Friday, August 7, 2015


At 80 years of age I feel so blessed that I get to spend two to three times a week with my 19-month old great granddaughter. She is such a joy to me. I can't imagine not spending time with her every week. Pushing the stroller, rocking and singing her to sleep, and  walking through the stores with her are joys that make my day every time we're together.

However, every time I'm singing to her, reading to her, and just enjoying her smile I can't help but think of the disastrous, horrific, unethical, and murderous Planned Parenthood group.
To me there's no such thing as Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. It's either Pro-Life or Pro-Murder.

I don't know, nor do I care, or agree with any decision a human being would sanction to crush the skull of a baby, yes baby, not fetus just to sell the child's body parts "for medical and/or scientific research", when these human body parts are being sold for profit.

This "Nazi-type" harvesting of human parts is nothing short of barbaric.  I often wonder why Democrats stand so strong with this horrible organization. Here's something extremely ironic;
a founder and proponent of this organization was Margaret Sanger, who proudly said many times, "Blacks are like weeds, and we must remove them". 

It is a fact that the majority of abortions performed by this unGodly organization is performed on young Black females. And so I ask again, why is this horrible organization supported by the Democratic Party and African-American women? I'm sure I'm just one of millions of parents, grandparents, and great grandparents whose lives are enriched by these little miracles from God that we nurture every day. Why is there a sanctioned group that kills these babies.

Here's another astounding fact: If we took a moment of silence for every aborted baby since 1973, we would be silent for ten, yes,  ten years. Yet, there are still thousands, maybe millions who strongly justify the horrible massacre actions of this evil group.

Videos have very recently surfaced where medical Doctors of this organization are actually negotiating the price of body parts of these young humans to sell "for medical research". This is nothing more than a gigantic falsehood. Stem cell research can be accomplished in medical labs, rather than mutilating a baby to sell the baby's human parts for profit.

Even one horrible Doctor that works for this evil organization very matter-of-factly said she wanted to make enough profit selling human baby body parts so she can buy a high-priced sports car. 

Here's more factual scenarios: The very same Pro-Life Americans that despise this horrible organization are having some of their taxes going to fund this group. And then, in turn, this unethical, immoral, and illegal group donates to the Democrats including Barry softer and Hillary. That's why Barry and Hillary love and support this group.  

This another impactful reason America needs to elect a GOP leader. It is the only way we can not only defund this horrible evil organization, but maybe even disband it. We can not and must not murder babies for profit. that ideology was destroyed in the '30's and '40's in Europe, and we must not let is continue here now in our great country. Just maybe in the future there will be no horrible group called Planned Parenthood.

I think of this every time I hold by little granddaughter. I hope you do too.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless America...and our troops.
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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Why not Trump?

Wow, the media is having a grand old time attacking Donald Trump, and getting away with it no less. Do you think that just maybe the liberal media, along with the White House, Hillary Clinton, and our inept members of Congress led by Boehner and McConnell are afraid of Mr. Trump?

I remember lying in bed refusing to fall asleep last November until the election results reflected that the GOP had gained control of the House and the Senate once again by large margins. What followed was the best night's sleep I've had since January, 2009 when Barry Soetero took office to start his machinations to destroy America.

All I could think of the next day was waking feeling that our great country was back on its feet again, and things were going to start rolling the way Americans wanted. Things like the repeal of Obamacare, and the opening of the Keystone Pipeline.

What I didn't realize back then, but sure do now, is that the House and the Senate have weak leaders in Boehner and McConnell. And I keep wondering why are they unable to act like we expected them to when we voted for them in November, 2014.  I do have some ideas and notions. 

Maybe these current House and Senate leaders are looking ahead to their $5.Million a year job as a lobbyist, and really aren't focused on getting the right things done for America. Maybe, just maybe, they are afraid to challenge Barry Soetero, lest they be called racists and will be thoroughly trashed by the media. Maybe trashed so bad that they'll lose their cushy lobbyist jobs when they leave Congress.  After all, isn't money the name of the game, and why we need term limits?

And maybe, just maybe these GOP House and Senate leaders, along with other GOP Congress members have some deep dark ugly secrets that the White House is holding over their heads causing them to just acquiesce to Barry's wishes. After all there are rumors  that the White House got Obamacare through the Supreme Court because they had "something" on Chief Justice Roberts, and he broke the voting tie.

