Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Islam peaceful now??

Two of my favorite athletes of all time are Cassius Clay and Lew Alcindor.  Cassius Clay, a young boxer from Kentucky rose to become agreeably the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time.

Lew Alcindor, a tall seven foot basketball player from Power Memorial high school in New York, went on to UCLA and then the NBA to become perhaps the most successful and dominant figure in all of basketball.

There are millions of Americans today who don't know the identities of Cassius Clay or Lew Alcindor. Well, you may know Cassius Clay as Muhammad Ali, and Lew Alcindor as Kareem Abdul Jabar. Both of these great athletes converted to the peaceful faith of Islam.

In the boxing ring they just didn't come any tougher with twelve-round boxing endurance than Muhammad Ali. And all the championship trophies Kareem Jabar received at UCLA in college, and then the NBA speaks volumes about the strength, endurance, and tenacity of this great player.

I've watched Ali win and defend his title many times on TV, and watched first hand Alcindor at UCLA and later the Los Angeles Lakers. I've read books on both of these great athletes, and discovered they were as great peace loving Americans as they were athletes.

Away from the boxing ring and away from the basketball court these two Americans preached and practiced peace in the name of Islam, and still continue to do so. It seemed these two set the bar for people of other cultures and religions to accept the peaceful religion of Islam, while helping all Americans to accept each others religions.  At the time there were no disputes that subsequently escalated into the gigantic chasm between Judeo-Christians and Muslims we have today.

There were no wars, bombings, slaughterings, and even beheadings. To all it appeared that Judeo-Christians and Muslims lived in peace. What happened? When did it start? Why, how, and when did the division between Christians and Muslim start?

Many pundits, TV networks, journalists, etc., have loudly voiced their views on this ever escalating tragedy that befalls our country today. I would like to throw my "pundit" hat in the ring with my opinions and views. I just want to add some food for thought to Americans today.

In my opinion the overwhelming divide between Judeo-Christians seems wider today than it was even after September 11, 2001. The chasm seemed to grow wider and wider beginning January 20, 2009.  Yes, that was the day Barry Soetero was sworn in to become the leader of the greatest country and the greatest military of all time.

From the day of his inauguration he seemed to be a surgeon with a very large scalpel on a mission to promote radical Islam, while destroying the Judeo-Christian values in our very own America. Since he first took office he continues to stack his administrative deck with members of his Islamic faith. Our own leader of the CIA, John Brennan, is a Muslim.

Factions of the radical Islamic war mongering has broken out stronger than ever since Barry took office. Usama bin Laden, El Quiada, and now we today we have the most monstrous threat to our country, ISIS.  Barry continues to downplay the threat of ISIS. He uses "pin prick" attacks instead of attacking this vile threat head on with the mission of destroying them.

It has been reported that ISIS now makes over $3.Million per day selling oil from the fields they have confiscated in the mid-east. They now have the money and power to grow into the strongest threat to our country and way of life since Adolph Hitler.

ISIS must be stopped and destroyed now. We cannot afford to wait as they grow stronger by the day. Our country needs leadership to lead us into destroying these evil terrorists.

Do you ever wonder why Barry Soetero is so very hesitant to attack and destroy ISIS? I think I know why. Maybe, just maybe there's an ISIS terrorist cell that resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It is so hard to believe that Islam is a peaceful religion today.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Here's the difference Hillary!

I just finished watching the Fox News broadcast of "13 Hours in Benghazi" hosted by Bret Baier. I'm going to start this blog before I hit the sack and finish it tomorrow. I don't know what I'm more dismayed and horrified at; the actual killing of four Americans, including a high profile American Ambassador or the cover up by Barry and his State Department.

I watched and listened to these three brave men answer Brett's questions, and how they retold the facts as to what happened that night. Of course the very first person who came to mind for me was Barry Soetero. To this day there is not a clear understanding and knowledge of where he actually was while four Americans were being slaughtered by Islamic radicals committing jihad. There is proof however, that the very same evening of the attack he was on his way to Vegas for a fund-raiser.

All three of these heroes that wanted to rush the three-quarters of a mile to help the Benghazi embassy under vicious attack related the exact same story: "We were told on three occasions by our bureau chief leader Bob to 'stand down'". Not once, but three times.

