Thursday, April 23, 2015


I just have to write a blog to all the Americans that are going to vote for Hillary in 2016, and to all those Americans that are on the fence deciding whether to vote for her or not. Please take a few minutes to read this. I'll try not to make it too lengthy.

First of all where is this Presidential Entitlement come from? She feels because she was Slick Willy's first lady for eight years, and served as an inept Secretary of State that the job as president should be hers. should be her's. Really Hillary? That's like me saying I worked in the medical sales field for thirty years, and knew as many medical terms as most Doctors, so I guess I'm entitled to be a brain surgeon. Yeah, right.

How about all you women that are going to vote for her just because she's a woman. Do you really want that to be a determining factor in voting for her, because as a woman you're obligated? As Hillary said in one of her $300,000 speeches, "isn't it about time America elected a woman as President"? Many African-Americans voted for Barry Soetero just because he was Black, and look where that got them. Crime and unemployment has increased higher than it's ever been in the Black community since Barry has been in office. So what has he done for them?

Do you really want a woman, or anyone for that matter, as the leader of the free world that is completely surrounded by one scandal after another; Benghazi, private e-mail server that shredded all her e-mails, and illegal donations from countries that are truly not allies of the U.S.? This corrupt scandalous list could go on and on, but I promised to keep it short.

Still think this woman isn't in it just for herself? As Secretary of State she approved the sale of one-fifth of America's uranium to Russia. As I'm typing this Russia is currently selling/giving the uranium to Iran.  And then right after she brokered this deal she went to Moscow for a speech, and received $500,000. for her hour-long speech. Her and Slick Willy claims the money went to their "charity".  Yeah, charity all right....their pockets.

Since Hillary has retired from her horribly inept job as Secretary of State the Bill and Hillary show has garnered over $136.million. Can you guess how much is going to their "charity", and how much is going into their pockets? Well, the answer is, it depends on you you talk to. However, the majority of Americans believe the donations go to the Bill & Hillary private fund to use for her campaign. Do you really want someone like that making decisions for Americans?

And if all this above isn't enough for you, think about if Hillary does get elected. Can you imagine who she is going to appoint to surround her? Look what Barry Soetero did when he got elected. He appointed positions to people that were, and still are, as corrupt as him.

And here's the frosting on the cake: Hillary's right hand confidant is Anthony Weiner's wife. So can you just imagine Slick Willy and Stripper Weiner in America's White House at the same time? I can see the partying and hell-raising when Madam President is out on the road. I can hear Slick Willy calling Monica now and telling her to get her blue dress out of mothballs.

Folks, especially women, please remember all this when you walk into the voting booth in November, 2016.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country....and our troops.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Another Holocaust !

I grew up in the '40's and '50's, so in middle school and high school a lot was spoken in our classrooms of Naziism and the onslaught of the Jews, concentration camps, etc. I remember a teacher asking the class "why do you think General D.D. Eisenhower ordered pictures be taken and documents written as he examined the concentration camps after the war"?  No one in class knew the answer, so the teacher quoted General Eisenhower when he said, "so that history and future generations will not only ever forget what happened here, but will do everything to assure mankind that it will never happen again".

That was in 1945 when the Allies freed the remaining Jews from Nazi-made concentration camps where bodies of dead Jews were scattered. Eisenhower wanted the world to see what was done to a people mainly because of their religious beliefs.

Today the world is experiencing another Holocaust. This one is being committed by radical Islamist Muslim rebels against ALL Christians. Every day news is being broadcasted of the beheadings of Christians by ISIS and their followers. Well, not all the news outlets are reporting these atrocities. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC give little or no air time to these every day tragedies and massacres. 

Why do you suppose that is? Well, it's very simple. These fawning networks are preaching the words of Barry Soetero, "the world has never known the peace that prevails today". Really Barry? Maybe if you were a Christian instead of a Muslim you would acknowledge these slaughtering of Christians, and maybe do something about it.

Barry Soetero won't even acknowledge there is an ISIS. Why do you suppose that is? How many more Christians need to be slaughtered before this inept president takes a stand against these evil deeds?  This man must be removed from our White House and removed now!