Most of us have now realized that Barry Soetero is not human. He's just a machine put together and in place by companies and groups that he has been "paying back" since he's been in office.
We all know what he's already done, and will continue to do, for these entities that have donated large sums of money to keep him in office. This corrupt man, Barry Soetero, has pledged loyalty only to those that have put him in power. He owes them, plain and simple.

Which brings me to my headline and topic, "Why Not Trump"?  Donald Trump is a billionaire several times over. He has created jobs, he runs may conglomerates, and he doesn't owe any company, any person, any group ANYTHING. He certainly has more experience and is more truthful and honest than Barry Soetero ever was. 

Donald Trump wants to take America back from the machine that created Barry Soetero, and give it back to the American people. And if you want to know anything about Mr. Trump, just Google or Bing his name and you can get all the information you need to know about him; his business enterprises, his background, his college, and even his college grades. Why is that, while Barry Soetero's life is one big dark mystery, and he has spent millions to block his information from the very Americans that voted him in office?

Really, can all these stories about Barry Soetero be exaggerations or fabricated lies?  His background, his citizenship, his religion, his education, his scholastic grades, etc. No one, no one remembers him in college. A former high school classmate says she remembers him as a gay, crack-cocaine smoking boy that never had girlfriends, but had several male gay friends. There is no evidence to prove if she's lying or not.

Many feel that "the machine" picked this guy Barry because he would be so easy to manipulate and bend to their wills and wishes. They knew, from the outset, that Barry had no spine, no backbone, and he'd do anything they wanted. Sort of like the movies, "Manchurian Candidate", and "No Way Out". Barry's only job was a short-lived community organizer, followed up by only 183 days in the Senate where he only voted "present".

The media and the White House are in full attack mode on Donald Trump because they are terrified of him. The media, White House, Barry, and even Hillary knows that Trumps owes nothing to anybody. He needs n one else's money for his campaigning. 

Can you imagine what Hillary will be doing in the White House if she's elected? She'll be paying back many favors to the donors that helped her during her campaigning. Can you imagine what those favors might be? Her and Slick Willie have admitted that their donations are from countries at war with the U.S.  And what's Slick Willie's answer, "when it comes to charity for good causes who cares where the money comes from"?

We cannot allow this woman in America's White House. 

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless America..and our troops
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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Where's my sanctuary city?

Did you ever look up the definition of the word "sanctuary"? it's means "a place for safety and refuge". I guess it means it's a place you go to when you're in danger. I'm pretty sure a sanctuary is not someplace you go to where breaking the law is acceptable, and you receive protection from persecution for breaking the law.

Dad must be spinning in his grave right about now over these "Sanctuary Cities" here in the U.S. He came here at 17, through Ellis Island,  from a foreign country, not speaking a word of English. Got a job in the steel mills where he proudly and honestly worked for 48 years. No one gave Dad any "sanctuary". He had a personal sanctuary, which was work hard, love your God, take care of your family, and don't break the law.

He was so proud to call himself an American after he received his citizenship document. It seems that pride and loyalty to this great country is eroding. Late night TV comics are even making jokes about the ease of illegals sneaking across our porous borders in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and California. 

Jokes and a base for more comedy is spewed about how an illegal can go go a designated sanctuary city, and even start a life of crime if and when they are caught committing a crime the local law enforcement has many "loophole" problems about turning over the illegal criminal to ICE for the criminal to be deported.

ICE says they can't have a trial for the criminal because he/she is not a U.S. citizen, and therefore get sent back to the original sanctuary city. Therefore with all these cracks and loopholes in our judicial system regarding illegals, the illegal criminal is then released. And so local law enforcement blame ICE, and ICE blames local law enforcement.

Eventually the illegal alien is somehow deported, but still no firm responsible follow up. After this scenario of deportation to the same illegal alien criminal he somehow ends up once again in a sanctuary city.  He knows he's in a good zone of protection so he continues his life of drugs and crime in this area that PROMISES him safety and refuge.

One evening while all drugged up the illegal alien criminal gets a handgun, walks on the waterfront pier of this sanctuary city, sees a lovely young lady walking with her father on the pier, and RANDOMLY shoots and kills this lovely young American. The last words her father heard from her were, "help me Daddy".

