Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Before Barry??

There's so much talk during this presidential campaign about the terrible job Barry Soetero has done over the past 7 and a half years. I mean, really, we could write books about the damage he has done, and I'm pretty sure many books will be written about his failures once he is out of office. Hope I live long enough to read all about it, so I can tell my lib friends, "told ya so".

But just to really, really reflect on the deplorable job Barry has done, maybe it's better if we explore how this great country was before he and his husband Michael , the transvestite, moved into America's White House. How about I ask some questions, and you answer privately to yourself. Well, go ahead  and broadcast it. You don't have to be private about it. These are pure facts.

First, before Barry came along, can anyone recall a U.S. President traveling around the globe, even to Muslim countries and terrorists, apologizing for America's military power, and our other successes over the years? And this was his very first tour after the people of this country voted him to be our leader.

Before Barry arrived can anyone remember when a U.S. president overtly turned his back on our greatest mid-east ally, Israel, while allowing the world's largest terrorist sympathizer, Iran, free reign to initiate nuclear weapons, along with $150.Billion, and all sanctions lifted?

Before Barry, while we accepted any peaceful religious group in America, was there an aggressive outlandish radical presence of Muslims in our country, claiming that America needs Sharia Law?  Before Barry does anyone remember when the Bible and Christianity were banned in schools, while the Islam religion is daily preached? In fact, before Barry, did anyone in America even know of this horrible law?

I don't remember, do you, when Islamic prayers were allowed, along with prayer rugs in schools, airports, Government facilities, even praying to their Allah in the streets.  Before Barry do you remember restaurants, delis, and grocery stores being forced by the ACLU to stock the shelves with Muslim food?

Before Barry, can anyone remember when any American president sat idly by while radical Islamist terrorists raped, beheaded, and butchered all followers of Judeo-Christian values?

Before Barry do you remember any First Lady claiming that White people were the problem in America?  Before Barry Black Lives did matter, and so did White, Brown, and ALL American citizens matter. Was there ever a White House administration that threatened Americans with jail if they made overt public ridicule against Islam?

However, while this is going on any sign of Christianity in the military, schools, and government buildings is banned. Not only is the burning of the American flag permitted, it is actually ignored, and in some places encouraged. Did this happen before Barry?

Before Barry was there ever a U.S. president that depleted our military to 1917 to pre-WWI levels, and then depleted military arms to 1950  levels while a war is going on?  In fact our military is currently downsizing their military fighter planes and Navy ships by order of Barry. Does this seem like we have a leader that wants to protect our country? Not to me.

Before Barry was there ever a U.S. sitting president that would not attend the funeral of a Supreme Court Justice and a former first lady, but hurried to actually sing at a rally in South Carolina honoring slain Blacks? This same Barry Soetero honored his golf tee time just twelve minutes after he talked for three minutes after an American was beheaded by ISIS.

Does anyone know the percentage increase in Black on Black violent gun crimes, especially in Chicago since Barry took office? The truthful answer is it's over 100%. Does America still believe this president was going to infuse strong harmony between Blacks and Whites? As a matter of fact race relations between Blacks and Whites have actually become worse in the past seven and a half years.

Why is there always enough money in America's budget to continue and even increase funds for Barry's entitlement people that voted for him through food stamps, free health care, subsidized housing, but not enough to take care of our wounded veterans that fought for this great country?

Before Barry took office he slammed his predecessor for raising the national debt to $9.Trillion, and yet can anyone remember a president that raised our national debt to $19.Trillion, while claiming that our economy is growing?  Barry claims our unemployment has dropped to 5%, and yet can anyone remember our work force participation being this low?

Before closing today's blog I'd like to send a reminder that if you this this past seven and a half years were horrible please remember that if "Crooked Hillary" is voted in America's White House it could even get worse. Think about that.

To Americans it must be ingrained that you have three choices; Trump, Cruz, or Katich.  Yes, there are many discussions and arguments who to vote for, but please America don't ever forget our A-B-C's. ANYBODY BUT CLINTON!

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country....and God bless our troops.
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Monday, January 25, 2016

Wife's mad at me

Yes it's true. My wife is mad at me. She wants me to quit getting into political arguments on all the social media sites with the uninformed  progressive liberals. I keep pleading my case that these libs won't face facts, and will not accept just pure honest trustworthy facts.

My wife keeps reminding me, "why are you wasting your time responding to them? Do you think you're gonna change their mind about their politics? i just keep telling her that I'm not backing down from the lies and junk these Dems are putting out there.

Yes, I'm a true ultra-conservative, NRA, 2nd. Amend. Republican. I always tell people when asked where I stand on politics I say, "I'm even right of Rush". Of course this gives ammunition to the libs that attack me on the social media. Truth is I love it. It shows their lack of understanding of the facts.

I can always tell when I'm getting under the skin of these uninformed Dems. Whenever I write a fact on Twitter, Facebook, Google, Tea Party, etc., and they have no intelligent rebuttal they refer to personal attacks, calling me.......well, I can't repeat the names  they have called me. I'd get removed from the sites. But you can imagine the guttural responses I get. Recently I stated in one of my blogs that Secretary Kerry admitted that the deal Barry Soetero put together with Iran would show that some of the billions going to Iran will filter to the terrorists.

I was hoping the libs would respond with their support of their leader Barry Soetero. I did expect a few unmentionable names to be thrown at me.  But a new name has emerged from one of my haters that really was a first. This left-wing lib is now calling me a pedophile.  I got a great laugh out of that name. Certainly was a first.

It really shows just how uninformed this lib was, and still is. I worked for John Walsh as the volunteer board president for the California branch of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Worked as media relations for the California Center working with the FBI on missing children cases. I have spoken hundreds of hours in schools to students on subjects ranging from stranger-danger, abuse preventions, drugs, and many other related subjects.

My point in today's blog is not to brag about my volunteer work, but rather to focus on the ineptness of many of those on the left. But I really believe they come by their traits honestly. Ever see what happens on the news channels? As soon as the libs cannot refute a true hard fact they will reply by name calling and personal attacks at whoever is delivering the fact.

I have no reason at all to discontinue my blog writing from my conservative approach, and never will an uninformed mud-slinging lib change my way of thinking. However, I do enjoy bantering with them. They make it so easy. Everyone on this planet, including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN. and my all time favorite MSNBC will agree that the highest ratings for new broadcasting is Fox News.  Now why is Fox number one, while CNN and MSNBC are dragging in the cellar?
People trust Fox to tell the truth. 

I answered one of the hateful lib tirades by asking why won't Clinton, Sanders, Reid, Jarrett, or Barry Soetero ever answer a request to be interviewed on Fox.The lib responses to me were actually comical. No argument, no debating remarks; just a lot of personal attacks and name calling on me, the GOP, and they even went so far as to blame former Pres Bush for all the country's problems.

I don't like to call anyone ignorant or stupid, but honestly the diatribe coming out of the mouths of these uninformed libs really makes it difficult for me to hold my tongue. Consider what Barry Soetero gave to Iran, and where much of that money is being filtered to. Then consider that Barry actually gives more credence and support to Muslims than Christians.
Oh, I wish I could debate one of those uninformed, or misinformed libs on this topic, ah, but I digress.

My wife still wants me to stop the Internet "back and forth" with the libs, but she knows I ain't ever gonna stop believing this country is going go so much better off in less than a year when we  listen to their excuses why Hillary is in jail instead of the White House.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troop.
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Saturday, January 23, 2016

America's 13 Hours

Two days ago my wife and I saw "13 Hours", and I still cannot stop thinking about what that movie has meant to me. I'm not  ashamed to write that tears were coming down my cheeks when the credits rolled at the end of the movie.

After mostly silence on the drive home, my wife asked, "would you have gone on the roof like those guys did to protect the annex"?  I finally said, "I'd  like to think I would". The truth is no one can put themselves in the situation that these brave heroes endured. We can't fathom what their mindset was. We can  agree however that these men were America's heroes.