To show just how inept and useless Barry is, he has even gone so far as to "justify" and condescend over the subject of Christians being slaughtered by radical Islamist Muslims.
This evil man wants us to give ISIS a pass because "Christians must not forget killings in the name of Christ during the Inquisition". He followed that up with, "slavery and Jim Crow philosophies were in the name of Christ in years past".

All the lies and scandals, all the Obamacare mismanagement, Fast & Furious, the IRS debacle, and the countless other mishaps this man has created pale in comparison to his refusal to launch an all-out war for the killing and dismantling of these ruthless evil radical Islamist Muslims. This man in America's White House won't even say this group is ISIS. 

This man in America's White House called the Ft. Hood terrorist attack "workplace violence".
This man said the Benghazi massacre was perpetrated by an anti-Muslim video that less than 300 people viewed. This man released five high level terrorists from Gitmo in exchange for a U.S. Army soldier that was a known traitor who wanted to become a Muslim terrorist himself.

Now, maybe, just maybe people will believe just where Barry Soetero's true allegiance lies.
What are we going to do about it? Are we going to follow up with another Barry Soetero, but in a pants suit in 2016? Wake up America.

And that's Politics with Pete for today..God bless our country...and our troops
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Feel sorry for Barry?

An old timer once told me  When you listen to someone, there are four words they will keep on saying that describes them as a very insecure person. Those words; "I", "me", "mine", and ""my". The old timer went on further to say the insecure person will go to any lengths to get approval of whomever they are communicating with, and agrees with them, offering no criticism.

The insecure person does not  care about what's good for those he's communicating with, or ever leading.  He or she will continue to brag, tout, and bloviate about all their individual accomplishments. At times they will even lie, embellish, or fabricate accomplishments just to be accepted and approved by others, caring little or nothing for the truth.

The insecure person will not compromise, reason, or even listen to any subject that doesn't fall in line with the insecure person's beliefs about how great he or she is.  The insecure person can and will always be found hiding behind their lies and fabrications.

Many people, like the old timer, strongly believe that we should actually feel sorry for the insecure person, for they must rely on the praises and adulations of others to make them feel good about themselves. The insecure person does not possess the inner belief in themselves to step up and attempt to accomplish any deeds. Their insecurity is so strong they have an overwhelming fear of failure. 

And this fear of failure prompts the insecure person to surround him/her self with only those who will agree and praise them. However, today there is a great prevailing fear surrounding the most visible insecure leader this country has ever known.

When the insecure person gains power than those that disagree or speak negatively about the insecure person will be chastised and dealt with unfairly. It will not be whether the insecure person is right or wrong. It will be solely based on the "hurt" feelings of the insured one.

Today, Americans are witnessing the most insecure leader this country has ever known, Barry Soetero. This man is extremely dangerous to our great country. Right now the evil Barry Soetero is even attempting to over-throw our great country to honor his Allah, Islam, along with all of his Muslim brothers and sisters.

This man cares nothing for our country. His only interest is his own failed legacy. And he's not all that bright. You've heard him with a teleprompter right? He needs his Iranian advisor Valerie Jarrett to prop him up for all his decisions. 

Just want to end by commenting that we should all thank God he's out of our hair in 2017.  Also, I don't agree with the old-timer's philosophy that we should feel sorry for this insecure ignorant man. I feel nothing but disdain and disrespect for this radical Islamist Muslim.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Friday, April 10, 2015

Hillary is more Barry

Really, is there anyone out there who thinks Hillary will be any different than Barry Soetero if she makes it to our White House? What may even be worse is  Barry was, and still is, so ignorant, that it was easy for America to catch on to him early on in his presidency. Yeah, I know, he still got elected again. But that's only because he and his corrupt lib party convinced the minorities that if Barry isn't reelected then all their freebies will be taken away by Republicans. However, some of Slick Willy has rubbed off on the lying, deceitful Hillary.

