Friday, February 27, 2015

Another holocaust?

I have been strongly criticized by Barry Soetoero's  supporters for paralleling Adolph Hitler to Barry Soetero. I just wish the Barry supporters would remain completely objective for just a few minutes and read this with an open mind. If anyone wants to respond I promise to keep an open mind, and read their responses openly and objectively before I respond back.

I can't even fathom what went through to minds of the Jewish men, women, and young children during the 1930's and '40's under the evil dictator Adolph Hitler. Adolph never personally put a hand to a Jewish man, woman, or young child. No, he traveled throughout Europe making charismatic speeches, while his Gestapo and Third Reich armies were physically "herding" Jews into rail cars to transport them to the camps for gassing and murder.

And while the slaughtering of Jews was taking place Adolph Hitler was parading around Europe bloviating to the masses that he was creating a master race and everything was fine. He had the assistance and support of the military and the media. And what stopped Adolph Hitler?
The united allies led by the strong military force of the United States of America.

There was no problem for U.S. presidents FDR and Harry Truman to recognize and act against the evil axis of Germany and ultimately Japan. Their decisions were never questioned, as they were in the best freedom interests of America and its allies.

Today, while I get challenged and criticized for comparing Adolph Hitler to Barry Soetero I just ask my critics to be objective and research what these two men represent and what Hitler did, and what Barry is doing now.

I think everyone will agree what the evil Hitler did to the defenseless Jews in Europe. History has factually reported the events with accuracy and clarity. Adolph paraded around Europe convincing the masses he was going to create a superior race. He did this because he had complete control of two vital areas; the military and the media. Think about it.

Now let's fast-forward to today. What's going on today? Jews and Christians are being captured, tortured, and murdered at an alarming rate like we haven't witnessed since Adolph Hitler. To all my critics, that isn't some made up fabrication by me. Those are pure facts. There are even overt facts depicting that there are radical Islamic cells here in the U.S.

Want some more facts? These murderous evil monsters are now thriving in the middle east,  while attempting to spread their evil throughout the entire world. The ultimate goal of these evil murders is to overtake the United States of America, and indoctrinate their religious beliefs right here. And those that won't succumb to their beliefs will be slaughtered. It is written so in their evil Koran.

To everyone in the free world, including the United States, these evil people are named radical Islamic Muslims. These people are threatening America every time they stand in front of a camera. And what is Barry doing while the slaughtering of Jews and Christians are escalating?
He's going around the U.S., telling the country how great we're doing, and then its off to the golf course. He just doesn't care. Mayor Guilianni was right. Barry just doesn't love us.

Have you ever wondered why our president, Barry Soetero, will not call these evil radical Islamists by their true name?  Have you ever wondered why Barry is currently negotiating with Iran, who is the world's biggest supporter of terrorism, and allowing them to build a nuclear bomb?  Have you ever wondered why Barry refuses to support, meet with, and even acknowledge  our biggest mid east ally Israel?

Ever wonder why  Barry Soetero will not even address the slayings of Jews and Christians by ISIS? Have you ever wondered why Barry continues to downplay the success and growth of ISIS? Ever wonder why Barry's Secretary of State John Kerry says, "the world is now safer from terrorists than it's ever been", while James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence said yesterday, "in all my years in Intelligence 2014 was the worst terrorism has ever been, and may get worse again".

There is only one answer to all these's because Barry is a Muslim, and a radical Islamist sympathizer. 

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Between the slices

While I was swearing and screaming  at the TV this morning my wife was sitting calmly on the couch drinking her second cup of coffee. She then said, "now don't be stupid and write a blog while you're all worked up....calm down". Of course I always get the last word....I meekly said, "Yes dear".

But it just couldn't didn't stop the fuming and outrage. I just kept it inside so "the boss" wouldn't notice. What's my point? Does anyone else feel like I do right about now? Just a useless piece of cheese between two stale slices of bread. 

