Monday, February 27, 2017

Paid to hate?

In December, 1791 the Bill Of Rights was established by our Founding Fathers and added to our Constitution. I wonder how many have read the First Amendment today and digested what was meant by freedom of speech and expressing your religion.  Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, along with the freedom to PEACEFULLY  assemble and petition the government are rights afforded to all Americans.

There is nothing in the First Amendment that allows for protests to turn into rioting, looting, and burning to destroy property. There is nothing in the First Amendment that allows for physical disruption of an event by attaacking the participants if their views differ from your own, and then hiding behind the First Amendment right.

Of course our infamous uninformed lib Dems use the First Amendment as one of their platforms to spew lies and hatred at our President Donald J. Trump. The cowardly lib Dems have no where to go, no hard facts to negate our President's decisions, so they quickly rush to the only safety net they have left. That is to lie and personally attack President Trump.

And then when the lib Dems, Hollywood elites, and the media get "called out" for their lies they simply remind us that "it's our First Amendment right". The ignorant lib Dems feel justified in their hatred of President Trump. The hatred from lib Dens now have spread to those that even support President Trump's policies.

However, the truth is that President Trump cares nothing about what the media, lib Dems, and the Hollywood elites say about him, and this is driving these groups of liars and Trump haters completely lost as how to combat our President. And what's more is President Trump is convincing the American people just how dishonest these groups are, especially the media.

Wouldn't it be great if the lib Dems, the media, and our infamous Hollywood elites would just accept that November 8, 2016 is behind us all. the election is over. Your candidate lost, and our candidate won. It's that simple, but so many wonder why the lies, hatred, and personal attacks have continued, and have sunk to their lowest level.

The lib Dems want to make sure this hatred and lies directed at President by their party and the media never vanishes. They are going so far as to hire people and pay them to attend GOP town hall meetings and disrupt their meetings and speeches. Just recently a Huffington Post reporter was photographed actually distributing Russian flags at a GOP town hall meeting.

No one has yet to answer the question why all this hatred? These groups, led by our media, must accept the fact that Crooked Hillary is gone. She will never be the first female president of our country. The electoral college spoke 306 times in November to prove this.  All the lies, hatred, and personal attacks are not going to change the outright fact that at least for the next four years Donald Trump will be our President.

Now here's an idea. Why don't the lib Dems spend their energy on trying to rebuild their imploding party instead of wasting useless time attacking our President. For eight years, while Barry Soetero was in office, there were no protests, looting, property damage, along with lies against the lib Dem president. We were told to accept Barry, which we did. 

The media does not have a clue on what to make of this President.He simply is not letting the media get away with their lies. President Trump is actually vetting the media in his own way, and is proving to them that he really doesn't need them at all. Now this is driving the media crazy. CNN for example, has been lying and attacking our President all during his campaign. They originated many lies and false polls during President Trump's entire campaign.

After eight years of a spineless self-centered egomaniac in our White House, we now have a strong leader that is not politically correct, and doesn't need the media to forward his agenda.
It's comical that the media and the lib Dems mock our President for using social media to reach the American people. Why wouldn't he? He has made it clear that his message is for the American people, not the lying media.

And that's Politics for Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Humane? Really?

How many people out there know that the very immigration law(s) that President Trump is trying to enforce has been an agreed-upon law for several years.  The major problem is that no former president has tried to enforce it.  And because immigration laws that protect the citizens of our great country have not been enforced we have created more than one monster.

The United States of America has allowed more immigration into our country than any other country on earth. Then it became out of control. Squeezing in with all the immigrants were, and still are terrorists, illegals that commit horrible crimes against our businesses and families, ssome even against our defenseless children.

And while the "flood gates" of unlawful immigrants remain open, so that several could enter their golden land of opportunity, honest hard-working American citizens were heavily taxed to pay for the welfare and free health and education of these immigrants. 

Then it became a political wedge between parties of Congress, which soon became a serious wedge among Americans. Drugs, sex traffickiing, rapes, murders, and kidnappings almost became the norm, so much that major cities, even college campuses became safe havens for illegal immigrants, even those immigrants that were felonious criminals.

