Wednesday, August 16, 2017

It's Trump's fault

It is truly amazing that in only seven months as President Trump is responsible for all the problems that face the entire world today. Hateful fake news stories involving President Trump started the evening of election night, November, 2016 and have escalated into a driving force against President Trump and our whole country.

President Trump is responsible for the Ferguson, Missouri riots. President Trump founded the Black Lives Matter movement, and organized them to march on our city streets screaming "we want dead cops now", and "fry 'em up like bacon". President Trump also organized the Black thugs that did the looting and burning in the streets of Baltimore.

President Trump also found time to encourage the riots in the streets of Berkley, Calif.  Evil President Trump is using all his dictatorship to organize and deploy military might to destroy poor little chubby Kim Jung of North Korea. It's terrible that President Trump is threatening poor little old North Korea. How could he do that? Ask Rosie, Dennis Rodman and Kieth Ellison. They'll tell you what a great guy Lil Kim is.

As if that wasn't enough President Trump decided to stage a race riot in Charlottesville, Virginia, with the help of his high-heeled wearing wife and daughter. CNN's Jim Acosta reported that he saw Melania and Ivanka at the Charlottesville riot.  CNN CEO Zucker had to stop Acosta from reporting that Melania and Ivanka were driving the car that ran into the crowd.

The mayor of Charlottesville, and the lib Dem Governor, along with the media, and our wonderful all-knowing Hollywood elites have joined forces to attemt to convince the American people to hate Trump as much as they do. Does CNN think that Acosta can sell any news stories, no matter how he fabricates the story. And do the Hollywood elites led by idiots like Whoopi, Joy, Clooney. Madonna,and Ashley Judd are going to convince us to believe all their lies?

I am thoroughly convinced, as are many of Trump supporters, that the entire left wing Democrat Party would rather see our country fail rather than support our President. Of course the more they do this the stronger we Pro-Trumpers get. President Trump has done more for America in seven months than the radical Islamist terrorist did in eight years.No need to repeat his achievements, you already know what they are. Well, that's if you tune into Fox occasionally.

It's so difficult to comprehend how the stupid lib Dems allowed a radical Islamist Muslim stay in our White House for eight years. He controlled his left wing supporters by giving them freebies. Can anyone objectively point to anything positive he's done in eight years? Of course not. 

Since election night in November, 2016 our stock market has risen to 22,000, over a million jobs have been created, unemployment is lowest its been in seventeen years, household income has increased, more foreign countries are investing in America than ever before, coal miners are back to work and flourishing, Keystone Pipeline is open and flowing crude oil at a monumental pace, EPA regulations have virtually been sliced in half, a well-respected Judge has been appointed to the Supreme Court, and there is a positive spike up in small businesses.

Of course you will never hear or read about this in the media. The media is largely responsible for all the hatred driving left wing groups in this country. Like a bunch of cry babies the media is upset because our president keeps calling them out on their lies and vicious personal attacks against him and his family. 

Yes, the media has started a war with our President, and the media is losing. Yes, the media gives enormous press and attention to the hate groups in this country, but the media seems to forget that the millions upon millions that voted to give Donald J. Trump the task of bringing our country back to the top are sticking with our President through all the hateful rhetoric dished out by the press.

For example, Barry Soetero and his tranny husband, not only take spear vacations now, they leave their 18 and 16 year old daughters alone to "fend" for themselves. The oldest daughter is a druggie that wails and rolls around the floor all "juiced up", and their youngest at 16 is spotted swapping tongues on the public streets, while sport a new boob job.

Now to show why our President lashes out at the fake news media is you will never hear or read any stories about Barry, tranny-Michael, Malia, and Sasha, but the media will come out with hateful remarks because the Trump women wear high-heeled shoes to a political function.

Hang in there faithful Trump supporters. He's only in his seventh month, and it's going to get better and better. We will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Thursday, July 20, 2017

We need each other

In 1776 our great country was legally and Constitutionally born and rose up to become the greatest country ever in history. Since the beginning of our country we have endured and triumphed against dictators and leaders from around the world. Beginning with the Revolutionary War, down through the annals of time, and have defeated all the evil adversaries that threatened our great country.

