Thursday, August 21, 2014

#1Bully-Barry Soetero

Growing up I was always told by elders and mentors that if you hurt someone's feelings by making a mistake or forgetting to send a kind gesture, well that's just a mistake that you can quickly repair.

But when someone overtly and consciously does things that they know ahead of time will greatly destroy someone's feelings, well that's just pure evil, especially if they actually enjoy hurting someone else.  Yeah, there's a big chasm of difference between being hurtful,  mean-spirited and being just pure evil.

To many Americans, Barry Soetero is just plain evil. He is so arrogant, self-centered, hubris, and self-contained that he cares not for any of the values of Americans. Conversely he goes out of his way to purposely act and do things that he knowingly will hurt the values of this great country, just to show us all he's above it all.

Now, that's just pure evil. This man was elected, TWICE to be our leader, our beacon of light in these troubled times. He has not only completely failed, but he continues to make sure we all know he's "in charge", and can do as he pleases, with no concern at all for the good of the American people who chose him to lead us.

He is so insecure that he wants to make sure we know who's in charge. He is really not an intelligent person. Why would he need so many of his "followers" to make the important decisions on matters? It's because he actually believes he is above all the problems the common people of America face every day. 

What is worse for our country is this man purposely perpetrates actions that he knows in advance will rile up his critics. He feels he must do that to prove he's above it all. His most recent actions showed what a arrogant shallow man Barry Soetero really is. He gave a very boring 3-minute speech about the slaying of journalist Foley, and then just a few short minutes thereafter he was on the golf course laughing and joking, while Foley's family appeared on national TV in tears.

He knew very well that this would disturb many Americans, but he didn't care at all. In fact he enjoys doing this sort of activity. This is part of his on-going pursuit to show Americans that he really doesn't care about what the country wants. His wants are all that matters to him.

He did absolutely nothing about the slaying of border patrol agent Terry, but quickly dispatched his brothers Sharpton and Holder to Florida for the Zimmerman-Martin trial, and then to Ferguson, Missouri to fan the flames of racism against the White police office.

This evil man is so quick to party, golf, vacation, and hang out with his celebrity friends, but takes no time at all to be our leader and president. This man actually believes he is above the office of the president of our great country. 

OK, we made a mistake TWICE in allowing this man to live in our White House, so what can we do about it? We can't do it in one swoop. It's going to take steps to repair what this evil man has done and continues to do. 

We start by voting his Gestapo leader Reid out of the Senate majority leader role in 72 days when we walk into the voting booth. And then who knows....with a Republican House and Senate, maybe, just maybe we have the strength to start impeachment hearings against this evil man.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How far behind Barry?

This man in our White House, Barry Soetero, gives a new meaning to "leading from behind". What Americans want to know Barry is just how far behind are you going to lead from? The truth is you're not leading at all.  Leading from way, way behind gives Barry a great "Teflon" cover to make sure nothing at all sticks to him.

This man in our White House is definitely more concerned about his popular and likeable image then he is about making decisions to lead our country out of our current problems. Instead he uses his famous words, "I", "me", "mine" and "my" to try to fool the American that his is leading. However, the American people are fast approaching the time when this man in our White House cannot be trusted to lead America any longer.

This man has no idea what the word leading really means. It does not mean having White House parties with Jay-Z and Beyonce till 2:00 A.M. It does not mean golfing with famous athletes. It does not mean photo-ops eating ice cream, and riding his bike around Martha's Vineyard. Leading certainly does not mean spending taxpayers' dollars flying around the country to campaign for his Democrat party. 

Barry's approval ratings are so poor that even members of his own party that are up for reelection and election don't want to appear on a campaign stage with this man. It's obvious this man knows nothing about leadership, and only knows how to read from a teleprompter that is prepared by someone else.

There are no reasons to bring attention to all the tragedies that this man has just completely ignored; Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS, DOJ, Obamacare, etc. But what is interesting is that because of the recent failures to lead in the most recent serious problems, many Americans are beginning to believe the strong indicators that we actually have a radical socialist Muslim living in America's White House.

This man is brutal, bordering on evil, with his forced downsizing of our military. He's actually forcing Army and Navy active duty personnel to "leave" their duty rosters. We have a Marine hero captured in Mexico on bogus charges, and this man will not even discuss this traffic mishap with the Mexican president. And maybe his biggest expression of disdain for our military is that when a hero, Two-Star General Green, was killed in Afghanistan, this evil man went golfing during General Green's military honor burial ceremony. He didn't even send his number one flunkie, Biden to at least show some recognition to this hero.