And that is how the lib Dems created the Sanctuary Cities. There is only one reason, and that is the lib Dems, created Sanctuary cities to coerce the immigrants to register as Democrats, with their help of course. Does anyone really think the lib Dem party cares about the citizens of our great country? They, of course, do not. They only want their votes.

Now we have a President, Donald Trump, who promised durin his campaign that we would take action against illegal immigration and the criminals gaining access to our country. So, now our liberal Democrat party is using this to demean and spread lies and hatred toward our President. Can anyone give the name of just one American that doesn't want our country safe?

The lib Dem party, along with the fake news media exploit families that they profess are "being torn apart by President Trump". The lib Dems and the fake news media actually broadcast interviews of mothers weeping because after being here illegally for years, with criminal activities are being deported. They actually call our President "inhumane" for deporting illegals with criminal backgrounds that include murder. rape, and kidnapping. 

Inhumane? Really? Have the lib Dems or the fake news media ever done a study on the crime rate committed in our country by illegal immigrants? Of course not. Has the media ever done research and a story on the illegal immigrants that march through our streets screaming "Death to America", all the while our tax dollars afford them a free living? 

Oh, our great fake news media will show interviews and pictures of illegal mothers sobbing over a bona-fide law being upheld, but the lib Dems and fake news media won't show any interviews or pictures of Americans being raped and murdered by illegals. 

How about the high school boy that gave a "friend" a ride home, only to be murdered and burned by his "friend" who was an illegal. How about Kate Steinle being murdered by an illegal in our infamous sanctuary city San Francisco? How about the illegal Hispanic that while released on bail went out and committed murder? Fake news media won't report that.

Why wouldn't we want a President who is committed to making us safe by protecting our borders and our country from illegals infiltrating America?  Instead the lib Dems and the fake news media are fueled by their hatred of President Trump, and as Crooked Hillary touted in her campaign, "Trump wants to build walls, but I want to build bridges, so all can come here."

I wish Crooked Hillary would have been honest enough to finish her statement....."so I can register them all as Democrats."  All this because of the lib Dems and the fake news media doing all they can to spew hatred on our President.  But try as they want, President Trump will prevail, and work very hard to make us safe again.

This "inhumane" propaganda fake news junk aimed at our President is already backfiring on the lib Dems and fake news media.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country..and our troops
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


First, a heartfelt thank you to the middle America voters that made Donald J. Trump our 45th. President. Also a big thank you for the 306 electoral college voters that made his election official by certifying and sealing his victory. It seems I never get tired of basking in the light of victory for our honorable President. I have even forgotten about Crooked Hillary.

When you objectively look at what President Trump has done in just four short weeks, you must agree that his goal is to make America great again, with all Americans in mind. Of course there will always be the Trump haters. My wife and I even have some in our own families.

Of course our President is a little brash, arrogant, and has a large ego. But, he's a hard-working winner who is dedicated to raise the United States back up to where it the top.
Why else would a billionaire, with a wonderful family, and successful business operations devout four years, maybe eight, to working so hard for the American people. His leadership and perseverance makes Barry Soetero look like a spineless jelly fish.

He certainly didn't need the money, as his yearly Presidential salary is $1.00. He certainly does't need the notierity, as he was already a famous icon. So many wonder why he would take so many personal attacks from the media, the Hollywood elites Crooked Hillary lovers, but mostly from the stupid lib Dems and the media. Our 45th. President is truly a man who gets things done. 

And all President Trump wanted, and still does is a "fair shake" from the whole country and some support for the goals he wants to accomplish for the good of all the American people. Of course he wants to deal with those who oppose him, however, he wants the media, the elites, the establishment, including the lib Dem party to just be fair.

When the lib Dems, and the media, the elite, and the never-Trumpers attack him and his family personally,  you can bet this President is going to push back very, very hard. The media attacks have been unsuccessful and their personal attacks and have lost much credibility with their lies and distorted reporting. You must admit President Trump has been and will continue to delegitimize the lying left-leaning media.