News anchor, Bill O'Reilly from Fox News, is desperately trying to establish "Kate's Law" so the U.S. can incarcerate these illegal felons for five years in prison, and then deport them permanently to their home country.  Mr. O'Reilly is not receiving the support, and will have a difficult battle to accomplish this law.  

Illinois Congressman Guiterriz is against this law proposal, and even went so far as to say, "we shouldn't let this LITTLE THING stop us from providing proper amnesty to these illegals". I wonder how this Congressman would feel if it was his daughter gunned down. And then there's my favorite, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin. When asked if he would support Kate's Law, he responded, "I don't know much about any Kate's Law". 

And the biggest tragedy of this is that the White House and Barry Soetero act like nothing is going on. Barry is now paving the way for the illegal alien criminals with the freebies he started with Americans back in '09. Sure, you ask why is Barry doing this? Well for two reasons. Number one, he hopes to register these illegals as Democrats, and secondly he gets to control more of the masses just like the little man in Germany in the '30's and '40's.

This must be stopped before America turns into one gigantic foreign country with strong tyrannical government rule. Please remember this during Hillary's campaigning. She can't get the chance to follow in Barry's footsteps.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country....and our troops
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Sunday, August 2, 2015

"_________lives matter"

I understand there's an African-American group parading around chanting, "Black Lives Matter".  I agree with them one-hundred per cent. You bet Black lives matter, especially here in the greatest country on earth. Every Black child in this country has a God given right to grow up safe and free with the ability to pursue  the life they want to live.

May I please repeat myself in a "four-fold" manner. Which is White, Brown, Yellow, and Red lives matter just as much as Black lives, to grow up safe and free with the God-given right to pursue the life they choose. 

When a life emerges from the womb he/she doesn't arrive with a set of instructions on their body. When I was a volunteer spokesperson for the Calif. branch of National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), I gave many talks to parents, and always reminded them that parenting, if done right, is the toughest job you'll ever have, and also, if done right, the most rewarding job you'll ever have.

Of course I agree with the Black Lives Matter coalition, but I question as to what context they matter to the coalition?  Marching, protests, threats, and sometimes violence will not do a thing for that Black life that matters to you.

Does this Black Lives Matter coalition really think their agenda is helping their main focus of young Black youths by what they are currently doing? Of course not. Why aren't they focusing on the astronomical rise in Black on Black crimes in our country today? 

To protest agains the White "establishment" is not the answer, nor will it prevent one single crime committed by Black youth thugs. Protests and threats against the "establishment" will not stop the rise in crimes committed by young Black criminal thugs, only advance the crimes.

The latest threat by the Black Lives Matter coalition is that they will "do everything we can to cause chaos to shut down the GOP convention in Cleveland". And will this coalition  please tell me that even if they can "shut down" the Cleveland GOP convention, how does that help their cause that black lives matter? How does this stop the young Black criminal from committing more crimes?

Everyone knows that the Black Lives Matter coalition is funded by billionaire George Soros, and he is just using this coalition as a means of attacking and disrupting the Republican Party for his own personal gains. Talk about going back to slavery....this coalition is just a group of slaves run by Soros.  Instead, why doesn't the Black Lives Matter coalition ask billionaire Soros to use some of his billions to build schools to further the education of young Black lives. There is so much good this man can do to advance the young Black community than funding their war against others. 

George Soros is smart enough to know that he can wave his money in front of this group to do his bidding while he hides in the shadows like a coward. This is the same man who helped a group in Germany to prosecute the Jews. Is this the type of man you want to support the efforts of your coalition? Think about it, please.

Just maybe, yes just maybe it's the Black community's fault that there is the rise in violent crimes within these Black communities. Maybe it's the Black communities' responsibility to find out, factually, why there is such a rise in Black on Black crime.  This Black Lives Matter coalition can do so much good to advance our young Black youths. This coalition should be focusing on preventing crimes and educating the Black youths. So much more will be done to advance these youths than any protest, threat, or riot will.

Yes, of course Black lives matter, but it's more important for the young Black life to rise up and make a positive matter to our society, because ALL lives matter, and it matters how you interact with ALL lives.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country..and our troops
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Thursday, July 30, 2015

"Oh, they're all crooks"

At 80 years old I'm a lot closer to leaving this planet than the current millennials are. But my 80 years has afforded me some wisdom and patience that some of our younger generation just can't seem to appreciate and understand.