My wife and I are not ashamed that we both shed tears watching this documentary on Fox. Of course many times throughout the hour we kept saying to each other, "why won't the other news networks broadcast this too"?  Thank God for Roger Ailles of Fox to have the courage to broadcast this highly informative news program, while other networks choose to ignore it.

While these three heroes were reliving their stories to Brett Baier of Fox they also had tears recalling that horrible night I thought of four other individuals immediately. The first two, of course, are Barry Soetero and our former infamous Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 

By now we all know why Barry did not want to order any help to save our Ambassador and the other three Americans. It's very simple; at the time we were only two months away from the presidential election, and Barry didn't want any "news" of a terrorist attack occurring on his watch.

And who among us will ever forget Hillary's infamous quote, "what difference does it make"?
Really Hillary? Four dead Americans and you, your boss, and Susan Rice dismiss this tragedy by saying some anti-Muslim film producer in California caused this attack with a video.

Of course Barry's "buddies" at ABC, CBS, NBC, and MSNBC all carried the water for him and Hillary, and also claimed the attack was the result of the video, even though it was discovered later that less than 300 people even viewed the short video. Maybe now Americans are realizing that the main reason we don't get the truthful news from the media, except for Fox, is because many White House staffers are strongly linked to executives from these media outlets; some even through marriage.

Some other news you'll only get from Fox: After the Benghazi attack both the White House and the CIA held press conferences. Can you guess what news outlet was not invited? If you guessed Fox you are right on.  Another bit of news you won't hear from the media is that Fox's Greta Van Susteren was contacted by the White House and strongly suggested that Greta tell correspondent Jennifer Griffen to cease/stop reporting any news on Benghazi. Ever wonder why?

Maybe my strongest disdain and disrespect in this tragedy is directed at the two, for lack of a more descriptive word, "females" that are the State Department press representatives. I'm writing of course about Marie Harf and Jen Psaki. I cannot imagine how these two "females" got the important task of representing our State Department.

These two "females" continue to spout off there is no evidence there is no evidence of a "stand down" order issued from the embassy bureau chief "Bob" to those government contractors that were on their way to lend support to the Benghazi embassy under attack. They are basically calling these three heroes liars.

I only wish Ms. Harf, and/or Ms. Psaki would have been seated at the interview held by Bret Baier and the three brave heroes that finally defied orders and rushed to help their fallen comrades anyway, at Benghazi. I wish Harf and Psaki would've been at the interview, and still exclaimed there was no evidence of a stand down.  Yes, these three arrived too late, and wished they could've had that thirty minutes back that they were told to "stand down".

To even speak the names of Harf and Psaki in the same context of these three heroes is a disgrace to all military personnel that ever wore the uniform.  I hope and pray Trey Goudy can finally get to the bottom and give America the truth we deserve on this tragedy.

And yes, Ms. Clinton, it does make a difference.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Want fries with that?

To me cheating on my wife means I tell her I'm going to Home Depot and then I sneak into a fast-food place and eat a big juicy burger, with fries and a large chocolate shake. Then on the way out I get a large chocolate-chip cookie.  I got it down to a science; I get in the car and suck on a cough drop on the drive home. But I think she knows anyway, and lets me get away with it.

I know I'm biased about living in N.E. Ohio, and I'm proud that the overwhelming majority of waiters, waitresses, and servers that I encounter in restaurants and fast-food places are using their jobs as "stepping stone" jobs while they finish their education. In some cases it's also a part-time job to earn extra money, while on their way to find a career job.

What is inspiring to me is that the overwhelming majority do not and will not make a career out of waiting tables or serving at fast-food restaurants. One of my favorites is a young man working at Subway's while he's in his third college year of pre-med. He also has another job he works at for the summer to earn extra money for his education. His goal? Someday be a Doctor and work for "Doctors without Borders". What a great young man.

What's my point? Allow me to journey through this scenario please. As I'm writing this Barry Soetero is allowing thousands of illegals to swarm across our southern borders.  Thousands of these illegals, along with many minorities, citizen and non-citizens already here, will end up working at these restaurants and fast-food chains. 

What's disturbing is the majority of these that end up in restaurants and fast-food chains have no desire to improve themselves through education. Instead they want their dear leader Barry to raise their minimum wages. In this way they can make a career out of asking, "do you want fries with that"?