Let's talk a look at the people directing their hatred toward our President. These are people who have become blinded by their hatred so vehemently that they can't focus on what the late great President J.F. Kennedy said, "ask not what your country can do for you......". You know the rest.  All this hate is not helping our country right now. It just makes a handful of appear more stupid to the rest of us who love our country and want to see it flourish

First, we all know the media despises our President. President Trump is focusing on John and Jane Doe sitting at their kitchen table trying to eke out a living to make a better life for them and their children. President Trump wants to communicate directly to them, so he takes to social media where the lib Dem press can't lie and distort his messages, while he communicates directly to the American people.

Message to the press: the more you push back against our President, the more he's going to push back against you, only with much more intensity. Do the likes ofF. Chuck Todd, Wolf Blitzer, Bob Beckel, the staff at MSNBC, and other news outlets, actually believe they are changing the minds of middle America with their lies? Don't think so.

And how about our so-called "elites" from the entertainment world? Does anyone care what these people think? I'm referring to the likes of Clooney, Whoopi, Cyrus, Streep, Jay-Z and his Black Panther wife Beyonce, Lady Gag (yeah I mean Gag, not Gaga), and many other stupid lib Dems that think we care about anything but their mediocre performances. When Mr. & Mrs. Doe are trying to decide what bills to pay and how are they going to save for college educations for their children, do you think they are paying attention to what Joy Behar says?

Does anyone at all believe these stupid marching, vanaling, looting protests are doing any good for our country. President Trump is talking directly to the American people. Why hate him for trying to help our economy and keep our country safe?

So, the bottom line is all these irrelevants that think they are helping our country need a serious wake-up call. Why not support our President? The lib Dems, media, and Hollywood elites are not going to deter the President, and they will lose their stupid war against him.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Friday, February 17, 2017

That all ya got media?

Did you watch yesterday's Presidential press conference? (Thurs. Feb. 16, 2017) I enjoyed the media aftermath responses as much as I enjoyed the presser itself. First, it was obvious that President Trump held a press conference like no other we have witnessed. Our President took the press reporters and their left-leaning networks figuratively straight to the woodshed.  It's also obvious that our President emerged victorious.

At a time when our country needs jobs what did President Trump do yesterday? He removed the unnecessary EPA regulations that was designed to shut down the coal mining industry. By doing this our President created thousands of jobs for coal miners. But did the media report any of the coal miners new job creation?

Instead the crying, whining media are still "carrying" Crooked Hillary. The news outlets of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC will always hate President Trump, furthermore, they refuse to accept that the election is over. The war waged by the media against our President is ongoing, and it's easy to comprehend that President Trump is winning the war.

And my message to the GOP is  don't let the lib Dems get away with their crap.  It's time for the GOP House & Senate members "grow a pair", and help our President push back and reveal the the "very fake news" the media is spewing out. Thank God President Trump has us middle Americans supporting him all the way. Now we just have to get GOP leaders in Congress to fight with him. It seems that our President is out there on his own.

My favorite scene from the movie The Untouchables was when Sean Connery said to Elliott Ness, played by K. Costner, "If the other guy brings a knife to the fight, you bring a gun....if he puts one of your is the hospital, you put one of his in the morgue". Of course I don't mean this literally. I oppose any form of violence.

I'm speaking metaphorically of course. House and Senate GOP don't seem to grasp that no one is taking the lying media, lib Dems, the "elites" to task. They are attacking our President from all angles, and the GOP leaders are just sitting back "playing defense". Are we the same kind of wuss that we accused Barry Soetero of being for eight years?

Why aren't we attacking the lib Dems for Ted Kennedy begging the Russian KGB  to help the Democrat Party defeat Ronald Reagan? One must wonder what kind of help he was asking for.
And why isn't the GOP reminding America what Barry Soetero said to Russian President Medvedev right before the 2012 election,  "Tell Mr. Putin, I will have more flexibility after this election", only to have Medvedev to respond, "I will give Mr. Putin this message, and he will stand with you".

You just wonder what that conversation meant. And of course we cannot forget Crooked Hillary's attempt at trying to "make nice" with Russia. First she concocts a stupid looking red plastic button as a present to "reset" things between Russia and the U.S. Then she follows up with selling (giving) Russia over twenty percent (20%) of our uranium. Of course this was right after Russia gave dover $100,000.00 for just one speech to her pedophille husband Slick Willy.