One piece of the stale bread is Barry Soetero and his merry band of evil-doers. The other slice of bread is the gutless Republicans in name only, RINO's.  And we Americans are being squeezed right in the middle of these two ugly meaningless "slices of bread".

These two "slices of bread" really think we Americans are stupid and don't see through their camouflage. It's obvious we are at the the mercy of these two power hungry groups are not conducting their actions in the best interest for the freedoms and rights of the people of this country.

First, let's look at what Barry has done and is doing. As recent as today Barry Soetero vetoed the Keystone Pipeline after the bill was successfully passed in the House and Senate.  This bill would immediately put a minimum of 42,000 people to work, not to mention ancillary jobs down the road. It's a win-win for all of America. It will lessen our reliance on mid east oil.

It's easy to understand why Barry won't approve the pipeline. He will lose a very large constituency that heavily donates to him. Leading the pack are George Soros and Tom Steyer, both billionaires that have a heavy interest in stopping the pipeline. And who suffers from this? We, the American people; people out of work that want to return to providing for their family.

Since this sorry excuse for a leader has been in America's White House we have suffered through more than twenty, yes twenty scandals. No, I won't take the time to mention them all here. You know what they are, and some of these scandals are still going on.

At the same time Barry stands in front of his teleprompters, shedding crocodile tears reading that if Congress does not fund his Homeland Security law, our great country will lose much of its protection. Of course he hasn't addressed making our country secure by turning our borders into sieves for illegals to just march across.

Barry won't address our war with ISIS. he wants to "make nice" with this evil murderers. Heck, he won't even call them by their correct name. He's actually  downplaying the plight of these evil doers, telling America that "the media is overblowing these stories for the sake of ratings". Yeah, right Barry! Today ISIS overtook a village and captured nearly a hundred Christians with promises of slaughter. 

And the other "slice of bread" is loaded with Republicans In Name Only (RINOS). They are gutless and afraid of this radical Islamic Muslim. Barry Soetero must be arrested for treason and for unlawfully fulfilling his duties of protecting and doing what is best for America.

Are you going to call your Senator and your Congressman/Woman to voice your complain or or your going to continue being a piece of cheese squeezed between two stale slices of bread?

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country..and our troops.
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Monday, February 23, 2015

White History Month?

I truly appreciate the way this great country honors the African-American citizens. I personally honor them in all ways possible. Yes, African-Americans should be honored by our great country. Their contributions to the growth and success of America should never be forgotten.

Personally I have always showed respect to the African-American population. One of my closest friends growing up was "Bill". I knew him from the first grade through high school graduation. We grew up playing sandlot baseball and basketball together. Wow, what a basketball player he was. If his grades could have matched his talent Bill could've entered any college he wanted.

On the high school basketball team his nick-name was "The Hawk". What a guy, and what a good friend he was growing up. bill passed away from a heart attack after spending several years working in the local steel mill. I think about him a lot.

Four years in the military, college, and a career in medical equipment sales have provided me with the opportunity to cross paths with many African-Americans I still hold close in my heart as friends. The pitcher on our Air Force baseball team in England, Ronnie, was another friend. After discharge we stayed in touch with Christmas cards and occasional phone calls. Last I heard he was a Dentist somewhere in Michigan. 

And I'm sure I'm just one of millions of Caucasian Americans that have gone through life with African-Americans being a big part of their life. I've never missed a Denzel Washington movie.
Michael Jordan is my all-time favorite pro NBA'er. Condi Rice, Dr. Carson, Allen West would all make great U.S. Presidents. 

After decades of enslaving African-Americans, it's fitting and honorable that our great country honor them with Black History Month every year. I have never considered myself a racist as I have always displayed love and respect for my African-American brothers and sisters. I don't feel you will find many Caucasian Americans that object to Black History Month.

