Saturday, May 21, 2016

Don't need a weakling

Before WWII General George S. Patton was certainly a "household" name, but definitely not in a flattering way. In fact there was strong pressure on the U.S. Army and Congress to remove General Patton from the Army. They even asked for his resignation. He was known to be crass, arrogant, insulting, and very outspoken. It was said that women did not like to be in social settings with him because of his loudness and swearing, and would walk out when he entered a room.

The war in Europe during WWII needed a strong leader to lead our great troops into battle.
At a time when strong leaders with strong character was needed to lead troops into battle General George S. Patton was ordered to become one of our leaders against  the evil axis.

Then soon people were not too offended by General Patton's strong, aggressive, and forceful personality.  He emerged as one of the greatest military leaders our country has ever known. Many WWII historians claim General Patton's leadership and aggressive attitude was a very strong contributing factor for America's success in defeating our enemies in Europe.

Now let's fast-forward to our presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. Notice the similarities between Patton and Trump. Can you imagine if Patton was a weak, spineless, and indecisive Army General in WWII. We would have suffered many more losses than we did while fighting the evil axis.

So after eight years of a weak, spineless, and indecisive wuss in our White House, we need a strong leader.  Patton did and said things that many objected to, but he was so confidence in his leadership and getting things done, he didn't take the time to worry about what others said about him. He just got things done.

Right now the "Trump haters" are taking their dislike of him into their own personal agendas. Yes, Trump is very outspoken, and says things that offend many, but you cannot accuse Mr. Trump of being weak and spineless.  He certainly wasn't my first choice when there were seventeen candidates vying for the GOP nomination.  However, millions of Americans have voted Trump victoriously through all the primaries. 

I hope all the "Trump haters" realize that not voting for Trump or stupidly trying to erect a third party candidate at this stage of the game, all but assures Crooked Hillary a clear path to continue Barry Suoetero's policies.

The NRA has just endorsed Trump, as he is a big advocate of the 2nd. Amendment rights, whereas Crooked Hillary wants to repeal the 2nd. Amendment. She's even got her daughter on the stump trail "promising' that her crooked and corrupt mother will even try to shut down gun manufacturers and then move to confiscate handguns from Americans.

So I'd like to remind the Trump haters that not voting for Trump is just assuring more years of Barry's policies. Is that what you want? I didn't think so. If Crooked Hillary says she wants to create jobs why is she saying she will even use executive powers to shut down gun manufacturers when she becomes president?

The media, starting with the Washington Post are pulling out all the stops to attack Trump personally with all his "trysts", even when he was a single man, but the media says not a word about all the trysts Slick Willy had, and he was married. The NY Times interviewed many "Trump women" past and present. That would be OK if the Times will also interview Slick Willy's women; Juanita Broderick, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky, Jennifer Flowers, and all the underage girls he had sex with on Epstein's island.

The media are even attacking that Trump has no experience, and yet in 2007 a virtual unknown was voted in our White House with less than 200 days in the Senate. And the way Barry is leading reflects he is truly not leading for all Americans.  Barry Soetero is truly the most un-American president we've ever had in our White House.

Barry won't even acknowledge we're at war with ISIS. Can you imagine Patton refusing to use the name Nazi during WWII? And have you noticed how Barry just lazily strolls to the podium and reads his teleprompter? He is definitely more concerned about his vacationing and his golf game.  Barry exemplifies the word "clueless".  Our great country does not need a weakling that will not work hard for the American people.

"C.C."(Crooked & Corrupt) Clinton just wants to be president for herself. She may well soon be indicted for her email crimes. Add that to Benghazi, and her crooked Clinton Global charity that accepts money from countries that support terrorism.  We all have a duty in November when we vote to only choose a leader that will undo all the damage Barry has done. We have to finish Barry Soetero, not extend him through C.C. Clinton.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country....and our troops
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Monday, May 16, 2016

Here we go!

