Sunday, March 11, 2018

Badge of Honor

I'm 82, and my Parkinsons is slowly  crawling down from my hand tremors to my legs. So I really can't contribute a lot to society except live out what time the guy upstairs wants to give me, and doing what I love as part of my daily activities, and that is speaking out and blogging about some passions of mine; God, family, and Conservatism.

At ten years of age, in 1945,  I watched my mother cry as she told me "President Roosevelt (FDR) just passed away". So it's safe to say I've been around through several Presidents. In 1956, when I turned 21, I was in the USAF, and I voted for Pres. Eisenhower. Then I became enamored with the newcomer John F. Kennedy, and so I voted for him In 1959.

 Pres. John F. Kennedy was the last Democrat I ever voted for. Hollywood movie star and former Governor of California, Ronald Reagan  made me the conservative Republican that I am today, and I wear it as a badge of honor. Another "badge of honor" that I wear proudly is Mark *uckerberg punishing me by suspending my activity on Facebook for three days. At first I asked myself, "Why *uckerber's double standards"? Then, this old blogger figured it out.

Recently *uckerberg posted to F/B left wing lib Dems that if he receives 70,000 F/B "likes" to remove President Trump from his liberal website that he "would consider"  not allowing any further postings by the President. Mark *uckerberg, CEO of an American organization, then posted something that caused my head to explode.

He, Mark *uckerberg, supposedly also posted, "Hitler really had some good ideas, his timing was  just bad". Of course my head just exploded that *uckerberg or anyone would have anything decent to say about this vicious evil monster that massacred millions of Jews. So when I was "spanked" for three days from Facebook I considered it a "BADGE OF HONOR". No one can verify that *uckerberg actually posted that himself, but someone from F/B actually posted it.

Why are the lib Dems, the media, and our Hollywood elites screaming their hatred for our President. Just the other day I had lunch with a family member that I love with all my heart. She claims to believe in Socialism, and has a distinct strong hatred for Mr. Trump and any of his policies. Mistakenly, I thought we could have an objective discussion about our differences.

I started by touting Mr. Trump's new tax cuts. ISIS just about gone, our military rebuilding, Keystone Pipeline opening, 4.1% unemployment, over a million jobs created in 14 months, 313,000 jobs created in February. However, I was greatly mistaken. Her only response was a very stern look from her as she said, "Don't go there Pete", and then she said "Time to go", got up from our table, gave each other a hug, we exchanged "I love you", and parted. 

It's appearent why our President uses social media so much. The main stream fakers will not report the news fairly. Facts and statistics reflect that Mr. Trump receives 93% negativity from the fakers in the press, so why wouldn't he go straight to the American people. He relies more on Twitter than he does the press? I know most people would.

Besides, our President knows he's got 63 million of us 'deplorables' ready for 2020 to keep him in our White House for four more years. The press, lib Dems, and Hollywood elites are tearing their hair out because President Trump has proven he really doesn't need the press. He's in charge of the show, and he's got 63 million of us waiting in the wings. 

And thank you Mr. *uckerberg for the badge of honor.

And that's Politics with Pete for today.

Monday, February 19, 2018


Yesterday while watching a jornalist on TV, that I respect very much, he remarked "When you hear a broadcaster or journalist remark 'I'm hearing snippets that......". you can bet that thery're abou to broadcast a fabricated and untruthful comment. This respected journalist went on to say, "Another of my favorites are 'unnamed sources'".  When the media starts off with these comments you can bet a lie or fabricated untruth is about to follow.

These media outlets, and you know who they are, ranging from the New York Times to maybe the worst of all, CNN.  Two days ago I was in my Doctor's receptionist room waiting for my appointment and had to watch CNN news on the TV. It's becoming clear that the majority of the media are much more interested in ratings than they are reporting the news with honesty and integrity.   

And guess who the media "solicits" to help them with their ratings agenda? Yeah, they actually think we normal common, 'deplorables' will hang on every word that these elites and athletes have to say. They think that by listening to the likes of Clooney, Handler, Whoopi, Joy, etc., are going to swoon us over to their stupid lib Dem values? 

