Monday, April 23, 2018

It's our kids stupid

Be honest now many of you out there know, or remember, that April is National Child Abuse Awareness month? It seems that everday is National 'something or other' day. National pancake day, national chocolate day, even national grilled chesse sandwich day. Really? We're actually honoring, yes honoring, irrelevant inanimate objects that are just for promoting products for sales. They actually don't mean a hill of bean to most Americans.

I feel somewhat knowledgeable in the area of child abuse prevention, as I worked for John Walsh's California branch of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children for four years. I served as voluntary board chairman, facilitated many parenting workshops, spoke in many schools on "Stranger Danger". But my real qualifier is I'm a father, grandfather, and even two-time great grandfather.

It seems all societies fail to grasp and digest that our children, all over the world, are our greatest natural resource. Someday, and it'll be here faster than you can blink an eye, us "old timer" are gonna turn this world over to our young 'natural resources', and our man focus today, right now, immediately must be on preparing them to handle their responsibilities as they grow to handle the decisions they make for our country.

When an infant emerges from their mother's womb there's not a set of instructions taped to their bottom on how to properly raise and prepare them for their futures.  They're just helpless little 6 or 7 pounders who seem for scream for attention to eat, sleep, or get re-diapered. I'm 82 now, and remember telling the parents and students in my workshops that I was raised on LSD, and I always got the last word when Dad read the riot act to me when I screwed up. They would look at me wondering if they were in the right workshop.

First of all, what I meant by LSD was Love, Support, and Discipline, and what I meant by 'last word' was me saying "Yes Dad" when he doled out the disciple, which usually consisted of one week of "grounding". Dad could care less about the big school dance after the game. Grounded meant grounded. Dad came from Italy without a day of education, he was my hero and still is.

Ever since Columbine we've turned school shootings into political platforms. There have been entirely too many school shootings, bringing chaos, harm, and even death to our children striving to get an education. The political part seems to be that as soon as there's a school shooting, or any public shooting there are groups who immediately take to the streets screaming for gun control.

The protest signs carried by the political protests read like protests right out of Hitler and Stalin's playbook. Blame the 'other Party', particularly the one in office. Blame the NRA. Blame the gun manufacturers, after all they manufacture the firearms. Yes, plenty of facets of our society to blame for firearm crimes, and plenty of blame to go around.

Yesterday was a beautiful Spring day, and while I was "putzing around" in the garage I spotted five or six 10-12 year olds running around the neighborhood. Three African-American children, along with two little White girls were giggling, laughing, and exploring. Being a strong child advocate, it was nice to witness. They waved at me laughing.

Frosting on the cake? Later, when I walked inside my wife told me these young kids knocked on our door and asked my wife if she had any trash to throw away. Then she further explained these youngsters were actually going around our condo complex, knocking on doors, asking people if they had any trash to throw away. There's a large dumpster area at the end of the street, and these youngsters actually thought there may be some people who can't carry their trash to the dumpster, and they wanted to help.

So many thoughts and questions running through my brain. Who taught these kids that it was really nice to do this? Where did they learn to be respectful? So heartwarming to see them play together; laughing, chasing each other on their bikes. Then I started to think, what will happen to these children? What changes will they go through that may dictate one becomes a Dr., Attorney, etc., and one end up in a gang taking drugs, and ending up in the morgue?

The answer is very simple...PARENTING. I have seen all the protest signs at these anti-gun marches blaming everything, but parenting skills. Some parents find it easier to blame the schools, racism, and a multitude of reasons that don''t befall them in any way.

I would like to see some signs at protests that read, WE NEED BETTER PARENTING, or HOMES MUST BE STABLE FOR OUR CHILDREN,  even signs that ask WE NEED MORE TWO-PARENT HOMES. But no, we'll never see signs like this at protest and marches. It seems easier to blame everyone, and everthing else.

Wake up people! If we all want a better America, start focusing on what really matters:

And that's Politics with Pete today. God blss our country and our troops.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Maybe MORE guns needed!

