Friday, July 3, 2015

Hate your job?

Today, the social media; Twitter, Facebook, and the rest are filled with quotes and tweets dropping the "F" bomb because some people have to work for a living and hate it. I even had a family member write that "only after 5 minutes on the F'n job, I hate it". 

To me these people are represented by a man in America's White House that never, ever, had a job in his life. He never set the alarm to go off at 6:A.M., and head off to the office or factory.
And what this man has perpetrated is millions of Americans who feel the same way. It's like hard work is evil. This is substantiated by so many Americans today that say "F my job".

Since this man has violated our White House his gang of reparation followers feel it's perfectly normal for hard working Americans to openly and freely give their hard earned dollars to those that just won't work because they feel a misjustice was done to them centuries ago. Really?

When you add that to the people that "F"-bomb their jobs every day this country needs to make a leadership/management change, and soon. As I'm typing this there are 96,260,385 Americans out of work today. Barry Soetero is touting that unemployment is down to 5.3%, while the true unemployment is 18.8%. But do you think he cares at all? Of course not! Starting January, 2017 he'll get a pension for life. Now this is great for a man who never, ever held a job.

Today, our labor force is comprised of only 62% of working-age Americans. There is only one reason and one reason only that we have a 5.3% unemployment rate, and that's because many have run out of benefits, and have just stopped looking for work, thus falling off the charts.

And the biggest hike in unemployment is among the Black youths, who Barry promised back in '08 that he was going to give them plenty of "hope & change". The only thing that's increased among young Blacks is unemployment and crime, especially Black on Black crime.

And what is Barry's answer to all this? Take, take, and take more from hard working people, and give more to the freebie people in welfare, food stamps, free education, subsidized housing, healthcare, and even free cell phones with free minutes. Something is drastically wrong with our system when people can put more money in their pocket living the "freebie" life than working for 40 hours a week at a decent job.

Remember the old American tradition that if you didn't like your job, you got educated/trained for a better job? It seems those days are gone. Another American tradition is that if you love what you're doing you'll never work a day in your life. Instead Barry controls his masses by welfare and promises of reparation.

Famous former NBA player, Charles Barkley, has a great quote, "poor people been votin' Democrat for a hundred years, and they're still poor". Barry Soetero is undermining he wills of people who want to make a living by slowing down job creation and forcing his masses to stay on welfare so they can believe this is all coming from Dear Leader Soetero.

We are faced, also, with a foreign policy crisis, with the like of which we've never seen. This man is befriending ISIS and Iran, while he turns his back on our greatest ally Israel. Think of FDR, JFK, Eisenhower, and Truman. Do you think they would have sat back and done what this man is doing today with ISIS and Iran? Not in a million years.

Conversely, if Barry were president when Japan bombers invaded Pearl Harbor I can hear his press conference now: "I'm sending John Kerry to Japan for a talk, and in the meantime we'll be opening dialogue with the Japanese bomber pilots to better understand their plight".

I can see Barry now in a situation where ISIS converges on the White House, burns it down, and slays everyone but him. He's badly burned and wounded, and he crawls through the rubble, lays on the decimated White House lawn, picks up a stick from a broken branch, and draws a line in the ground, and says, "you guys better stop this, don't cross this line again".

This is the kind of weak man we have in our White House, and don't think for a second that Hillary will be even better. Our great country needs a strong leader to make Iran fear us, and to eradicate ISIS forever.

So to all the workers who "F"-bomb their job today, say a prayer that you have a job, and celebrate our great country's independence, and pray all tyrants stay on the other side of the oceans and seas.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Yeah, more gun control!

Have you notice that for the past few years all the progressive liberal Democrats starting with Barry Soetero  are screaming that the U.S. cities all need gun control. It seems though that these very same Democrats, beginning with Dear Leader Barry have very short memories.

All we hear and read from the Dems is we need to take guns away from citizens so we can stop gun crime. Well, when you consider the group of people committing these gun crimes maybe, just maybe the Dems have a great idea.

Let's start with a little history lesson. In 1865, DEMOCRAT John Booth shot President Lincoln. In 1881 a left wing radical DEMOCRAT shot and killed President Garfield. In 1963 DEMOCRAT Oswald shot and killed JFK.

In 1983 a registered DEMOCRAT shot and wounded President Reagan. In 1984 DEMOCRAT J. Hubert shot and killed 22 people at a McDonald's restaurant. In 1986 DEMOCRAT Patrick Sherrill shot and killed 15 people in an Oklahoma post office.

In 1990 DEMOCRAT James Pough shot and killed 10 people at a GMAC office. In 1991 DEMOCRAT George Hennard shot and killed 23 people at Luby's restaurant in Kileen, Texas.
In 1995 DEMOCRAT James Simpson shot and killed 5 fellow employees in a Texas lab.

In 1999 DEMOCRAT Larry Ashbrook shot and killed 8 people at a church service. In 2003 DEMOCRAT shot and killed 7 people at a lockheed Martin  plant. In 2007 DEMOCRAT Seung-Hui Cho shot and killed 32 people at Virginia Tech. In 2010 DEMOCRAT Jared Loughner shot and killed 6 people and injured Rep. Giffords in Arizona.

In 2011 DEMOCRAT James Holmes shot and killed 12 people in a Colorado movie theater. In 2012 DEMOCRAT Andrew Engeldinger shot and killed 7 people in Minneapolis. In 2013 DEMOCRAT  Adam Lanza shot and killed 26 people, mostly children, in a school in Newtown, 
Connecticut. In 2013 DEMOCRAT Aaron Alexis shot 12 people at a Navy shipyard.

Anyone else see the pattern here. You can bet our main stream media won't mention that each of these mass killings were committed by DEMOCRATS. Yes, the very same people that want to take guns away from citizens. But not DEMOCRAT citizens right?

I do not have any factual basis, but I just wonder what is the party affiliation of all the gun criminals that commit Black on Black crime.

Maybe, just maybe, the logical, prudent, and safe thing to do is take guns away from all DEMOCRATS.

Oh yes, in all these crimes none of the criminals were NRA members, Tea Party Members, or conservative Republicans.  You'll never see this information in the main stream media.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless America...and our troops
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Monday, June 29, 2015

When Barry, when?

Dear President Soetero:
When the hell are you going to start doing your duties as to what is best for Americans? For God's sake you can't even help out the African-American community. Black on black crime in Detroit, Chicago, Washington D.C, and New Orleans  has propelled our great country to number one in crimes committed in the world.  And if you subtract the crimes in just those four cities the U.S. is fourth from the bottom in crimes committed in all countries on this planet. And all you have to show for it is Al Sharpton. Really?

And did you know those four states all have Democrat mayors? Of course you knew that!
It is more lucrative for a young man to live at home with his parents, buy a home, rent it out to his girlfriend. They have two children together, and from that point on she makes more money living off the government than staying at home to take care of her children.

She gets food stamps, welfare to take care of herself and her two children, free health care, subsidized housing from the government, food stamps, and even a free cell phone. Now why would she even want to go to work. But, of course you know who's paying for all this. No wonder we're over $18.Trillion in debt.

By the way Barry, have you advisers informed you that when we get to $24.Trillion in debt we will become Greece, and may never return from financial disaster. And you're just golfing and vacationing until you can walk out and kick the can down the road. You're an insult to the term "lame duck". You're a totally crippled immobile duck. You give a bad name to the term lame duck.

You, and you alone are allowing Iran to develop nuclear war heads to initially attack Israel, and then the U.S.  Even important members in your own party are strongly telling you to stop this nonsense with Iran. At a time when our country needs a strong decisive leader we get a lily-livered spineless wuss that lights up our White House with rainbows. Really Barry, bet that made Valerie happy. Does that mean you and Michael can finally get married?

Many of us believe you are a racist that has a strong disdain for America and its people. You should be loading up our bombers with arms to go over and annihilate Instead you make excuses for them at every turn. During Ramadam, which is the holiest time of the year for Islam the ISIS is invading towns and villages to rape, torture, and murder Christians. And you want us to believe Islam is a religion of peace. Hell, you won't even call them by their right name.

When, are you going to step forward and do something about these evil ISIS terrorists? Please step down, and even Biden would step forward to protect our nation better than you.

Let's face it. Your failing Obamacare is going to be gone in a couple of years. You have no legacy. No one cares what SCOTUS voted on. And no really cares about LGBT laws. Americans are more concerned about our economy and safety from the evil ISIS. Not too many of us give a rat's a** about someone's sexuality. 

Wake up Barry. Wake up and resign. America needs you to do that at least.

And that's Politics with Pete for today. God bless our country..and our troops
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Another warning!

In 2008, when Barry Soetero was campaigning for America's presidency, nearly every one of my blogs were written with the intent of warning America NOT to vote for this man. My blogs were filled with my predictions of how he was going to destroy our economy, raise taxes, increase unemployment, along with our national debt, and increase our welfare to its all-time high.

Along with all his lies, scandals, and corruptions, Barry sure made me look like a psychic.  There was one issue I wanted to keep an open mind to, and that was maybe, just maybe this man would help race relations and help stop Black thug gang crime in this country. And of course his failure at this began almost as soon as he took office in January, 2009.

Two of his closest friends were, and still are, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Al Sharpton. Need I wrote more on them two? During his first term as president, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, another debacle, lie, or scandal would emerge. I'm not going to write all of them again. You know the ones I'm referring to.

Being a devout Christian I began to say and write that maybe God sent us Barry to wake us up to show us just how bad things could get for our great country with him in the White House. And boy did Barry ever live up to what most of us felt about him. His biggest failure was his legacy-invoking Obamacare, and his release of Taliban killers back to their home countries.

States are suing Barry, even his own home state of Hawaii is opting out of it. The Supreme Court may just scrap the whole plan, making Obamacare subscribers return their subsidies.

Then Barry began to campaign for his second term starting in 2012.  With everything added to his failure of Obamacare, i.e., Fast & Furious, IRS and DOJ scandals, and Benghazi I just knew he wouldn't be reelected. His "rising oceans"and promise of "hope and change" were nothing more than jokes for the late night comics.

My favorite question at the time was "what has Barry done in his first term that you would like him to repeat and continue"? Of course it was the basis of many arguments. I was so very confident that the American people would not reelect a man that made a mockery of the presidency in his first term, and continue to do his damage again for the next four years of 2012-2016. 

Well, with a steady diet of "crow" and humble pie I took Rush Limbaugh's advice and decided I'd just sit back and use Barry as the main focal point for my written and video blogs.  And despite the horrendous way this man led our country in his first term, people still felt he should be given another chance. 

So now our great country, under this man's White House residency for the past 6+ years, has placed our great country in a disastrous free fall which will take a lot of hard work to recover from.  Believe me, I get no pleasure in writing "I tried to warn you", or "I told you so". 

The good news is I have another chance to warn all of us of  Hilary Clinton. With all her scandals, lies, and corruption, along with her deceit, we cannot allow this woman to live in our White House. Her policies, or lack thereof, of domestic and foreign relations will increase the speed of the downward spiral that Barry started in 2009.

She will take us to a dark spot from which we may never recover.  Please don't let me write again that I told you so, or I tried to warn you. We didn't stop Barry, but we have a chance, a good chance to stop this woman. Our country needs to stop her.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops
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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I'm not PC !

I'm so very proud to write, say, shout,  bloviate, and yell to the tallest roof-top that I'm not politically correct, never have been, and never will be. By the way would someone please tell me what the hell does "politically correct"mean anyway?

Does it mean you won't say or write anything that may offend those who do not share your values or interpretations? Does it mean you must sacrifice your own personal religious, political, or cultural beliefs so as to "fit in"with other popular main stream beliefs?

If that's the norm, then please mark me among those who are proud to not be politically correct. If I choose to praise my own beliefs, while very strongly disagreeing with other beliefs, be them religious, cultural, or political, well too freakin' bad.

I'm still a little confused, so maybe the pundits at CNN and MSNBC can help me better understand this "politically correct" message that's floating around this country in a manner that takes away our fundamental  Constitutional values, especially the 1st, 2nd, and 4th. Amendments.  Heck, for that matter, someone tell me why it may be considered not politically correct to believe and follow our entire Constitution laid out by our Founding Fathers.

I'm smart enough to realize there's evil in all cultures, religions, and certain beliefs. But that surely isn't going to stop me from speaking and writing my own personal beliefs, praises, and criticisms of any religion and culture I choose to speak or write for or against.

I love myself as well as I love being a White, Italian-American Catholic. There I wrote it,  and if that offends the Al Sharptons and Barrry Soeteros of this great country, well too freakin' bad.
I'm proud to consider myself a strong patriot, proud to have served four years in our military, and am disgusted at the treatment our symbolic American flag receives by those who someone gave their life for. And don't tell me it's just a piece of red-white-blue cloth. It's our symbol.

While I openly disagree with many of the man-made laws of my Catholic religion, I strongly believe in the teachings of my God and his son Jesus Christ, and yes I will state my spoken and written criticism of other religious beliefs.

While I realize there are millions of peaceful Islamic Muslims, I strongly detest their Sharia laws that include honor killings, marriage of children as young as five, public stoning of women who do not wear their veil, or complain after being raped in public by several men.