I'm very adament about this hopeless scenario, because I have an all time favorite hero. He migrated to this country in 1915, the oldest of eight children. He immediately went to work in the steel mills with his father, so his seven younger siblings could be supported and go to school.

This man labored for forty-eight years in the steel mills and along the way made sure his three children all went to college, so they didn't have to labor in steel mills. He came through Ellis Island and became a citizen the right way. He sacrificed so others could get educated for a better life. He's my hero, and was my Dad.

Raising minimum wages so people make careers out of jobs meant to be "stepping stone" jobs on the way to education and a better and more prosperous life is destroying the very core of America's theme of achieving a better way of life.

And we can all see the negative snowball effect this has. "Stepping stone" jobs will give way to "career" jobs in restaurants and fast-food chains, and that pre-med student, along with others like him, will have trouble supplementing their journey to complete their educational goal, and a better way of life.

Of course you know how I'm going to end today's blog. Much like I end all my blogs lately. Yes, we can do something about this folks. In about fifty-six days we have the constitutional right and privilege to walk into our voting booth and cast a vote to start ending this dictatorial regime.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Barry can declare war!

Come on now people, we do, in fact, have a war president and war administration in America's White House right now as we speak. You all are just mad that Barry is not focusing on the tragedies that he should declare war on; like ISIS, our national debt,  and securing America's borders.

But let's not forget that there are very important areas that Barry Soetero and his administration have declared war on since they've been in America's White House.

First Barry declared war on his version of poverty by hiking up food stamp participation to the highest its ever been.  Didn't matter that he used that tool to "manage" the poor for their votes.
He also declared war on the rich, and even told Joe the Plumber that he wanted to "spread the wealth".  Now that is a positive "war".

Barry declared war on the Cambridge, MA police department; calling them stupid. He, along with his Gestapo of Axelrod, Reid, Jarret, and Pelosi then declared war on the best health care system in the world. His claim, as we now know, was to raise premiums on working Americans so we would pay for all those he wanted to "spread the wealth" for.

He just kept on rolling by declaring war on America's great space program by completely shutting down the greatest space program our world has even known. Even today Barry is advancing his war on our military by continuing to slash our military strength.

Even after the evil Dr. Gosnell murdered all those unborn children Barry declared, and still declares war on pro-life Americans. He has even gone so far as to make Sandra Fluke a poster child for abortions, and has made sure that women get free avenues to abort and prevent births. The frosting on the cake for war declaring on pro-life Barry has even declared war on the Hobby Lobby chain of stores.

This war president of ours leaves no war declaration stone unturned. Along with his spa buddy Holder and his racist czar Sharpton, Barry has now declared war on the Ferguson, Missouri police department. Now that will surely help race  relations eh?

With all these wars declared by Barry, along with his golf and vacationing, he has become a very hard-working and weary commander-in-chief. Therefore he has had unsurmountable difficulty declaring war on problems that might face Americans today. It must be because Barry doesn't think these problems warrant any war-declaring activities.

Ever wonder why Barry won't declare war on ISIS? Even after ISIS has beheaded two Americans Barry doesn't even have a strategy. Is it because he's too busy declaring war on Hobby Lobby? Ever wonder why Barry won't declare war on America's $17.Trillion debt? Maybe it's because he's busy traveling to golf courses. 

Barry is convinced he's doing a great job, and that's only because he has taken pains to surround himself with White House personnel that everyday tell him everything he's doing is great. This hubris, arrogant, self-centered disaster of a leader keeps proving he has no plan or idea to be the leader of the free world. He just doesn't have a clue on what to do.

He heavily relies on others to carry his water with enough insulation to assure their dear leader will never ever have to answer for his actions, or his lack of positive leadership. Today Barry brags that unemployment is down to 6.1%. But will give no credence that the true unemployment is over 12%. Only 142,000 jobs were added last month, and that means more unemployed Americans are just leaving the work force.

However, our clueless leader would have you believe all is fine, and our economy is growing. And what can Americans do about this? Folks, we have the greatest weapon at our disposal to turn this around. In exactly 58 days we can walk into our voting booth and take our first step. Then maybe in 2015 we can start impeachment talks.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Our thoughts and prayers"

Benghazi, border patrol agent, two slain American journalists, and all this administration can say is, "our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the deceased". Will someone tell Barry Soetero that little saying and a buck will get you nothing more than maybe a cup of coffee.