And now today, we may have our biggest indicator ever; his total lack of leadership surrounding the slaughter in Iraq by ISIS. By admitting there is a serious upheaval in Iraq by ISIS would degrade his legacy that he kept repeating over and over again and again, " I ended the war in Iraq and I killed bin Laden". 

This is another indicator that this man cares nothing at all about anything or anyone in our country, or for that matter, any of America's allies. He is actually stopping arms and support equipment to Israel as they battle the Hamas terrorist group.

This man refuses to roll up his sleeves and address all his attention to what is good for ALL Americans. He gives new meaning to the term "lame duck". It's not a question anymore of what Barry is going to do. The major question is what are Americans going to do about this? Well, the best answer is that in 73 short days we can take our first step. Don't let it pass us by.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Never before in my 79 years n this earth have I ever witnessed such racial division in our great country.  And who is at the base of this "fanning the fire"? Well, it's our very own Barry Soetero, along with his loyal followers, Eric Holder, Jessee Jackson, and the infamous Al Sharpton.

Yesterday Barry gave credence to the rioters in Ferguson, Missouri by blaming their problems on "racial inequality". Does this man realize what he just did? I really don't believe he's intelligent enough to realize that he just gave the OK to these looting rioters. He's allowing these African-American looters and rioters to hate Caucasian Americans even more then they already do.

And what does Barry do to fan the flames more? Well, he sends the African-American Attorney General to Ferguson.  You can bet that will just fan the flames of racial unrest more. This quartet of Barry, Holder, Jackson, and Sharpton focus only and highlight only crimes committed by Whites against Blacks. 

Remember Sharpton during the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman fiasco. He railed on and on inciting rioting by Blacks. So many times we've heard the phrase, "what if Zimmerman was killed by Trayvon...would Sharpton still be inciting Blacks or even Whites"? Well, in the 500 days following this trial over 10,000 Blacks were killed by Blacks. I would be willing to send a case of Sharpton's favorite booze if he can just name one of these 10,000 Black slain victims.

Barry and Holder have not yet, and will not, visit our southern borders where crime is being committed by the hour by the illegals swarming our border. All Barry wants to do is give them amnesty and register them Democrat.  Barry and Holder have yet to visit any part of Chicago to address the high crime of Blacks against Blacks, that is increasing daily.

You will never witness Barry, Holder, Jackson, or Sharpton address the pure fact that African-Americans make up less than 15% of the American population, but have committed over 50% of all crimes. Where is the outrage there?

Has Barry ever visited one of the reasons that there is such unemployment among young African-Americans? With the entitlements Barry has afforded our young African-Americans in welfare, unemployment, food stamps, and subsidized housing why should they work?  And what does Barry attribute to high unemployment among young African-Americans? Why it's because we enslaved them years ago, and it's because we have so much racial inequality today. Yeah, those are sure valid reasons.

If he were alive today, Martin Luther King Jr. would be ashamed of Barry Soetero. King did not lead us in the '60's civil rights movement only to have it destroyed by this Divider-In-Chief.
Why hasn't Barry met with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in hopes to initiate inner city programs to educate young African-Americans?  It'll never happen. Barry would rather fan the flames of racial unrest, and get their vote.

Barry feels he can continue to carry the African-American vote for his Democrat party by constantly pandering to the African-American voter. His pandering consists of looking the other way at the ever growing high crime rate among the Blacks. He really doesn't care how many crimes the young Black man/woman commit, as long as they push the voting button Democrat.

Barry has lost a lot of the  American support when he accused the Cambridge, MA police of "acting stupidly" when they arrested professor Gates. Then he lost more support when he declared, "if I had a son he'd look like Trayvon Martin".  I guess one of his White House staff members advised him not to say if he his "son" Trayvon had a brother he'd look like Mike Brown from Ferguson.

It seems lately though that the African-American community is waking up to the message that the "Rambling Racists" quartet of Barry, Holder, Jackson, and Sharpton really care nothing about the African-American community. They care only about promoting their own narcisstic platform.

The odds are great that none of the "Rambling Racists" will be seen in Chicago unless and/or until there is a White on Black crime. They will do nothing to help in the education of the young African-American, so they can contribute to this great country, and to make a better life for themselves and their families. They care only about your vote.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Can't happen here?