I get teased, and even argued with because I write political blogs, and have a You Tube site for my short political takes on current issues. I get approached by some young people actually looking for an argument. When I ask simple questions about the Democrats or the GOP they just respond, "Oh, they're all just a bunch of crooks in Washington....that's why I don't even vote".

I ask them if they are worried, or even care about the direction this country is headed toward. They laugh at me, call me an old worn out news junkie, and usually reiterate, "Hey, old's not my problem...tell D.C. to fix it". Of course I really get laughed at, even ridiculed, when I remind them that time doesn't stand still, and they will have to worry about the country's problems and make decisions to fix it. 

Most of our young don't know, and really don't care that the Barry & Kerry team is going to allow Iran to give arms to terrorists that will be used to kill Americans. And many, many young women, who will vote, believe that Hillary should be president simply because she's a woman. Never mind that Hillary Clinton is nothing more than a cheating, scandalous, and lying politician that could damage our country much worse than Barry already has.

Hillary, in spite of all her lying, corruption, and scandals. actually believes she is above the law, and is entitled to the presidency of our great country.  Of course we all know she isn't qualified to do what's best for the American people. Her motto is "I'll do what's best for those donors and interest groups that help me get elected". Wouldn't it be great if americans wake up to this before November, 2016?

Yes, Donald Trump is leading the GOP polls right now. It's because Trump is not afraid to loudly pontificate what most Americans are saying, but have no platform to speak it, and what is worse is that many of our millenials don't even care or want to be informed about what's happening to our country. So many of our young won't even vote because they reiterate, "I don't want to part of the why vote....they're all crooks anyway."

We watch movies and TV fictional and documentaries about third world countries that are being ravaged, raped, tortured, and murdered by evil thugs. We just sit back, enjoy a beer in our homes or popcorn at the movies believing, "This will never happen here in America".
And here's where I tell our young people that someday, and maybe someday soon, they will be forced to care and make decisions and votes about the course of our great country,

To add fuel to the fire we not only have porous southern borders for illegal criminals and midwestern terrorists to cross, we have recently documented that we have detained and arrested fifty American born young that are vowing their support to ISIS and want to be a military and evil part of destroying our country.

If America continues to stay lazy and indifferent to the growing rise of radical terrorists throughout the world we just may find us in the same tragic situation as many third-world countries are today. We need to wake up. The first step is to become informed about the leaders we elect , and refuse to follow our Constitution.

And so I continue to ask our young: "When are you going to wake up to be concerned about the future of your children and grandchildren"?

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mad at Generals & Admirals

So many people I've communicated with recently, plus listening to the news outlets on radio and TV, there's so much going around the circuit about just how inept Barry Soetero is. Barry"s White House staff, his supporting administration, and Cabinet members have done enough damage to us in six years that's there's certainly enough blame to go around.

But we most certainly must add another group to that conglomerate of inept doers. It's our Generals and Admirals.  Didn't they also take an oath, much like Barry did, to serve and protect our country, and to live by the Constitution of the United States of America?  Why aren't they then abiding by their oaths?

What else does this radical Muslim in America's White House have to do to stimulate our Generals and Admirals to take military action, and remove and arrest Barry Soetero? The American people are getting so much politically correct rhetoric from these Generals and Admirals that we don't even believe our Generals and Admirals will do their God-sworn duty to protect us while honoring our Constitution.

This evil presidential impersonator proudly calls climate change a bigger threat than ISIS, or as he calls them ISIL. He cares more about our weather than he does about the Christian holocaust that is going on today. ISIS is storming villages in the mid east torturing, raping, and murdering Christians, "in the name of Allah". And what is Barry's response? He calmly reads from his teleprompter "well, didn't Christians do this in medieval times"?

He, Barry, cares nothing about the sanctity of American lives and the future of our great country. When a White racist shot to death African-Americans in a church in Charleston, Barry couldn't get there fast enough to  deliver the eulogy, condemn the White shooter, and even sing Amazing Grace. However, not a word to Kate Steinle's parents when their daughter was gunned down and murdered by an illegal immigrant with a felony record. 

When a home grown terrorists with suspected ties to ISIS killed five servicemen in Chattanooga, TN, not a single word from Barry to the families of those slain  servicemen. Barry has even gone so far as to declare a veto if Congress votes to defund sanctuary cities. So again I ask, where are the Generals and Admirals to arrest this man?