With all that being written in the six paragraphs above I just have one question. Why is there so much objection when anyone suggests the U.S. have a White History Month? As I've written earlier I have never considered myself a racist, but by the standards of many like Al Sharpton I am a racist. 

We have so many great Caucasian Americans that have contributed so much to the greatness and exceptionalism of this great country. However, to honor them would be considered racist to the likes of people like Sharpton. And now the racism has even gone to Hollyweird.

Last night Oscar's presentation was just one gigantic liberal progressive love-in. To honor a movie that depicted a washed up actor instead of a movie about a true war hero is nothing more than a joke.  At one point the stage was crowded with African-Americans led by John Legend honoring the movie Selma. That was great, but what do you think you would've heard in the media today if a group of White Americans, led by Clint Eastwood was on the stage honoring the "Sniper" movie? 

Wake up America...Wake up!

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Why not Barry?

The American people only want a president of our great country to love our country and treat America as the world's greatest.  Is that too much? Are Americans asking too much for a president to lead and protect us? Why not Barry?

Many years from now, in the future, history will portray Barry Soetero as the worst president this country has ever had to endure. Whenever a scandal and crisis surfaces Barry coats himself with gallons of Teflon, then forms and "organizes" committees to "address the problem", then off he goes to the golf course with his spa-bath buddies.

And yet everything this man has addressed to attach his name and legacy to is a complete failure. To relate from a former blog, I must repeat,  that if someone gave Barry instructions  to do all he can to crumble the United States economically and socially he couldn't do a better job than he's doing right now.

We're a great country that has fought and beat back evil throughout our entire existence. We always understood who the enemy was; Britain's tyrants, slavery, WWI, WWII, including the Korean and Viet Nam wars. One of our great presidents convinced the USSR to "tear down this wall".  Where are you Barry?

Our Founding Fathers gave us our independence and the right laws to help us grow and govern our country so we can secure and keep our rights and freedoms. Never before has our great country been burdened with a president who wants to take this laws, rights, and freedoms away from us. Why don't you do what's best for us Barry?

So many building blocks of the this country were on the backs of Jews and Christians. Yet, today these two groups are consistently being attacked, not only by the radical Islamic terrorists, but also in our own media. Yes, in some cases even by our own State Department.
Barry, why do you care more for illegals and Muslim terrorists than you do for America?

The most watched media outlets; ABC, CBS, and NBC are even defending the Muslim attacks on Jews and Christians,  even supporting what our own president and State Department spews out. Barry and his wonder woman Marie Harf wants us to understand ISIS; give them jobs, empathize. Yes, I agree; let's do all that, but only after we've eradicated everyone of these evil radical Islamists. Why are you this way Barry?

Barry has turned his back on Israel while he's doing the sanctions "two-step" with Iran, knowing that Iran wants a nuclear bomb to destroy Israel. He refuses to meet with the PM of Israel, but invited a radical Muslim that declared a " 9-11 on Israel". Yeah, Barry that really looks like you've got Israel's back. Why don't you love this great country Barry?

Most of us ask the question of "how much more of this can our country take"?  Some of us even say, "when is it gonna stop"?  No one really knows the answers to these questions. Maybe we'll never know.  Most of us truly love our United States and want the best for our future generations, but it seems right now we've got a man at the helm that is not a leader and worse, does not care to lead us. We just keep asking "why don't you care Barry"?

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Get A Job

Remember that old time rock 'n roll song, "Get a job"? I think it should be a theme to sing and play for ISIS.  Finally our astute State Department has found the answer to all the problems the world is having in the mid east today. Wow are they fantastic or what? Have you heard yet?

Yes, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf, while a guest on the "leg-tingler" Chris Matthews MSNBC show,  said, "we just can't kill ISIS...we should be helping them by getting them jobs to raise their self-esteem...even educate them".

