Thursday, July 24, 2014


I voted for McCain and Romney. Ever since 2008 I predicted that this Muslim in our White House was going to do all he could to bring down this great country economically, militarily, functionally, and socially. Every time I discussed this horrid man with someone, or wrote an article or blog I predicted the terrible things this man was going to do with his "hope & change", and "spreading the wealth around".

However, nowhere in my wildest imagination did I ever believe Congress and the Supreme Court would let him get away with the evil things he has don so far in nearly six years. Oh, I felt this Muslim was capable of initiating these deeds, but I believed in our Constitution so much that I felt he would be stopped.

Back to my original thought; because I voted for McCain and Romney I definitely feel justified in talking and writing about the failures of this Muslim in our White House. And now, at this point, I'm extremely frightened at what this man in our White House may still do in his remaining time in office if given the opportunity.

What infuriates me beyond belief is there are so many who were strong Barry Soetero supporters in 2008 and 2012 that today are "crying in their beer". The buyers' remorses coming out of the woodwork is shocking. When you hear people who voted for Barry in 2008 and 2012 saying that they wish they could have a "do over" in their voting booth it's mind-boggling.

African-Americans supported Barry in the voting booth to the tune of over 90% in both elections. Barry rewarded them by increasing the welfare rolls higher than they've ever been. Even with increasing food stamp distribution and unemployment insurance the minorities are still complaining to "tax the rich more and increase minimum wages so we can have more".

As former prime minister of England, Margaret Thatcher, once said, "Socialism only works till you run out of other people's money...then chaos starts."   Have you ever given any thought to what we're going to do when we continue to lag behind in creating jobs, and the freebie entitlements are gone? You can bet Barry won't care. He'll be living in his $4.2 million estate in Rancho Mirage, California, while John and Jane Doe will wonder where are the jobs.

If we had a Romney-Ryan administration now, we would have 40,000+ newly created jobs with the Keystone Pipeline opening. Gas prices would decrease with the approved drilling for oil here and in Alaska. Our dependency on mid-east gas would plummit.

With a Romney-Ryan administration we would reopen over a thousand coal plants that were shut down by EPA'S Gina McCarthy. Water pipelines would flow again to central California's rich agricultural farmlands, without a fear of eliminating a useless quarter-inch smelt fish.

The overwhelming majority of people complaining about Barry's administration are the very same people who voted this man in office in 2008, and then "drank the Kool-Aid" again in 2012.
Really, what did these Kool-Aid drinkers expect? They voted for this smooth talking cool guy, who never held a job, never ran a business, voted "present" when he was in office for 143 days.  Never mind his failed Obamacare "legacy" in his first term that continues to fail and fail and fail.

In the 2012 presidential election Romney lost by 2 million votes, but the most astounding statistic is there were 9.4 million registered Republican voters that never voted. That may be the most frightening statistic of all.

Well, in 101 days we have our chance again to make the start to change the dictatorial aristocracy of this evil administration by kicking Harry Reid out of his Senate leadership role.
And who knows, with an overwhelming GOP victory in the House and Senate we may have enough congressional power to start impeachments against Barry and his spa-bath buddy Holder.

Folks, if we don't step up to fight the good fight in the voting booth then we are going to get exactly what we deserve in this dictator's last two years in office. Don't let this opportunity pass us by. And get the vote out. The future of our country just may depend on it.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops

Sunday, July 20, 2014

2,496 hours

Ready for some good and hopeful uplifting news? Of course you are. I know I am. Folks, we are getting a great opportunity to send one of the evil minds of the Barry Soetero regime out to pasture. I'm speaking (writing) of Dingy Harry Reid.

No, we can't get rid of the other two evil-doers, Barry and Holder until November, 2016. However we can put a gigantic dent in their evil policies. Maybe the biggest barricade to congressional legislation is the senile old man Harry Reid. And if we overwhelmingly take back the Senate and keep the House just maybe we can start impeachment hearings against Barry Soetero and his side-kick Holder.

In his lies Reid keeps bloviating that "the House wants to disagree with anything this administration does, but offers no suggestions of their own". Of course these are outright lies.
Right now, sitting on Reid's desks are over forty bills passed by the House of Representatives, The problem is Dingy Harry will not bring a single one of the House bills to the Senate floor for a vote. There have been man disgruntled Democrat Senators that may possible vote on some House bills, and Reid is completely afraid of that happening. Reid has indicated that he will not bring any House bills to the floor for a vote until after the mid-term elections. Does that appear to be a man who works for the American people?

