Thursday, June 22, 2017

Haven't learned yet huh?

We all know the definition of crazy is when you keep repeating the same failed scenarios  over and over while expecting a different outcome each time. As a strong conservative Republican I'm hoping the failing lib Dem party continues there hateful attack on President Trump and his administration as it just makes us stronger, plus the American people are seeing right through their hateful rhetoric.

But I have to admit I'm still curious why the lib Dems continue to act like drunken Italian chefs throwing cooked pasta against the wall hoping some of it sticks to the wall.  All during the lib Dem campaign for Crooked Hillary they kept parading Hollywood elites in the face of Americans hoping to convince them to vote for Crooked Hillary.

We all know the outcome. Did the lib Dems, along with the Hollywood elites and their fawning media actually think the likes of these elites were going to convince any American to "follow them" into the failing abyss of the Dem party and message of Crooked Hillary?

Think about it. There's John and Jane Doe sitting at the kitchen table trying to stretch their finances to get through another month, while desperately planning on how they're going to send their three children to college. Does anyone think Jay-Z, Beyonce, George Clooney, Whoopi Goldberg, etc., are going to sway them to their way of thinking? Don't think so.

So what did the losing lib Dem party do after the November, 2016 election? The hatred of President Trump not only continued, but the lib Dems actually cranked up their stupid definition of "crazy"with their on-going hatefull  attacks on President Trump, his entire administration, even his family. Wouldn't you think the lib Dems and the Hollywood elites would've learned by now that showing hatred alone does no good at all.

But no...the Hollywood elites, along with the media, continue with their vitriolic hatred and lies
while even some Dems are urging them to "back off" because it's been proven the display of hatred is doing much more harm than good. I mean, really, take a good long look while listening to Whoopi Goldberg's rantings. First, she goes to Omar-the-tent-maker to get her wardrobe, then shaves half her head, and she wants us to take gospel on what she bloviates. 

Just what political expertise do these Hollywood elites have? Someone puts words on paper, then these elites read it in front of a camera, and we're supposed to follow their every word like puppy dogs when they swear and lie with their hatred.  Lib Dems continue to show disrespect for Americans by constantly doing nothing but showing hatred for President Trump. 

When it comes to leading our country with ideas and policies to make our country great again what makes these Hollywood elites think they know more than the average American? The lib Dems want us to be impressed so much by the elites that we'll do and vote just like they want us to. Yeah, right. Wouldn't it be great to put all these elites in a large room and give them a Political Science quiz? Without a screen writer to write down the words for them they have absolutely no knowledge of anything political.

Face it folks, the lib Dems have no message, no new policies to introduce, and actually they also have no leader. Who are they going to run in 2020? The lib Dems are so uncreative and actually stupid they think the only avenue they can take is to have the Hollywood elites get on their stages or in front of microphones to spew out nothing more than hatred. 

I just hope the stupid lib Dems continue doing what they're doing now. It just emboldens the GOP, and helping President Trump win another election.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Uniform

I still get a swell of pride when I think back to February, 1954, at the age of 18 (yes, I'm 82) when I raised my right hand, pledged, and committed to four years of my life to the United States Air Force. When I talk to many of my friends that wore The Uniform  I get the same respnse of pride when talking about their own particular military lives and stories.

I also remember what my first squadron commander said, "You may never see any combat in your four USAF years, but that doesn't mean you won't if ordered to". Like so many other men/women who served before and those in the future we all honored our military commitment, along with honoring our flag and National Anthem. We pledged that if called upon we would go into combat, or wherever we were ordered to serve our country. 

When I see someone refusing to stand for our National Anthem or the Pledge to our flag I harbor a feeling deep inside me that screams aloud in my brain, I bet they never wore The Uniform. Any man/woman who was ever honored and privileged enough to serve in the military for our country just would never kneel  during our National Anthem or would never desecrate our flag and what it symbolizes. 

I'm 82, and if asked today to put my Air Force uniform on and serve I'd fly into my crawl space to look for a dusty old uniform that I'm sure wouldn't fit anymore, but I guarantee my heart would be right there, and so would millions of my fellow veterans. There may a few misfit vets out there, but has anyone ever seen anyone who wore The Uniform kneel during the Anthem or refuse to pledge to the flag. 