Wow Ms. Harf what a novel concept. Did you and your boss John "Lurch" Kerry come up with  that idea all on your own? I'm sure once ISIS gets educated and gets a good job their self-esteem will bloom so high that they will not slaughter or kill Jews and Christians.   You do know Ms. Harf that ISIS makes about $3.Million per day by selling their black market oil from oil fields they have overtaken. Ah yeah, you must've forgot that little tidbit.

What educational courses are we going to provide for them when we educate them? Maybe Judeo-Christian Values 101, or maybe Negotiating without use of weapons 101. I'm sure there are many educational classes to be offered to these fine ISIS warriors to help "blend" them into society. Ms. Harf, you are a genius. Of course ISIS "students" would have to be taught they can't behead a professor in college if they get a bad grade.

What type of college degree, and what kind of job will the ISIS students finally receive? Maybe they could learn how to raise pigs on a farm, and then get a job at a pork meat-packing plant. Oh, the opportunities would be endless. Are you and Lurch Kerry going to present this great idea to Barry? Hey, it would be great if you could get one of those ISIS warriors a job working with you when you give your press releases. It would look great seeing you standing next to a fully garbed ISIS warrior while on the podium. Thank you again Ms. Harf for your great idea.

Maybe Ms. Harf could meet with Hillary Clinton to work on these issues. Remember Ms. Clinton was the one that prompted America, "we need to understand our enemy...their wants and needs...we should look at things from their perspective." Wait, Ms. Clinton, who's going to provide the jobs for the ISIS guys? Certainly not the private sector. Aren't you the one that said, "it's not true that jobs come from the private sector".

I just had a brainstorm idea. If Hillary gets the Democrat nod to run for president, she should have Ms. Harf as her running mate. Together these two would solve all our mid east problems. 

Well, Ms. Harf, while you're getting jobs for these ISIS guys, and getting them educated could you take some time out and find a way to stop them from slaughtering Jews and Christians? That might just help a little, don't you think?

In the meantime I'll help in the best way I can for ISIS by singing, "Get A Job".

And that's Politics with Pete....God bless our country...and our troops.
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Give ISIS their wish

Yeah, let's honor ISIS and give them their ultimate wish. To die and go to their Allah Akbar paradise and live with their "virgins". It's obvious they believe in death more than life. So let's just give them what they want, and help them meet their Muhammad and Allah.  Send thousands of troops over to their battlegrounds and annihilate them.  And after they're all gone who cares what name Barry wants to call them.

It's rumored that one of the main reasons the Admirals and Generals of the U.S. won't go into America's White House to arrest this man for treason, ineptness, and failure to follow the laws of the Constitution is because if they do a race Black vs. White civil war will break out. Of course no american, White or Black wants a civil war; well maybe except for "Rev" Sharpton.
But America needs to band together, and now.

Peaceful people all over the world are engaged in a war that some say is worse than the infamous WWII, and we have a dictator in America's White House that won't even assign a name to this most vicious and evil enemy of the world. Can you imagine if Barry was our president in WWII and wouldn't call Hitler and his Third Reich Nazis, because he didn't want to offend them? We may have lost that war against Hitler.

Within the next few days America will surely witness the caliber of this spineless and leaderless individual we have in our White House. Even with the support of labor unions and many Democrats in the House and Senate Barry will still veto the Keystone Pipeline bill that has been passed by both the House and the Senate, and now sits on his desk. Does America, even the most stubborn Barry followers, need any more proof that this man cares only about himself and his Democrat party donors than he does about the people of America?

Americans are being lied to and Barry's followers are being fooled. He has sent his "posse" on the weekend talk shows to tell America that all is fine, and we are defeating ISIS. We all know that is nothing more than a bold-faced lie, there are still some Barry Kool-Aid drinkers that are buying these lies.

ISIS put Christian children in cages and set them on fire. Then these evil radical Islamic Muslims paraded 21 Christian men down to the shores and beheaded them. Then they claimed they will next invade Rome, Italy. And they have proclaimed they will invade the White House soon. 