Look at it objectively, you stupid Lib Dems have ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, MSNBC, and CNN to carry the fake news for you. You idiots all pat yourselves on the back, rally around each other, and vomit over all the ridiculous misreporting that the media reports, not caring if any of it is true, just as long as it's "juicy" and lying gossip about President Trump and his family.

Why does the media keep forgetting about us 63 million that voted for President? You know they'll never want to talk to us normal, everyday, hard-working 'deplorables'. Of course it's more entertaining to watch and listen to a "Clooney" than the deplorable boring electrician or school teacher from middle America, but wouldn't it be great if the media would begin interviewing the 63 million of us that voted for Mr. Trump?

What the stupid media seems to forget that on voting day I am just as powerful as any leftist lib Dem when I walk into that voting booth, and know that us mediocre 63 million will still be around supporting our President in 2018 and again in 2020. There's a millionaire pro basketball player voicing his uneducated stupid opinions about our President. Then he says he's going to continue because, "Society wants me to speak out".

So to all you elite Hollywood people, and you arrogant uneducated athletes why don't you do what WE Americans want you to do....Shut up and...(sing, act, dance, dribble and throw).  You really should because your ratings and fan support is falling to the basement. Wake up you idiots.  And by the way that 63 million that voted for President Trump is going to be over 65 million in 2020. Do some vetting rather that reporting snippets and unnamed sources.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.

Friday, January 12, 2018

So now he's dumb?

Could someone please explain the lib Dem current philosophy to me.  First, candidate Trump rigged the election with Putin's help. The media and Hollywood elites stoked the fires to the point that a special investigation, led by Mueller, ensued. Of course it was determined there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Next came the "war" between President Trump and the media, Hollywood, and the lib Dems based on lies and personal attacks against the President and his family. We all know the fires of the war were stoked by people like Behar, Colbert, the gangs at CNN and MSNBC. These groups could not and will still not accept that Crooked Hillary lost, and lost big time.

Then, led by Dems Watters and Greene, a bill was attempted to be introduced to impeach President Trump. Of course that failed. But of course that didn't stop the relentless attacks on our President and his family. Even the book of pure fiction by a virtually unknown did nothing to stop, or even slow down President Trump's momentum.

And as the attacks kept coming President Trump pushed back attacking the fake news press by taking his messages straight to the American people through social media. Yet these groups have the audacity to tell President Trump to stop using social media. Has the press given any thought to reporting the news truthfully and with integrity? Maybe the tweeting would stop. This Pressident wants the honest and truthful news to reach the American people. Can anyone really blame Mr. Trump for wanting truthful news to reach Americans/

Now, with all these attacks just what is our President accomplishing? Well, we've had the lowest tac cut ever in American history. The stock market has risen to the highest it has ever been. Unemployment is at 4.1%, and African-American employment is the lowest it's ever been in history. Our GDP is steady at 3% for consecutive sessions. ISIS is virtually decimated. For every EPA regulation introduced 22 of Obama's regulations were abolished.

Then came the onslaught of the media and elites comparing Mr. Trump to Hitler. When that didn't work President Trump was then brutally attacked for being the king of Twitter. I'm old enough to remember FDR's "Fireside Chats" on the radio. Most of us 63 million 'deplorables' hope that President Trump continues to tweet. This is his best way to bypass the fake news media and take his message straight to the American people.

All of these lies and false accusations perpetrated from the media and elites still fell short. So what have these groups resorted to? Now they're saying he's mentally unfit to be our President. We 63 million 'deplorables' just reply, "If Mr. Trump is mentally unfit after accomplishing all these things in less than a year....we hope he stays "unfit". " And by the way how come none of us 63 million are ever interviewed? 

Of course President Trump is bombastic, very quick to push back vehemently against the fake media, and many times gets very outspoken. This successful man amassed a worth of over $5.Billion, and yet stupid uninformed people still think he's unfit. He's certainly not a spineless jellyfish like the last guy we had. And while the media would never tell you, there were many Americans who wondered just how much Barry and his husband Michael really loved our country. Remember trannie Michellse/Michael was the one that said, "All this for a dam flag", at a yearly commemoration at the World Trade Center. Does anyone doubt how much President Trump loves this country, and wants to put us on top where we belong.

All I can say (write) now is a prayer to God, "Dear Lord please make me as mentally unfit as President Trump....I'd like to make $5.Billion".

And that's Politics with Pete for today.....God bless our country and our troops.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Are you a Dem or what?

Republican? Democrat? Independent? When is that decision made that declares what political party you will support? Where did we get the information that helped us decide? Growing up as the son of an immigrant I always heard my father saying president Herbert Hoover caused the depression that America suffered in the 30s. Dad then went on to explain Pres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt got us out of the depression, and was the hero of the working class. And so as a young boy I grew up believing that, cause Dad said so.

I remember when I was ten years old in 1945 and saw my mom crying while ironing clothes. I asked what was wrong, and she said, "President Roosevelt died today". We got our news then the same way we get it today.... from the media. We listen to the powerful media and we formulate our beliefs from the media information we receive.  And now the tragedy seems  that were beginning to fall away from believing the media and what they tell us.

 Wouldn't it be nice to go back to the days of Walter Cronkite. When he,  Edward R Murrow, Huntley and Brinkley, and Gabriel Heater reported the news  we believe that to be true because they said so.  Today we are becoming cautious to believe anything that the mainstream media tells us. TV news anchors, late-night talk show hosts,  and even Hollywood elites. We are even expected to believe TV anchors that call themselves journalists, when they are nothing more than liars give their opinions to boost their ratings. I'm referring to people like Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnell, and the gang at CNN. They have become the National Inquirer of political news.

 Most of us Americans have no political experience at all, I don't understand how the swamp in DC works. So we take the word of the media, and when they tell us something we want to believe it's true. When these news outlets of the mainstream media broadcast something that we think just might be true or might alignment itself to our beliefs we consider that gospel. We seem to want to believe what they tell us.

 Ever since Crooked Hilary lost the election last year the mainstream media is gone on a tirade against our president, Donald J Trump. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC keep spewing lies and personal attacks against our president and God forbid if you don't believe everything they say. Maybe one of the best examples of that started on election day November, 2016. All the networks wanted us to believe that Hillary was ahead in the polls by double digits. We all know that outcome.

 When I was growing up I firmly believed I was a Democrat because dad told me the Democrats were for the working people. I even voted for John F. Kennedy when I was 24 years old. By the way that's the last Democrat I ever voted for. Today John F. Kennedy be considered a Republican. You must admire our current President Donald J. Trump.  The fake news media continues to attack him from all sides. 

However, the fake news media keeps forgetting the large and loyal tool Mr. Trump has in its arsenal; an arsenal that the media refuses to talk about. It's the 63 million of us 'deplorables' that elevated Donald J. Trump to the White House. And by the way media  we 63 million will be there for him in 2018, and 2020. First, the media kept reporting fake news about the Russian collusion. That failed, so they started to report that the Mueller investigation was finding how corrupt Mr. Trump is. Even former Screaming" Howard Dean repord on MSNBC that our President is running a crime ring inside the White House.

All of the accusations were found to be baseless, but that didn't stop the media from broadcasting and printing fake news, while inserting evil personal attacks against Mr. Trump and his family, including his 11-year old son that Joy Bear claimed to be retarded. All this, and still continues to fight for the American people.

The media, Hollywood elites, and the lib Dem party won't tell you that we now have the biggest tax cut in history over 2 million jobs created, 40 companies are handing out bonuses due to tax cuts,s ock market is the highest its ever been, our military is getting its much needed arms support, unemployment is at 4.1%.

It has become overwhelming at times the way the media, elites, and the stupid lib Dems continue to throw hatred at the President. Their new wave now is that President Trump iw "mentally unfit" to run our country. Well after doing all these positive things for our country this blatant attacks this groups are showing their own stupidity. 

All these hateful groups are just flooding the airwaves with their hatred, and they seem to forget that despite all the lies and hate they continue to spread, they forget about the 63 million of us. No, we don't have a way to the media to correct them, but the media, elites, and the lib Dems should be aware of our power in the voting booth.

We 63 million don't care what these ridiculious groups have to say. We're not stupid as Pelosi says. The fake news media screams because President Trump tweets so much. Well media, here's an idea. Start reporting the news with honesty and integrity and just maybe our President will stop tweeting. Remember, you started this war.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country and our troops.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Well, that's just "........"

I was raised in a Catholic Italian-American family with two sisters. Mom had seven sisters, Dad had two sisters. I was raised with two great loving sisters. I have five daughters, four granddaughters, and two great granddaughters. You see where I'm going with this right?

In my management career I supervised several females. In my growing and adult years the adult males in my life were wonderful role models on respecting females in my life. I am so proud to brag that never once in my eighty-two years have I ever displayed unwanted attention to any female in a sexual manner. 

I have started this blog three times because accusations and PROOF  of improper sexual advances by prominent men in politics, entertainment, and even media are pouring forth on TV, radio, and newspapers. Since I started this blog yesterday two more improper sexual actions have been reported. So many evil stories have surfaced. And so many naive people even go so far as to make a political issue of every sexual abuse story. What a disgrace that is.

Men in power that cannot control their sexual urges have been using their status, power, and wealth to to pursue unwanted sexual advances toward women since the beginning of time. It was just "accepted behavior". Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein may be be the biggest abuser of all. Young movie starlets were told to "perform" and accept Weinstin's lewd behavior if they wanted a signifcant part in an upcoming movie.

If Weinstein's advances were unwelcome the starlet didn't get the part. It's as simple as that.
Weinstein's friends knew for years that this lewd behavior was going on, and their retort was always, "Well that's just how he is". Now someone tell me how we're supposed to accept that answer. And now to quote an infamous evil pastor, "The chickens have some to roost". The floodgates and and dams have been broken with all the sexual misconduct of prominent members of Congress, celebrities, and even prominent TV news anchors.

For generations books have been written and movies have been produced portraying women as subservient to men, and that meant to may that women "were mainly just for housework, raising children, and making sure their man was happy". Of course, for many, that philosophy has been banished. But there are also many men who still antiquate their belief systems.

I applaud the thousands of women who are now stepping forward to voice "enough is enough" to men who use their power to advance their unwanted sexual agendas toward women. This is evidenced by the current and growing number of women speaking up with their own personal stories of unwanted sexual advances perpetrated on them.

And the list of men? Don't know where to begin, but here goes: Slick Willy Clinton, John Conyers (D-MI), Al Franken (D-MN), Actor Kevin Spacey, and we can't forget to mention CBS newsman Charlie Rose. These despicable evil creatures used their fame and status to sexually prey on women. And to me the very worst of these sexual predators is former Vice President Joe Biden. He used his VP power to fondle and caress women every chance he got.

HOLD THE PRESSES:  News Flash: Just this morning NBC announced the firing of TV's Today show icon Matt Lauer. Maybe I should hold up on finishsing this blog, as I'm sure more despicable evil heads are going to roll over sexual misconduct initiated by men on women. How can any of these perverts "enjoy" any sexual encounter knowing their power, position, and statius are the only means they have to "enjoy" sex with morally defenseless women.

Society must cast these perverts from our lives. Their words of "I'm sorry" are no comfort to these defenseless victims. No more are we going to accept ridiculous reasoning from the defenders of these perverts as "Well that's just the way he is". 

And that's Politics with Pete for today. God bless our country and our troops.

Monday, November 20, 2017


The media just doesn't get it  do they? Do they think even for an instant that Pres. Trump cares about the fake news that they print  or broadcast about him? There are so many lies, hate mongering, and fake news  surrounding Pres. Trump, being pushed upon the American people by the media every day. And now that the media has  realized the President Trump  cares nothing at all about what they print and broadcast about him, it is driving them crazy.

  There is so much controversy today surrounding President Trump's usage of social media, namely Twitter and Facebook. The overwhelming majority of the 63 million voters who elected Trump to the Oval Office sincerely hope that our President continues to use the social media to get his message out to the American people. He cannot rely on the media to be fair to him.

 It's obvious that the mainstream media, the Hollywood elites, and the liberal Democrat party will do everything they can to slow down or completely stop our President's agendas. If you need any further evidence of this just tune in to one of the daily press briefings daily in the White House. Every question and/or response by the reporters to Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is meant to be a slam against our President.

 I certainly applaud Press Secretary Sanders for the way she conducts her press briefings with the comments and questions she  receives from the press corps each and every day. I've often said that if I were the President all press briefings would be canceled until the media starts reporting the news fairly and with integrity.  And who knows, maybe someday this will happen and Pres. Trump won't have to use the social media to get his message out to the American people.

Yes, it's true that President Trump is loud and bombastic at times. The objective truth is that 63 million Americans were fed up with the spineless merely-mouth jelly fish that was in our White House for eight years. Can any Democrat out there mention one thing Barack did that we want President Trump to continue?  Now just imagine what would've Crooked Hillary had done if she won. Huma Abedin as White House Chief of Staff, Andrea Mitchell as Press Secretary, Al Franken as Secretary of State, Louis Farrakhan on the Supreme Court, Al Sharpton as Secretary of Finance.  Of course can you imagine Slick Willy and The Weiner in the White House at the same time?

Try to imagine if the press treated our President fairly and with honor Yes, the lib Dems have on their side the media, Hollywood elites, Whoopi, Joy, Colbert, etc., and all President Trump has is the 63 million Americans that will never forsake him. Just keep tweeting Mr. President.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country and our troops.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hate filled drive by

Ever since Donald Trump became our president it appears that the band of haters want us to  continue to  portray our 45th president as the second coming of Adolf Hitler. The Liberal Democrat Party  and the Hollywood elites cannot come to grips that their crooked Hillary lost the election. Instead of accepting their loss, and trying to find a way to rebuild their party so they can make life for Americans better, they are engaged daily,  in the use of the media to continue their drive of hatred towards our president.

 Soon it became obvious that the  the Democratic Party  and the Hollywood elites could say and do anything they wanted in the form of lies and hatred towards our president, without any fear. They knew that the media would support any lie they perpetrated by broadcasting their agenda every day. The media know that many American have limited or no cable TV outlets available. So ABC, CBS, and NBC keep driving home their points of hatred and personal attacks on our President. For many Americans this is the only news they get, so many Americans believe what the three big networks are broadcasting to them.

Here's a simple test that I have used on liberals; I ask them to tell me one thing Obama did in his eight years that would like President Trump to continue. The answers I get are sadly hilarious. My favorite is, "well, he's increased food stamp distriubion, so more people can feed their families", and when I push back with, "why not create more jobs instead of food stamps", of course I am labeled a racist.

Of course ABC, CBS, and NBC will never tell you that in less than ten months President Trump's administration has opened the Keywtone Pipeline, created more than a million jobs, employer/consumer confidence has grown to lower unemployment to 4.1%, this past month over 260,000 jobs have been added in just one month, hundreds of EPA regulations have been cut to help businesses grow, and our stock market is on an all time sky-rocketing pace that some economic analysts are predicting 24,000 by next Spring.

There is now a movement by liberal Democrat members of the House to impeach our President,  even though there are proof of high crimes and misdemeanors. Of course ABC, CBS, and NBC keep airing that lib Congressman Dem Green "promises" there will be an impeachment before Christmas. I'd love to see his hopeless plan. Let's not forget the incredibly "accurate" polls that reflect President Trump's approval rating at 40%. Please remember these are the same polls that had Crooked Hillary up by double digits on election day while the voting polls were still open.

ABC, CBS, and NBC will never broadcast the horrific travesty of Obamacare, and what it has done to Americans by way of its unfair mandate tax. These fake news networks, while praising Obama for eight years suddenly can't recall anything positive that Obama did for the past eight years, while they continue to heap unjust tirades of hatred on our President and his family.

 The House of Representatives just passed moments ago the tax reform bill initiated by our president Donald Trump. Not a single Democrat in the house voted to pass this bill. It is obvious that no matter what our  President Trump's agenda is is clearly obvious that the Democrat Party, the Hollywood elites, and our fake news media will  do all that they can  to discredit any of the President's initiatives.

 Of course the media  has a much larger platform to broadcast their hatred and fake news
against President Trump.  Not a single Democrat in the House and Senate  has ever voted in favor of any of President Trump's  initiatives.  How can any of these groups, in good conscience, proclaim they want what's good for the American people.

 These groups are still recovering  from last year's election results. I would  like to remind the  liberal Democrat party, Hollywood elites, and of course the media, that the 63 million of us that voted president Trump into office believe in him, and he can count on us to vote him in again in 2020. Maybe  The media  should take a strong look in the mirror and see who really is becoming Hitleresqe at this time. 

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country and our troops.