Anger began to overtake my emotions for the rest of the evening to the point that I probably only got a few hours sleep that night.  The reason was two people came to mind so fast for me; Barry Soetero and Hillary Clinton. 

We have no hard information as to just where our president was before or during the raid on our Embassy and Annex in Benghazi. There is speculation he was somewhere in the White House rehearsing his fund raising speech for Las Vegas. There is also speculation that while bullets and rockets were being fired at our Embassy Barry was making a campaign speech.
It was after all just just two short months before his reelection.

One thing Americans do know for sure. Barry, was not at all involved in any of the news or direction of our military involving the raid, siege, and slaughter of Americans at Benghazi.  There is also further speculation that Barry is the one who sent Susan Rice to five Sunday TV talk shows to lie to America that a video was the reason for the terrorist raids.  Of course we must never forget that Susan Rice was the one who said traitor Bergdahl "served with honor and distinction". But I digress.

Also, we must never forget our Madame Secretary of State at the time., Hillary Clinton. It would be hard to believe, the the e-mails to her daughter Chelsea, and the King of Egypt said the very exact same thing almost immediately after the raid on the Embassy and Annex. 

Hillary wrote in emails that the raids in Benghazi were caused and executed by terrorists. It has be documented that Ambassador Stevens asked for more security as far back as August. He was anticipating growing terrorist unrest in Benghazi, but it fell on deaf ears. Barry and Hillary were both in campaign mode. Nothing, not even a terrorist attack, was going to deter them from getting Barry reelected.

She then went to Andrews AFB to welcome the four fallen heroes home in their caskets. Knowing their deaths were caused by terrorists, Hillary lied to the families that a video caused the terrorist unrest. She then testified to Trey Gowdy's committee with more lies, especially her infamous, "what difference does it make"?

After watching the story unfold on the movie screen, watching these heroes valiantly and bravely fighting to rescue their fallen comrades, it is so difficult to feel anything but disrespect and disdain for this woman.  Hillary further compounded her lying by declaring that she never told the families of the fallen that the attack was caused by a video.

I urge everyone to see this movie. You will see what heroism and honor truly are. You will see love of fellow man like you've never witnessed anywhere else. I never saw combat, but I did wear the USAF uniform for four years, and I have never been prouder to call these heroes my brothers.

And as a TV journalist reported something I whole heartedly agree with, "after seeing this movie it's hard to conceive that anyone could vote for Hillary".When you add that to all of Hillary's lies and corruption it is hard to conceive anyone could vote for this woman.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops.
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Thursday, January 21, 2016

1st. Amend flip-flop

On December 15, 1791 Congress ratified the First Amendment in our Bill of Rights, which means it has been in our Constitution for over 225 years. The First Amendment specifically states:
"Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peacefully to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Wouldn't you agree that pretty much sums up the meaning and direction of this Amendment? The First Amendment is for ALL Americans, and to be administered the exact same way for all Americans. I don't see any word(s) in the Amendment that is too difficult to understand.

But, this Amendment also offers each and every one of us to interpret it any way we choose.  Racists like Al Sharpton and Jessee Jackson have chosen to interpret  this amendment as an avenue to create venues to protest against any policy they don't agree with.

It's true that most protests today are fueled by the likes  of race baiters like Al Sharpton, with protesters mostly, or all in some cases,  African-American. Of course we know that this race divisiveness started eight years ago with Barry Soetero. But make no mistake, Barry certainly started the race division, however people like Al Sharpton bring the gasoline along to throw on the fire. 

Instead of encouraging Blacks to search within themselves to make life better for themselves and their family, Sharpton and Soetero instead encourage  Blacks that the best way to get anything accomplished is that  they must use their 1st. Amendment rights to march and protest and yes, even vandalize businesses. Al preaches it's perfectly legal for Blacks to march down the middle of city streets, block entrances at malls and other businesses, while bellowing, "What do we want....dead cops...when do we want them dead?....Now".

Barry and Sharpton keep fanning the flames of racism encouraging their African-American constituents  the disrupt with their vandalism and protest marching to "demand" they receive the entitlements Barry and Rev. Al wants to bestow on them.

Guess what blaring fact you will never hear or read from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC? And that fact is nearly 90% of all crimes committed in the U.S. is committed by African-Americans. So, logically and objectively speaking doesn't it seem that the majority of criminals rounded up by police are African-Americans? Sharpton won't address this fact. He just uses it as ammunition to attack our men/women in Blue.

Sharpton and Soetero have successfully convinced the majority of the 90% African-American criminals that there is no need to look within themselves to find out what they can do to help themselves out of a life of crime. Instead of working hard Barry and Al have convinced these African-Americans to loudly scream, protest, and even vandalize American property as the proper way to advance their agenda.

Black on Black crime is spreading like an incurable disease in Chicago. Yet, you will never hear or see any ideas from Barry and/or Sharpton to help solve these senseless crimes. Yes, 90% of crimes in the U.S. are committed by Blacks, yet you are labeled as racist if you dare state this fact.

And Barry's answer to all this? Confiscate all the guns. That would be great Barry if the Blacks that are committing 90% of all crimes would give up their firearms also. Yeah, that just might work.

Most of us don't get all we want in life. We get disappointed, get knocked down more than once.
Even when we struggle we still keep trying, keep obeying laws, keep being good Americans.  We look within when we try to recover to do the best we can. We admit a lot of our failures are owned by us and us alone, not the fault of others.

We don't blame others for our failures. We don't start protest marches down the middle of streets. We don't vandalize businesses. Sure it's easy to blame others for our mishaps in life. So I write to you protesters, vandals, and race baiters quit whining and complaining. Get out there and start doing what's right. Obey the laws and get to work.

As my old-fashioned Italian grandfather used to say: "hard wrk won't kill you, but worrying about it might".

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops
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Sunday, January 17, 2016

A - B - H

Hey folks with only 367 days remaining of enduring this radical islamist Muslim in our White House, what say we stop blogging about Barry Soetero? I mean, let's face it, everything that can be written or spoken has been uttered about this despicable excuse for a president. After last Tuesday's SOTU with complete lying for over an hour I think it's safe to write that we have enough to arrest him for treason.

Of course we know an arrest or impeachment of this worst U.S. president will never happen. We can only hope that Barry spends his final 367 days on the golf course, where he won't do too much harm, except to cheat on his golf score. Ever notice there's no videos of barry swinging a club on the fairway, or his final scores. Ah, but I digress.

Instead let's focus on this November's presidential election. The first Tuesday in November is much closer than you think. It'll be here before you know it. It will be our most crucial voting time in modern history in taking the first step to repair the damage of the last eight years. Yes, take it back to begin to undo what Barry Soetero and his regime has done to us for the past eight years.

Let's let Barry and his husband Michael go off into the sunset for the next 367 days, playing golf, visiting health spas with Holder and Emanuel.....anything to keep him out of the Oval office. Let husband Michael take the girls on vacations, while buying $2,000. dresses.

But, and this is a big BUT, if anyone thinks that anything at all in our country will get any better if we allow Hillary in America's White House, you are sadly, very sadly mistaken. In fact, in many instances Hillary will make our country worse under her leadership.

My blog is titled A - B- H, which means Anybody But Hillary. You can entertain all the arguments you want about who would be better; Trump, Cruz, Rubio, etc.  The bare truth is that any one of the GOP candidates will be a better choice to run our country than Hillary.

Can you imagine just for a second the lying, corrupt, and treasonous baggage this unworthy person will bring to America's highest office in the land? The word "failure" just follows this lady around. She failed as first lady, looking the other way while Slick Willy was playing "jump the bed" games. As a U.S. Senator she never authored a single bill. Hillary never even drafted a bill to be forwarded for a Senate vote.

As the former Secretary of State She was involved in unlawful charity donations, illegal e-mail scandals, and most seriously Hillary was complicit in the death of four Americans in Benghazi. How can this woman claim she is for women  equality rights when she vehemently attacked all the women that Slick Willy abused and forced sex on? 

Is this the resume of someone who wants our trust, loyalty, and support when she's called upon  to make decisions While negotiating with other countries?  Is Hillary someone we can trust making decisions about America's economy? By the way has anyone given any thought to who Hillary is bringing with her to fill her Cabinet and other significant positions? 

Can you imagine Chris Matthews as press secretary? How about Rachel Maddow as Secretary of Education? How about Hillary's lover and sidekick Abu Humad as Secretary of State?Maybe we'll have Chelsea as Treasury Secretary, well either her of Blumenthal who is as corrupt as Hillary. Just maybe Sharpton and Jessee Jackson will be in charge of welfare and food stamp distribution.

And now, drum roll please, for the evil frosting on the cake. IF HILLARY WINS THIS MEANS SLICK WILLY AND DISGRACED ANTHONY WIENER will be back in the White House at the same time. Oh, the parties.  I'll wager the entire White House staff, including all the interns will be male. MSNBC will be elevated as the White House flagship FCC line of communications.

I implore all Americans to think of the different disruptive scenarios that could most likely happen if Hillary is allowed to even walk into our White House. This corrupt and lying woman truly believes that the presidency belongs to her. In other words, she feels "entitled". Gee where have we heard that word before?

It is incumbent on every American to make a stand to return our great country to where it belongs. This is serious folks. We cannot ignore this opportunity. Hillary Clinton belongs in prison for her roles in corruption and lying. She does not belong in our White House. A-B-H, anybody but Hillary.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Three-Seven-Three, 373, III-VII-III; no matter how you say it, write it, sing it, scream it, or whatever your choice of expression is, America can officially start the celebration.

Last night, beginning with Barry's FINAL SOTU we can begin our countdown. Yes, folks in 373 days Barry, and his husband Michael will no longer have the keys to our White House. His entourage, most namely Valerie Jarrett, will be gone forever from our highest residence in the land.

Maybe one of the biggest tasks our new president will have is to bring back the credibility to our highest office in the land. No more lying. No more reading misguided stories from his infamous teleprompter. Isn't it going to be great not to hear I-me-mine-my over a hundred times during a speech that should have lasted only ten minutes?

Our next president will not trade a deserter/traitor for the release of five Taliban officers from Gitmo to return to ISIS-led battlefields.  In January, 2017 we really won't care what Barry calls the evil ISIS. He can call it ISIL, or anything else he wants. He can even get down on his prayer rug and offer praises to his Muhammed, Allah, and Rev. Wright for all we care.  It finally won't mean a thing to us. His new title will be Mr. Irrelevant.

Our next president will call ISIS for what it truly is; the evil radical Islamist organization that wants to rape, murder, and behead all Christians and non-Muslims. When there is a terrorist attack on our American soil, or ISIS raids a village to rape and murder innocent women and children Barry wants us all to "be more tolerant" with the peaceful Islam religion.

Our next president will not claim, "our Constitution is flawed". Our next president will govern the office of the presidency under the laws of the Constitution formulated by our Founding Fathers, without trying to repeal our 2nd. Amendment. Our next president will remind us of the claim of Thomas Jefferson; "the 2nd. Amendment also affords Americans to  protect themselves against government tyranny".

Our next president will open the valves of the Keystone Pipeline on their first day of office, so that America can once again, begin to become more energy independent. Our next president will not continue to buy oil from mid-east countries that hate us and want to destroy us. There will never be a "deal" like the one Barry gave Iran.  Our next president will strongly demand that Iran release the four held hostages, "or else". Barry and his team of Valerie and John Kerry now won't even discuss the subject, as Iran is building nuclear war heads.

Our next president till attack our nation's $18.5Trillion debt, while refusing to hand our food stamps and welfare money like free candy canes at at Christmas party. The IRS will stop attacking conservative groups, including the Tea Party Community.  The VA will be revamped to give our veterans the medical care they so richly deserve.

Under our next president our military will once again be re-strenthtened to live by Ronald Reagan's creed, "In strength there is peace". Our Admirals and Generals will be encouraged to offer valid input to our next president without fear of being fired. Respect between our next president and our military leaders will be a two-way street.

Yes, like Senator King from Rhode Island, I too "walked out" of Barry's lecture, and switched the TV over to the WVU-Kansas, and Maryland-Michigan basketball games. They were definitely more exciting that the lecture from Barry.

I was going to end today's blog with, "our next president won't be spending all that time on the golf course", which prompted a better closing to my blog. There are 373 days left, and I hope this man, Barry Soetero, spends all 373 days on the golf course. We'll be a much better country in 2016 if he does.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Sunday, January 10, 2016


Maybe I should have titled today's blog "Crime me a river Barry".  Instead, I'd like to focus on the firearms that Barry keeps insisting are the major problems in the wave of gun crimes here in the U.S. 

Before I started my blog today I opened my firearm safe, and screamed at my two .38  Specials, .22, and .357 to "shoot...shoot..fire..." guess what? Nothing happened, and the firearms just played their docile and immobile game with me. Then the light bulb went off!  A firearm must be picked up by a hand, firing pin pulled back, and the trigger pulled.  These inanimate objects can't do this alone.

Of course there are killings and injuries by firearms. These crimes will never completely go away. However, if an individual wants to injure or kill another person, and there were no firearms, the  criminal would certainly find another way, knife, rope, hammer, poison, etc.

Wouldn't it be more constructive if more emphasis was put on the individual(s) that actually pull(s) the trigger?  Why are we, as a nation, if not addressing the true statistics of gun violence in our country? Why does the Barry Soetero administration, along with his fawning media keep attacking the NRA and firearm manufacturers as the main problem of gun violence?

The Soetero administration wants Americans to believe that surrendering their firearms to the government will reduce gun violence. The main problem with that distorted scenario is that hard core firearm criminals, who have obtained their firearms illegally, will never surrender their firearms. And no one seems to want to begin confiscating the illegally obtained firearms from criminals.  Is it because the overwhelming crimes are committed by Black AGAINST  Blacks?

Another problem with this scenario is that lawful citizens will be unarmed and unable to protect themselves, in Barry's "gun-free zones", while criminals are roaming the streets brandishing firearms at will. Recently, at the CNN town meeting Barry was asked if he believed that complete gun control would have prevented the killings at Ft. Hood, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, along with many other firearm crimes. People are still waiting for his answer. He hemmed and hawed his way staring at his teleprompter, and never gave a valid answer.

How about we review the statistics surrounding the individuals that actually "pull(s) the trigger(s)" and commit the homicides. In 2015 there were 11,208 firearm homicides committed. Of all the Blacks killed 2% were committed by Whites. One per cent (1%) of all Blacks killed in 2015 were at the hands of police officers. Three per cent (3%) of all Whites killed by firearms in 2015 were at the hands of police officers.

Sixteen per cent (16%) of all Whites killed by firearms in 2016 were from other Whites. Now here's a couple of stats that you can bet you'll never hear from Barry's administration, or his fawning media. Better sit down for this. Drum roll please! Eighty-One per cent (81%) of all Whites killed by firearms were at the hands of Blacks. 

And finally, a statistic that will never be spoken by Barry, or Sharpton, Jackson, or any of the left wing progressive liberal media. Ready for this.....NINETY-SEVEN PER CENT (97%) of all  crimes committed against Blacks, are by other Blacks.

Isn't the Black on Black firearm crimes across the nation the biggest issue that Barry's administration should be addressing? Is he expecting all of us to believe if he takes away my 2nd. Amendment rights to protect myself I will be protected from the criminals that roam our city streets?

Many other evil rulers in past history mandated to confiscate arms from its citizens. A few worked, but most were brought down in the end by its people.  Barry is more afraid of the NRA and all legally armed American citizens than our own military forces that he controls. He is trying to disarm ALL Americans that legally own firearms, so that may never have the means to protect ourselves from  a tyrannical government. Right Barry?

Someone please tell Barry the famous quote from Charlton Heston, "from our cold dead hands".   By the way Barry, you have caused so much ISIS attack problems that I conceal carry my .357 all the time now, not just to protect my family and me from evil thugs. I carry to also protect against the IRIS  terror cell participants that your administration has allowed for the past seven years.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops
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