This morning my wife and I took our ritual daily 1.2 mile walk, had coffee, cereal and fruit, and turned on the TV for the morning news. We watched the broadcasts of riots in Ferguson, Missouri, the massacres of Christians in Iraq, the bloodshed between Israel and Gaza, and of course the swarming of illegals, and starving children flooding our southern borders.

As we were enjoying our breakfast, and during the commercial breaks we discussed what we were having for dinner. Hey, we went to 4:30 Mass yesterday, and prayed for all those people throughout the world having all these horrific problems. Seems enough huh?  Wrong!

Watching these poor suffering people while I sat in my comfortable home with a kitchen full of food I suddenly felt an overwhelming wave of guilt spreadin over me. I realized that because of what our Founding Fathers did 238 years ago I had the God-given blessing to live this way.

I realized how much I take for granted. No one was smashing my door down to slit my throat because I am a Roman Catholic Christian. No one is going to steal my food. We watch these horrific tragedies happening all over the world within the comfortable confines of our home, and we think, "yeah, that's terrible, but it could never happen here".

Then an ugly feeling started to worm its way into my thinking. Who says it can't happen here? Is there some divine intervention rule that says while these tragedies occur daily in Afghanistan, Africa, Iraq, Israel, Gaza, Syria, etc., it certainly can't happen here in my little old suburbia?

Well, folks, don't take our great American way of life for granted, and don't ever for one iota of a second believe that it cannot happen here. We must also never forget that our country has an administration led by a Hitleresque president that in six short years follows a path resembling the same path Adolph Hitler  did in Europe in the '30's and '40's.  Hitler's mantra was to all necessary to control the masses.

This administration continues to raise taxes so high on corporations they are relocating and incorporating in foreign countries. He controls his "masses" with lives of entitlements, instead of promotions to have Americans become educated so they can contribute to the growth and success of our great country.

What is so disturbing is the lazy uninformed entitlement people actually expect these freebies, while even expecting more and more from "the wealthy". Does anyone, besides me, believe that eventually the "freebie" money will run its course and fade completely away?

Have you ever asked yourself, "then what happens"? At 79 years young I'm going to long be cremated ashes before tragedies and complete unrest happens here in suburbia. But when I hold my 8-month old great granddaughter I wonder what kind of unrest she will grow into.

Do not think for a second that this cannot happen here in our great country. We have a Hitleresque man and administration that is actually aiming to erode our liberties and freedoms. We can't let that happen. Not here! Not in our great country!

OK. OK, you know how I'm going to end this blog. Just like I end most of my blogs. What are we going to do with this potentially dangerous way of life? Well we can take our first step to correct the evil deeds committed by this evil administration. In exactly 77 days we have the right afforded by our Founding Fathers to walk into our voting booths and start to "right our ship".

Just remember folks, if we don't then you can expect Barry, Reid, Holder, and Jarrett will continue to proceed in their patented Hitleresque manner. It's your call. How much do you love our great country, and want it to return to what it should be? And don't ever forget that "it" can happen here.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Barry wants divisiveness!

How many more indicators and how much more proof do we need to fully understand we now have someone in our White House who is the holder of dual identities. Barry Soetero is not only a radical jihadist Muslim, it is now evident he is most definitely a racist. The incident in Ferguson, Missouri is surely proof of this.

First this man blocks shipments of arms to Israel while they are in the middle of a war against the evil Hamas.  And then Barry follows up with paying very little attention to the massacre of Christians by ISIS in Iraq. We all know why he's just "pin-pricking" the ISIS terrorists with hardly any damage. He's a Muslim. Then Barry goes on national TV and claims that the Christians are "now OK, and are back to normal". This is nothing more than an overt blatant lie. Christians are still be slaughtered by ISIS every single hour of every single day.

All this going on in the mid-east, and this radical jihadist Muslim tries to fool the American people into believing that "America is in better shape now than when he took office in '09". Really Barry?

Now, do you want some more gasoline on the fire? Before any viable evidence has been put forth Barry takes a stand against a supposed gunfire slaying of an 18-year old  in Ferguson, Missouri. He, Barry, takes a subtle stance on national TV just like he did about the Cambridge, MA police a few years back.

Barry, along with his followers Sharpton, Jackson, and MSNBC are just fueling the fire of riots in Ferguson, MO.  This evil jihadist in our White House has done more to divide this country into racial unrest than ever before. The African-American community has suffered financially more in the past six years than ever before. And yet they still carry Barry's water for him, because he's "one of us".

And Barry controls these uninformed African-American masses through his gigantic freebies. The overwhelming problem is these very same uninformed African-Americans don't have the foresight to realize the damage this man is doing to them. They are satisfied as long as Barry keeps dolling out their freebies. Wonder what they're gonna do when the money runs out. Riot, like they're doing now in Ferguson?

Barry, Sharpton, Jackson, along with MSNBC and CNN are constantly stirring up riots in the African-American communities every time there is a Black on White crime, especially if there's a news camera around. Do African-Americans really think Barry, Sharpton, Jackson, MSNBC, and CNN are helping them? Do they believe Sharpton and Jackson even care?

And where was Barry, Sharpton, Jackson, MSNBC, and CNN last year when four African-American thugs jumped a white male in Ferguson, Missouri and hammered him to death? Anybody read or hear about that? And where in the hell are Barry, Sharpton, Jackson, MSNBC, and CNN with all the Black on Black violent slayings that are occurring every single day in Chicago and Detroit? 

More Blacks are being murdered daily in Chicago than soldiers being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is Barry's home town, and he, Sharpton, Jackson, MSNBC, and CNN won't even appear for a "calming talk".  What's wrong with this picture?

Last word: It seems African-Americans have very short memories, or else they are really misinformed. It was a Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, that voted in a Democrat-controlled Congress to abolish slavery. Democrats were completely against freeing the slaves. Why is it today it seems the mantra of African-Americans are to hate the white Republican.

Really last word: Does any African-American remember in 1965 when president Lyndon B. Johnson passed the civil rights movement, and said, "With this movement I'll have these ni**ers voting Democrat for the next 200 years". 

Wake up America, especially African-Americans. This evil race baiter, along with Sharpton, Jackson, MSNBC, and CNN are doing more harm than good. Someone please call me the next time any of these people go to Chicago and Detroit to give speeches on Black on Black senseless crimes.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Just the facts maam!

Most of us old timers remember Jack Webb's TV detective series "Dragnet". During an investigation, every time Detective Joe Friday and his side-kick would question a lady they would always say, "Just the facts maam..we just want the facts".

What's my point you ask? Well, I'm glad you asked. Remember the good old days when we relied on our main stream media to report "just the facts"? It seems that's a long lost way of presenting the news on our media.

Every time I'm talking to a liberal on the golf course or at a gathering I always get ragged on because I watch Fox News. They say "Fox just reports lies...can't believe them".  I always reply with, "How come Fox is number one in reporting news, while MSNBC and CNN are at the bottom"? You can't believe the responses I get.

I truly care what the other networks report because some day down the road the young people that will be taking over our great country are going to wonder why no one told them about the Christian genocide in the mid-east, the swarming illegals at our U.S. borders, our failing economy, our weakened military, and the rest of the news covered up by Barry's fawning media.

Did you ever wonder how the political and societal landscapes would shape up to Americans if ALL news outlets would only broadcast the facts, and ALL news outlets that broadcasted any type of "opinions' were required to present both sides of opinions and questions. Wouldn't it be great if Americans didn't know which political party the network embraced?

Think I'm kidding? Here's an example: During Barry Soetero's first two years in office, when the House and the Senate were both controlled by Democrats did you know....(1) Top income tax bracket went from 35% to 40%, (2) Payroll tax went from 37% to 52%, (3) Capital gains tax went from 15% to 28%, (4) Dividend tax went from 15% to 40%, and (5) Estate tax went from 
0% to 55%.

What's impacting is that these tax laws were passed by Democrats only when Barry's House and Senate were both controlled by Democrats. Not a single Republican in the House and Senate voted for these laws. And yet Democrats will keep singing that Republicans want to hurt the hard-working American middle class.

What if all the news networks were to air this information during their broadcasts instead of "carry Barry's water", much like MSNBC and CNN do?  Americans just want the news networks to broadcast the news as if the viewer didn't know if the network leaned to progressive liberal views or conservative Republican views.

The biggest violator of fair news reporting is most obviously MSNBC.  Is it any wonder that MSNBC anchors like Sgt. Schultz, and old Rev. Sharpton have deplorable ratings that continue to fall every day.  One has to wonder how Comcast keeps MSNBC afloat, unless it's from generous Democrat donors who want to be assured that Barrys agenda stays in view.