Hillary will carry on in Barry's footsteps in so many many ways. She has done so much damage in the area of trust, honesty, and integrity that how can anyone perceive that if she sits in America's White House she'll do her job with the American people's best interest at heart?

Benghazi and her e-mail server fraud debacles should be enough for all of America to sit up and take notice of this dishonest self-serving woman. She actually has not done a note of accomplishment for the people of this country to warrant a single vote next November.

However, she keeps reminding us that "I have paid my dues in public service, and I deserve to be the first woman president".  Well Hillary, America is waiting, and to date, you have not named a single concrete accomplishment. Well, there is that ......or was it that....or maybe when you....Gee Hillary what was that accomplishment that so resounded through America that makes us all want to vote for you? Was it when you said, "What difference does it make?"

Folks, maybe the one single most devastating reason not to vote for Hillary is her association with foreign countries and their donations to her "charity". She accepts millions upon millions from foreign countries that actually hate us, and want to destroy us. She then takes that money and filters it into her personal and campaign account.

And did you hear what Slick Willy, her husband, had to say about those donations? "Doesn't matter about the philosophy of the matters that their donations helped our charity".
Really Willy, do you think Americans are that stupid. Those donations are going straight to yours and Hillary's coffers to use in her campaigning.

And just what do you think those foreign countries will want in return for their large donations if Hillary sits in America's oval office? Their requests may be worse that Iran's demands on Barry. With Hillary repaying favors to these foreign donations I can see more ISIS groups sprouting up. Yes, and old Hillary will make excuses why we can't wipe them out. Just like Barry is doing now with Iran and ISIS.

If anyone thinks she's going to be any more transparent that the radical Islamist Muslim that's on the golf course now, just think again. She hates the press and the media, which means Americans will never know what's going on. She'll owe so many favors to the wrong people that donated that we'll never know who's truly the leader of this country.

Does all of this seem familiar to you folks? This is what we have today in our White House. Please let's not make the mistake of repeating the mistakes we made in '08 and '12.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country....and our troops
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Think he cares?

C'mon now, do you really think Barry Soetero cares what anyone is saying, writing, or printing about him? And I mean ANYONE! Even those in his own political party are scratching their heads over his words, actions, and (executive action) deeds. An as the 2016 presidential draws closer and closer each day, the leaders in his own party are moving farther and farther away. But do you think he cares?

Even new upcoming Senator minority leader, Chuck Schummer, is calling for a total transparency of the "deal" made with Iran, with a strong message that this "deal" must go through the House and the Senate. But do you think he cares?

Have you figured it out yet? He just doesn't care. When you research and examine what this man has done to our great country, really all that's left is for him to do is announce to the American people that he's out  to destroy our country, and he is a radical Islamist Muslim. I can just see and hear him now smirking into the teleprompter announcing this and then uttering, "so can't do a thing about it...I'll be outta here soon, living the good life on the taxpayers' dollars". And do you think he cares?

As if his hatred of Netanyahu and Israel, and allowing Iran to go ahead with their nuclear program wasn't enough, he recently made it clear how he feels about Americans, Christians, the Constitution, and our cherished and sacred way of American life. And do you think he cares?

Long before he made the Gitmo for Bergdahl evil swap he knew that Bergdahl was in contact with the terrorists. He knew Bergdahl had made arrangements and told his parents he hated America for the war, and he was going to "the other side to fight with them". Barry even knew this even before six soldiers lost their lives looking for Bergdahl. And do you think he cares?

Barry knew all this while he was making plans for Bergdahl's parents to come to the Rose garden to celebrate the release and homecoming of this evil AWOL traitor. Barry and his sidekick NSA's Rice called Bergdahl "a hero that served his country with honor and distinction". 
While he was doing this do you think he cared at all for the American people?

Recently Barry said  Americans should understand that radical Islamist Muslim terrorists "are only doing what the Christians in their Crusades did...and what the 'Jim Crows' did with enslaving of Blacks".  Then after the terrorists in Kenya slaughtered over 100 Christians in a Kenyan college Barry never acknowledged those slain were singled out as Christians. But do you think he cares?

