Hillary still lost the election on November 8, 2016. PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump overwhelmingly won over 300 electoral votes. For all the "never-Trumpers" out there, please remember without ignorant lib Dems and illegals from California and New York PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump would have excoriated Crooked Hillary in the popular vote.

And now that the Hollywood and music entertainment elites miserably failed what are they doing now? Well, all their screaming, threatening, and "relocating" promises haven't subsided one bit, although there has been no moving yet. PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump is just one week away from officially becoming the 45th. President of our country

First of all, did Crooked Hillary really think that refusing to campaign in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, while trying to sway our voting with the likes of Miley Cyrus. Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rosie O'Donnel, Charley Sheen, etc., was going to win her the election? I've aalways wanted to ask Crooked Hillary who she was "preaching" to. Maybe I'll visit her in her prison cell in 2017 to ask her.

I guess I'm one of the naive few who thought that just maybe the "losers" in the lib Dem team would give it up now that the election is over. Jabba-the-Hut Michael Moore, while on MSNBC, claimed that Crooked Hillary Clinton "won" the election, and "we must all acknowledge and support her as our president, while we all disavow Trump".

Now the female Jabba-the-Hut, Rosie O'Donnel is so very important that she's going to contact the Pentagon to have them invoke Marshall Law to hal the inauguration and arrest PRESIDENT-ELECT  Donald Trump before next Friday. Wow, I didn't know Rosie was so powerful. And will someone please explain the importance and comparison of Madonna's pubic hair to Donald Trump's presidency and administration. I mean really, her pubic hair?

Now I know for sure President Trump's administration and presidency will fail because Congressman John Lewis will not acknowledge Mr. Trump as our 45th. president and Mr. Lewis will not attend this Friday's inauguration. As Mr. Trump said, "John Lewis' district is one of the worst crime-ridden districts in the country....he would do well to focus on his district rather than me". Mr. Lewis. q3uit reading your NY Times clippings. You're an irrelevant has-been.

So, today's topic of "Look who's talking" is just a reminder that all these lib Dem losers that rally against the Trump presidency are nothing more than irrelevants that are seeking to gain attention. Think about it. All the Hollywood class-B actors and entertainers like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Madonna, Springsteen, etc., and please don't forget The View's two Jabba-the-Huts Whoopi and Joy are nothing compared to we American voters. We were unstoppable on November 8, 2016, unlike all of you.

Maybe the funniest is that the oldest insignificant rapper Snoop Dog is threatening entertainers who perform next Friday. What are you going to do Snoop? Hit them with your walking cane?  Maybe the most comical is those these entertainers that screamed that they will not perform were never even invited. Isn't that right Elton John, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Madonna, Springsteen. etc.?

You class-B wannabes are so irrelevant you couldn't help Crooked Hillary win the election, and now, a much as you try, you've got no impact at all in the Trump presidency and administration. Grow up you babies. We won, you lost. The legal American voter has spoken, and all I can end this with is: Karma' and Pay-Back are both bitches.

And that's Politicss with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Thursday, December 29, 2016


Never has the small two-letter word "If" had more meaning and consequences. Before I get into  today's blog regarding this powerful word Iwould like to give a personal meaning to describing the word "If".

If I would've disciplined nyself more in high school and college I would've been a Doctor today. If I would've taken my piano lessons seriously I'd be playing concerts at Carnegie Hall today instead of graduating with a C- average. Last month I got 5 out of the six required numbers for the state lottery. Gee, "If" I would've got one more correct number I'd be a millionaire. There's that word "If" again.

If I were a foot taller I would've had a career in the NBA. If I were a better baseball player, and had a stronger arm I would've played shortstop for the New York Yankees. So, you see, nothing is my fault. My problem through life has been there were too many "If"s around.

Which brings me to today's message about the audacity of America's future citizen, Barry Soetero. In just 22 short days Barry Soetero will be nothing more than a citizen like you and me. Of course, like you and me, he still has his First Amendment rights. He can go around claiming "shoulda-coulda-woulda". Well, those words, along with "If" and a dollar will get him nothing more than a cup of coffee at MacDonalds.

Nearly all of previous Presidents, after their term is over, just walks away from the White House and goes off into the sunset living happily ever after. Former Presidents don't "hang around" to give their input into the duties of the new incoming administration. 

This man, Barry Soetero, is doing serious harm to our country before he leaves office with his decisions regarding oil drilling, Federal land restrictions, and mostly what he did to our most valued mid-east ally Israel. Yes, President Trump will clean up the horrid messes citizen Barry Soetero will leave behind, and evil Barry will make sure President Trump will have plenty of messes to clean up.