Another example is Dinesh D'Souza's movie a few years back titled, "2016-Obamas America". Mr. D'Souza was brutally attacked in the media. With the exception of Fox, the movie was desecrated and called untrue and an attack on Barry. Mr. D'Souza made strong predictions about how the mid-east jihadist Muslims would squeeze Israel.  The movie even portrayed a cartoon-type graphic description of a large barbed-wire fence surrounding Israel. And now today those predictions are coming true.  We were warned! Look whats happening today in Israel.

And now, in the movie theaters is D'Souza's movie, "America-What if never existed". Again the media is brutally attacking D'Souza's documentary. And again, with the exception of Fox, most networks, led by CNN and MSNBC, are crucifying the movie calling it full of lies and deceit.

I don't want to steal Fox's phrase of "fair & balanced", but isn't that the way Americans want their daily news reported to them; truthful, honest, fair to all opinions, and balanced for ALL Americans?  Maybe someday news network executives will change their views and follow Fox's successful philosophies in reporting the news.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country....and our troops.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Don't sue or impeach....ARREST!!

Yes, I know I'm biased against this evil jihadist Muslim in our country's White House. I strongly feel that he puts his hubris, arrogance, and lust for power very high above the Americans in this great country; even above the very people who voted him in office....TWICE!!

But setting aside my prejudice, let's look at the facts that are occurring now under this man's watch, and exactly what he's doing about the crises going on in the world today, starting with our own country.

Tens of thousands of illegals are swarming our southern borders, the House has voted to secure the border, the Senate goes on summer break and what does Barry Soetero do? He threatens the very economic core of our homeland economy by threatening to sign an executive order to halt any deportations of the illegals. Many of these very same illegals are being recruited to join gangs on the streets of our major cities. And what is Barry doing about it? Absolutely nothing other than vacationing and golfing for two weeks in Martha's Vineyard.

The terrorist group ISIS is slaughtering Christians and other minority religious groups  in their quest to take back Iraq. Thousands of Iraqi citizens are fleeing their homes for the hill. And what does our esteemed leader do? He sends a few food packages, sends a few jets to the zone, and then goes vacationing and golfing for two weeks. 

In Israel and Gaza the terrorist group Hamas is at war with our biggest mid-east ally, and not only does Barry turn his back on Netenyahu and Israel, he actually condemns Israel from bombing the very terrorist group trying to slaughter all Jews in Israel. And what is Barry doing about this? Well, what any great American leader would do....he vacationing and golfing in Martha's Vineyard for two weeks.

Because of his ideological political beliefs he won't declare that there is now a serious jihad going on in Iraq, and we are at WAR with the ISIS. Oh no, he can't say that, because his "legacy" was he was going to "end the war that Bush started". Well, talk about backfire! I'm sure he'll ponder that a lot as he stands over his four-foot putts on the golf course.

In Afghanistan a brave Army hero, two-star General Green was slaughtered by the very same people we are there to help. And what does Barry do about it? Well, of course, he goes vacationing and golfing in Martha's Vineyard. What else do you expect of this inept leader?

How about people that are still in prison versus the people released from prison? The very Doctor that helped Barry get bin Laden is still in prison. A Marine hero who made a wrong turn at the Mexican border has been in prison for nearly four months.

Yes, these people are still in prison, but guess who isn't? Five, yes five Taliban ruthless killers were released from Gitmo, only to return and continue their jihad against America. And what did we get in return? An Army traitor who went over to fight in the jihad against America.

And what does Barry do in the midst of all these tragedies? Well, of course, he goes vacationing and golfing in Martha's Vineyard. Now that sounds logical doesn't it? This great country of ours would be so much better off without him.

We shouldn't sue Barry. We shouldn't impeach Barry. We should send military groups from the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force to OUR White House and simply arrest this treasonous man, along with Holder, Reid, Pelosi, and Jarrett. Put them in handcuffs, and take them directly to the Supreme Court for a trial and prison time. 

Yes, I know that may be a little far-fetched, but think about that objectively. Think about the hubris and arrogance of this man, and what he's done already in nearly six years. We have just eighty-four days to take our first step in stopping this dictatorial regime. We start in the voting booth. Please don't let this chance pass us by.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops