Sunday, January 25, 2015

Rattlesnake logic

Got a cousin in Phoenix, Arizona that sent me an article about a man from Texas, and how he compares rattlesnakes with radical Islamic Jihadist Muslims.  Not only is it a very interesting read, it's very simple logic  that many Americans want the White House to apply.

Our problem, however, is America has a man in our White House that won't even acknowledge who our enemy is. There are radical Islamic Jihadist Muslims slaughtering innocent people throughout the middle east, and we can't even apply a name to them.

They are actually raping and murdering women, even small children, when they discover they are just simply Christians. They are taking innocent journalists hostage, and then beheading them on television. 

And what is the response of our Dear Leader Barry Soetero? He calls these ISIS radicals "an insignificant junior varsity team", while he even refuses to call them by name; radical Islamic terrorist Muslim Jihadists. He and his surrounding crew are condescendingly reporting that  these terrorists do not represent Islam and all Muslims.

This brings me to the "rattlesnake logic" the rancher from Texas applies. When he sees a rattlesnake, he kills it. He doesn't  have, nor does he want, to have a dialogue with a rattlesnake. Rattlesnakes want to bite and kill us. That's a forgone conclusion. Rattlesnakes are not be negotiated with. You cannot talk a rattlesnake out of attacking you, says the Texas rancher.

Before this Texan kills a rattlesnake he doesn't talk to the snake to find out where other rattlers are. The Texan knows that for every rattlesnake he kills, two more will be slithering close by.
This Texan respects that these dangerous snakes want to bite and kill him and his family, but he does not fear them. Why? It's simply because this Texan's mind set is very simple; when he sees a rattlesnake he kills it. No questions asked.

How does this relate to the murdering radical Islamic Jihadist Muslims? America must have the same attitude toward these Islamic radical terrorists the same way our Texan feels about the rattlesnakes he kills. No questions asked...just kill as many as you can.

We must declare war on ALL radical Islamic Jihadist Muslims. This group wants to kill ALL Christians, Jews, and anyone else who will not accept their prophet Muhammed and their Allah.  We must treat this group of filth the same way our Texan treats the poisonous rattlesnakes he encounters.....kill them.

Just maybe if we take the offensive against these murderous filthy radical Islamic terrorist Jihadist Muslims, well just maybe they will fear us enough to back off. Of course the free world may never completely rid ourselves of this filth, but we may teach them who the boss is. Right now this filth does not even fear us.

However, our first step is for the man in America's White House must acknowledge who these evil murderers are, and start calling them by name; RADICAL ISLAMIC JIHADIST MUSLIM TERRORISTS, and start have the same approach as our Texan does.  I's simply called "Rattlesnake Logic".

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


For the next two years my favorite number is definitely going to be "60". It  must be the favorite number of every American that wants to see this Muslim in our White House made irrelevant. In pure fact, it is really the only way this man can be stopped.

Currently there are fifty-four GOP Senators in Congress. We all know a law passed in the Senate onto the president's desk must have sixty signatures affixed to the law. If not then the president can, and in the next two years, most likely will veto any bill from the Senate.

Forget about Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS, DOJ, and Obamacare. Just focus on what he's doing now. This man is not the leader we need to move our great country forward. He will take no action at all to keep our country safe. It's all about him and protecting his power base.

He wants to get in bed with Iran. He refuses to even recognize the radical Islamist ISIS that is gaining ground on us by the day. How can you destroy an evil force like ISIS if you won't even call it by its name. And he seems proud in acting this way.

Does anyone really think this man wants to help the American middle class? All he cares about is power. Americans just want to go back to work to take care of their families. He could put thousands back to work by just approving the Keystone Pipeline, and he's already announced that without sixty votes he will surely veto the bill. Now does that seem like a leader that wants to improve our economy?

Tonight he will spit right in the faces of Congress. He knows his tax increases will not get through the House nor the Senate, but he's just using this to tell his entitlement "freebie" base that "those terrible Republicans won't let me help you". Is this the type of leader our country needs right now? I think not.

Tonight he will not talk about strengthening our military to fight ISIS, or how we can be a strong ally of Isreal, or how to stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb, or how we're going to annihilate ISIS. He is nothing more than a charasmatic empty suit. Tonight will be the same old thing; tax, tax, tax. Does he really think there's  such a thing as "FREE" Junior College? Taxpayers will surely pay for this. Yes, it's nice to travel the country and feed Kool-Aid to his entitlement "freebie" base and tell them college is free, but we're all smart enough to know who's going to pay for Barry's "free" college.

Forget any impeachment hearings. That will never happen. The only viable tool we have available to us now is for the Senate to garner sixty votes on a bill to pass on to the president's office.  We know the answer to that is plain and simple. We need sixty votes.

With sixty votes on all Senate passed bills we can then put Barry Soetero out to the golf course, or vacationing, or schmoozing with his celebrity fawners. This man is so self-centered he's letting it known that he has no reason to work with this Congress.

We elected this people to Congress. Send them messages by mail, phone, or email to let them know to work as hard as they can to reach the number sixty when passing bills. If we can reach that success Barry won't veto and just lay around watching ESPN, and go golfing. We can make this man irrelevant in his last two years.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Thanks "Rev"

I do my due diligence of research every day looking for ammunition for my daily blogs. However, even though I try to write a blog every day with interesting insights, let's face it there are days when the news is just old and repetitive.

That's why I appreciate that cute little monkey "Rev" Al Sharpton. He's so obvious in his racist speeches, riot baiting, stupid and irrelevant remarks, and let's not forget his complete slaughtering of the English language, that he's always available for me to blog about.

Now, we add to that he's a corrupt criminal.  Old "Rev" knows that his African-American base love him. They are drinking his main course of Kool-Aid while he keeps assuring them of their "freebie" entitlements full of food stamps, monthly welfare checks, subsidized housing, free education.....did I forget anything?  Well there is that Obamacare thing whereby you and I are being taxed to pay for free healthcare for the freebie people.

Back to the old "Rev" being a corrupt criminal. Back in the day we sent the infamous criminal Al Capone to prison for faulting on paying $150,000. Yeah, I know that inflation over the years inflates that $150,000 to over a million. I wonder of Al Capone had been an African-American and we had an bi-racial President at the time would Al have been invited to the White House instead of prison?

Corrupt criminal Al Sharpton owes $5.Million in federal taxes, almost $900,000 in New York state taxes, his National Action Network is filing  bankruptcy. The "Rev" continues to  extort money from corporations by threatening if they don't send large "donations" to his headquarters, that he puts in his pocket, he will stage outrageous pickets in front of their respective headquarters. The "Rev' knows these corporations would rather send a donation to him then to go through the antics of bad business through protesting and maybe rioting and looting. Ain't he great?

Right now, there aren't any White cops on Black criminal thugs events, so the "Rev" is now looking for other venues to attack, and it seems he has found one. Al is now attacking the liberal progressives of Hollywood because not enough African-American film performers nor pictures were nominated for an Oscar. When I think of all the great contributions that African-American film icons have made I just cringe over the damage Al does to his race.

Hey Al, I also believe in diversity. Let's start with the NBA and NFL huh? 

One wonders if the "Rev" is going to bring his entourage of violent protestors to Oscar night. Hey maybe the Oscar committee will "donate" thousands to Rev's coffers so he won't put on a protest during the Oscar presentations.  He is forever the corrupt scam artist, and what hurts is that his friendships with Barry, Holder, and Big Bird allows him to get away with his corruption.

Did you hear his latest comment regarding the Oscar nominations? He "eloquently" said, "it seems the higher up the mountain you go, the whiter it gets".  With all the Black on Black crimes going on today, with the loss of education in the Black youth, with the increasing unemployment going on in the Black community, and the loss of dual parenting you'd think the "Rev" would use his influence to help the Blacks in America. Instead he's stirring up his Black base to "rise up" against the White population. You're really a role model You do know you're Valerie Jarrett's second choice. She wanted Jessee Jackson, but he spoke out against Barry, so she dropped him.