Majority leader Reid cannot be trusted to do what's right for the good people of this country. He lies, throws deceit from his bully pulpit, and has spent most of his time on the Senate floor admonishing the Koch brother for their generosity to the GOP. I bet Supreme Court Clarence Thomas felt great when Reid declared that "five 'white' men from the Supreme Court voted to stop all women's rights to birth control". Really, Harry? Are you for real?

Reid has now openly lied that the southern borders of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona "are secure", regarding the influx of illegal immigrants. This from a man who speaks from his tower at the Ritz Carlton where he stays on his "visits" to D.C.  Reid has never, ever, even visited the border to witness the flow of illegals crossing into our country.

Reid has declined offers from Governor Perry, Governor Brewer, and even border patrol agents to visit the borders and witness first hand the illegal migration that is occurring daily. 

However, our opportunity is coming in just about 2,496 hours. Yes, in 104 days you'll be given the opportunity to send this evil-doer of Barry's administration to the pasture where he can no longer do harm or damage to the great principles of our country. 

Dingy Harry must be stopped, and you will have the power to carry that task out when you walk into the voting booth in November.  We can do this folks. And get the vote out with your voice.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

When all else fails

In 2008 I golfed in a seniors league comprised of 32 guys ranging in age from 58 all the way to 91. Of the 32 guys only 3 of us were true conservative Republicans. Some of the debates and arguments with the other 29 came close to physical altercations. Lots of debating, screaming, and yelling.

The comments made were horrific; the hatred for President Bush and Dick Cheney were pure evil. One golfer went so far to say they couldn't wait for "that bi**h Laura Bush to leave the White House to make way for a true first lady Michelle". 

This is the same guy who said, "man that Nancy Pelosi is hot". Yeah, he really said that. Just to show how uninformed this guy is; I said something about Harry Reid, and he responded, "Who's he"?

Very soon after Barry Soetero took office in 2009 our country headed in a downward spiral. So, I began approaching the golfers in our league that voted for Barry, and kept asking, "hey you voted for's that 'hope & change' working for you now"? 

The die hard Obamans could only reply, "he's still better than Bush least Obama won't be getting us into any stupid wars". And many said they were going to vote for him again in 2012 because "Obama needs more time in office to clear up Bush's mess...he can't do it in four years".

So what are these same voters saying today, after the miserable failure Barry has shown?  They are so ashamed, that they won't even declare they're a Democrat. Now they're saying, "oh, I'm not a Democrat...I still hate the Republicans, but I'm an Independent now".

Support for this jihadist radical Muslim in our White House is getting so bad that you are not allowed to disagree with any of his policies. If you do, you are labeled a "racist" by the likes of Al Sharpton, and even Eric "hold 'em" Holder. 

This administration led by Barry Soetero has no accomplishments to brag about for their followers to support, so their new mantra is, "when all else fails, play the race works".
If anyone dare challenge any of Barry's decisions or policies they must be a racist. Why would anyone even begin to challenge this great Dear Leader if not for the color of his skin? 

When I receive criticism that I don't like Barry because I'm a racist against African-Americans, I always retort with, "how come I'm a big supporter of Condoleeza Rice, Dr. Ben Carson, Col. Alan West, Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell, and many other great African-Americans". 

But, never giving up, the libs will most always respond, "oh you just like them Uncle Tom ni**ers cause they're Republicans".  Now who's the racist here? Get ready folks, the race card is here, and ready for the mid-term elections in November.

I'm not going to list all of Barry's miserable failures in this blog. By now everyone knows what each of those failures have been over the past five plus years.  This man in our White House is by far the worst president our country has ever had to endure. Therefore the only rebuttal the libs have is the race card to combat any logic you bring up.

Of course Barry Soetero should be impeached, but with Reid and Holder in Barry's back pocket, we know that will never happen. But we have the power to start impeachment if we take the first step in 105 days. That's only 2,520 hours folks. Even though Eric Holder says, "using the phrase 'take our country back' is racist", I'm imploring all to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK this November through your valuable vote. We can do this. Don't forget what this will mean for our future generations.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Devil's greatest trick

One of my favorite movies, "Usual Suspects" had a great line in it uttered by Kevin Spacey during the film; "the greatest trick the devil ever played was to convince the world that he didn't exist".