I am being very heavily criticized for comparing Barry Soetero to Adolph Hitler, but I stand by my evaluation of these two. Both hated Jews and Christians. Both would not recognize the Judeo-Christian world. Islam is the only religion he speaks to in a positive manner.

Maybe the most impactful comparative analysis occurred this weekend. ISIS burned Christian children in cages. ISIS slaughtered by beheading, 21 Christian men. And exactly the minute that ISIS was beheading these Christian men Barry was in Palm Springs standing over his putt on the golfing green. Is that a leader that you want to follow?

The frosting on the cake is Barry would not even acknowledge the slaughtered as "Christians". He called them "citizens". Yet, he certainly defamed Christians at his prayer meeting when he said on national TV, "Christian crusaders slaughtered people in the name of their Christ". What kind of American leader is this man? 

For America's sake the best place for all of us is Barry on a golf course for the next two years while the Senate passes laws at a 60+ pace. Otherwise we are doomed. 

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

It's no big deal!

Pentagon spokesman Admiral Kirby just yesterday on national TV told us Americ that ISIS took over a city in Iraq and are only five miles from attacking a base with 312 American Marines, but "but that happens in these kinds of conflicts and it's no big deal".  Really Admiral Kirby, no big deal?

ISIS just paraded twenty Christians, yes Christians, through town in cages to set them all on fire to burn them only because they were Christians. And yet according to Barry Soetero's administration "it's no big deal".

Iran's Ayatollah is sending "secret" letters to Barry, so that Iran can continue it's development of a nuclear bomb in their ultimate effort to destroy our biggest mid east ally Israel. To show us just what a spineless wuss Barry is, he knows, as we all know that Iran is supplying ISIS with arms. Now if Barry ramps up the attack on ISIS then Iran will ramp up their  support to these murderous evil thugs ISIS. Ah, but you know, "it's no big deal".

ISIS cells in the U.S. are now actually telephoning families of American soldiers training Iraqis telling them "ISIS will come into your house here in America to slaughter you and your children", but you know according to Barry, "it's no big deal".

And Barry, trying to protect his "non-war" legacy not only refuses to launch an all out attack on ISIS, he goes so far as to telegraph to ISIS that "there will be no boots on the ground, and I'm only authorizing a three year push against these random insurgents". This spineless leaderless wuss won't even call ISIS by its real name of of radical Islamist Muslims. But of course, according to Barry and his gang, "it's no big deal".

In the most recent polls Americans are saying that 73% of us do not approve of the way he is handling the "random conflict" in the mid east now. I get teased and "ragged on" a lot, even  from some family members that I'm a news junkie. Some even ask "why do you watch so much're gonna go nuts". I only respond that I watch news because I care about our country today.

And I've never cared more for the future of our country as I have been starting 14 months ago when my great granddaughter came into this world. As I'm playing games with her, rocking her to sleep, and watching her develop I think about the world she will face later on in her life. And I'm scared because things have to change NOW starting with America's leadership if she is going to have the life she deserves; her and all children.

Even peaceful Muslims throughout the world are crying out against these evil murderers, and yes, even calling them their true name; radical Islamic terrorists. Yet, Barry Soetero won't attach the correct name to them because he says he "doesn't want to offend all Muslims". Really Barry? That's as bad as, "this is no big deal".

As we sit in our warm cozy environment and watch these evil barbaric crimes on our TV we may think, "gee that's bad, but it'll never happen here". Please don't be lulled into a false sense of security folks. With a man like Barry Soetero as our spineless leader who goes on BuzzFeed TV to make jokes, selfies, etc., while we are in the throes of ISIS attacks we may be in real danger sooner than we foresee.

Just to close out today's blog....what do you think of a president that almost daily communicates with a country (Iran) that wants to destroy our biggest mid east ally Israel, and yet refuses to meet with Israel's prime minister. Think about it folks, and think about our future generations.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country....and our troops.
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