Anyway, Rev, thanks for helping me fill up my blog today. You're so easy, even if you irrelevant.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Duke vs.Judism-Christianity

As a grandfather I remember never having been prouder when my grandson was accepted into the pre-med program at Duke University in North Carolina. Talk about buttons flying off my chest. Everyone I bumped into, including strangers, I was always talking about my grandson studying medicine at such a prestigious university. 

My grandson was one of those school wizards, never having received less than an "A" since the second grade, enrolled in all the honors programs throughout his twelve years before college. I know he didn't get it from me. I barely got out of a state university here in Northeast Ohio with a C minus GPA.

It was also a personal thing for me. Living in Southern California for thirty five years, and being a John Wooden, UCLA college basketball junkie, I was looking for a coach and team to cheer for since the passing away of my hero John Wooden.

My wife and I visited the Duke campus several times,visiting our grandson,  and clothed myself in just about all types of clothing with "DUKE" written on them. Even my golf tees golf wood covers, and ball markers had the Duke Blue Devil logo on them. 

In our visits there it was so wonderful to sit in the honorable and hallowed Duke Chapel. Such a prestigious history this Chapel represents. It was so calming just to sit there and soak in the unforgettable ambiance. The bell tower is a landmark and can be seen from anywhere on campus.

My grandson, being a Republican conservative like "gramps", told me stories about the liberal students attending Duke and some of the outrageous speakers that Duke invited to speak. But we just joked and laughed about it.

Then, yesterday Duke University did a horrific, despicable move. Beginning today at noon in the famous, now infamous to me, the daily prayers to Muhammed, Allah, Islam, the Koran will be sung and broadcasted all through Duke University's campus. 

Now, some will say, "that's OK...followers of Islam have a right to their daily prayer ritual, it's called diversity".  But will someone tell me why is it that you will never hear a Jewish prayer or song of praise, nor a Christian prayer or song broadcasted through the chapel's bell tower.

Here's some facts to go along with Duke University's decision: (1) Barry Soetero continues to "sneak out" evil radical Islamic terrorsists from Camp Gito every day; even in the dark of night. (2) Barry's entire administration refuses to call these evil terrorist acts as radical jihadist Islamic acts. And now (3) Barry has befriended Iran and their quest for a nuclear bomb, while he turns his back on our greatest mid-east ally Israel. (4) He promises to veto the Keystone Pipeline law from congress, so that you and me will continue to buy oil from Barry's Muslim Islamic brothers.

While it means nothing to anyone, but for my own satisfaction I have turned my back on Duke University. Already I have collected all my "DUKE" logo clothing and trashed it. This Saturday I will be cheering for Louisville in their basketball game against Duke. 

Soon Duke will have an on-campus Mosque. Be careful folks; with Barry's support there will be more Mosques on our campus' across the country. Be very careful.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sticks and stones

Remember back in 2008 when Barry Soetero was elected to his first term as the temporary resident of America's White House? Remember the glorifying names the main stream media bestowed upon him, along with the social elites, Hollywood and sports stars.

He was the hope & change man. He was our savior. He was our Dear Leader. He was the great uniter.  He was our great orator. One MSNBC guest even went so far as to consider Barry Soetero on the same plane as Jesus Christ. 

No one could refuse this man anything he wanted. America even allowed Barry to relish in his new role and even become a little pompous. He really liked this new gig. He quickly surrounded himself with people he knew would be great buffers between him and the American people, while he vacationed and golfed, and schmoozed with the upper crust.

Soon the fawning media fell in love with this beloved man. They printed, aired, and broadcasted accolades no matter what the man did. Of course he didn't attend to matters of the presidency. He had his surrounding entourage, led by Valerie Jarret to make sure he could focus on taking care of cajoling with the elites of Hollywood, sports figures, and all who adored and followed our Dear Leader.

Soon, Barry began to believe the media hype along with the Hollywood, sports, and social elites. He was very adept at convincing wealthy liberal progressives to donate large sums of money in exchange for allowing them unblocked paths to their solar panel production, electric car manufacturing, eliminating gas and oil production, etc.