And how did we do that? We, as Americans, fought against these tyrants and dictators by joining together as one nation with one pure simple goal. That goal was to flat-out destroy our enemies. I'm sure there were those that didn't want us to go to war with the tyrants from Great Britain. There were thousands that objected to the North vs. South Civil War. 

Many were against going into WWI, and argued bitterly when FDR declared war on Japan and Germany. Yes there were strong oppositions, and even despite oppositions to these decisions, our country,  including the Congress and opposing parties may have disagreed, our country banded together as one to do what was best for our country.

I was six years old when WWII began in 1941. I still remember when famous athletes and even movie stars put their careers on hold to join in the fight against our enemies. What caused this phenomena? Plain and simple; Americans put our country first. For the good of our country was our main theme, not what was good for themselves, or their reelection, or their personal career, or even their political affiliation.

Sadly, today it's a different story. We have the lib Dem party, Hollywood elites, and the media all banding together, with one goal in mind, destroy our President Donald Trump. These hateful groups care nothing at all for the good of the American people. They only want their progressive liberal agenda back in power. And don't forget, they want to be reelected.

These groups are still reeling from the loss of their beloved Crooked Hillary, and will not accept our new President and his administration. But the election is over, Hillary lost, Donald won, and now it's time again for our country to band together and help our country get back to the top, where we belong. In 2009 the Democrat Party wanted us to put aside our political differences and support the president Barry Soetero. 

Yes, there are many who didn't want Mr. Trump to be our President, but why does the media, lib Dems, and Hollywood elites do everything they can to impeach him? President Trump has been in office for only six months, and ever since January 20th. of this year impeachment has been the main topic for the left.

The stock market closed today at 21,640 which is the highest in our history. It started climbing November, 2016. Unemployment is down to 4.1%, every month the job market is opening with new jobs.  You will never hear of any of this news from our media. Isn't it about time that the people we all elected band together, work together, and "git 'er done"

When the left, led by the lying media, and Hollywood elites realized they had no grounds for impeachment they started the evil messages of assassinating our President. Does that sound like a group of people that want to work with the President to put our country on top? No!  Even anchors from Fox News are joining the gang of anti-Trump'ers. Shepard Smith, Chris Wallace, and Juan Williams are now spouting off unkind words of protest against our President.

Not stopping there, the anchors at CNN and MSNBC are now calling Americans that voted for President Trump as "unpatriotic and racist". It makes one wonder if the anti-Trump groups want to help join together or just plain divide our country.  Factions of the left are so relentless in their hatred they even go on personal attacks against our President's family, including 11-year old Barron. How does that help get anything accomplished?

In 2010 Democrats got behind closed doors and drafted the horrendous Obamacare. Republicans were not even allowed in the room. We all know what the result of that outcome did to the American people. President Trump has invited Democrat House and Senate members to join him in drafting a more suitable health care plan for all Americans. So far the lib Dems, led by Pelosi and Schumer refuse to even attend any meetings with the Republicans.

Our country will be destined to implode from within if we continue to show hatred and defiance within our political parties. And the very worse part is every day Americans will be the biggest losers.  Dems must find a way to work with our President and forget what happened in last year's election. 

And that's Politiccs with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Friday, July 14, 2017

You said nothing

We've all been hearing lately that our House & Senate elected officials should have term limits invoked on them. Well, here's another novel idea. We should have term limits on our own media. Wouldn't you agree that this great country of ours deserves to be told the news with no biases regardless of political affiliation by any reporter or news outlets.

I'm old enough to remember the days of Huntley & Brinkley, Edward R. Murrow, and the legendary Walter Cronkite.  Because of our trust and admiration in these great news icons we believed what they reported to us, almost without question. What has happened? Has competition among news networks become so competitive that the news being sent out by the media is truly "fake news".

CEO Zucker of CNN actually told his reporters to "Keep going after the stories that get us high ratings....heck with the facts".  For eight years the media has been warm and cozy with Barry Soetero and his husband Michael Lavaugn Robinson. The media was shocked and stunned when Crooked Hillary lost. However, they still thought they could change everything with their spreading of rumors,  lies, and hatred of our President.

The left wing lib Dems jumped on this "train of hate" perpetrated by the media with help from the Hollywood elites have started this war of hatred against our President, even some ignorant lib Dems in Congress petitioning for an impeachment of our President without any evidence of "high crimes and misdemeanors". The media just keeps using their podiums to spread hatred.

The media actually believes that the American public clings to every word that they say or print. It seems though that the media has a very short memory. So I would like to remind the media of their double-standard, two-faced hypocrisy that they spew out, and ask the media:

The media said nothing:  
1.  Obama used drone strikes that killed innocent people abroad.
2.  About Russia for 50 years, until Trump was elected.
3.  Hillary Clinton campaign was paid $175,000 to help li f Russian sanctions.
4.  Obama engaged in military  interventionism in Libyawithoug Congressional approval.
5.  Obama executed Executive Orders to expand his powers.
6.  Obama filled his White House with lobbyists after he campaigned that he wouldn't
7.  Obama gave 47 of his fundraisers Administration jobs.
8.  About the rapes and murders at the hands of illegal immigrants while promising protection 
     for them by saying "build bridges, not walls".
9.  Hillary's net worth rose to over $100.Million as Sec'y. of State, mainly with her husband, 
     Slick Willy took money from foreign governments, some of which were terrorist.
10. Obama's net worth rose over $10.Million in eight years, and from where?
11. Obama's DOJ wiretapped/surveilled reporters such as Fox's James Rosen.
12. Obama restricted immigration six times with Executive Orders.
13. Slick Willy met with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac during a Hillary email investigation.
14. When Crooked Hillary was fed debate questions from Donna Brazile
15. Obama and State Sec'y. Clinton lied about a video and Benghazi
16. Obama IRS abused the Constitutional rights of Republican taxpayers.
17. Obama's staff met with lobbyists in coffee shops to avoid disclosure
18. Eric Holder sold guns to criminals and some of the guns were used to kill Americans.
19. Hillary and Bubba stole White House property when they left the White House.
20. Crooked Hillary laughed about defending a child rapist and getting him a non-conviction
21. Crooked Hillary lied about her private use of her private email server.
22. When George Soros paid paid protesters to burn businesses in Ferguson, Missouri.
23. About state's rights until Pres. Trump issued executive orders on immigration.
24. About the increased and number of people on government assistance under Obama
25. The increase of part-time and low-paying jobs under Obama
26. When Obama called the Ft. Hood shooting "workplace violence" rather than terrorism
27.When Obama doubled our national debt.
28. When the Supreme Court overturned nine times Obamas use of Executive Power.
29. When Obama dismissed the Bush administration charges against the Black Panthers for
       intimidating voters in a Philadelphia voting  station.
30. When Obama released Gitmo detainees who returned to battle to kill American soldiers.
31.  When 36 Obama White House staffers were found to owe $833,970 in back taxes.
32.  When Obama sent over $140.million in cash for ransom to Iran to help their nuclear study.

So now, after only six months in office the media, with the support of idiots like Pelosi, Schumer, Watters, and the inept Hollywood elites are spending their entire existence on spreading lies and rumors about our President and his family.  However these left wing groups are so stupid that they don't understand the American people are not buying it at all. We are in support of President Trump, and will assure his reelection in 2020.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Saturday, July 8, 2017

I'm hittin' back!

No, No, No....I am not taking it any longer. We "nice', "good" Americans would never stoop to the levels of our media, the un-patriotic lib Dem party, and the infamous Hollywood elites.  Well, no more for me. I will wear my animosity towards these degenerates as a badge of honor.

I'm not going to reiterate all the hateful lies and personal attacks against President Trump. You've already read and seen them hundreds of times by CNN, MSNBC, and the Hollywood elites. They seem to be enjoying it so much, that they continue it non-stop, because no one will stop them. So I figure if they can do it, so can I. Right?  You know, First Amendment and all.

First, Mika Brezenski is really Michael Brzezinski that still has "its" package. And her fiancee Joe Scarborough likes to hang around school playgrounds taking pictures of little boys. And Mika is stating she personally knows Melania. amd says Melania is showing signs she will be leaving President Trump after Barron grows up. This, from a woman who was married with children while sneaking away getting face-lifts and having sex on weekends with a married man.  Yeah, you're certainly a guru on relationships. How long will you and Joe last?

Years ago a 300-lb. pig was born, and had sexual experiment surgery, and became Joy Behar. Her sidekick, the Black Jabba-the-Hut wears a lot of clothes on The View set to hide her fatness and her poor hygiene habits. She really stinks. 