Of course the news outlets of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC won't tell you about any of this. But the lib Dems and their fawning media cannot accept that Crooked Hillary lost the election because she just got beat by a better candidate. That's the bottom line. Russia did not help President Trump in any way to win the election. President Trump has never met Vlad Putin, and just because he doesn't want a nuclear war and would like to communicate with Putin, well the lib Dems and their fawning media are creating numerous lies that are completely false.

Yes, President Trump is pushing back hard to the press about their fake news, but watching him today in the press conference I felt that he was out there on his own.  It's going to be a codnstant uphill battle for our President against the likes of Chuckie Boy Schemer, lib Dems and the fake news press for four, and most likely eight, years. 

Crooked Hillary carried California and New York, so the press gets most of their very fake news from these two states. It was the hard-working, fed up with D.C. people from middle America that electorally voted in Donal J. Trump as our 45th. President. On November 8, 2016 we middle America citizens became just as powerful as the Hollywood elites when we stepped into the voting booth.

Crooked Hillary, her "elites", and the media actually thought that we would change our votes simply by watching Miley Cyrus "twerk" and Brucie Springsteen scream away. Give us more credit please. We lost...get over it. 

So GOP'ers grow some large testicles and fight back and fight back hard against the lying media, the defunct lib Dem party, their protests, looting, robbing, and property burning in the streets. Can anyone objectively blame our President from pushing back so hard on the media?Can anyone blame President Trump from using Twitter to get his word out to middle America? Why trust the media to tell truthful news? I wish President Trump would use more social media outlets to get his word out to the people.

The media really has no ammunition to attack our President Trump, so they make up very fake news stories, but President Trump is giving the very  fake news media more than they can handle, and they don't know what to do about it. So stand with him and fight as hard as he is.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Let's just HATE!

Yeah, that's the ticket. Let's all just hate one another. Why don't we just infuse hatred throughout our country. Sure, that'll solve all our problems right? If  we start early and show it often soon we can live in a country of pure hatred. Great idea eh?

We can all begin our "hatred" movement by hating members of our own family because we have different views on our country's differing policies.  Why should we sit down to discuss and debate our differences? It's so much easier just to hate a brother, sister, or any other family member that disagrees with you. Yeah, just hate them. That's the ticket.

Next, we'll start in the schools and universities. We can have hatred taught to our children, so they too can grow up with hate in their hearts instead of love. Americans spend their hard-earned money to send their children to college, so we should insist that universities teach classes on how students can continue hating once they leave college. Yeah, right on bro.

Then we can escelate our hating by forming protest groups to march in the streets, blocking traffic, and carrying signs to show America just how much hatred is in their hearts. Oh yes, we need more hatred instead of love. Then we can watch these hateful protesters destroy, loot, and burn businesses that Americans worked hard to establish. Yippee for hatred. It's our true answer for everything, right?

Then we can solicit our Hollywood elite and our well-known athletes. and give them a platform to spew hatred out for all who do not agree with them. Why should these elites send a message of civil debate and hopeful agreement to settle our differences. It's so much easier to hate.

And let's not forget our illustrious media. They are great purveyors of hatred. In their wonderful unbiased reporting they can help the Democrats hate the Republicans, while the Republicans hate the Independents.  Why waste valuable time trying to solve our differences and problems. It's so much easier just to hate everyone that disagrees with you. The media is very helpful in this genre.

So, if we really work on this hatred thing we can get Catholics to hate Jews, and Jews to hate Muslims, and forget about this diety entity called God. heck, we can hate him too right? We can grow to have disdain for this thing called love, and we'll discover that hatred is so much more powerful. Doesn't it make more sense to take the easy path and continue hating? Who needs love anyway?

When we find our neighbor is a different color, religion, or political belief that yours, well we'll show them just how much we hate them. And with enough hatred being taught and carried on in our America then hate can "splinter off" and we can get more factions and definitions of hatred throughout this once great country. 

So now that we have a President that many Americans didn't want in their corrupt White House in the first place because he was different than anyone ever in our White House.  Why not show this new President how much we hate him and his family, and incite more hatred by lying and publishing "fake news". Wow, that'll really help to advance this hatred thing. 

And while all this hatred is exploding at an alarming exponential growth other countries will step back and watch our country spiral down into a quagmire of hatred that has done nothing good for our country. Then some of the other countries may say, "hey, that American way of life with their Constitution and freedoms are failing, and now they're ripe for us to infiltrate their country, take over, and infuse our way of living".

Think hard about this folks. Hatred is an evil, yet powerful drug when in the wrong hands.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless America...and our troops...and love
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Friday, February 10, 2017

It's time Dems

Every time I wan to take a break from blogging some stupid lib Dem or the "fake news" media will say or do something that just gets me running to my Mac to start typing.  Aren't the lib Dems supposed to be regrouping to jump-start their party? It seems very apparent that they want to stay on the their course to self destruct to ruin any chance in the upcoming 2018 mid-term elections.

We all remember Sally Yates, don't we? For those of you who may have forgotten her already, she's the lib Dem that Barry Soetero assigned the position of Assistant Attorney General. Since the lib Dems held up the immediate confirmation of now- Attorney General Sessions, Ms. Yates became the acting Attorney General.

Of course if the ignorant lib Dems in the Senate had confirmed President Trump's nominee for AG Jeff Sessions we would not even had heard about the now defunct Ms. Yates. Subsequently, President Trump ordered acting AG Yates to move on his executive order to temporarily halt any incoming illegals from seven mid eastern countries until they were properly vetted. 

Ms. Yates refused to follow a directive from President Trump, and as a result she was fired by the President. Now this is pretty normal. When the boss tells you to do something, and you disobey, well then you must face the consequences. For Yates it was a valid termination.

The irony here is there were, and still are, some ignorant lib Dems who actually are singing praises for her refusal to "serve at the pleasure of the President".  Lib Dem notables like Crooked Hillary, Pocohantus Warren, and Wind-tunnel face Pelosi called her "a leader for women's rights".  Really?

When are the media and the ignorant lib Dems going to realize that President Trump is not going to be stopped by the failing lib Dem party. They can protest all they want. Black Lives Matter can do all the marching and looting they want. The media can air all the fake news they want. Of course the news will never report about the millions of middle class deplorables that put Mr. Trump in our White House. Don't ever forget us.

This is the first time since 1928 that an incoming Republican U.S. President had a GOP House, Senate, and White House.  The Democratic party is falling apart. They have no basis on their attacks against President Trump, so they must resort to trying to rally their base by using a platform of hatred against our President with lies and personal attacks on him and his family.

There is absolutely nothing the lib Dem and their fawning media can do about Trump's nominees. They are all going to be confirmed, including Judge Gorsuch who is about to become a Supreme Court Justice.  To display their animosity towards the goals of the President does nothing but reflect that the lib Dems will go to any lengths to show their disdain.

Why aren't they at least trying to work with President Trump to help America become strong, safe, and prosperous again? What are the lib Dems hoping to accomplish by using Hollywood elites promoting their hatred toward the President? Do these Hollywood elites think we're going to have a "do-over" election, and convince Americans to trash our President and vote for Crooked Hillary?  Remember Julie Stein? 

Isn't it time for the lib Dems recognize there is a new sheriff in town, and he is unlike any other president before him? President Trump is a no-nonsense strong leader that this country needs, and he will definitely be around for at least four more years. He is the leader we need.

All the hatred spewed out to President Trump is not going to dissuade him from his goals. He has already, in a few weeks, done more than Barry Soetero did in eight years. By the way do ridiculious people like Schumer, Pelosi, Hollywood, and the media think they are helping the American people in any way now? The only thing these ignorant people are really doing is helping President Trump to a reelection in 2020.

Delyaing the nominee appointments is futile thanks to a little assistance from Harry Reid invoking the "nuclear" vote in the Senate.  Every one of these nominees will be confirmed, showing  the lib Dems are more caught up in wasting their time attacking Trump, instead of trying to rebuild their party. Good for us.

And will someone please remind Schumer, Pelosi, Hollywood, and the media that there is a 1952  law in place giving the U.S. President the authority to halt ANY group from entering the U.S. if the President suspects the group to be a danger to our country. and no one, not even the 9th District court can prevent this. This 1952 law is the McCarran-Walter Act. It was used by FDR, Jimmy Carter during the Iran crisis, and yes even their beloved Barry Soetero.

So, please lib Dems please accept that your Crooked Hillary lost the election, and it's time to move forward to help middle class America and give up your "never-Trump" campaign. The election is over, and President Trump will do everything he can to live up to the  promises he made to middle America.  

As Lee Iacoco said in his book many years ago, "lead, follow, or get out of the way". Good advice for you lib Dems to follow. And never forget that Springsteen, Clooney, Cyrus, O'Donnel, Behar, Goldberg, Dunham, and Handler are not helping you at all.

Ant that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

It's Trump, that's why

Wouldn't  it be great for the failing lib Dems if President Trump were a Democrat? Yes sir, in his first sixteen days he has created thousands of jobs, began proceedings to open up the Keystone pipeline, has nominated great people for his cabinet, has encouraged high profile world investors to create jobs here in America, and he's trying so very hard to keep America safe by TEMPORARILY  holding back immigrants from seven mid-east countries from entering the U.S. until they've been completely vetted.

If Barry Soetero had accomplished any of these things mentioned above he would be touted as an American hero, but, since a Republican President has accomplished these things well, these things are all un-American and un-Constitutional. We all ask why? And of course we all know the answer: it's Trump, that's why.

Why don't all Americans want America kept safe. Why are lib Dems protesting, looting, burning, and rioting all because we have a President that wants to stop the influx of terrorists and illegals from entering our country? The lib Dems, along with the "fake news" media are attacking president Trump not because of his actions, but because he's a Republican who won the election instead of Crooked Hillary.

Of course our "fake news" media broadcasts only those colleges and places of protest in states that Crooked Hillary won. The fake news and lib Dems only want Americans to hear what they want broadcasted to Americans. Why do these lib Dems, along with the support of the corrupt media and evil George Soros believe that a temporary ban on these seven mid-east countries is un-American? It's Trump, that's why.

Has anyone taken notice that our problems with ISIS, Muslims, Sharia Law, and Christian persecution never made a news broadcast or newspaper print until Barry Soetero started apologizing for our great country? Just two days ago FORMER president Barry Soetero finally admitted that he's "also a Muslim", and believes in their culture and religion. He actually believes in the on-going massacre of Christians throughout the world.

Not only is America being overrun with illegals stealing into our country, there are some very important statistics that Chuckie Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the fake news media don't want you to know.  (1) more than 43% of Food Stamps are given to illegals, (2) 95% of warrants in L.A. for murder is for illegals, (3) less than 4% of illegals are picking crops...41% are 
on welfare, (4) 66% of all births in California are born to parents on Medi-Cal aid paid for by hardworking taxpayers, (5) 60% of HUD occupants are illegals.

(6) 40% of students K-12 in Calofornia are illegals, (7) 75% of most wanted criminals in L.A. are illegals, (8) U.S. companies in America profited over $2.36 Trillion, and maybe the biggest is 
that U.S. hard-working taxpayers are paying  for the upkeep of all illegals. And of course everyone knows the above statistics overwhelming increased from the years 2009 through 2016.

So now our country has a president that promised us during his campaign that he would do something about the enormous influx of illegals into our country. Why wouldn't America want a president like this? Why are lib Dems like Pelosi and Schummer and many others in the lib Dem trying so desperately to stop our president from keeping our country safe? It's Trump, that's why.

Stupid lib Dems are totally at a loss as to what to do about President Trump's success since he's been in office.  Dems have no right to avow they are for hard-working and law abiding Constitutional citizens of America. They care nothing at all for anyone but their lib Dem party.
They still can't get over Crooked Hillary's loss back in November.

We know that the media, and the stupid lib Dems will be railing against our President Trump for his entire time in our White House. We were forced to endure the very underqualified man in the White House for eight, yes eight long years. There were no protests, riots, and looting.
Suck it up lost, we won. As your infamous Barry Soetero said in 2009, "elections have consequences....we won, you lost.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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