While we all bask in the glorious news that in only 249 days our great country will  be rid of a radical Islamist sympathizer, we begin to think of who is going to replace him. Do we believe the bloviating lies that Crooked Hillary, the press, and most of the left-wing media are saying about Trump, or do we believe the FACTS surrounding the Clinton scandals?

Many Republican did not pick Trump for their initial choice to run on the GOP ticket. In fact most Republican supporters didn't pick Trump  at all. However, he is now our presumptive GOP candidate, and it's time to measure, not only Trump vs. Hillary, but let's focus on who they're bringing with them.

First thing Hillary is going to do is bring a Muslim Brotherhood member, Huma Abedin, with her giving her advice to  the corrupt queen. Of course Huma is gonna have her Weiner with her.
You remember the sex texting machine don't you? Ah, then there's Slick Willy. He'll be traveling around getting donations from terrorist sympathizing leaders, so the Clintons can fill their "rainy day" coffers.

And let's not forget dear sweet Chelsea. When it comes to supporting her mother's views she's actually militant and threatening. On national TV Chelsea bragged that her mother was going to bring down the NRA, and try to revise, maybe repeal the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.

The corrupting scandals surrounding the Clinton "machine" is overwhelming; Benghazi lies, email treasonous activity, improper filtering of the Clinton Global Initiative donations to fund herself and her supporters. And how does Crooked Hillary respond? She attacks Trump's past, even when he was in college, and when he wasn't marriage.

Hillary must know that most women would rather be married and divorced ten times than being married to a womanizer that had countless affairs while married. Hillary is even enabling Slick Willie about her sexual exploits with underage girls.  I bet the Slickster and his new buddy 
The Weiner are already planning Oval Office wild orgies. 

In addition to Huma Abedin, Hillary, if elected, will have s Cabinet full of many corrupt left wing progressives that are bent on attacking hard working Americans to pay for the entitlement people's welfare status, so she can continue to control them as Barry has done for the past eight years. Much like the little mustache man did in Germany in the '30's.

Under a presidency under Crooked Hillary I can visualize Boxer and Pelosi appointed to the Supreme Court vacancies. I can visualize Sharpton as Home Land Security chief, or head of the DOJ. Who do you think she'll appoint as Secretary of State? Probably Schemer or Durbin. Chrissy Mathews or Rachel Maddow will be her press secretary....maybe Maher.

I like the presumptive Trump choices for cabinet positions; Christie or Gowdy for Attorney General, Giuliani or Allen as Home Land Security chief, General Keene as Military Chief of Staff; how about Pete Hegsteth as Nat'l. Security Advisor? There are so many better choices for cabinet members under Trump than Crooked Hillary.

We must remember that Americans will be the deciders in November about who will lead our country, and giving them the permission to make decisions that will effect us for decades to come, including who they appoint to their staffs. This is a great responsibility for all of us. We must not misuse it. Hillary is not entitled to be the president. She sure hasn't earned it.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops
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Saturday, May 14, 2016

It's the people, stupid

Initially, there were seventeen GOP candidates campaigning and debating for the Republican nomination for President. My first reaction to my wife was, "Wow, 17 of 'em....that's a lot. and what is Trump doing in there? Well, he'll be the first to go".  I was debating with myself on just who to support; Cruz, Kasich, Bush, Huckabee, Carson, etc. Never, ever did i think Trump would be "the last man standing".

Two things came to mind. First, and foremost I am a strong supporter of my Republican Party. Secondly, and maybe the main reason is I can just imagine the shamble our country would be in  if Hillary gets elected.

Am I getting something wrong here? We elect members to our House and Senate based on our beliefs of doing what OUR  wishes are NOT their own personal beliefs. The free will of the Republican people have spoken. It's the people stupid. Thee's even a book coming out where a Congressman is admitting just how corrupt our House & Senate representatives truly are. Most of them care only about getting elected, not to do the will of the people.

The same anti-Trump people that continue to scream insults at Trump, and claim he has no experience are the same people who voted in a completely inexperienced man in 2008. Barry Soetero, not only never held a job, went so far as to spend millions hiding who he really is.

So, I guess it's wrong to give Trump a chance to undo all the damage inexperienced Barry is doing to our great country. It's going to be a long, hard, uphill battle for Trump, even with the record breaking primary votes and wins this businessman has garnered. The people have spoken, and yet you want to have us believe they know better. 

Trump has emerged as the nominee despite the many, even Republican members, who vehemently oppose supports and endorsing our GOP presumptive nominee. Republicans must know that not supporting Trumps is virtually endorsing and supporting a Crooked and corrupt woman, that will destroy our great country if we let her and Slick Willy back in the oval office.

Consider the uphill battle Trump is already experiencing with the major networks. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC are all viciously attacking Trump, and it's only May. Can you imagine how bad it's going to be from now to November. The latest debacle is now the Washington Post has assigned twenty journalists to spend their entire time to "dig up all the dirt" they can on Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump has amassed more primary votes than anyone else in modern history while campaigning for the nomination of their party. He will definitely amass more than the 1,237 delegates. He is the man ALL  Republicans must get behind to support, yet I've listened to many Republicans bloviating how they will not vote for him. 

And now we have the Republican Speaker of the House saying he's "not ready" to endorse Mr. Trump. Someone should remind Paul Ryan that his main focus is to unite the Republican Party, not to instill doubt. If King-Kong was the nominee he should unite the party to support the nominee.  Instead he and others are just fanning the flames for crooked Hillary's benefit.

The American people have spoken. While there are those in the Party that won't vote for Trump, we must unite behind Trump to defeat crooked and corrupt Hillary.  And please never forget; it's not just Trump vs. Hillary; it's also the people they will bring with them to help lead us back to the country we once were.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops
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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hillary? Really?

Hillary? Really? Are we Americans going to allow this corrupt, lying un-american to become the leader of the free world? When you use the term "leader of the free world" it seems just about impossible to link that title to this woman that truthfully belongs in prison.

This woman has been a disaster her entire public life, even as far back as when she was 27 years old and was fired from her lawyer duties on the Watergate scandal. It was about the time she defended a rapist for raping a 12-year old. Due to a loop hole in the system then Crooked Hillary got the defendant off free with no charges.

Later, she was overheard laughing saying, "I knew he was guilty....but I got him off anyway...great huh"? She has always claimed to be a big supporter of women, but for the past several years facts have emerged that reflect Hillary is only a big supporter of Hillary.

This woman has accomplished absolutely NOTHING  her entire public life. Being Slick Willy's wife, and enabling him throughout his presidency has her feeling she's entitled to the Presidency. Instead of leaving a man that made a mockery out of the institution of marriage, this woman actually attacked the women that Slick Willy had affairs with.

Jennifer Flowers, Juanita Brodrick, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky and who knows how many more were disgraced by HillaryWhen Hillary got done with 21-year old Monica Lewenski, and with the help of the media, Monica was made out to be a horrible, evil, sex fiend who went after Slick Willy.  Ever wondered how many more sex scandals were covered up involving Bill Clinton.

At Andrews Air Force Base, upon the return of the four slain Americans at Benghazi, this corrupt woman stoop over the four caskets of these fallen heroes, hugged the families, and proclaimed the raid on Benghazi was due to an anti-Muslim video. 

Later that day Hillary emailed the President of Egypt and her own daughter Chelsea telling them that it wasn't a video. It was a terrorist attack that incited the deaths of our Americans. And to this day we still don't know the whereabouts of President Obama and Hillary at the time these Americans were being slaughtered by terrorists. This tragic event happened just a few weeks before the 2012 election.  It's ironic that crooked Hillary sent out an ad about the 3 A.M. phone call, because we don't know where in the hell she was during the Benghazi slaughter. 

There are facts against this corrupt woman that she accepted huge donations from some countries that are terrorist supporters in return for "favors" by then Secretary of State Hillary. 
Supposedly these donations were to go to the Clinton "charity", but it was soon discovered that the majority of these "charity" donation funds went directly into Hillary's personal coffers.

And now this crooked and corrupt woman is under investigation for her treasonous acts of sending and receiving classified emails on her private email server. This investigation is now ongoing while she continues to lie openly about these treasonous acts.  