Rachel Maddow's real name is Ralphie, and transgendered while still keeping his "package" to satisfy his partner who says she's a lesbian, but is really straight. Ralphie is secretly in love with her mentor Kieth Olberman.  Rosie O'Donnel negatively tweets about Barron Trump. The bare truth is Rosie has a crush on him so bad that it's threatening her homosexuality , and said if a man would find her attractive she may become heterosexual.

After Jennifer Lopez called for the assassination of Pres. Trump, she proudly told everyone she's glad to be called "the porcupine lady". She said if she had as many pen**'s sticking our of her as she had stuck in her she'd look like a porcupine. She loves that title.

Johnny Depp, aka Joan Depp has sex with Steven Spielberg to get more roles in Spielberg's movies. John Cusack loves to dress up like a woman, and has been seen having close meetings with Caitlyn Jenner, and was overheard asking Jenner, "does it hurt when they cut it off"?

Colbert, Fallon, and Kimmel meet once a week, strip naked, and lounge in a hot spa pool to discuss their next personal attacks on Pres Trump and his family. Colbert got the idea of calling Pres Trump a ****sucker from what he does weekly to Kimmel and Fallon.

Michael Lavaugn Robinson, aka, Michelle Obama visited a world famous plastic surgeon and said, "make me look like Melania Trump". When the plastic surgeon said, "But you're Black", Michelle responded, "aren't you the plastic surgeon that bleached Michael Jackson's skin to white"? "It" was so upset it cancelled its fitting at Omar-the-tent-makers for its new dress.

Huma Abedin is pregnant again, but the father is Bubba Clinton, who has never received a Father's Day card from Chelsea. The Global Clinton went broke paying Chelsea $900,000 yearly salary. Much of her first two years' salary went for plastic surgery, but alas she's still ugly.

Allisyn Camarata from CNN actually quit Fox, but it's because she was humiliated because Roger Ailles would NOT sexually harass her. Chelsea Handler works the ghetto streets as a hooker after her TV shows are over each night. Lena Dunham never, never, bathes.

Joy Reid of MSNBC has a special ear plug so someone can read the telepromter's words for her because her IQ is only 59. Andrea Michell, also of MSNBC, is physically wound up for her shows every day because she's been deceased for years, but just won't lay down.

At first viewers thought Chris Matthews of MSNBC had bad dentures which resulted in his on-air drooling, until it was discovered he has dementia from going around running his hands up little boys' pants just to "get a thrill".  And finally Pelosi, Warren, Michael Robinson, Clinton,
Lynch, Lena Dunham, Madonna, Rosie, Judd are just plan overtaken with hatred for Melania only because they would give anything to look like her. They are fueled by pure jealousy.

So there's my First Amendments comments on the people that continue to lie and use horrendous personal attacks on our President and his family. I only hope that those of you who do read my blogs, please pass this around, and I encourage others to join in on our First Amendment comments, like those listed above are doing.

And that's Politics with Pete for today..God bless our country...and our Troops
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Monday, July 3, 2017

Triple standards?

All of us pro-Trump supporters, the millions of us who voted Donald J. Trump into office despite the chagrin that Crooked Hillary failed miserable in November, 2016 expected many double stands to start coming out of the wood work after the election. In fact, we were so naive that we actually thought the rhetoric would stop or slow down once it reported all the good President Trump has done since January, 2017.

Yes, we expected double standards evidenced by the "pass" the media gave Barry Soetero on everything he said and did. Fast & Furious, Benghazi, $140. billion to Iran, Sgt. Bergdahl's traitorship, ISIS creation, ultra-expensive vacations and golf outings, skipping White House security briefings because Barry slept in till 10:00 every morning....I could write a book.

Of course we pro-Trumpers expected the double standards, where President Trump receives criticism for everything he says, does, and even Tweets.  What we didn't foresee was the birth of the now infamous triple standard.  Of course these scenarios are all born out of vile hatred the media, left wing lib Dems, and hollywood elites have for our President. 

Everyone, including some skeptical Republicans never thought Mr. Trump could beat Crooked Hillary. Does anyone remember on the night of the election when CNN's Cuomo bellowed out, "Folks, you can go to bed early tonight...we'll be calling this for Mrs. Clinton by 11:00 tonight".
It's blatantly obvious that the media, lib Dems, and Hollywood elites are not against our President Trump for introducing new policies.  They're driven by pure hatred.

They openly and overtly display their hatred for only one reason, and one reason only, and that is he defeated Crooked Hillary,  and so they tried to compensate by reporting lies, hatred, and personal attacks on President Trump  and his family. So the double standards is easy enough to explain, so let's talk about the third standard, the "ratings standard".

The ratings standard is very simple to understand, while helping us see the ineptness and fake news that comes from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, and WAPO.  The CEO's of these networks are falling so deep in their ratings they have told their reporters, and news anchors, "forget about truthful news, just keep reporting the stuff that's gonna help our ratings like Russian collision, and anything else the public will tune in for, whether it's truthful or not".

We "deplorables" and Pro-Trumpers are adamently supporting tweeting by our President. Can you really criticize him? Our President is using social media to connect directly to the American people. The media and our illustreous Hollywood elites really believe that Americans "hang on their every word", and that is the furthest parable from the truth. 

The media and H/wood elites wanted a war with the President. Well, they got one, and boy are they losing the war. Currently, they are leading a battle to remove the President from office, because of his remarks about Mika Brezenski's "chin & cheek repair job". Let's take a look at some of the hateful fake news media comments, along with comments from our Hollywood elites.

MSNBC's Mika and Joe says our Pres. is mentally unbalanced and has dementia. A guest anchor on MSNBC wants to "meet Trump on the schoolyard for a fight". MSNBC's token transgender, Rachel Maddow claims, "It's time for Trump to be taken out". John Cusack wants our President, "assassinated and buried". Johnny Depp says "the President is crazy and needs medical evaluation and help".

Mika Brezenski also reported that she "knows" Melanie Trump, and "is unhappy, and will be leaving Trump after Barron grows up". Even though there is no basis for this blantant lie Mika still reported that on national TV. There is so much hatred hurled at our President and his family that it's extremely disrespectful and yes, even comical because their tirades are unfounded and Americans see right through it. The View has even gone after Mr. and Mrs. Trump's sex life with some pretty vile and false stories that have no validity at all.

Doesn't the media and Hollywood elites know by now that if you take a swing at President Trump, he's coming back with two swings. And we deplorables and Pro-Trumpers love it.
All this hatred, vitriol, lies, and personal attacks while ignoring the great thing President Trump has done in just six months is just fuel for Americans to make sure President Trump stays in office eight years. 

Keep punching back Mr. President, and keep communicating to us on social media. This 82-year old with tremors and Parkinson's is just as powerful as Michael Moore or George Clooney   when I step in the voting booth. We got your back Mr. President.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Haven't learned yet huh?

We all know the definition of crazy is when you keep repeating the same failed scenarios  over and over while expecting a different outcome each time. As a strong conservative Republican I'm hoping the failing lib Dem party continues there hateful attack on President Trump and his administration as it just makes us stronger, plus the American people are seeing right through their hateful rhetoric.

But I have to admit I'm still curious why the lib Dems continue to act like drunken Italian chefs throwing cooked pasta against the wall hoping some of it sticks to the wall.  All during the lib Dem campaign for Crooked Hillary they kept parading Hollywood elites in the face of Americans hoping to convince them to vote for Crooked Hillary.

We all know the outcome. Did the lib Dems, along with the Hollywood elites and their fawning media actually think the likes of these elites were going to convince any American to "follow them" into the failing abyss of the Dem party and message of Crooked Hillary?

Think about it. There's John and Jane Doe sitting at the kitchen table trying to stretch their finances to get through another month, while desperately planning on how they're going to send their three children to college. Does anyone think Jay-Z, Beyonce, George Clooney, Whoopi Goldberg, etc., are going to sway them to their way of thinking? Don't think so.

So what did the losing lib Dem party do after the November, 2016 election? The hatred of President Trump not only continued, but the lib Dems actually cranked up their stupid definition of "crazy"with their on-going hatefull  attacks on President Trump, his entire administration, even his family. Wouldn't you think the lib Dems and the Hollywood elites would've learned by now that showing hatred alone does no good at all.

But no...the Hollywood elites, along with the media, continue with their vitriolic hatred and lies
while even some Dems are urging them to "back off" because it's been proven the display of hatred is doing much more harm than good. I mean, really, take a good long look while listening to Whoopi Goldberg's rantings. First, she goes to Omar-the-tent-maker to get her wardrobe, then shaves half her head, and she wants us to take gospel on what she bloviates. 

Just what political expertise do these Hollywood elites have? Someone puts words on paper, then these elites read it in front of a camera, and we're supposed to follow their every word like puppy dogs when they swear and lie with their hatred.  Lib Dems continue to show disrespect for Americans by constantly doing nothing but showing hatred for President Trump. 

When it comes to leading our country with ideas and policies to make our country great again what makes these Hollywood elites think they know more than the average American? The lib Dems want us to be impressed so much by the elites that we'll do and vote just like they want us to. Yeah, right. Wouldn't it be great to put all these elites in a large room and give them a Political Science quiz? Without a screen writer to write down the words for them they have absolutely no knowledge of anything political.

Face it folks, the lib Dems have no message, no new policies to introduce, and actually they also have no leader. Who are they going to run in 2020? The lib Dems are so uncreative and actually stupid they think the only avenue they can take is to have the Hollywood elites get on their stages or in front of microphones to spew out nothing more than hatred. 

I just hope the stupid lib Dems continue doing what they're doing now. It just emboldens the GOP, and helping President Trump win another election.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Uniform

I still get a swell of pride when I think back to February, 1954, at the age of 18 (yes, I'm 82) when I raised my right hand, pledged, and committed to four years of my life to the United States Air Force. When I talk to many of my friends that wore The Uniform  I get the same respnse of pride when talking about their own particular military lives and stories.

I also remember what my first squadron commander said, "You may never see any combat in your four USAF years, but that doesn't mean you won't if ordered to". Like so many other men/women who served before and those in the future we all honored our military commitment, along with honoring our flag and National Anthem. We pledged that if called upon we would go into combat, or wherever we were ordered to serve our country. 

When I see someone refusing to stand for our National Anthem or the Pledge to our flag I harbor a feeling deep inside me that screams aloud in my brain, I bet they never wore The Uniform. Any man/woman who was ever honored and privileged enough to serve in the military for our country just would never kneel  during our National Anthem or would never desecrate our flag and what it symbolizes. 

I'm 82, and if asked today to put my Air Force uniform on and serve I'd fly into my crawl space to look for a dusty old uniform that I'm sure wouldn't fit anymore, but I guarantee my heart would be right there, and so would millions of my fellow veterans. There may a few misfit vets out there, but has anyone ever seen anyone who wore The Uniform kneel during the Anthem or refuse to pledge to the flag. 

George Clooney, Madonna, Ashley Judd, Chelsea Handler, Rachel Maddow, Whoopi Goldberg, Samuel Jackson, Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews, Jessee Jackson, Michael Moore,  Amy Schemer, Colin Kaepernik, Joy Behar, Bill Maher, Steve Colbert, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Joy Reid, Nose Streisand, Bruce Screamsteen, Katy Perry, Jimmy Kimmel, Labron James, Pocohantus Warren, Max Kellerman, Stephen Smith etc., OK can I stop now? Oh, I could go on adding to this elite list, but you get my point.

What do all of these elites mentioned above have in common? Not a single one of them ever wore The Uniform . No, but you can bet they spend most of their air time speaking out against our country, our flag, and our honored National Anthem, and we all know this is based on their hatred of our President.  Thousands upon thousands of men/women made the ultimate sacrifice  in America's wars without even knowing any of the elites mentioned above. 

Our flag and our National Anthem are symbols of our country that men/women died for while wearing  The Uniform . You can bet a military veteran would never stoop so low as to dishonor the symbols that represent us. I'm 82, and was Honorably Discharged in 1958, and yet I still have pictures and other memorabilia that I've kept all these years so that I never forget my time in the military, and you can bet there are many more just like me. When I leave the houe for errands I always have on my raggedy Air Force ball cap and my faded and stained Air Force sweatshirt.

Whenever a vet sees a story of a flag desecration or a "kneeling" during the National Anthem, or refusing to place their hand over their heart to say the Pledge you can bet the very first words they utter are, "Bet that jerk never wore The Uniform. 

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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