Then on Easter Sunday, the day Christians celebrate the death and rebirth of Jesus Christ, what does this evil man say at the breakfast meeting? "I get a lot of unkind things said to me by Christians, but that's a subject for another day". Are you finally seeing his evil writing on the wall?  This man just doesn't care about America. He wants our Constitution and our America destroyed and overrun by his Islamist Muslim people. And what is really tragic in all this is he doesn't care what you think? While Barry is playing footsie with Iran and allowing them to build their nuclear arms Barry will not utter a word about the Americans being held in captivity in Iran, even a U.S. Marine. Do you think he cares?

Barry knows he can say, do, write, bloviate, order, and dictate anything he chooses to without worrying about the outcome. He just stands there and smirks at America, with a challenging aura about him like he's saying, "I just don't care...what are you gonna do about it"?

It's too late for impeachment, and our Generals and Admirals fear Barry so much so they won't march into the White House and arrest him for treason.  So it seems we just have to wait him out, pray that he doesn't do too much damage his remaining time.  But most of all we have to assure our great country that Barry won't be replaced by another "Barry in a pants suit".

Why? Because Hillary cares for America, our Constitution, and the American people about as much as Barry Soetero does. Both of them just do not care.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country....and our troops.
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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Not like Hitler? Oh yeah?

Today is the day before Easter, when all Christians honor and celebrate that our savior Jesus Christ gave his life for the sins man has committed. This great country has always honored and paid homage to Christians. In modern times Christians have never been persecuted. That is not until today.  The slaughtering of Jews and Christians today are parallel to what Adolph Hitler  did in the '30's and '40's.

That being written I want to address today's blog to all those I have been in strong arguments with comparing Barry Soetero to Adolph Hitler. My wife is yelling at me not to write and publish this. She fears "the Secret Service is going to be pounding on our door any day now".

I doubt that very much, as I'm small potatoes to the D.C. dictatorship, and Fuhrer Barry. I've noticed though as ISIS continues to slaughter Christians every day, I'm not getting as much push-back from Barry's followers in my Adolph-Barry comparison as I used to get. Some even agree with me. 

At this very second as I'm typing there is a radical Islamist Muslim terrorist raping, murdering, and even beheading Christian men, women, and yes, even babies. And while this is being done in the name of Allah and their Islam religion we have a dictator in America's White House that is doing absolutely nothing about it.

Oh yes, he stands in front of a teleprompter and says, "our prayers are with the surviving families of those slain......and we certainly don't condone these actions".  Did you hear/see him addressing his "sorrow" for the slain 100 Kenyan college students by ISIS? It was sickening. Those words and $1.25 will only get you a cup of coffee at MacDonalds.  Am I the only one that's sick and tired of this rhetoric coming from the White House by a man who is a radical Islamist sympathizer.

Hitler started in 1924 spreading the word about his proposal of an Aryan race.  With his control over the military and the media he soon convinced Germany that Jews must be abolished in order to have a pure race. No, Adolph himself did not go out and murder Jews, but he controlled his Armies to do just that, and it started in the 1930's at full speed.

And today we have a man who has overtly claimed his hatred of Israel, and more pointedly his hatred of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And as I'm typing this Barry's Secretary of State, Lurch Kerry, is negotiating Fuhrer Barry's wishes by allowing Iran to have their centrifuges to build their nuclear bomb. Can you imagine what that's going to bring in the middle east? Soon many other mid east Muslim countries that make their billions selling their oil to America will start making nuclear bombs.

And while all this Christian and Jew slaughtering is going on every minute we have a dictator in our White House that won't even call them what they are. He's just standing by, golfing, vacationing, hanging with his celebrity friends while the murdering of Jews and Christians are taking place. Can't say the words hey Barry? Did Adolph ever say NAZI?

Fuhrer Barry can't even bring himself to call these terrorists radical Islamist Muslims.  What if FDR refused to call Adolph a Nazi? Barry is like a coach taking his team to a sports venue without telling them who their opponent is. And why is Fuhrer Barry doing this?

It's simply because he has no intention of preventing ISIS from continuing to slaughter Jews and Christians. In future years to come, long after I'm cremated, history will reveal that Fuhrer Barry was "planted" here to help abolish Jews and Christians with the radical Islamist Muslims. Aren't we getting a hint of it now with his assistance to Iran to keep their centrifuges and his well known hatred of Israel and Netanyahu?

This daily slaughtering of Jews and Christians by these evil terrorists that are being supported by Iran. Can you put all the pieces together? Today we have threats and attempted bombings here in America, and instead of Fuhrer Barry doing something about it....he does the opposite by making our southern borders so porous that it's so easy for terrorists to locate here.

We must wake up! We must stop this man, Fuhrer Barry, before it's way too late, if it isn't already. How many more Boston Marathon bombings will occur before we wake up? Our Generals and Admirals that haven't already been replaced by Fuhrer Barry must realize what their duties to America truly are. Get into our White House and arrest this treasonous man.

The future of our children are at stake....all children including Jews and Christian children of the future.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....HAPPY EASTER all...God bless our children...and our troops.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sorry, no more cheeks turn

At this time of the year we honor the most prominent sacrifice to mankind on this earth. We honor our Savior Jesus Christ for dying on the cross for our sins, as we honor his Father, our Lord for giving up his only son to die for our sins and trespasses.

It's only two days till we acknowledge (Good Friday) Jesus being nailed to the cross, and Sunday we rejoice in his rising from the dead. Good Friday and Easter Sunday are two days Christians should never forget as we honor Jesus and his Father.

As we celebrate this great religious season there is so much being spoken and written about love and peace, and how we must share it throughout  our world. So many are saying we "must turn the other cheek, and honor and love all mankind, even our enemies".

While most of the TV news anchors are calling Islam a religion of peace ISIS is beheading Jews and Christians. While Barry Soetero refuses to call ISIS an Islamic terrorist organization the ISIS are raping and murder innocent women and young children. And while Jen Psaki and Marie Sharf are telling us we should give ISIS terrorists jobs these terrorists are invading and destroying all Christian and Jewish religious artifacts. Is that a nation of peace?

And let's not forget Hillary. While she urges us to "show empathy towards ISIS and try to look at this war from their perspective", the ISIS vows they will destroy America city by city. 

I am a peaceful God loving and God fearing Christian. The only laws I've ever broken are speeding and parking tickets, but I've had it with this Islam peace stuff. Why aren't the so-called peaceful Islamists and Muslims cleaning up their own mess? If not their own, must America stand by while our president does absolutely nothing about this terrorist group?  

The evil ISIS readily knows that under Barry Soetero's watch America has become a land of wusses. They know we want to hold hands with them and sing kumb-bay-ah(sp?). ISIS knows they have a sympathizer in the White House that will do nothing to combat their evil acts.

Have we not had enough of these evil people? Did we learn nothing from Reagan when he said, "there can only be peace through strength". Remember Harry Truman? he gave the Imperial Japanese two days notice to surrender, and when they didn't old Harry dropped two big ones on them. We need another Harry right about now.

To me that means the old proverb, "if the other guy brings a knife to a fight you bring a gun. if the other guy puts one of yours in the hospital, you put one of his in the morgue". Barry Soetero will never act in this manner. He won't even discuss it.  He know Iran sends arms to the terrorists.  He knows Iran's leaders cry out "death to America", while they proclaim "not destroying Israel is not an option". And Barry is still in bed with them.

Barry has also proclaimed, "I will veto any bill from Congress that adds sanctions to Iran". Why do you think he proclaims this evil diatribe? Could it be he as a profound hatred of Jews, Israel, and Netanyahu, and wants to see Iran obliterate Israel? Do you think maybe it's because he's a radical Istamist Muslim himself?

The pure facts are that in six years Barry and his husband Michael has only been to a Christian church once, and that was for a photo op. Another fact is he cancelled National Prayer Day, but continues to honor Muslims in America's White House. Why? Why? Why?

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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