He quickly decided that being president of the United States was not enough. He journeyed to several countries to convince them he should be president of the World. He did this by condemning our Constitution and apologizing for America where ever he went.

Then slowly controversy  began to seep into our Dear Leader's administration. No need to take the time to write them all here; that's not the message here in this blog. While he still had the following of some of the media, along with his Hollywood, sports, and social crowd, the names of praise and bountiful spoken accolades slowed to almost a screeching halt.

In the 2010 mid-term elections the first step was taken. America, fed up with the Democrat-controlled House, voted in the GOP, and if not for corruption led by Dingy Harry Reid, would have taken over the Senate. Soon thereafter Barry's poll numbers began to fade, followed by questions as to his leadership.

Even with Senate leader Dingy Harry blocking almost 400 legislative bills passed by the House,   the GOP completed step two, by taking back the Senate and increasing their House numbers.  The House and the Senate both are now in the hands of people that America feels will make some needed changes and legislation.

Then, with low poll numbers Barry and his thin skin, Barry began to hear adjectives that were not as glorifying as they were in the past six years. His inner circle seemed to have shrunk, but today they still feed him the necessary plaudits his ego needs. 

And now our Dear Leader is showing his true colors more every day. He acts like a playground school boy saying, "names will never hurt me". He continues to get done what he wants through unconstitutional executive actions, while bragging he will veto all bills from the Senate, beginning with the bi-partisant Keystone Pipeline legislation. 

And so for the next two years my favorite numbers will be 68.....that is the number of votes our Senate will need to make them veto proof from this hubris, self-centered, egomaniac. 

This man cares not at all for the American people. He is proving that more and more each and every day. Even though the world has acknowledged that we are at war with the jihadist radical Islamic terrorists, this man even refuses to call it radical Islam.

Please remember this in 2016. America can well not afford any semblance of another Dear Leader like this man.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Barry missing in action - Again!

Wait a minute Barry; you're carrying this lame duck a little too far. At least go through the motions that you're our Dear Leader. Whew, can you get any more "lame"? Yeah, I think you can and undoubtedly you will.

Just two days after a few radical Islamic jihadist Muslims slaughtered eleven innocent civilians in a Paris newspaper office, four more in a Kosher Market, and an innocent female police officer, our Dear Leader would not call it what it, in pure fact, really was.

He called it a horrific evil terrorist act, but he refused to call it an act committed by radical Islamic jihadist Muslims. And to further spit in the face of freedom throughout the world what else does this Lame-Duck-In-Chief do? He refused to join other world leaders in protest to these terrorist crimes.

Yes, world leaders, too many to mention in this blog, from all over the world joined a million very peaceful protestors on the streets of Paris to march, arms linked, in protest to these evil dastardly crimes against innocent people. I'm watching it now on TV. It's truly a beautiful site, and a significant act of solidarity. 

And where is Barry in all this? His absence from joining these other world leaders speaks volumes. What is worse is that he just doesn't care. He's actually laughing in our faces. Right now he's probably on the golf course, and getting ready to kick back and watch the NFL play off games. He can't be bothered; and didn't even send Biden or Kerry. Instead he sends his flunky lame duck Attorney General "henchman" Holder.

I began to ask myself what does Barry's absence in Paris have to do with Camp Gitmo and the Keystone Pipeline?  Even if no one will believe that this man is a Muslim himself, we can all agree that he has had a very strong allegiance to Islam and all Muslims. Remember in 2009 when he declared, "those who slander the prophet Muhammed, will not be accepted". It's clear this man has a romance with Islam and Muslims.

First of all, Barry has already declared he will veto the Keystone Pipeline legislation as soon as the law crosses his desk. Every wonder why? Two reasons; he gets a lot of "donations" from his base that want to encourage solar panels and electric cars. Secondly, he wants to assure his mid-east Muslim brothers that the U.S. will continue to buy oil from them, and assure that Keystone will not lower gas prices for America.

Let's not forget what our Dear Leader is doing surrounding the Camp Gitmo fiasco. He and his "Goring" henchman Holder continue to release convicted radical Islamic jihadist Muslim terrorists from Gitmo back to the mid-east, so they can restart their jihadist terrorist acts against western civilization. Dear Leader Barry is even "sneaking out" Gitmo prisoners in the dark of night. Ever wonder why he continues to take these actions?

The very core of the truth to this is that no one really has the answer, and that is because this man has gone to great expense and work to make sure no one knows this man's true background. Could we really have a true radical Islamic Muslim in America's White House? We just might folks. No birth certificate, no school transcripts, no one remembers him. I predict that many years after he's out of office the truth will prevail, and he'll just be laughing all the way to retirement.

What can America do at this point? Yes, impeachment sounds great, but in the meantime our GOP-controlled Congress must make sure we get our 68 votes in the Senate when bills are passed to avoid this man's veto power. That's the best we can do till the 2016 elections.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country....and our troops
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Wake up CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, etc.

My wife says I should never type up a blog when I'm angry. She keeps harping that I'll be sorry when I calm down. I'm sorry, but I can't help it. Maybe it's the duty of Americans to get the real news to our fellow Americans that love this country. It seems we can't rely on our major main stream networks to do it. Where are you Cronkite, Murrow, Huntley, Brinkley?

I am done apologizing that I'm a Fox News junkie. Fox is honestly reporting the news of these horrific evil terrorist attacks on the streets of Paris. And what are the other networks reporting? CNN, MSNBC, "Meet the Press", and other main stream media outlets are reporting that these attacks are just the actions of a few. "Islam is not involved in any of this"

Even former Democrat Vermont governor Howard Dean says these aren't Muslims slaying innocent people in the streets of Paris. Really Howard? These evil terrorists are screaming Allah Akbar as they were firing their guns.

Remember Alan Grayson? He's the nutbag from Florida that is on TV screaming that all these problems are the fault of "White" Republicans.  Who voted for this piece of garbage? Aren't you people of Florida proud of casting your vote for him?

Since I started tying this blog the two radical Islamic Kouachi brothers and their "brother", also a radical Islamic have been killed by the French police authorities. However, the woman is still on the loose.

I have been surfing the other networks to view their reporting. Wouldn't it be great if all news outlets reported just the facts of the news. One network showed our Dear Leader Barry Soetero in Tennessee just having a great old time joking with the citizens of Knoxville. He devoted about two full minutes to the terrorist tragedy in Paris. Can you remember Nero fiddling while Rome was burning?

Even though it has been proven, even admitted by one of the terrorists before his demise, that this terrorist group was part of a radical Islamic group straight from Yemen, Dear Leader Barry would not refer to them as radical Islamics. We will never defeat these radical Islam terrorist unless this administration beginning with Barry that these terrorists are, in fact, pure evil radical Islamic terrorists so we can deal with them as such.

With a president like this we will never defeat the radical Islamic group ISIS. The foremost duty of every  president must be to protect our country from foreign groups. ISIS cannot be defeated with only air strikes. We need to aggressively attack these evil radical Islamics. But first our president must identify them for what they truly are.

As actor Sean Connery said in the movie "The Untouchables", "if your enemy brings a knife to the fight, you bring a gun....if your enemy puts one of yours in the hospital, you put one of theirs in the morgue...that's the way you win". With this nonchalant president smiling and smirking, while traveling around the country telling his entitlement people that "Osama bin Laden is dead, and GM is alive", we will never defeat terrorism.

These fawning media networks won't report that this "Nero" president is making our southern borders from Mexico completely porous so evil radical Islam terrorists can just about walk across into our country.  We sit in our nice warm safe homes, thinking this could never happen to us. Please folks don't be lulled into a false sense of security.  We are at war with ISIS, and all other radical Islamic terrorists that want to slay every Christian on earth, mainly our country.

Just maybe if all the news outlets would start reporting the news factually, then maybe the truth will filter into America's White House. Unless, maybe, we have a Islamic Muslim in our White House.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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