Will someone from L.A., Chicago, or New York please explain to me why these particular cities are so proud of their no-gun zones while they are while at the same time these cities have the highest gun crimes committed ever year. Has anyone given any thought to the possibility that criminals and gang bangers are strongly in support of gun free zones. It does make it easier for them to commit crimes, knowing good law-abiding citizens are prohibited to carry a firearm for personal protection.

I have  conjured up more scenarios in my head about gun control. Here's one of them right now, with mention a few more before I leave the blog today. We all buy car insurance don't we, with the hopes of never having to use it. We dutifully pay our monthly premiums without even thinking about it, but in hopes we never have to use it.

 Well for me and millions of other Americans we feel the same way about our firearms. use myself as a plain simple explanation. I am a proud NRA member, and legally own four registered firearms, and I also have a concealed carry license. Firearm shooting at the pistol range and making my own reloaded ammunition is a hobby with me.

 Many times I've equated my  legal ownership of my four firearms to my car insurance policy. As I've said many times to many people," I pray that all I ever point-and-shoot my firearm at is a target on the pistol shooting range, however when I go to sleep in the evenings  I have a loaded  .357 revolver  sitting on my nightstand, and I sleep like a baby".  Yes, I consider my firearms  as one of my precious insurance policies.

 Recently, a friend and I were in discussions about our pro-gun  ideas. I said we should be like Switzerland and every household must have a firearm and and must know how to use their firearm in a proper and lawful manner. Switzerland has adopted this policy for many years because Switzerland does not have an army. Would anyone like to venture a guess as to how many gun homicides Switzerland has? Gun crimes in Switzerland the lowest of any place in the world.

 My friend then excitedly proclaimed he had  even a better idea. He suggested that every American have a right to carry a firearm to protect themselves, but he  further suggested that all American citizen have a brightly colored lanyard around their neck to signify to everyone that they have a loaded firearm on their  body. When I laughed at him he said think about it, you're walking down the streets of Chicago and some thugs are approaching you, and they see this lanyard around your neck signifying that you have a loaded weapon on you. My friend said do you think that just maybe the Chicago street thug might turn  around and walk the other way.

 Throughout all of the  debates on pro-gun and anti-gun there is one element, and probably the very most important one, we never seem to address. And that is the family. Why is that no one  is placing the blame and affixing our responsibility straight at early parenting.Why is society so reluctant to address the importance of communications between parents and children, and the extreme importance of it? The teachings and the legacies that we pass on to our children begin the moment they are born.

And then there's the dreaded political scenarios my friend and I started to throw around. What if the little 17-year old pipsqueak was a pro-gun Republican, and he was traveling the country praising the 2nd Amend? What if little Davey Hogg was an NRA member? The lib Dems would be asking for his head. No one wants to admit it, but face it, the main reason for all these anti and pro gun debates is mainly because lib Dems want anything brought forward by President Trump fails.

Democrats, Republican, and Independents must realize that all of these "made-up" solutions are falling short and are not working. They must realize decent family parenting is not only the best, but good family parenting is the only true and effective way to raise our children. When an infant is born they don't emerge with a set of instructions on their little backsides. Children must be raised on LSD...Love, Support, and Discipline. 

Our children are our greatest natural resource, and if we are to ensure their role in society, we must recognize good family love and parenting is the very best road for all of us to take for the future of our children and America.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country and our troops.

Monday, March 26, 2018

What's an AR-15?

Gee, if someone had told me that Clooney, Whoopi, Lady Gaga, Kimmel, and even the Governor of New York were at the anti-gun protests yesterday that would have certainly flipped me over to be anti-gun, and revoked my NRA membership. Because I just worship these stars and hang on every word they speak. I'm sure they know everything there is to know about guns, especially AR-15's.  Of course wasn't it just great to have theses protests led by a wonderful young man, David Hogg?

This young David Hogg sure has command of the English language. All during his interviews on CNN and MSNBC he should be commended because he only dropped the "F" bomb 20 or 30 times. Wasn't it nice how he kept referring to his "F**king parents" when talking about them? Yes, this young man is certainly a role model for our young children.

And how about the quality of the young people protesting? They are certainly well aware of all the issues surrounding our 2nd. Amend. rights. I was especially impressed when the on-site reporter asked some of the young protesters questions about why they are protesting. One young protester was asked "What Constitutional Amendment are you protesting against"? Whereupon the young protester said, "Huh?...I don't know". 

Another young protester was asked, "What's an assault weapon"?, and the young high school protester had a blank look, turned to their high school friend and asked, "What's he talking about...what's an assault weapon"? Did anyone ever wonder how large these protests would have been if they were held after school hours or on the weekend?

What does it say about the support these uneducated high schoolers are receiving from our great former White House resident Barry and his husband Michael, and the fantastic woman politician Crooked Hillary, that is now speaking in New Guinea or Yeman spewing out all the excuses as to why she lost the race in 2016. 

Like most Americans I don't have any sure-fire answer to stop gun violence, but I do have some questions. Why are the highest gun crimes committed in cities that have solid gun-free zones? Did you know these cities have lib Den mayors? See Rahm Emanuel in Chicago. Another question is with all the hoopla about school shootings and gun control why are we not having discussions about the true real root of the problem; the decay of American family values.

And while we have "free spaces" in colleges, and protests to repeal the 2nd. Amendment, why have our schools abolished the Christian beliefs our country was founded on? Why have we removed American History and Civics from our classrooms, along with our American flag, and the stopping of our pledge of allegiance in the classrooms?  

Do these gangs of uneducated youngsters really think they they have any credibility with the American people? Did you hear their answers when a reporter walked among them asking questions about why they were protesting? Their signs made no sense at all. One lady carried a sign that says guns in her state are protected more than her uterus. Guess she hasn't read up on all the children Planned Parenthood kills every day.

So, the bottom line is the ridiculous protest led by a hired snot-nosed crisis actor was nothing more than a display of stupid answers from the protesters holding up signs filled with lies. So I'd like to close with one suggestion:WHEN A BOY/GIRL GRADUATES FROM HIGH SCHOOL IT SHOULD BE MANDATED THEY SPEND A MINIMUM OF TWO YEARS IN THE MILITARY BEFORE THEY EMBARK ON ANYTHING .  Just think about that for a minute.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country and our troops.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

63 million and counting

Gee, wouldn't it be great if the mainstream media, or as a a lot of people like to refer to them, as the fake news media, would start interviewing  some of the 63 million  of us that voted for Pres. Trump? There's no need to go into the details of how the fake news media and the Hollywood elites send out their hateful messages toward our president and his family solely because their candidate, crooked Hillary, didn't win last November. We all know that scenario.

 The fake news medi have always been in hope that by garnering these popular Hollywood elites to send their hateful messages out we stupid deplorable Republicans will eventually change our minds and start to hate Pres. Trump like they do. Wouldn't it be great though, it's the fake news media would go out into the public, especially the Midwestern states, maybe states like Ohio Michigan and Wisconsin, and start communicating with some of the 63 million of us that voted for Donald Trump.

 Poor  crooked Hillary Clinton is just about exhausted all her radio and TV time in the United States, and is now taking to foreign countries with her numerous excuses as to why she lost the presidential race. Before I go any further I'd like to comment on a statement Mrs. Clinton said, when she said that white women voted only for the candidate that their husbands told them to vote for. Hillary has never met my wife. I don't think St. Peter could convince my wife on who to vote for, let alone me.

 First, for eight years we had to endure former president Barry Soetero and his husband Michael traveling around the world telling all the countries that would listen to them about all the problems and all the faults of the United States. This, right after the people of America voted him in as president of our country. I see some similarities now between crooked Hillary Clinton and former Pres. Barry Soetero.