George Clooney, Madonna, Ashley Judd, Chelsea Handler, Rachel Maddow, Whoopi Goldberg, Samuel Jackson, Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews, Jessee Jackson, Michael Moore,  Amy Schemer, Colin Kaepernik, Joy Behar, Bill Maher, Steve Colbert, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Joy Reid, Nose Streisand, Bruce Screamsteen, Katy Perry, Jimmy Kimmel, Labron James, Pocohantus Warren, Max Kellerman, Stephen Smith etc., OK can I stop now? Oh, I could go on adding to this elite list, but you get my point.

What do all of these elites mentioned above have in common? Not a single one of them ever wore The Uniform . No, but you can bet they spend most of their air time speaking out against our country, our flag, and our honored National Anthem, and we all know this is based on their hatred of our President.  Thousands upon thousands of men/women made the ultimate sacrifice  in America's wars without even knowing any of the elites mentioned above. 

Our flag and our National Anthem are symbols of our country that men/women died for while wearing  The Uniform . You can bet a military veteran would never stoop so low as to dishonor the symbols that represent us. I'm 82, and was Honorably Discharged in 1958, and yet I still have pictures and other memorabilia that I've kept all these years so that I never forget my time in the military, and you can bet there are many more just like me. When I leave the houe for errands I always have on my raggedy Air Force ball cap and my faded and stained Air Force sweatshirt.

Whenever a vet sees a story of a flag desecration or a "kneeling" during the National Anthem, or refusing to place their hand over their heart to say the Pledge you can bet the very first words they utter are, "Bet that jerk never wore The Uniform. 

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Hate just won't work

While the overwhelming majority of us don't like to admit it, we've all hidden a little bit of that hatred thing deep in the black part of our heart or brain. I must admit that I am certainly one of those "short-term" carriers of hate. I hate when my favorite teams lose. I hate Satan. I hate that guy that just cut me off on the freeway, even though I don't know him.

I'm sure you noticed that for whatever the ridiculous reason, when you harbor some hatred you can't think logically, can't communicate with reason, and maybe the most harmful; you often say things when you harbor hatred that later you want  to take back and/or apologize for your hatred.

Of course there are many Americans that just our of pure hatred would not vote for President Trump. Americans have been witness to decades upon decades of political debates, disagreements, and some pretty strong verbage in their arguementative states. However, never has there been so much outpouring of partisan hatred than there is now.

Most Americans, like it or not, have been willing to accept the discourse between the Congressional leaders. We've even learned to joke about it. For example, while President Trump has committed no "high crime or misdemeanor" there is still ongoing dialogue among the lib Democrat party that call for his impeachment every time a lib Dem gets up to speak.

But really, most of us pay little attention to the likes of Pelosi and Schumer when they stand up to speak. They are really mindless. Not that long ago they were crying for the removal of FBI Director Comey. Now he's become their shinning knight in armor spearheading an impeachment.

No, I'm aiming my disdain and disrespect toward the media and the Hollywood elite. These two groups are actually enjoying the splashing of hatred they show our President. CNN and MSNBC actually go on nationall TV and call for the assassination of our President.  "F-bombs" are being thrown around like it was the first word in the dictionary.

Madonna wants to burn the White House down, Kathy Griffin and Snoop Dog have videos out showing their slaughter of our President. The annual Shakespeare's play-in-the-park depicts the stabbing of our President. Whoopi, Joy, and Rosie even attack the 11-year old son of the President.  Impeachment is being screamed all day in the media, and supported by certain members of the lib Dem party.

Wouldn't it be great if the millions of us that voted for President Trump had an equal time voice on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC? Wouldn't it be great if us "deplorables" could speak out in the media about our support of our 45th. President? Of course that will never happen, but the media and Hollywood actually think that ALL of America really believe what these idiots spew out.