This administration led by the most incompetent president our country has ever known is more focused on keeping its power in the upcoming mid term elections than the war that is being waged against western civilization by ISIS and other terrorist jihadists.

This morning approximately 11:00 EST American journalist Steven Sotloff was the second American within two weeks to be beheaded by ISIS. And now we discover that ISIS has numerous American hostages, including a 26-year old female. They, ISIS is also claiming that a journalist from England will be next if any other country steps in to help the U.S.

We have also discovered the Barry Soetero has known for a year of the serious dangers of ISIS, and yet he still referred to them as "a junior varsity team". It was further discovered that this man, Barry Soetero, vehemently disagreed with his military strategists about the dangers of ISIS and felt they were not a major threat.

America was sure ready for Barry's admission in his press briefing just a few days ago when he said, "we have no strategy", when asked what he was going to do about ISIS.T Can you believe that was his answer when asked what were his plans to combat ISIS? Wasn't it a great leadership statement when he finally admitted, "ISIS must be contained"?

Is he for real? "Contained" ? Contained, hell, this ISIS must be blown off the map and back to their own personal hell, wherever that is. And we all know the hell ISIS goes to will not have 72 virgins waiting for them.

Our great country now has terrorist groups at war with us, threatening to slay all Americans and plant their Muslim flag in our White House lawn. And what is this president doing? Why he's campaigning to raise the minimum wage and how we can stop global warming. He flatly refuses to say we are at war with ANY terrorist groups. This is all for his own hubris egocentric proclaimed legacy.

This man parallels the dictatorship of Adolph Hitler in the '30's and '40's. We have sixty days left before we can take our first step in the mid term elections. But maybe we can't afford to wait sixty days. There is already proof that there is a gigantic disconnect between the Pentagon and the White House. Why not get all the Generals and Admirals together and march on America's White House to arrest this man for very high crimes and many misdemeanors. 

ISIS is slaughtering Christians and even beheading women and young children, and yet this administration won't even admit the U.S. is at war with ISIS.  Never before has this country needed a strong leader in foreign policy, and yet never before has this country had a weaker more spineless president.

What is this president waiting for to declare war on ISIS? Is he waiting for the ISIS terrorists to slaughter Americans right here in the U.S.?  This man has not only done anything to improve the U.S. since he's been in office, he's done so much to bring our country down further than ever before. He must go.

Maybe we can't wait till November 4th. Maybe we need our military Generals and Admirals to remove this man from America's White House.

America can't wait any longer for Barry Soetero to say those dreadful words, "our thoughts and prayers........."

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.

Monday, September 1, 2014

When did it really start?

As we watch the radical jihadist Muslims take over the mid-east we keep wondering how and  when  did this escelate.We know there have been wars in these regions for centuries, but the spreading is frightening, and will they ever make good on their threat to come to America? Terrorism is growing and spreading throughout the mid-east with promises to expand to kill all in western society.

History shows that great countries have risen up against dictators and defeated them, dating back to the days of Gengis Khan. In Europe during the 1930's and '40's Adolph Hitler was successful until America, Great Britain and our allies stepped in to bring him down.

However, today our world and our very own America may be facing the worse crisis ever in mankind.Today we have a "movement" transpiring. And this movement is being abbetted by the leader of the free world, Barry Soetero. 

I have often wondered why a tape that was to be aired on "Hannity" from Fox was pulled by the government. The tape revealed in Barry's own words his true feelings on being a Muslim. he talked about his morning and evening prayers. He ended the tape by repeating "there is no more loving prayer than the prayer to Allah in the Koran".  Of course Sean Hannity never got a chance to air it, but millions of Americans have seen it, and agree that we have a Muslim in our White House,

Today every American, Black, White, Asian, and Hispanic should encourage the likes of Al Sharpton to stop fanning the flames of racism among minorities. All this does is pit Americans against Americans. The real crisis facing us today is Judeo-Christians against radical jihad Muslims. These radical ISIS mongrels have pledged to slay all Christians in western society.

Like many Americans I pondered over when did the extreme Muslim jihad radicalism move into "high gear".  For me the day this ever growing crisis moved into high gear was January, 2009.
When Barry Soetero first took over the office of the presidency one of the first things he did was travel to foreign countries to diminish, downgrade, and apologize for America's exceptionalism and superiority. 