It's clear that citizen Barry Soetero is an egomaniac that just will not go away, as decent presidents before him have done. He now claims that he will erect a "shadow government" so that he can"keep an eye on Trump".  After what this worst president in American history has done what gives him the moral right to hover over the Trump administration?

Barry Soetero and his husband Michael campaigned for over a year pledging their support to Crooked Hillary. In fact Barry went so far as to say, "Hillary is the most qualified person ever to run for the office of the presidency".  Then, if that wasn't enough, Barry kept telling claiming, "when you vote for Hillary, you're voting for me, my eight-year policies, and my legacy".

So, what does Barry do after Crooked Hillary suffers a horrible defeat, and suffers again with a failed recount, and losing four more electoral votes on December 19th.? Why he just uses his entire bully pulpit and throws Crooked Hillary completely under the bus by declaring "I would've won if I had been allowed to run another term". There's that word "If" again.

Does "citizen" Barry Soetero realize that America stopped listening to him during his second term in the White House. What makes "citizen" Barry think America is going to listen to him now? Americans are so eagerly awaiting for Donald J. Trump to take over the reins and steer us in the right direction.

Someone, maybe Barry's boss Valerie Jarrett, should get the message through to "citizen" Barry Soetero that on January 20, 2017 he will be well on his way to becoming Mr. Irrelevant. I predict that within one year after President Trump's inauguration Barry Soetero and his husband Michael will be nothing more than a bad taste in America's mouth. 

Yes, Barry Soetero and husband Michael Robinson will be gone AND forgotten in one year. But let's let him leave our White House with the word "If".

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country..and our troops
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Saturday, December 24, 2016

MERRY??? Christmas

I've got to stop watching the TV news and the Internet news. How do I stop gloating?  I've been on this emotional high since 3:30 AM, November 9, 2016. I must get off this "drug". Has anyone but me noticed more people are saying MERRY CHRISTMAS now more than ever in the past eight years?

Of course you stupid uninformed ignorant lib Dems that voted Barry Soetero are still running around whining while you say "happy holidays", and I suspect, like your leader Barry, are running around saying "allah akbar".  Don't worry, we good Christian Americans will still wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

And please don't forget lib Dems, that in less than a year your man Barry will be nothing more than a morbid forgotten memory. His legacy will deflate like a punctured balloon. Wait...what legacy?

Can any lib Dem cite a positiive legacy Barry will leave behind? Maybe it's Fast & Furious. Maybe it's Benghazi. Maybe it's Obamacare. Maybe it's Barry's constant golfing, or his family vacations. Maybe it's his firing of all Generals and Admirals that disagreed with him. 

Maybe it's Barry's calling ISIS " a JV TEAM", or never calling them by their correct name. Maybe his legacy will be his refusal to drill for oil and gas in Alaska and the lower forty-eight states. Do you lib Dems think that maybe his legacy will be be giving $140Billion to Iran for their nuclear program to help their terrorist organization.

Maybe the ignorant lib Dems will think Barry's legacy is that he sent a team to Israel with over $100,000 of taxpayer's money to help undermine Israel's Netenhayu's Prime Minister election.
Or maybe Barry's legacy will be his latest refusal to cast a UN vote to support Israel's support of constructing settlements.

The U.S. is now ranked 23rd. as the best country with which to do business.That only took eight years of Soetero in office. Is that a legacy for Barry? Maybe the increase of terrorist attacks in the U.S. in the past eight years will be Barry's legacy. Maybe the creation of Black Lives Matter, along with the rise of the New Black Panthers would be an acceptable legacy for the ignorant lib Dems.

How about the Blacks vs. White racial divide that has greatly increased in the past eight years? Would that be an acceptable legacy for Barry?  I wonder if the horrible increase of slayings of our men/women in Blue is a legacy you ignorant lib Dems want to attach to Barry. 

There are some legacies that can rightfully follow Barry as he leaves our hallowed White House. He increased our welfare to the highest its been in decades, while increasing our national debt more than all the presidents prior to him combined. Has anyone informed you ignorant lib Dems that our national debt is now very close to $20Trillion?

And so to all you stupid ignorant lib Dems that voted to help your hero Barry Soetero reduce our great country to its lowest point ever we PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump supporters want to wish you a very blessed MERRY CHRISTMAS, and thanks for allowing me to continue my gloating.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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