There's a big difference between venting and accomplishing something. I asked a Trump-hater the other day why he spews out so much hatred for our President. He responded with "I'm venting and it makes me feel good".   When I asked him what was he doing to stop the flow of hatred, and doesn't he want hate division to stop, he just responded, "No, I want the hatred to flow in the streets so much that Trump gets impeached".

These President Trump hate mongers don't realize how powerful us "deplorable" Americans are.  Yes, our strong and great power will be silent, but our roar in the 2018 and 2020 voting booths will be deafening. You will hear us speak out then.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Poor, poor babies

Today's comedy blog is brought to you by Crodoked Hillary, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the left wing lib Dem media. Oh, I almost forgot, Maxine Waters too. With the aid of the media these idiots are now claiming "Trump is a murderer...he will kill babies with his tax proposals...his 'Trumpcare' plan will have seniors left with no healthcare...more people will become homeless...he will destroy America".

Of course none of this is true, but the fake news media want you to believe it's true. Why? Because this fake news is brought to you by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC. Not only are these people dangerous with their fake news acqusations, they are becoming more and more hilarious. The lower they get in the sewers and dirt, the funnier they appear to Americans.

And they must all have early onsets of Alzheimer's. Well, we do know for certain that Hillary and Pelosi have it already. They don't seem to remember these welfare/food stamp freeloaders during Barry Soetero's destructive tour in our White House. 

Talk about freeloaders!  Never a word from the stupid lib Dems when all the food stamp/welfare freeloaders were scamming the American taxpayers for their freebies. There are so many examples that I could fill spaces of dozens of blogs, but let me just mention a few.

Remember the very healthy 29-year old from Florida that walked through gourmet food stores, and held up expensive lobster tails  to buy with his EBTwhile he was laughing and saying, "Thanks taxpayers...ha-ha".? Can't forget the lady from Cleveland that kept screaming, "I gots me my free Obamaphone...yeah, he taken care of me".

I have a friend in San Diego, the land of Governor Moonbeam, who has an ex-daughter-in-law that admitted, " I actually try to get pregnant from different guys, so I can try to get child support from them, and then I apply for child welfared and food stamps....I'm making out great, and will never have to work". There are virtually tens of thousands that scam our welfare/food stamp program every day, but you will never hear a word about it from the media and the lib Dems.

The ignorant lib Dems mantra is give, give, give all the freebies they can. We all know why they do it. It's so the "entitlement freebie" people will be so grateful they will certainly vote for the likes of the self-centered lib Dems that really care nothing for them, and only want their vote.

Do the stupid lib Dems realize America is now over $20Trillion in debt? Apparently not, that is until President Trump wants to do something about the abusive use of hard-working Americans' taxes. For eight years, under Barry Soetero, America witnessed the fastest rate of growth in the entitlement freebie programs, and the ignorant lib Dems were actually ecstatic and overjoyed about it.

The lib Dems actually thought in 2016 their give, give, give programs were going to assure wins in Congress seats up for election, and lest we forget they also strongly felt it was going to get Crooked Hillary elected. Even with all the lies, scandals, and corruption the "freebie" people couldn't help her, and they won't accept that we stopped them dead in their tracks.

Now we have a President that wants to do what all normal people do, and that is to cut back on expenses when you're trying to recover from eight long years of growing debt. Now normal people would agree with this scenario, however our lib Dems, as they always do, want to attack President Trump by telling lies and fake news that he's trying to kill children and seniors. 

Yes, these poor babies that have been freeloading off our government for years may get a rude awakening and have to do the terrible and horrible thing of getting a job and getting off the welfare roles. Of course there are those that need food stamps and welfare, but not the freeloading scumbags that go so far as to joyfully brag about how they've been scamming the Government for years.

The sadness of it all is that the stupid lib Dems in Congress support these welfare moochers, not to help them, but to get their vote. That's not the way to restore our country to the greatness it once held.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Friday, May 26, 2017

Trump winning war

OK, no more words of "Can you imagine if Obama....." We really must give up trying to decipher and make sense of the Obama vs. Trump scenarios. Every time there's fake news coming from just about the entire media it seems to get the anger juices flowing among Conservative Republicans.

Yes, of course there is a senseless war going on now between President Trump and the media, and it appears this "war" will continue  throughout the time President Trump is in office.  Never before in our country's history has there been a time when ALL Americans must heed the dangers that face us, and join together to stop the great divide that exists today.

The hatred extended to President Trump and his family is doing nothing to help America return to the country it once was.  All the viscious hatred began when the media, Hollywood elites, and the stupid lib Dems would not accept that their golden girl Crooked Hillary lost.

After President took the office the media actually believed they could "push" President Trump out of office with nothing more than pure unadalturated hatred and fake reporting. They believed, and still do, that he was nothing more than "a blowhard business man with orange hair and billions of dollars". They didn't count on him pushing back on the media, Hollywood elites, and the stupid lib Dems so hard that they're all still reeling from his onslaught of their fake news reporting. Many times he has said he only wants the media to report honestly about him.

The media refuses to report any credible, good, and decent things our President is doing. If President Trump were a Democrat the media would be singing his praises, and honoring him for what he's accomplished in just a few months in office. Instead they continue to slander him with lies and manufactured fake news, and while doing this they continue to demean themselves  reflecting on "how could our beloved Hillary lose"?

Finally, we have a President that will not lay down and roll over for the fake news media. He is taking them on full bore.  As soon as our President began pushing back on the fake news media they declared war on him. This can be readily seen in their daily reporting and the questions at Sean Spicer's daily briefings. 

The more the media reports fake news, the more they lose credibility with the American people.
Americans are not stupid. We've seen the good this man has done already. We've seen the lies and fake news being spread by the media about him, that we do not believe. We've seen the personal attacks on the President and his family. 

Yes, America is aware of the war being waged upon our President by the fake news media. Yes, there's a war going on, and the fake news media is in a no-win scenario. Americans are now levying war against the media, which reflects President Trump is clearly winning the war, and this alone infuriates them, and what infuriates them more is President Trump does not care what they report about him. He knows what his mission is, and the media cannot stop him with their fake news reporting.

An example is how the media reported that Montana congressman body-slammed a Guardian reporter down, the quickly just about the entire media used this as another weapon against our President. And yet not a word from our fake news brethren about all the viscious physical attacks on the Trump campaigns, and attacks on defenseless people at Tea Pary rallies.

In April I had a blog published where I strongly suggested that the White House discontinue the daily press briefings. The WH press corps just distorts the facts presented to them at the briefings. I am in favor of President Trump using Twitter, F/Book, Instagram, Snap-Chat, even Pony Express and pigeon carrying to talk directly to the American people. 

We don't want news filtered through fake news opiners like Matthews, Madddow, F.Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, and so many other fake news reporters. Yes, there's a war going on based solely on the stupid lib Dems losing the election to the likes of someone they will never comprehend. They are fueled by hatred, and they will lose the war.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops
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Friday, May 19, 2017

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,
You are in a war against the media and the Comedy Central News Network,  formerly known as the Democrat Party. They are "hell-bent" on throwing any lie, distorted news, and personal attacks at you to get you impeached and removed from the Presidency.

In addition to the snivveling little babies in the press corps briefings you have the weight of the entire ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC news networks on your shoulders. And if that isn't enough you have the CCNN supporting all the lies and personal attacks levied against you by the media.

I'm not going to review all the obstacles thrown at you, but rather to implore you that millions upon millions of us Americans don't want you to back down one iota from these fake and dishonest organizations. These hateful organizations want you to fail because they still cannot accept that Crooked Hillary lost in November.

Mr. President your victory in November, and what you've accomplished already in less than four months has gone against the grain of these ungrateful left leaning groups. Their names and pictures appear in Webster's dictionary next to the definition of hypocrisy.

Please, Mr. President, don't back down from these ungrateful hypocrites. Instead, please keep fighting back. Never forget about the millions of us that have your back. We are now seeing through their own self-generated protective fog that surrounds these hideous groups in the media and the entire CCNN. 

They seem to forget that on election day we millions that support you will be just as powerful as the media and the CCNN when we step into the voting booth. Don't back up one step. Keep pushing forward Mr. President. Our country needs you, and the Constitution needs protection from the CCNN, and the media.

Mr. President, these people are so deranged in their views and degradation of our Constitution they have resorted to personal hatred and lies about you and you family. When one thinks of the eight years of lies, scandals, and misrepresentation of the news, it's astounding that none of these scandals were never reported.

I know Mr. President that I speak for the millions of us that voted for you, please continue what you're doing, and don't let up for a second. Keep grinding it out. Keep pushing back against these news outlets and the CCNN

You have already proven your leadership capabilities to us, and we have your back for the 2020 election. We respect and appreciate what you've already done in your first three months, and we believe the best for America is yet to come. Keep moving forward Mr. President. We believe in you.

A proud "Deplorable" 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Comedy Central News

The Comedy Central News Network formerly known as the Democratic Party has been coming out with such lying, hateful, and biased news that it's actually getting more comical every day. I want to thank them for the laughs and chuckles they give me. It seems to never stop, and that's great for the 2018 and 2020 elections for the GOP.

The CCNN will stop at nothing to tarnish our President, even if they have to manufacture stories and hyperbole.  They feel that the only way to fuel their hateful feelings because their goddess Crooked Hillary lost in November, 2016.

Maybe the most hilarious comedy is when the CCNN, with the help of CNN broadcasted that "it was terrible that President Trump, at a recent White House gathering, took two scoops of ice cream and a diet coke while others only got one scoop and water". Goodness sakes, that's sure grounds for impeachment. 

Want another laugh? Two days ago Deputy Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, opened the daily press briefing with, "Sean is on Naval Reserve Duty, so I'll be filling in for a few days". That was the very first piece of information she gave the press corps. However just a few short hours later the CCNN, with the help of CNN, and The View began a string of lies that Sean Spicer was being punished for the way he handled the Comey firing. They further said Trump will replace Spicer with Ms. Sanders because he was upset with Sean.  That's not sad folks, it's comical.

Our President Trump has been in office less than 4 months, and even with the vitriol and hatred thrown at the President and his administration, he continues to do some great things for the American people. The CCNN, with the support of the media refuse to report that jobs are increasing, unemployment is down, border crossings have decreased by 70%, first-time unemployment filings are the lowest in 28 years. 

Our stock market steadily hovers around 21,000, net profit is up for many corporations as they continue to have confidence in our President even after only 113 days. The war between President Trump and the media was initially started by the media. The President asked only that the news about him be fair in their reporting. 

When the media continued with their diatribe the President wasn't having any of it, and not only did he tell the truth about the media and the CCNN, he showed them that he was the boss in town. The President refuses to have anything to do with CNN and MSNBC, and have you seen their ratings lately. When will they learn that they are no match for this President? He's not the lazy shiftless golfer and vactioneer that their hero Barry Soetero was? President Trump is a strong fighter, and will emerge great.

It's pretty obvious that the CCNN does not want profitability to rise in corporations to invest in new jobs and technology. Instead they report that profitability hurts the ability to "share the wealth".  I find myself, at times, actually feeling sorry for the stupidity of the media and the CCNN. NOT!  How can they proclaim they are for middle class America? Now that's a lie. The CCNN only want power, and at any cost. Recently a Democrat Congresswoman from the Moonbeam state of California said "middle America is just Podunk, USA".

The phrase that "American people have a right to know" should be "the American people have a right to know what WE tell them. In fact MSNBC's Mika reported that same thing on the Morning Joe show on MSNBC recently.  If any of you CCNN followers are fed up we of the Republican Party would welcome you with open arms. Why not put support behind a strong leader, unlike the previous 8-year massacre led by Barry Soetero.

After watching today's press briefing it's easy to understand, and hopefully believe, the press briefings may be cancelled. Why would anyone be surprised if he made this decision? Why not? These press briefing reporters only ask "gotcha" questions, and refuse to let press secretary Spicer or Sarah Sanders justify their answers. The media and the press briefing reporters in their condescending and arrogant manner believe they can report anything and get away with it.

It's not working, and if the Trump vs. media continue then you can be sure the press briefings will be cancelled, and it will show the press that karma and pay-back are really bit***s.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country....and our troops.
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