 Of course it's more appealing  when the fake news outlets to have the likes of Colbert, Clooney, Whoopi,  etc.,  pushing their hateful agenda then to talk to a stupid deplorable like myself, however on election day I'm just as powerful as George Clooney. What the fake news media fails to understand is that we 63 million stupid deplorables  that voted for Pres. Trump are waking up more and more every day,  paying less and less attention to what those celebrities in the fake news media from the left are reporting.

 Yes,  we could all agree that our president is bombastic, arrogant, egotistical, and is at times overly demanding. But I'd like to recall a short analogy I read a few days ago in the paper: It's 3:00 in the morning your basement is flooding and the water is rising.  it's 3 o'clock in the morning and you need a plumber right now. When the water still rising in the basement the plumber finally arrives. Now at this point you really care what the plumber looks like, or if he has a plumber's crack, or even if he swearing while is going about draining your flooded basement? You just want your basement leak fixed,  the water drained out,  and your living conditions restored.

 That's how we 63 million voters feel about Pres. Trump we really don't care about what he did years and years ago. In fact we're strongly starting to disagree with all these accusations from Playboy models and other people that spew hatred on our president over things he alledgdly did decades ago. It is becoming laughable. Did you ever wonder why the media, during Obama's eight years, never tried to uncover anything at all from his past, including his true identity, where he was born, his years in college, any of his transcripts and grades from college, and even what is true religion is? Anyone see pictures of their daughters when they were infants?

Forget about President Trump's twitter account, his orange hair, and sometimes even the things he says. Let's take a look at what he's done since he's been in office. No I'm not going to waste your time reading his accomplishments and my time writing what his accomplishments are, but I think we can all agree that he's trying the best he can to return our great country to the prominence it once had and deserves now more than ever.

 One would think that the likes of Schumer and Pelosi would want to see our country prosper again and become more secure by bolstering our military and securing our border by having a wall built so that illegal criminals, mainly MS – 13, do not come into our country illegally. No one has been able to understand why the left, media, and Hollywood elites hate president Trump so much and want him to fail. Are they so stupid that they don't realize by doing everything they can to spoil our presidents policies and agendas that they are really hurting the middle class people. And they say they want to help the middle class so please vote for them in the 2018 and 2020 elections.

 The most glaring example of this is when Pres. Trump passed the tax reform bill not a single Democrat from the House and Senate voted for it.  I wonder how these Democrat candidates are going to dance around this topic when they are asked about it on their campaigns.  have you noticed the Democrats have yet to come up with any ideas as to what they want to do to make America  a better place to live. They actually believe that by using all their resources to throw hatred at the president will win them elections.

 What are the proposed policies of the Democratic Party? How are they going to make life better for me if I vote for them in November? It has been nearly 16 months since Kirk and Hilary lost the presidential election, and yet she falsely believes that she is endearing herself to the American people by constantly giving speeches as to why she lost. Mrs. Clinton claims she will always be around to help the Democratic Party win elections, however what's coming to fruition is that most of the Democratic Party is hoping Hillary just plain goes away.

 Yes it's true  that as long as there's a media, a liberal progressive Democratic Party, and are stupid Hollywood elites there will be daily attacks put forward  for the American people to review.  but I'll just close and saying we are 63 million strong and counting.  And we really don't care if you interview any of us  at all. You'll feel us in the voting booth in November.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country and our troops.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Badge of Honor

I'm 82, and my Parkinsons is slowly  crawling down from my hand tremors to my legs. So I really can't contribute a lot to society except live out what time the guy upstairs wants to give me, and doing what I love as part of my daily activities, and that is speaking out and blogging about some passions of mine; God, family, and Conservatism.

At ten years of age, in 1945,  I watched my mother cry as she told me "President Roosevelt (FDR) just passed away". So it's safe to say I've been around through several Presidents. In 1956, when I turned 21, I was in the USAF, and I voted for Pres. Eisenhower. Then I became enamored with the newcomer John F. Kennedy, and so I voted for him In 1959.

 Pres. John F. Kennedy was the last Democrat I ever voted for. Hollywood movie star and former Governor of California, Ronald Reagan  made me the conservative Republican that I am today, and I wear it as a badge of honor. Another "badge of honor" that I wear proudly is Mark *uckerberg punishing me by suspending my activity on Facebook for three days. At first I asked myself, "Why *uckerber's double standards"? Then, this old blogger figured it out.

Recently *uckerberg posted to F/B left wing lib Dems that if he receives 70,000 F/B "likes" to remove President Trump from his liberal website that he "would consider"  not allowing any further postings by the President. Mark *uckerberg, CEO of an American organization, then posted something that caused my head to explode.

He, Mark *uckerberg, supposedly also posted, "Hitler really had some good ideas, his timing was  just bad". Of course my head just exploded that *uckerberg or anyone would have anything decent to say about this vicious evil monster that massacred millions of Jews. So when I was "spanked" for three days from Facebook I considered it a "BADGE OF HONOR". No one can verify that *uckerberg actually posted that himself, but someone from F/B actually posted it.

Why are the lib Dems, the media, and our Hollywood elites screaming their hatred for our President. Just the other day I had lunch with a family member that I love with all my heart. She claims to believe in Socialism, and has a distinct strong hatred for Mr. Trump and any of his policies. Mistakenly, I thought we could have an objective discussion about our differences.

I started by touting Mr. Trump's new tax cuts. ISIS just about gone, our military rebuilding, Keystone Pipeline opening, 4.1% unemployment, over a million jobs created in 14 months, 313,000 jobs created in February. However, I was greatly mistaken. Her only response was a very stern look from her as she said, "Don't go there Pete", and then she said "Time to go", got up from our table, gave each other a hug, we exchanged "I love you", and parted. 

It's appearent why our President uses social media so much. The main stream fakers will not report the news fairly. Facts and statistics reflect that Mr. Trump receives 93% negativity from the fakers in the press, so why wouldn't he go straight to the American people. He relies more on Twitter than he does the press? I know most people would.

Besides, our President knows he's got 63 million of us 'deplorables' ready for 2020 to keep him in our White House for four more years. The press, lib Dems, and Hollywood elites are tearing their hair out because President Trump has proven he really doesn't need the press. He's in charge of the show, and he's got 63 million of us waiting in the wings. 

And thank you Mr. *uckerberg for the badge of honor.

And that's Politics with Pete for today.

Monday, February 19, 2018


Yesterday while watching a jornalist on TV, that I respect very much, he remarked "When you hear a broadcaster or journalist remark 'I'm hearing snippets that......". you can bet that thery're abou to broadcast a fabricated and untruthful comment. This respected journalist went on to say, "Another of my favorites are 'unnamed sources'".  When the media starts off with these comments you can bet a lie or fabricated untruth is about to follow.

These media outlets, and you know who they are, ranging from the New York Times to maybe the worst of all, CNN.  Two days ago I was in my Doctor's receptionist room waiting for my appointment and had to watch CNN news on the TV. It's becoming clear that the majority of the media are much more interested in ratings than they are reporting the news with honesty and integrity.   

And guess who the media "solicits" to help them with their ratings agenda? Yeah, they actually think we normal common, 'deplorables' will hang on every word that these elites and athletes have to say. They think that by listening to the likes of Clooney, Handler, Whoopi, Joy, etc., are going to swoon us over to their stupid lib Dem values? 

Look at it objectively, you stupid Lib Dems have ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, MSNBC, and CNN to carry the fake news for you. You idiots all pat yourselves on the back, rally around each other, and vomit over all the ridiculous misreporting that the media reports, not caring if any of it is true, just as long as it's "juicy" and lying gossip about President Trump and his family.

Why does the media keep forgetting about us 63 million that voted for President? You know they'll never want to talk to us normal, everyday, hard-working 'deplorables'. Of course it's more entertaining to watch and listen to a "Clooney" than the deplorable boring electrician or school teacher from middle America, but wouldn't it be great if the media would begin interviewing the 63 million of us that voted for Mr. Trump?

What the stupid media seems to forget that on voting day I am just as powerful as any leftist lib Dem when I walk into that voting booth, and know that us mediocre 63 million will still be around supporting our President in 2018 and again in 2020. There's a millionaire pro basketball player voicing his uneducated stupid opinions about our President. Then he says he's going to continue because, "Society wants me to speak out".

So to all you elite Hollywood people, and you arrogant uneducated athletes why don't you do what WE Americans want you to do....Shut up and...(sing, act, dance, dribble and throw).  You really should because your ratings and fan support is falling to the basement. Wake up you idiots.  And by the way that 63 million that voted for President Trump is going to be over 65 million in 2020. Do some vetting rather that reporting snippets and unnamed sources.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.

Friday, January 12, 2018

So now he's dumb?

Could someone please explain the lib Dem current philosophy to me.  First, candidate Trump rigged the election with Putin's help. The media and Hollywood elites stoked the fires to the point that a special investigation, led by Mueller, ensued. Of course it was determined there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Next came the "war" between President Trump and the media, Hollywood, and the lib Dems based on lies and personal attacks against the President and his family. We all know the fires of the war were stoked by people like Behar, Colbert, the gangs at CNN and MSNBC. These groups could not and will still not accept that Crooked Hillary lost, and lost big time.

Then, led by Dems Watters and Greene, a bill was attempted to be introduced to impeach President Trump. Of course that failed. But of course that didn't stop the relentless attacks on our President and his family. Even the book of pure fiction by a virtually unknown did nothing to stop, or even slow down President Trump's momentum.

And as the attacks kept coming President Trump pushed back attacking the fake news press by taking his messages straight to the American people through social media. Yet these groups have the audacity to tell President Trump to stop using social media. Has the press given any thought to reporting the news truthfully and with integrity? Maybe the tweeting would stop. This Pressident wants the honest and truthful news to reach the American people. Can anyone really blame Mr. Trump for wanting truthful news to reach Americans/

Now, with all these attacks just what is our President accomplishing? Well, we've had the lowest tac cut ever in American history. The stock market has risen to the highest it has ever been. Unemployment is at 4.1%, and African-American employment is the lowest it's ever been in history. Our GDP is steady at 3% for consecutive sessions. ISIS is virtually decimated. For every EPA regulation introduced 22 of Obama's regulations were abolished.

Then came the onslaught of the media and elites comparing Mr. Trump to Hitler. When that didn't work President Trump was then brutally attacked for being the king of Twitter. I'm old enough to remember FDR's "Fireside Chats" on the radio. Most of us 63 million 'deplorables' hope that President Trump continues to tweet. This is his best way to bypass the fake news media and take his message straight to the American people.

All of these lies and false accusations perpetrated from the media and elites still fell short. So what have these groups resorted to? Now they're saying he's mentally unfit to be our President. We 63 million 'deplorables' just reply, "If Mr. Trump is mentally unfit after accomplishing all these things in less than a year....we hope he stays "unfit". " And by the way how come none of us 63 million are ever interviewed? 

Of course President Trump is bombastic, very quick to push back vehemently against the fake media, and many times gets very outspoken. This successful man amassed a worth of over $5.Billion, and yet stupid uninformed people still think he's unfit. He's certainly not a spineless jellyfish like the last guy we had. And while the media would never tell you, there were many Americans who wondered just how much Barry and his husband Michael really loved our country. Remember trannie Michellse/Michael was the one that said, "All this for a dam flag", at a yearly commemoration at the World Trade Center. Does anyone doubt how much President Trump loves this country, and wants to put us on top where we belong.

All I can say (write) now is a prayer to God, "Dear Lord please make me as mentally unfit as President Trump....I'd like to make $5.Billion".

And that's Politics with Pete for today.....God bless our country and our troops.