This radical Islamist Muslim in our White House has made a "secret" deal allowing Iran to continue with their process of building nuclear arms. Not only does he refuse to let Congress see the deal he made, he has gone straight to the UN for approval. And where are you now that we need you Generals and Admirals?

He honors Sandra Fluke with a phone call, and praises Planned Parenthood while they kill unborn babies and sell the body parts for profit. Yes, Barry, and his husband Michael sure love their Planned Parenthood group. 

And for some frosting on the cake for our misplaced spineless Generals and Admirals. Now that Barry has given Iran a lifted sanction program, Barry has further admitted as recent as two days ago that Iran will use the lifted sanction money to arm the terrorists that kill Americans.
For the sake of our country what in heaven's name are our Generals and Admirals doing by just sitting on their hands. These are treasoness offenses. Arrest this man and remove him from America's White House. What are you waiting for?

And that'sPolitics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What else?

We're closing in on seven years with this administration, headed up by a corrupt, lying, and totally unqualified self-centered ego maniac, Barry Soetero.  It's almost like this man wakes up every morning and says, "what can I do today to screw up this country and the American people"?

This man is a complete and utter disgrace to the highest office in the land of our great country. 
This man cares nothing for good American people. He does nothing to advance the trials and tribulations of hard working Americans. He cares only for control, and the best way for a dictator to control is to continue giving empty promises to the downtrodden.

Once, a former Fox news anchor, Glen Beck, called Barry Soetero a racist. Beck was bombarded by the media. Many calling for his dismissal from Fox. Beck eventually left Fox. There is no proof as to what led to Beck's departure. However, today, I am in strong agreement with Blen Beck .Barry Soetero is a racist, along with being a racial Islamic Muslim.

For right now forget about his disastrous handling of Obamacare, Fast & Furious, the IRS, the DOJ, and the infamous Bergdahl for terrorists swap. Just concentrate on what he has purposely done to the American people in just these past few weeks.

First he directs a DOJ investigation of Mike Brown shooting in Missouri. Then he sends White House representatives to New York for a Black thug's funeral. Then he asks new AG Loretta Lynch to investigate a Black criminal thug's death in Baltimore. 

And he didn't stop there. He flies in our Air Force One to Charleston SC to give the eulogy to the Blacks that were killed by a White racist.  He even sang "Amazing Grace", which, by the way, did a horrible job.

But not a word, nary a single remark from this horrible leader or his White House representatives surrounding the senseless murder of a young beautiful woman, Kate Steinle, by an illegal immigrant who has a felony rap sheet a mile long. This illegal alien has been deported five times, and keeps returning, admitting that he went to sanctuary city San Francisco because he knew he's be safe from deportation there.

This horrible excuse for a leader has not and probably will not ever contact the parents of this senselessly murdered young woman. Now you can bet that if Ms. Kate Steinle were African-American, and the killer was White, Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, and the whole freaking NAACP would have swarmed all over San Francisco, demanding justice for the murdered woman. That is if she was Black.

OK, you're ready for some frosting on the cake. Barry Soetero has now granted our biggest mid-east foe, Iran, the right to build nuclear arms. He says not so, and there are many provisions, but those provisions and restrictions have more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese.

Iran is the biggest mid-east supplier of arms to the terrorists. They are responsible for the deaths and injuries to thousands of Americans, along with the slaughtering of mid-east Christians. While nuclear negotiations were going on with Iran there were chants of "Death to America" outside the negation site. Iran has admitted they want to wipe Israel, our strongest mid-east ally, "off the face of the earth", while claiming "there was no WWII Holocaust". Yes this is the same horrible regime that we are going to lift sanctions and send billions of dollars to.

Want more to prove Barry cares nothing for Americans? Iran now holds four Americans in captivity, and the very same horrible president that swapped traitor Bergdahl for five Taliban terrorists would not even mention the four captive Americans during Iranian negotiations.

What else must this horrible leader do to defy the Constitution of the United States and its citizens? Can we endure him until January, 2017? Why aren't the Generals and Admirals arresting this man for consorting with one of our biggest enemies and violating his duties to protect our country? And don't forget his promise to Putin, "after this election I will have more flexibility".

And don't forget Hillary, who doesn't object to receiving donations from our adversaries, is waiting in the wings. God and heaven help us.

And that's Politics with Pete for today..God bless our country..and our troops
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