I openly detest their Sharia law that proclaims Muhammed and Allah condone the beheadings of Christians, while calling them infidels. While I believe my God wants peace throughout the world, I believe these radical evil Islamist Muslims must be eradicated, and I pray for the day the American people will elect a leader in our White House that will do just that....eradicate these evil Sharia law extremists.

I am also extremely proud to be a long-standing Republican with strong GOP beliefs and values. In fact, when asked, I tell people I'm to "the right" of one of my heroes Rush Limbaugh. 
Of course that deeply offends many of my progressive liberal acquaintances, but take a look at some facts, please.

The states and cities in this country that continue to suffer with rising crime rates, below average education results, high welfare participation, dilapidated housing, increasing gang participation, looting, robbery, single parent living, and race-on-race crimes are those states and cities with liberal progressive Democrat leaders. 

You can say and write all you want to contest these facts, but take a look at Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Atlanta, Los Angeles, along with many other progressive liberal Governors of states.
Yes, I'm white, and have African-American friends that I served with in the military, was in high school and college with, and professionally worked with. And I can assure you these African-American friends of mine are ashamed of the Black crime that is escalating in our country at this very minute.

I know the Barry Soeteros and Al Sharptons will claim I'm a racist for saying and/or writing that over 80% of crime committed in this country are at the hands of African-Americans, and over 75% of prisoned criminals are African-Americans. That's not racist, those are pure and simple facts.

I'm just going to close out today's blog with another simple fact that I've been preaching and writing for several years now: Whites, African-Americans, Latinos, American-Indians, and Asians that are from homes with strong family values have a greater opportunity to succeed in this great country, and not fall into a life of crime than those that are raised with little or no family values.

If this blog means I'm not politically correct, that kudos to me. 

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Monday, June 15, 2015

Who's your leader?

Before I started typing today's blog I looked up the words, "leader", "leadership", and "strategy". I just wanted to be sure I was on the same page as Webster's dictionary, and I could get the true definition of these words. Thought it may help me why the White House keeps using these three words in a lie several times a day.

America has a man in our White House, Barry Soetero, who has been given the title of "leader". Along with this title comes responsibilities that he has unabashedly and unashamedly ignored. Barry refuses to make the "big" decisions on what's good for all people in our country.  It's obvious he cares only for himself, and all the perks that go along with it.

He refuses to make decisions on any "strategies" to protect the American people. Just a few days ago he admitted that he has no strategy to combat the ever growing evil force of ISIS.
Today ISIS is gaining more power than it has ever had. ISIS continues to rape, torture, and murder Christians as they overtake their cities, without any fear of their fellow White House Muslim brother. 

This "leader", when not on the golf course, just bloviates to the American people that , "I will do all in my power to dismantle and destroy ISIS". Not only does he have no plan, he refuses to name ISIS for what they really and truly are.  Plain and simple, he has no plan. He has no strategy. Maybe Barry will think of something when ISIS is storming the front lawn of the White House. Or don't be surprised if even then he just retreats to the White House safe-shelter room, while still claiming he still doesn't have a strategy to overtake ISIS.This man is a disgraceful abomination to the presidency of this great country.

Before I leave this topic of failed leadership in America's foreign policy I have to ask, where the heck is our Admirals and Generals that took oaths to serve and protect the people of this country,  along with our Constitution?Where are they? Why aren't they walking into the White House to arrest this man. He is unlawfully denigrating our Constitution and our country with his failed leadership. He should be fitted for an orange jump suit, along with Bill and Hillary.

Meanwhile on the home front; Crime is on the rise, well Black on Black crime that is. Barry Soetero, Al Sharpton, and other progressive liberal country notables are screaming police brutality. Barry continues to de-militarize our police officers throughout the country. Mayor DeBlazio of New York is so anti-police that it's actually causing some officers to be afraid of negative repercussions when they arrive on a crime scene.

We have no true leadership in our country. Crimes initiated by Blacks is on a meteoric rise. We have an African-American president, African-American Attorney General, and several other Black leaders throughout the country. This is a time when Black leaders are needed to step up to their leadership responsibilities to get to the core of the crime. The instant someone, anyone, discusses the rise of Black crime the word "racist" is screamed over and over. 

Leadership, not rebellion, is needed in the core Black family now more than ever. Crime by Black youths must be stopped. Strong core family values need to be inserted with LSD, Love, Support, and Discipline. I don't have all the answers, but I do know we have to start with love.

I know I'll be labeled a "racist" for writing this blog, but the true fact is, here in the United States, African-American youths are committing the majority of crimes. What are our leaders doing to stop it? Where are our leaders?

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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