Crooked and corrupt Hillary has made strong declarations that she will even use executive power to take our 2nd Amend. rights away from us. With Ginsberg retiring from the Supreme Court, along with Scalia's death she would appoint two Supreme Court justices that will be so far left our entire Constitution will be under horrific attack. 

We can't elect someone under FBI investigation for so many violations against our Constitution.  The media is still "carrying the water" for this treasonous woman. One CNN anchor said that Hillary could even beat Trump if she's in a prison cell.  I guess her supporters are willing for Hillary to follow another crook into our White House.

Think seriously about our country before you cast your vote in November. She can't be elected just because she's a woman. What qualifications are those? Don't vote for her. She belongs in prison, not leading our country.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country....and our troops.
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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mom's Day

Taking a break from politics today to write just a short blog today honoring my Mom and all Mothers as we all celebrate our Mothers today, and every day. We set aside today to acknowledge those great women in our lives that showered us with love their entire lives.

My mom has been in heaven since June, 1994, and I still miss her. Wish she were still here, so I could say more to her about my love for her. So much I took for granted growing up, like comfort, hugs, support, and so much more, including her great meals. I  was so naive that I just figured that this is what mothers are supposed to do. 

Mom was so free declaring her love, yet even with the loving things we said to one another, there was so much more I wish I would've said to her, but now I can only say these things in prayers to her. 

I have so many wonderful memories of Mom, and there are some that surface more than other memories; like the time I left home for my nearly three years tour of duty in Europe. She was standing there with tears streaming down her face as she straightened the tie on my Air Force uniform. 

My point in this blog is to give a message to everyone whose mother is still alive. Don't let your Mom leave this earth without making sure she realizes how much you love her and appreciate her. And not with just flowers and candy one day a year. 

If you ask most people they will always say, "wish I would've made more time for Mom".
Make sure you're not one of 'em. Wish I could have had a "do over" with my great Mom.
Still miss her.

And that's my greetings to all mothers today.....God bless you all

Friday, May 6, 2016

It's time to unite...wake up!

When the GOP first started all the campaigning, speeches, and debates there were seventeen candidates vying for the White House. We all had our favorites; Bush, Carson, Rubio, Cruz,
Florina, Huckabee, etc.  Of course living in Ohio my personal favorite was John Kasich.

Among the seventeen there was the flamboyant, outspoken billionaire Donald Trump, monikered "The Donald". When all this first started, I strongly predicted to my wife, "Why is Trump even in there....he'll surely be the first one to drop out". And of course there were many, many Americans who agreed with me.

Here's a good space to remind all GOP'ers that Trump's rise in his campaigning is due to many Americans realizing that for eight years we've have a spineless wuss that has degraded our great country while he panders to Iran, and other mid-east countries that harbored and/or supported terrorists.  Trumps is strong and forceful, and many began to realize what type of person we need to lead our nation. Just listen to Trump speak, and then listen and watch Barry Soetero speak..rumps is strong and forceful, and many began to realize what type of person we need to lead our nation. Just listen to Trump speak, and then listen and watch Barry Soetero speak..

But  there are still many within the GOP that just won't unite behind our nominee so that we can stop the crooked Clinton machine.  There are many disappointed people that are so angry with their dislike of Trump to the point that they have claimed they are not even going to cast any vote in the general election in November.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, even former GOP presidents the Bush's, are currently not endorsing Trump. Does anyone, except me, realize what could "snowball" if there is no sufficient unity in the Party and Hillary gets elected. There may be enough disgruntled voters that we could lose the House and the Senate this November.

First, let's try to foresee just what our Judicial, Executive, and Legislative branches will be with Hillary in the White House.  Let's begin with the Supreme Court. We already have a vacancy in the Supreme Court with Scalia's death. next Ginsberg will be retiring after the election.  America could possibly have two very liberal Supreme Court Justices. If that happens we can all say goodbye to our 2nd. Amendment, among other liberal attacks on our Constitution.

Now add to that who else she would bring with her in her cabinet, we will have another four years of Barry Soetero. And I can't leave this spot without mentioning that we'll have "Slick Willy" and sex-texting addict Anthony Weiner in the White House at the same time.  Can you imagine the orgies when Hillary and her aide Abedin are out of town. Whew!

So, for all you GOP'ers still on the fence about Trump, or are even contemplating staying at home on election day, think about who Trump will be bringing with him. First, we'll get two conservative Supreme Court Justices. Then there's the appointments of Guilianni as Secretary of State, Chris Christie as Attorney General, Dr. Carson as Health/Human Services Director, along with so many talented conservatives that will be available to help steer our country in the right direction to remove all the damage Barry Soetero has done for eight years.

Look at the scandals surrounding Crooked Hillary; Benghazi, donations to her from mid-east countries in exchange for favors, and her hidden e-mail server. She belongs in prison, not in our White House. Consider the damage she could do. 

Starting with the media, Trump has a long hard battle ahead of him, and the only way he can defeat Hillary is if the entire Republican base rally around him, spread the word to vote for him. We must keep Hillary and her evil entourage away from our White House.

This is not a time to be subjective about how you personally feel about Trump. This is a time to stop believing the media, and recognize Hillary's lies, and Soetero's evil policies, and get rid of someone who feels "entitled" to become our leader. We must unite behind Trump, regardless of your personal beliefs. Let's help Donald MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

And that's Politics with Pete for today. God bless our country, and our troops
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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The "other" race

I consider myself a proud White man, a Caucasian. Of course, having both parents born in Italy, I also  consider myself a proud first generation Italian-American. But most of all I pride myself on being a proud and loyal U.S. Constitution believer.

Today there is so much division between Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, American Indians, and Asian-Americans, to the point where crimes and violence have broken out between these races more than ever before in our great country since the Civil War. Does anyone but me think that just maybe Barry Soetero had anything to do with this?

This is the great country of America where all races are acknowledged and accepted. Yeah, well lately it seems all races except the Caucasian race. Today, it seems to be completely politically correct (PC), you must be anti-White. And oh yes, if you're not anti-White, then you are certainly a racist. Ask Sharpton.

The PC crowd, heavily supported by the progressive left-wing liberal media wants only to have everyone to think KKK when relating to "Whitey". Sharpton, the main stream media, and yes, the Black Lives Matter movement want you to believe that "Whitey" is the cause of all problems facing America today. They scream this while we have a Black president in office. Even Barry's husband Michael spoke at a college commencement  that "Whites were the basis of all racial problems."

Of course we accept and celebrate all the holidays, parades, and acknowledgments surrounding African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Indian-Americans, and Asian-Americans. Rightfully so, we especially honor the outstanding people of these races that have contributed to the success and growth of our great country. There are many to name here, and we will always honor them as loyal contributors.

But where does it say or decree that we cannot honor the Caucasian race. I am a proud White Caucasian, and do not want to be discriminated against. Today there are major universities that have created "safe spaces" within the school walls that is supposed to be a safe haven for minorities to isolate them from Caucasians, or as they say, "the evil Whitey".

There is even a major university in America that has established an "African-American ONLY"
fraternity. Can you imagine if a major university organized a "White Only" fraternity? That school would be bombarded with the likes of Sharpton and Jessee Jackson, and most likely even Barry.

Years ago there was a Million Black men march on D.C.  While some jokes were made the march went unopposed and there were no arrests or violent outbursts. I can just imagine if Caucasians organized a Million White men march on D.C.  

I've always felt that when an 18-year old graduates from high school they should be mandated to serve a minimum of two years in the military. I spent four years in the U.S. Air Force living in barracks with many, many American service men/women from all ethnic backgrounds. It was one of the greatest educations about our great "melting pot" country that I ever experienced. I learned much about other cultures that made this country great.

I will always stand proud to be a Caucasian, but more proud to be an American. We need to get back to that......NOW!! Caucasians are not "the other race".

And that's Politics with Pete for today. God bless our country...and our troops.
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