Then he began to laud the accomplishments of the Muslim community touting what they have given to the world. I still don't know what that is. I know it's not Sharia Law, even though there are many communities within our country that honor and abide by this desecrating law.

Then what does Barry do? He begins to appoint Muslims, and Muslim Brotherhood members to his "czar", cabinet positions, and deputy positions in high ranking offices. Our own CIA Director, John Brennan, is a Muslim. Yes, sure you can say, "but he's a good Muslim". Someone tell me the difference between a good Muslim and a bad Muslim. Thought so.

So, now what does our White House Muslim say when asked what is the plan for the ISIS outbreak/ Well, he proclaims, "I have no strategy". Am I the only one outraged at this? There is a jihadist radical Muslim group scourging throughout the mid-east slaying non-Muslims, even beheading women and children, and this president has no strategy. Really?

This man in America's White House that bows to Muslim leaders must be prevented from doing so much damage that soon jihad ISIS Muslims will be attacking our country through our unprotected southern borders. We can only hope that the likes of Sharpton wake up and think for a minute. if Rev. Al thinks a war between Blacks and Whites would be bad, he should realize a war of radical ISIS mongrels against Judeo-Christians could desecrate our country.

We should also realize that in the 1700's our great country rose up against British tyranny and we were successful. Of course I'm not advocating a war or fighting action. What I am stressing is to wage our war in the voting booth in sixty-one days. 

Barry Soetero and Dingy Harry Reid complain that the Republican-controlled House won't pass any bills to help America's middle class. How many Americans know that there are over 300 bills passed by the House just sitting and collecting dust on Reid's desk. And Barry is so afraid of his own base turning against him, there are now stories that he won't pass any executive orders of amnesty until after the mid-term elections. Talk about leading from behind.

The main reason the media will not report any accurate and truthful news to the public is because many high-ranking executives at ABC, CBS, and NBC are married to staffers in Barry's White House and administration. This should tell all Americans why Fox News is the only network that gives accurate and truthful news to America.

Sixty-One days folks. We can do this.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Police Czar, really?

Let me start today's blog with a little history. In June, 1934 Adolph Hitler appointed his political ally, Herman Goring, to head up a state police, eventually named The Gestapo. We all know the horrific and tragic deeds the Gestapo did under Hitler's rule, all the way  until they were defeated in 1945.

But we must never forget the carnage this evil state police did in their eleven year existence. This state police, Gestapo, was partly responsible for Hitler to rise to the "supreme leader", The Fuhrer.  The Gestapo was largely responsible for the torture and annihilation of Hitler's opponents, and of course Jews.

And now we are hearing news oozing out of D.C. that three of the "Ramblin' Racists", Sharpton, Jackson, and Holder are trying to convince their supreme leader, Barry Soetero, to appoint a Police Czar.  A Police Czar, really? What would his/her duties entail? Does this mean police commissioners throughout the country would report to a Police Czar who would report to Barry?

Race agitator Sharpton fueled the fires of appointing a Police Czar, so that "we can oversee the injustice done to blacks by police", after his racist talks in Ferguson.  Really Al?  Does that mean the Police Czar will thoroughly investigate crimes against blacks? Wow, he's going to have his hands full if he does his job correctly; given the enormous high volume of blacks committing crimes against other blacks.

Do you think the Police Czar will investigate black on black crimes? Or will he just focus on white on black crimes in the name of "justice for blacks"?   If the Police Czar wants to do his/her job correctly I've got a few crimes he can start with. How about the black thug from Chicago that turned against his country and joined ISIS? How about the black police officer who gunned down a young white unarmed white male in Utah? How about the 29-year old black thug born and raised in New York, that killed four young males, one a 19-year old, in the name of his Allah?

Of course if Barry Soetero appoints a Police Czar he/she will be an African-American and their main duty will be to insulate Barry from any crimes in the black community, so that Barry can focus on his main duties; campaigning, golfing, vacationing, and hanging out with his celebrity buddies.

Please don't forget this lesson in history on how Hitler started his state police, the Gestapo. Also, remember that Hitler could have named Herman Goring, his own Police Czar. Scary huh?

We must take our first step to stop this man in America's White House. We have a great opportunity in just sixty-six short days to take back our Senate, keep our House, and then maybe start impeachment proceedings in 2015.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops