Sunday, July 17, 2016

It's who they bring

This morning I listened to Mike Pence's  speech accepting Donald Trump's choice for VP, and to be his running mate. I was captured by his speech, but the segment that has been resonating in me ever since is when he said, "We must have party unity in order to defeat the Democrats in November....we must do all we can to assure that Hillary Clinton never, ever becomes President of this great country". 

I gave much thought to the current administration and the complete, total, and utter losers that Barry Soetero has surrounded himself with for the past seven and a half years. First, the real true president Valerie Jarret is a Muslim, who wrote in her Stanford graduation that she will always show her allegiance to Islam and its laws.

I'm just going to name the other losers. You know what they've done, and continue to do. Secretaries Clinton and Kerry, CIA worthless POS Brennen, Intelligence Director Clapper, AG's Holder and Lynch, FBI sell-out Comey, spiritual advisors Rev.'s Wright and Sharpton, EPA waste Gina McCarthy, Jeh Johnson of Homeland Security, and let's not forget Justices Kagen and Sotomayer.

Of course there are more. I could fill this blog and many other blogs with the names of the losers that Barry has surrounded himself with that bring Teflon to all their meetings to paint Barry to protect him. Of course, we all know what this truly means; the leader of this bunch of losers and inept morons, Barry Soetero is just as much a loser as his posse. 

This prompts me to think of what Trump or Crooked Hillary will be "bringing to the table" come next January. First, the Supreme Court Justices. There is a vacancy now with the passing of Justice Scalia, but there could very well be three more vacancies during the next four years.

If Crooked Hillary is in our White House we could very well have a Supreme Court bench that would lean 7-2 in favor of all of Crooked Hillary's crooked dealings. Her daughter Chelsea has already said the first order of business would be to get rid of the 2nd Amendment.

How about the rest of Crooked Hillary's posse. Can we handle Slick Willie and sexual predator Weiner both in the White House at the same time?  Huma Abeden, with family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood will be chief of staff. Elizabeth Warren will be Sec'y. of State. Harry Reid
will be Treasure Sec'y. so he can help ruin our economy and fill his and Hillary's coffers. 

AG Lynch, as promised by Slick Willie on the tarmac in Phoenix will remain as Attorney General. Comey will remain as FBI director. California Governor "Moonbeam" Brown will be the new EPA chief, and just about shut down farming, mining, and agriculture.

What about Trump? Trey Gowdy as Attorney General? Sounds good to me. Dr. Carson as Sec'y. of Health & Human Services. General Flynn as Sec'y. of State. Herman Cain as Treasure Sec'y. Sheriff Joe Arpaio as Director of Homeland Security. 

Trump has so many good loyal Americans to choose from that will go forward to work hard for the American people. Whereas, Crooked Hillary will surround herself with only those that will push her agenda, and not for the good of the American people.

Americans have a heavy burden to carry come this November. What direction do you want this country to move toward?  For me, the choice is simple. I love this country, and this country cannot afford four more years of the Barry Soetero agenda. Join me in voting for Trump.

And that's Politics with Pete for Today...God bless our country...and our our troops
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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Greatest natural resource

If America had a single object that we all agreed on was our greatest natural resource what do you think we would to protect it? We would make sure it grows to continue to be a great source for us all.. We would feed this great resource  so it could grow and expand to make sure future generations can flourish with this great natural resource. Of course America would invest Billions of dollars every year to protect this great natal resource, right?

Many actually believe our greatest natural resources are "under the ground" in our oil and gas, which by the way Barry Soetero refuses to drill for. Many believe our great natural resource is our Constitution passed down to us from our Founding Fathers. Some believe our waterways, fertile farmlands, colleges and universities, and hospitals make our country chock full of factors that seduce millions every year to come to this great country, and are our greatest resources.

Everything written above pales in comparison to our real true great natural resource in America. There is no denying that the greatest natural resources America, and even the rest of the world is our children. Yes, someday in the future us old timers are going to turn our country and our world over to our children to lead us into their future and future generations. 

Speaking very bias, I have the world's most adorable two-and-a-half year old great granddaughter. Of course I'm her biggest spoiler. Right now all she cares about is her doll "Suzzie", ice cream, chasing the geese and birds on our walk. Teaching her songs and prayers are a joy for my wife and me.

She is surrounded by love from two great parents, aunts, uncles, grand parents, and of course three of us spoiling great grandparents, of which I'm at the top of the list. I'm confident this little two year old "great natural resource" is going to grow and flourish to be prepared to be part of the generation we give the world to.

In quiet moments when I'm rocking her to sleep and watch her eyes close I think of the world she's going to inherit. Will her generation face racism, rising unemployment, rioting and looting in the streets, wars drug addiction, and so many more important issues that will befall her generation.

Recently, I've been watching young people rioting and looting in the streets of the very cities they live in. Were they not taught respect while growing up? Did their parents not instill in them that they will inherit this world someday, and they will be faced with the decisions to make this a better world for the generation that follow them?  Did the parents of these wild rioters and looters not instill in them that their legacy will be to leave this world a better place than what we give them?

Years ago I facilitated Parental Workshops while doing volunteer work the the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. I always stressed that these little bundles don't emerge from the womb with a set of instructions on their little backsides.  What makes a child grow to become Secretary of State, or a renown brain surgeon, while another child grows up taking a life of gang-banging, drugs, and violence with no respect for themselves and others?

Children that grow in a family surrounded by love, with teachings of respect and giving them the avenues to pursue their dreams,  then there is a likely  good chance you won't see these children rioting and looting in the streets, or gravitating to gangs and violence. Parents have so much power and responsibility to raise our children the right and decent way.

On the other hand when a child grows up with not knowing who his/her their father is, and their mother is a drug addict, then there is a chance you may see this child rioting and looting in the streets following a life of drugs and violence. I've always said that good and proper parenting is the toughest, but most rewarding job you will ever have.

It must be the obligation and commitment of every parent to prepare these great natural resources to be ready to take over the world. Like it or not we're going to hand the world over to them, with hope that they will make the world a better place to live in. Any parent that does not follow this is doing their child and the world a great disservice. 

My number one piece of advice is always put your child to bed at night knowing you completely and totally love them unconditionally. However, at full disclosure I'm going to continue spoiling my great granddaughter with ice cream and cookies.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Look, I'm "privileged"

According to Sharpton, Jackson, and many other notable African-Americans I am a "privileged"White person. Wow, I didn't know I was so privileged. Wish someone would've explained what being "privileged means.

Does being White and privileged mean I don't have to work, and I still get free food with stamps? Does being privileged  mean I get free education and health care, along with extended unemployment benefits, and subsidized housing? Is that what White privilege means?

Now, if there is someone who can really lay claim to White privilege it's Crooked Hillary. Or should we say that Hillary has "Clinton privilege"? And yet just yesterday, Hillary, speaking out on the horrific Dallas shooting never once mentioned the five police officers who were killed protecting even the protesters. 

Crooked Hillary didn't mention them, but she sure took the opportunity to pander to the African-Americans by saying, "Whites must be more empathetic to the African-American, and understand their plights in life".  Way to go after the Black vote Crooked Hillary.

I am 81 years young, and throughout my entire life of family, school, military duty, college, and working have I never felt "White and privileged" Wish there were some Whites out there who can explain where I got all this alleged privilege just because I'm White.

Mom and Dad came from Italy though Ellis Island,, and immediately Dad went to work in the steel mills for 48 years taking care of his family. I can't ever remember Dad being privileged because he was White. One of Dad's favorite sayings was, "hard work won't kill you, but worrying about not might".

Look at the programs and organizations afforded the African-American community. The most notable are the NAACP and the United Negro Fund. There are also notable celebrities that have established scholarships for young African-American students. Most recently Magic Johnson just raised millions for young Blacks.

On the social scene Blacks enjoy many outlets. They enjoy BET (Black Entertainment Television), they have their own Miss Black America pageant.  In many colleges and universities Blacks have their own "Black only" fraternities and sororities. By the way does anyone think the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter are helpful to the African-American community? Think about that.

Can you imagine the vociferous outrage by the likes of Sharpton and Jackson if there were equal programs for "Whites only"? How about a NAAWP, or a United White Fund? How about  raising funds by organizations/celebrities for White only students? Hey, what do you think of a White Entertainment Network, or maybe a White only Miss America Pageant?

Have you ever heard African-Americans take responsibility for any of their "woes"? No, and you never will. My uneducated hard working father always said, "the greatest helping hands you'll ever find are at the end of your arms".

Blacks make up 6% of America's population, but are responsible for over 52% of homicides here in America. Blacks also have the highest rate of high school dropouts, along with the highest rate of one parent families. A large majority of these families are without fathers, who are in prison on drug charges.

Recently, Barry Soetero, half-Black himself, and Crooked Hillary, nationally spoke on TV that
"Whites are mostly responsible for the problems and transgressions of African-Americans". The truth is that African-Americans are given more opportunities than Whites to succeed. However, many of them feel it's easier to take advantage of the "freebie" programs that the Government offers rather than work hard and become role models for their children.

Talk about slavery. Isn't it a form of slavery the way Soetero, and Maybe Crooked Hillary want to get the Black vote, and keep the African-American community happy with all the "freebies" offered and easily attained by African-Americans?It's easier to control the African-American community with freebies and condoning their mob violence with their protests.  Someone, anyone, please explain to me what is the ultimate long range benefit of mob protesting, violence, and looting. What does that accomplish? 

Protesting, rioting, looting, and vandalism is certainly not going to help race relations, but only serve to widen the chasm between Blacks and Whites. Many don't know the answers to solve this problem that has escalated in the past seven-and-a-half years. Do you think maybe the Blacks can step forward and start making positive moves

Black on Black crimes have risen to the highest it's ever been, especially in Chicago, and yet Barry Soetero blames it on Whites and guns. Not one Black criminal apprehended in Chicago said he obtained his gun legally. Most guns used in crimes on the streets of Chicago were bought on the street from other gang members. 

Maybe Blacks should feel "privileged" with all the great opportunities offered to them. They just need to take advance of them, instead of turning to gangs and violence. 

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Friday, July 8, 2016

It's the Clintons- Duh!

What I'm surprised at today is that so many people are angry, upset, steaming mad, etc., etc., that the FBI didn't recommend Crooked Hillary for indictment to the DOJ. I'm also surprised that many did not see this coming. I know I did. 

Let's look at some glaring facts before I offer my glowing opinion. Since Crooked Hillary's email scandals surfaced she kept vehemently stating at all her rallies and at the one or two pressers that she gave, that there would never be an indictment against her. She should've ended this sentence with, "because I'm a Clinton".

I really love these factual sequences: 1) Slick Willy waits for hours on the Phoenix airport tarmac for hours waiting for AG Lynch's plane to land. Of course we'll never know if the meeting was scheduled. AG Lynch and Slick Willy said they just talked for 39 minutes about grandchildren and golf. Yeah, right. Remember he's a Clinton.

Then there's 2) Hillary's "interview" with the FBI just a few days later where we don't even know how many FBI agents were there. Crooked Hillary was never sworn in and there was no recording of the "interview". The following Tuesday President Soetero 3) invites Crooked Hillary on AF1 to go campaigning. 

Now here's one of the big questions I have:DOES ANYONE THINK PRESIDENT SOETERO WOULD HAVE INVITED CROOKED HILLARY ON AF1 TO GO CAMPAIGNING IF HE EVEN THOUGHT SHE MAY BE INDICTED? Of course FBI Director Comey swears that no one knew of his decision not to indict until he took the podium. Yeah, right Jimmy. But remember she's a Clinton.

At he Oversight Committee's hearing today Director Comey was shown the TV split screen where Crooked Hillary kept repeating her lies about classified emails, unprotected servers.
The other side of the split screen showed Director Comey telling the truth about the emails, servers, etc. But we must never, ever forget, Crooked Hillary is a Clinton and above the law.

Director Comey slapped every law abiding American citizen squarely in the face. He spent several minutes explaining how Crooked Hillary was reckless, and even acknowledged that her lawyers, who had no security clearance at all erased thousands of emails  from the "in the basement" private server.  

When Comey was asked as to why this private email server wasn't government protected given the severity of the situations, he simply replied "Blah, Blah, Blah, and more blah". After fifteen minutes of Comey explaining all the mistakes, carelessness, and acts of irresponsibility that Crooked Hillary committed, FBI Director Comey said that Crooked Hillary really didn't intend to commit a crime, so no charges will be filed by the FBI.

Like many other Americans I have lost all respect for Director Comey, despite the many accolades praising him have come forward. In reality, Comey was just a puppet doing what his boss AG Loretta Lynch told him to do. I would have felt better if Comey had just told the truth, 
"Crooked Hillary will not have charges against her BECAUSE SHE'S A CLINTON"   

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Guns kill?

Want you all to know that before I started today's blog I went to my gun safe, unlocked it, and made sure my four legally purchased and registered firearms were still just lying there.
These four inanimate pieces of metal were very quiet.....just lying around minding their own business. Not firing or committing any crimes.

My main hobby is target shooting at the gun range. I even make my own rounds to shoot. In fact most people in our condo complex call me "re-load".  As I've repeated many times, I pray that I never point and discharge my firearms at anything other than approved targets on approved and sanctioned gun ranges. However there is a loaded .38 special on my nightstand.

That being said (written), today I watched the ignorant, uninformed Democrat members of the House of Representatives trying to tie in these latest shootings in America to guns instead of people. These ridiculously stupid Democrats want us to believe that taking guns away from Americans will prevent gun-related crimes.

We have an administration that refuses to even name the individual or group(s) responsible for these horrific crimes. They have even gone so far as to redact parts of the ISIS soldier's pledge in Orlando to radical Islam from the transcripts. This administration, along with the stupid Democrats, always blame the gun, and not the person(s) who pull the trigger(s).

The stupid Democrat House members have politicized the massacre of the forty-nine citizens killed in an Orlando night club. They have even gone so far as to send out requests for donations to help them forward their agenda. They've even had "sit-ins" on the House floor.

The persons and groups committing these crimes are the problems, not the guns. These stupid Democrat House members continue their viscous attacks on the NRA. However, it has yet to be proven if any NRA member has been involved in any of these horrendous shootings in the major cities across America. The NRA is the most powerful supporter of the Second Amendment, however, the stupid, ignorant, uninformed anti-gun idiots want you to believe that if we take guns from citizens then we'll be safe. Yeah, right.

Do these stupid gun control nuts think the thugs in Chicago or ISIS cares anything at all about America's gun laws? Thugs, criminals, and terrorists are praying that America gets even more strict gun laws. They'll be happy as hell to know that Americans can't defend themselves.

Stupid gun control people don't even know that an AR-15 is not an assault rifle. Most people know an assault weapon fires bursts of ammo with just one pull of a trigger, whereas an AR-15 only fires one round for every trigger pull. An AR-15 is just an overgrown .22 for target shooting purposes.

I told my wife that if win the state lottery this Saturday we're moving to Switzerland. Every family is required to have a firearm in their home. And guess what? They have a very, very low
crime rate. They also have very strict immigration laws. Love them Swiss.

Did you notice the two most stupid Democrat Congress reps that sat their fat asses on the floor for a sit in? It was John Lewis and Shiela Jackson Lee, both African-Americans. They looked so freaking stupid lying around on the floor of Congress. However when the cameras were off they were in their fine cuisine break room for goodies to eat.

I would suggest African-America Congressman/woman John Lewis and Shiela Jackson Lee spend a little more of their efforts on the meteoric rise of Black on Black gun crimes all across our country. And by the way, Lewis and Lee, along with many other African-American members of Congress have permits to carry firearms, and also have armed guards surrounding the Capitol building at all times. This is true hypocrisy.

You will never get a response from African-American members of Congress when you ask them about the rise of Black on Black crimes in this country, but you can sure hear them scream that the Republicans are causing all the chaos because they won't pass a bill to take our Second Amendment rights from us. 

Do these narrow-minded ignorant, stupid African-American Democrat members of Congress think for one second that the thugs that are committing these crimes are going to stop if law-abiding citizens have their firearms taken from them? They live in another galaxy.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country....and our troops
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

PC this, Barry!

Remember when Barry Soetero tok office and he took the oath, "to protect the United States from ALL enemies, Domestic and foreign"?  Well, it's for sure now that Barry is certainly more concerned with his self-proclaimed great legacy than he is about protecting our great country.
Barry is doing all he can to stifle any thoughts or ideas that the terrorist attacks are nothing more than "dust ups", or maybe these bloody massacres were nothing more than "workplace violence"

Yes, we all know that on 9-11-01 there was the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil that has ever happened.  And whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Independent we can all agree that under the G.W. Bush administration there were no terror attacks for the remainder of the Bush administration.

Enter Barry Soetero on January 20, 2009. First there was a U.S. Army Major, Hissan, that shot and killed several Americans. While this radical Islamist terrorist was firing his weapons he kept screaming, "Allah Akbar".  However, Barry called this dastardly act was "nothing more than workplace violence".  POLITICALLY CORRECT huh?

Then there was the violent shootings and kills at a U.S. recruitment center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Even though this savage attack was made by soldiers of radical Islamist terrorists, Barry Soetero insisted this was "a hate crime". Another POLITICALLY CORRECT  declaration huh?

Subsequently two brothers, radical Islamist Muslims, exploded a pressure cooker bomb at the Boston Marathon. Of course to maintain POLITICAL CORRECTNESS Barry made sure this was not a terrorist attack, even though it was proven these two brothers had strong radical Islamist beliefs against the United States.

Then a man and his wife, both radical islamist Muslim terrorists in San Bernardino, California brutally shot and killed twelve Americans at a luncheon party that test dead Americans set up to honor these two killers. Their reward was these two horrible radicals shot them dead. Once again Barry, with the help of his Muslim chief advisor, Valerie Jarrett, and his Attorney-General Loretta Lynch declared this an on-going investigation, regardless of all the evidence put forward.  Want to guess? Yes, another POLITICAL CORRECT act.

And now we have the Orlando, Florida killing of forty-nine Americans by a radical Islamist Muslim terrorist, with the help of his wife.  During the massacre in the Orlando night club the radical, with proven ties to ISIS was laughing as he was screaming, "Allah Akbar"". This horrible evil radical even made three phone calls pledging his allegiance to ISIS. 

But because this evil man was born in New York, even though with the help of his Muslim wife, he radicalized to become a soldier of ISIS, Barry and his AG Lynch redacted the part of his phone calls, so as not to offend Muslims . At a press conference Lynch was asked many questions as to why Barry and her redacted any mention of radical Islamist Muslim terrorism, her only answer was, "I can't answer that as we are still investigating". Now this is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS  at its utmost.

Finally for today, Barry inserted his "legacy" act of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS  by allowing men/women to casually walk into an opposite sex bathroom any time they choose with no repercussions. Recently there have been occurrences of molestations by transgender men in women's bathrooms. Just a few days ago a 13-yearold girl was molested by a man claiming to be a transgender.

If any of my granddaughters or great granddaughter ever gets molested by a "transgender" while in the women's bathroom, the perp transgender better pray the cops get to "it" before I do.  So, in closing, PC  this Barry!

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Monday, June 13, 2016

America's media???

Does ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, NY Times, Media Matters, etc., expect the American people to believe that all the news they report is unbiased and fair? I think we should also explore the news that they don't report.

There are many glaring examples of "failing to report", but the latest may really drive the point home. The main stream media has not reported that our own Federal Reserve cannot account for the whereabouts of $9.Trillion. Yes, that's 9 with a "T".  When questioned, the Federal Reserve just smiled condescendingly and said, "We're investigating".

Most people forget what the very first thing Hitler took control of when he began his quest for power in Europe. It wasn't the confiscation of firearms of citizens. No, Hitler didn't roll military tanks through towns.  No, Hitler didn't amass the Gestapo.

The very, very first thing Hitler did was take over ALL media; radio, magazines, and newspaper publications. Hitler strongly believed if he controlled the information given to citizens, then he could control the citizens into believing his propaganda. 

Now fast-forward to today's ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, NY Times, and even NPR. When Barry Soetero came on the scene in 2008 he did a great job of feeding his propaganda to the media, and boy did they buy into his evil philosophy of "fundamentally transforming America". 

NEWS ALERT: I want to interrupt today's blog with news that a radical Islamist, named Omar Sadeek Mateen, opened fire in an Orlando, Florida night club with an AR-15 and a handgun, killing 50 people, and injuring 53 others, some very critical.

Before he stormed the night club Mateen called 911 and pledged his allegiance to ISIS, and while he was shooting his weapons at patrons in the club he was screaming "Allah Akbar".
Mateen was born in New York from Afghan parents. He worked as a security guard, had a background check, and was licensed to carry and  buy a firearm.

And what does Barry Soetero say at the White House news conference, even after he was briefed on all this information? He calls this horrific massacre a "hate crime". Yes, he did mention it was a terrorist crime, but he refused to call it a radical Islamist terror act from ISIS. 
ISIS even claimed responsibility and praised the killings.

What else did Barry say at the news conference? Even after knowing Mateen was the shooter and was licensed to carry and buy a firearm, Barry claimed, "this is just another indication of how easy it is to buy assault weapons". Now that's just a plain stupid assessment of the problem we are faced with. 

And the media goes along with whatever this man reads from his teleprompter. This is exactly what happened with Hitler controlling the media in Germany starting in the 1930's. Barry Soetero is more concerned with his legacy than protecting America. In fact, he wants to bring down America.


And that's Politics with Pete for today..God bless America..and our troops, and the victims of Orlando, Florida.