Think about it folks; be objective on what's been happening in the past five years and seven months to our country. Let's say the devil thought up a plan designed to destroy our great country because the devil feared his war on the Judeo-Christian community was failing.

The devil would appoint a disciple to be the leader of his plan. He would aid this disciple through mayhem, corruption, lying, and outright deceit to overtake the country. I mean, after all the devil succeeded in appointing Hitler, Stalin, Marx, Castro, and other evil-doers to destroy those that believed in God.

They say history has a habit of repeating itself. Well, I believe in the case of Barry Soetero, that is decidedly true. Folks, we have a jihadist Muslim radical, living in our White House, who is doing all he can to destroy any belief in God, and what God's teachings have meant to mankind.

Forget about Benghazi, Obamacare, Fast & Furious, IRS and other little "tid-bits" that he has created. Those are just little "Houdini" manuevers to take our eye off what he is really doing.
I ask for us all to just focus on those creations of his that, if not stopped through our patriotic duty of voting in November, this evil disciple of the devil will bring our country down to the depths that we may never recover from.

Actually, when you focus thoroughly on what this disciple of the devil has accomplished thus far, I know you will give thought to his mission of destroying our country along with all our Judeo-Christian beliefs.

First the devil instructed his disciple Barry to raise the debt of our country to $17.Trillion while continuing to give free entitlements to the downtrodden so the masses will come to solely rely on him and do whatever he asks while giving him their undying loyalty.

Then disciple Barry shut down the country's space program. After all, we were the leaders in aerospace, and were erecting more and more satellites in space, and what does he do? He stops it, and allows Putin and his Russian thugs to now become the leaders in space.

He stands in front of tele-promps througout the world and brags we have had no terrorist attacks since he's been in our White House, while calling Ft. Hood, Texas and the Boston bombings as just workplace violence. He won't even address the Benghazi attack.

A year ago he started the undocumented word to Central America that any illegal could enter the U.S. through Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, and be protected. To date 290,000 illegals have crossed our border, and we know there are jihadist Muslim radicals mixed in there. We know that Barry Soetero is definitely facilitating terrorists crossing our southern U.S. borders, while allowing others to take the blame for this debacle.

The devil then instructs his disciple Barry to recover an Army deserter by trading five high profile terrorists for one Army private that went AWOL to become a terrorist himself. This proves once again that Barry is facilitating the jihadist Muslim radicals to overtake our country.

Again the devil inserted himself in Barry's ear to direct him to stop any job creations from the Keystone Pipeline so that America could continue to stay dependent on oil produced from Barry's allies in his Muslim countries. Again this facilitates the terrorist war on our country.

Another crippling move by the devil through Barry is to decimate our country's military by the most degrading method possible. And that is to actually fire soldiers while they are in the middle east fighting terrorism to protect our liberty. Barry does not want Americans to have liberty, and is proving this by crippling our fighting forces.

Disciple Barry was then instructed by the devil to stop any medical aid to any injured or disabled war heroes or veterans by decimating our Veteran's Administration. 

The devil also says  for Barry to spit in the face of Americans by golfing every weekend, going on a fifteen day vacation next month, and having lavish dinners with his inside group every week, instead of attending to the business of the American people. The devil has Barry believing that if Barry reflects that he is "leading from way behind", and takes no responsibility, the he cannot be blamed for any misdoings.

The devil gave Barry two associates to help him do the devil's bidding; Harry Reid and Eric Holder. And now we can eliminate one of them, Harry Reid, in just 109 days. We can push Dingy Harry out to pasture by taking back our Senate. Who knows what we may be able to do about Soetero and Holder with a GOP House and Senate?

The devil's trick is unfolding, because if you take a good look at the man in our White House you know he truly does exist.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops


Thursday, July 10, 2014

First there was.... then, then

Remember the good old days where there was just a Fast & Furious scandal that was highlighting the news? Well, all the news except ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC.  And on the radio Rush, Sean, and Gallagher were also covering this scandal. I mean this scandal was so bad that on rare occasions even the major networks talked about it, well, except for Rev. Al on MSNBC.

Then came Barry's Obamacare roll-out, and it hit the airwaves really big time many radio and TV programs led with this infamous Obamacare roll-out. The airwaves on radio and TV were on fire
Every TV and radio outlet, either for or against the roll-out, discussed BarryCare so much on their broadcasts, that suddenly everyone forgot about the Fast & Furious  scandal.

Right on the heels of the Obamacare roll-out debacle there suddenly appeared news that our embassy in Benghazi was attacked by terrorists. Again the networks argued daily on their broadcasts whether the Benghazi attack was caused by a video, or was it Hillary's fault.

Again, radio and TV networks began the serious debates on the Benghazi massacre so much that soon everyone forgot about the Obamacare roll-out debacle.  It was almost choreographed by Barry's spa bath buddy Rahm Emanuel, when Rahm once said, "never let a good crisis go to waste".

We all know what followed; NSA spying scandal made us forget about Benghazi. Then the DOJ scandal made us forget about the NSA spying scandal.  Suddenly, as if on cue, out of nowhere appears the IRS lost Lerner e-mails scandal. This incompetent man in our White House has made a career out of creating scandals that are harmful to the country, and then if someone dares remind him of a past scandal his only reply is, "oh, that...that's old news".

There have been strong rumors that this dictator posing as our President is really a Muslim. He gave many of us reason to believe this when he traded five of Islamic terrorists from Gitmo back to their homeland for a traitor, Pvt. Berghdal, that under flag of AWOL went over to pledge his loyalty to Allah and Islamic radicalism.

It's easy to follow the pattern of this White House dictator. He keeps manufacturing scandals to push his anti-American agenda, then stands way, way behind the scandal and lets others fall on the sword for him.  If the devil himself created an evil monster to descend upon our country with orders to completely destroy us, the devil could not have chosen a better monster than Barry Soetero.

His latest scandal and evil move started a year ago, when he let word out to Central American countries that their children could migrate by the thousands freely to three states, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, that coincidentally are GOP leaning states with GOP governors.  We all know his motive behind this move. Once all the illegals are here he will convince them to register in the Democrat Party. Pure evil!

The frosting on the cake is that this man created this horrific situation, and yet wold rather play pool and drink beer than to visit the border.

People, we have 115 days to convince as many people as we can that we have, maybe our final chance, to walk into our voting booths and take our first step to take our country back.

If we don't, then we'll have all but lost our great country to the devil himself.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country and our troops

Saturday, July 5, 2014

What has Barry given us?

I am not ashamed to admit I shed many tears watching TV today to see the tribute to this great country. People from all walks of life; famous people, everyday people; all expressing their deep appreciation for those who have given so much for us to be a nation of freedom.

Nowhere in the history of mankind has any country given so much to the world without asking anything in return. As I watched the TV documentaries about those who have given of course I began to think, ask myself,  and others, just what has Barry Soetero given to this great country?

What legacy will he leave behind? And so in all fairness to the evil jihadist dictator that resides in our White House with his beloved transvestite husband/wife Michael/Michelle,  I decided to list just what this man has given to our great country since he became a U.S. Senator.

First off, there was that 143 days while he was in the Senate that he voted "present' on all the bills brought to the Senate floor. That took a lot of fortitude to hold out on declaring your vote.  And let's never forget his idyllic relationships to two "great" Americans, Rev. Wright and Bill Ayres.

Since he's been elected to our highest office, President of our great country, there has been much he has contributed to that will always be imbedded in the hearts and minds of all Americans.

First and foremost Dictator Soetero has raised our national debt to $17.Trillion, while decreasing our GDP to the most severe minus condition since WWII. Granted, he has helped the lazy uninformed by raising welfare, food stamps, unemployment insurance, and housing subsidies to the nation's all-time high of over 45 million Americans. Well, not all Americans; there's some illegals mixed in there too.

During his first term this great dictatorial leader gave America his most popular affordable health care plan, affectionately known as Obamacare, or BarryCare, whichever fits your vernacular best. And to this day there are literally um, um, ?? Americans signing up for it, and some illegals too, that our dear leader will assure that hard-working Americans through taxes will pay for.

 Then our great dictator generously donated several high powered arms to Mexico in his Fast & Furious campaign, followed up with getting to the bottom of the massacre at Benghazi, where he outed the ruthless video producer of an anti -Muslim documentary that all of 300 people around the world viewed. This took a lot of stamina on the part of our dear leader.

Soon thereafter he, or was it Valerie J., that directed our esteemed Attorney General Eric "hold 'em" Holder to spy on all those that opposed the jihadist Muslim leader's doctrine, including a prominent Fox News reporter. What a brilliant strategy.

And let us not forget he is diligently working to recover all of former IRS leader Lois Lerner's lost e-mails. Furthermore he has declared to the American people that he will not rest until he gets to the bottom of the debacle. No, he won't rest, but he'll think a lot about it as he plays golf.

Maybe his greatest contribution is his stance on  income equality throughout our great country. I mean the evidence is clearly there. Household incomes of hard-working Americans have dropped over $5,000. per year while entitlements to the lazy uninformed has risen to its highest ever. What a great President. And we should all remember he declared to "Joe the Plumber" in 2008, while campaigning,  that America should "spread the wealth".

We must never, ever forget his great contributions to our foreign policy. Never before in the history of our great country has so many nations' leaders had so much confidence in our country.
What a selfish man he is also. Instead of going to our Texas border for numerous photo opportunities with the illegal children, he instead is attending fund raisers to help those less fortunate than he in the Democrat Party. 

This is a great leader, and for all of those that voted him to the highest office in our land I want to thank you for voting this man in his esteemed position to do so much for our great country. Is this dear leader of ours a great man or what? And those outstanding approval ratings...WOW!!

Please remember this in 119 days.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Term, Term, Term

Most of us old timers remember the 1965 hit song by the singing group the Byrds, called "Turn, Turn, Turn". On my morning walk today I was thinking what a big hit it would be if a songwriter would change the lyrics to "Term, Term, Term", with words imploring a new law of forcing term limits on the people we send to D.C., Democrat, Republican, and Independent members of the House and Senate.

Never more in the history of our country is term limits needed for our elected members of Congress as it is now. We Americans recognize our voting privileges and go to the voting booth to elect members to Congress with only one major thought in mind: THEY ARE ELECTED TO DO WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT THEM TO DO FOR THE GOOD OF THE COUNTRY AS DIRECTED IN THE U.S. CONSTITUTION.

What we have now are member of our House and Senate focusing on their own personal gains for their own power, and the power of their respective party. It's evident that the very people we vote to represent us under the laws of our Constitution, for the most part, don't even acknowledge us until it's campaign time.

Senate majority leader Dingy Harry Reid and his boss Barry Soetero, continue to lie to the American people that the Republicans from the House will not allow them to pass any bills. These are definitely nothing more than a gigantic pack of lies. For Reid and Soetero to continue to repeat these lies is now waking the American people.

As I'm typing this there are, right now, over forty (40) bills passed in the House sitting on the desk of Harry Reid. And Dingy Harry will not even bring a single one of these bills to the Senate floor for a vote. By the way did you know that buried in those 40+ bills is the bill passed by the House to open the Keystone Pipeline?

We all know why the "Barry & Harry Show" won't open the Keystone. They have been threatened by Billionaire Tom Steyer that if Democrats vote to open Keystone they can forever kiss his contributions goodbye.  And do you know where the bulk of billionaire Steyer's money was gained? Yep, from fossil fuel production over the years.

If Keystone were to open today over 42,000 jobs would be immediately created with more jobs to follow. Why would anyone stop this from happening, unless they are more concerned on their own wallet and power than they are for the welfare of the failing economy and the lost jobs for the very Americans that voted them in office.

The Supreme Court Justices have notified Barry that he is illegally enacting laws outside the purvey of his office. And how does this jihadist Muslim dictator respond? Why, he just doubles down and says he's now going around the Supreme Court to get done what he wants. Didn't Hitler do this in the '30's and '40's?

Even when the majority of Americans have declared this man to be the worst president since WWII, he continues to push forward in his quest to destroy our freedom and democracy. This is not the outcome that our Founding Fathers designed our Constitution for. 

As we celebrate our July 4th hanking god for our freedoms and liberties do you know where Barry is going? He's attending a Muslim Mosque to give praise to the "contributions" the Muslim community has given to our country. 

If we do not vote in November to take back our Senate and keep our House this jihadist Muslim dictator may push this country into ruins that we may never recover from. The very bright light that shines in front of us is there are 121 days left, and we can take our first major step to stop this dictator.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops