Sunday, June 26, 2016

Guns kill?

Want you all to know that before I started today's blog I went to my gun safe, unlocked it, and made sure my four legally purchased and registered firearms were still just lying there.
These four inanimate pieces of metal were very quiet.....just lying around minding their own business. Not firing or committing any crimes.

My main hobby is target shooting at the gun range. I even make my own rounds to shoot. In fact most people in our condo complex call me "re-load".  As I've repeated many times, I pray that I never point and discharge my firearms at anything other than approved targets on approved and sanctioned gun ranges. However there is a loaded .38 special on my nightstand.

That being said (written), today I watched the ignorant, uninformed Democrat members of the House of Representatives trying to tie in these latest shootings in America to guns instead of people. These ridiculously stupid Democrats want us to believe that taking guns away from Americans will prevent gun-related crimes.

We have an administration that refuses to even name the individual or group(s) responsible for these horrific crimes. They have even gone so far as to redact parts of the ISIS soldier's pledge in Orlando to radical Islam from the transcripts. This administration, along with the stupid Democrats, always blame the gun, and not the person(s) who pull the trigger(s).

The stupid Democrat House members have politicized the massacre of the forty-nine citizens killed in an Orlando night club. They have even gone so far as to send out requests for donations to help them forward their agenda. They've even had "sit-ins" on the House floor.

The persons and groups committing these crimes are the problems, not the guns. These stupid Democrat House members continue their viscous attacks on the NRA. However, it has yet to be proven if any NRA member has been involved in any of these horrendous shootings in the major cities across America. The NRA is the most powerful supporter of the Second Amendment, however, the stupid, ignorant, uninformed anti-gun idiots want you to believe that if we take guns from citizens then we'll be safe. Yeah, right.

Do these stupid gun control nuts think the thugs in Chicago or ISIS cares anything at all about America's gun laws? Thugs, criminals, and terrorists are praying that America gets even more strict gun laws. They'll be happy as hell to know that Americans can't defend themselves.

Stupid gun control people don't even know that an AR-15 is not an assault rifle. Most people know an assault weapon fires bursts of ammo with just one pull of a trigger, whereas an AR-15 only fires one round for every trigger pull. An AR-15 is just an overgrown .22 for target shooting purposes.

I told my wife that if win the state lottery this Saturday we're moving to Switzerland. Every family is required to have a firearm in their home. And guess what? They have a very, very low
crime rate. They also have very strict immigration laws. Love them Swiss.

Did you notice the two most stupid Democrat Congress reps that sat their fat asses on the floor for a sit in? It was John Lewis and Shiela Jackson Lee, both African-Americans. They looked so freaking stupid lying around on the floor of Congress. However when the cameras were off they were in their fine cuisine break room for goodies to eat.

I would suggest African-America Congressman/woman John Lewis and Shiela Jackson Lee spend a little more of their efforts on the meteoric rise of Black on Black gun crimes all across our country. And by the way, Lewis and Lee, along with many other African-American members of Congress have permits to carry firearms, and also have armed guards surrounding the Capitol building at all times. This is true hypocrisy.

You will never get a response from African-American members of Congress when you ask them about the rise of Black on Black crimes in this country, but you can sure hear them scream that the Republicans are causing all the chaos because they won't pass a bill to take our Second Amendment rights from us. 

Do these narrow-minded ignorant, stupid African-American Democrat members of Congress think for one second that the thugs that are committing these crimes are going to stop if law-abiding citizens have their firearms taken from them? They live in another galaxy.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country....and our troops
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

PC this, Barry!

Remember when Barry Soetero tok office and he took the oath, "to protect the United States from ALL enemies, Domestic and foreign"?  Well, it's for sure now that Barry is certainly more concerned with his self-proclaimed great legacy than he is about protecting our great country.
Barry is doing all he can to stifle any thoughts or ideas that the terrorist attacks are nothing more than "dust ups", or maybe these bloody massacres were nothing more than "workplace violence"

Yes, we all know that on 9-11-01 there was the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil that has ever happened.  And whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Independent we can all agree that under the G.W. Bush administration there were no terror attacks for the remainder of the Bush administration.

Enter Barry Soetero on January 20, 2009. First there was a U.S. Army Major, Hissan, that shot and killed several Americans. While this radical Islamist terrorist was firing his weapons he kept screaming, "Allah Akbar".  However, Barry called this dastardly act was "nothing more than workplace violence".  POLITICALLY CORRECT huh?

Then there was the violent shootings and kills at a U.S. recruitment center in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Even though this savage attack was made by soldiers of radical Islamist terrorists, Barry Soetero insisted this was "a hate crime". Another POLITICALLY CORRECT  declaration huh?

Subsequently two brothers, radical Islamist Muslims, exploded a pressure cooker bomb at the Boston Marathon. Of course to maintain POLITICAL CORRECTNESS Barry made sure this was not a terrorist attack, even though it was proven these two brothers had strong radical Islamist beliefs against the United States.

Then a man and his wife, both radical islamist Muslim terrorists in San Bernardino, California brutally shot and killed twelve Americans at a luncheon party that test dead Americans set up to honor these two killers. Their reward was these two horrible radicals shot them dead. Once again Barry, with the help of his Muslim chief advisor, Valerie Jarrett, and his Attorney-General Loretta Lynch declared this an on-going investigation, regardless of all the evidence put forward.  Want to guess? Yes, another POLITICAL CORRECT act.

And now we have the Orlando, Florida killing of forty-nine Americans by a radical Islamist Muslim terrorist, with the help of his wife.  During the massacre in the Orlando night club the radical, with proven ties to ISIS was laughing as he was screaming, "Allah Akbar"". This horrible evil radical even made three phone calls pledging his allegiance to ISIS. 

But because this evil man was born in New York, even though with the help of his Muslim wife, he radicalized to become a soldier of ISIS, Barry and his AG Lynch redacted the part of his phone calls, so as not to offend Muslims . At a press conference Lynch was asked many questions as to why Barry and her redacted any mention of radical Islamist Muslim terrorism, her only answer was, "I can't answer that as we are still investigating". Now this is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS  at its utmost.

Finally for today, Barry inserted his "legacy" act of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS  by allowing men/women to casually walk into an opposite sex bathroom any time they choose with no repercussions. Recently there have been occurrences of molestations by transgender men in women's bathrooms. Just a few days ago a 13-yearold girl was molested by a man claiming to be a transgender.

If any of my granddaughters or great granddaughter ever gets molested by a "transgender" while in the women's bathroom, the perp transgender better pray the cops get to "it" before I do.  So, in closing, PC  this Barry!

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Monday, June 13, 2016

America's media???

Does ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, NY Times, Media Matters, etc., expect the American people to believe that all the news they report is unbiased and fair? I think we should also explore the news that they don't report.

There are many glaring examples of "failing to report", but the latest may really drive the point home. The main stream media has not reported that our own Federal Reserve cannot account for the whereabouts of $9.Trillion. Yes, that's 9 with a "T".  When questioned, the Federal Reserve just smiled condescendingly and said, "We're investigating".

Most people forget what the very first thing Hitler took control of when he began his quest for power in Europe. It wasn't the confiscation of firearms of citizens. No, Hitler didn't roll military tanks through towns.  No, Hitler didn't amass the Gestapo.

The very, very first thing Hitler did was take over ALL media; radio, magazines, and newspaper publications. Hitler strongly believed if he controlled the information given to citizens, then he could control the citizens into believing his propaganda. 

Now fast-forward to today's ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, NY Times, and even NPR. When Barry Soetero came on the scene in 2008 he did a great job of feeding his propaganda to the media, and boy did they buy into his evil philosophy of "fundamentally transforming America". 

NEWS ALERT: I want to interrupt today's blog with news that a radical Islamist, named Omar Sadeek Mateen, opened fire in an Orlando, Florida night club with an AR-15 and a handgun, killing 50 people, and injuring 53 others, some very critical.

Before he stormed the night club Mateen called 911 and pledged his allegiance to ISIS, and while he was shooting his weapons at patrons in the club he was screaming "Allah Akbar".
Mateen was born in New York from Afghan parents. He worked as a security guard, had a background check, and was licensed to carry and  buy a firearm.

And what does Barry Soetero say at the White House news conference, even after he was briefed on all this information? He calls this horrific massacre a "hate crime". Yes, he did mention it was a terrorist crime, but he refused to call it a radical Islamist terror act from ISIS. 
ISIS even claimed responsibility and praised the killings.

What else did Barry say at the news conference? Even after knowing Mateen was the shooter and was licensed to carry and buy a firearm, Barry claimed, "this is just another indication of how easy it is to buy assault weapons". Now that's just a plain stupid assessment of the problem we are faced with. 

And the media goes along with whatever this man reads from his teleprompter. This is exactly what happened with Hitler controlling the media in Germany starting in the 1930's. Barry Soetero is more concerned with his legacy than protecting America. In fact, he wants to bring down America.


And that's Politics with Pete for today..God bless America..and our troops, and the victims of Orlando, Florida.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Poor babies

Finally, the American people have a bona-fide spokesperson standing up to the media for them.
How many times have we heard or said ourselves, 'Darn media...who believes them anymore"?
The credibility of today's media now has an approval rating of less than 40%, and guess's about time. Like the Bible says, "You shall reap what you sow".

How many times has each one of us wanted to challenge ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC?
Well, we finally have a voice telling the media how we all feel. And he's not afraid of them. Donald Trump is just plain saying it like it is, and the media just can't stand it.

Trump believes the media are just another left wing liberal progressive group that refuses to report the news fairly to the American people. It seems that the more that the media spreads lies the more the American people are viewing Trump as a leader that is needed today to combat the lying media.

Yesterday, Barry Soetero, reading from his infamous teleprompter, lied again to the American people. He said our economy is doing better than it's been in decades, and unemployment, under his watch is now 4.7%. The truth is that the economy is doing worse than ever during this administration. 

Last month only 38,000 jobs were created, and over 500,000 workers left the workforce and the unemployment roles. This equates the true unemployment at 9.7%, but you can bet the media will not report this true fact. Add the increasing number of Americans that are on welfare and food stamps that the media will not report.

Americans have listened to the media lies for over seven years now as it relates to Barry Soetero and Hillary Clinton, and the more the media spread lies about Trump the more he pushes back with the support of most Americans.

Trump is not afraid of the media, and at his last press conference he "told it like it is".  He referred to many arms of the news media as "sleazes". One reporter, trying to make himself a victim asked Trump, "is this how you're going to act towards the media if you are elected President"? Trump, replied with just one word, "yes".

Trump is not afraid of the media. It's just that plain and simple, and the overwhelming majority of Americans are loving it, and becoming more supportive of Trump and emboldened against the lying and corrupt media. Recently the State Department was caught editing and lying regarding the Iran nuclear deal, but ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC never reported it.

With the corrupt email scandals and corrupt donations to her charity America knows Hillary belongs in jail for abusing her power while Secretary of State. Not only will the media fail to report these corrupt acts by Hillary, they are praising her and trying to elevate her to the Oval office. Does anyone agree that if Barry Soetero were a White Republican he would've never made it in 2008? And does anyone agree that if Hillary were a Republican she's be in jail?

That "nudge" that the media and the lying and corrupt politicians are feeling now is the pushback by Americans. Yes, we have finally, totally, and completely awakened. As our great President Lincoln said, "You can't fool all the people all the time".  America is just not taking it any longer.  Notice how the media are starting to cry in their beers as more of their lies and refusals to tell America the truth are finally catching up to them?

America's way of showing their disdain and utter disrespect for the media and the corrupt and lying media is by overtly telling the media that the respect is not longer there for them, and by refusing to believe anything the media reports. While ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC continue their vicious attacks on Trump, it seems the Trump machine is getting stronger and stronger, and growing. Change is definitely right around the corner.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Be very careful

Got a short blog today directed at  the African-American militant groups. You know who you are; Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers, Sharpton, Farrakhan, and certain Black hate-mongering rappers.  Here's the message:

These organizations of yours keep bloviating, protesting, screaming that if Trump is elected then a civil war will be initiated against all Whites. Well, here's some news for you Blacks that want to start any kind of blood shed or war.

Of course, Whites and over 99% of all Americans do not want any civil war with Blacks pursuing the random carnage against Whites, or any other ethnic community. However, you should stop shouting for a while and absorb some facts.

If Sharpton, Farrakhan, or anyone else tries to "push" you into a civil war, just remember most of us will not stand idly by while you begin any assault against good law-abiding citizens.
I bet you'll never see Sharpton or Farrakhan out there in the streets if a civil war breaks out. These two are nothing more than rabble-rousers what live by stirring up the uninformed.

Yes, all races should strive to live in harmony, and no one wants a civil war, and yet to start war because you won't accept a presidential candidate is utterly senseless. The Caucasian race greatly outnumber African-Americans, yet you didn't see a civil war break out when your Obama was elected. We just sat back and watched him fail.

Remember, Obama was elected because of the overwhelming number of Caucasians that voted for him, not solely the African-Americans, and he was nothing more than a community organizer. Trump is a business man that has garnered enough votes to run for President. He deserves at least four years to see if he can do the job.

Here's a suggestion: Instead of starting a war if Trump wins why not do what some of the Hollywood elites are "threatening" to do; leave the country. The likes of Samuel Jackson, Whoopi, Rosie, Ramone, Maher, Handler, Campbell, Jon Stewart, and others are already arranging to move out of our great country if Trump is elected.

As I wrote earlier, 99% of Americans do not want violence, looting, and killing in the streets because African-Americans hate Trump, but does anyone think that Caucasians are going to stand idly by while rioting, looting, and killings towards Whites occur? Don't think so.

Wake up African-Americans, and stop listening to the like of Sharpton and Farrakhan. This is a great country, and a civil war will just tear it down. Live in harmony. Oh yeah, did you know Obama is half White?

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Don't need a weakling

Before WWII General George S. Patton was certainly a "household" name, but definitely not in a flattering way. In fact there was strong pressure on the U.S. Army and Congress to remove General Patton from the Army. They even asked for his resignation. He was known to be crass, arrogant, insulting, and very outspoken. It was said that women did not like to be in social settings with him because of his loudness and swearing, and would walk out when he entered a room.

The war in Europe during WWII needed a strong leader to lead our great troops into battle.
At a time when strong leaders with strong character was needed to lead troops into battle General George S. Patton was ordered to become one of our leaders against  the evil axis.

Then soon people were not too offended by General Patton's strong, aggressive, and forceful personality.  He emerged as one of the greatest military leaders our country has ever known. Many WWII historians claim General Patton's leadership and aggressive attitude was a very strong contributing factor for America's success in defeating our enemies in Europe.

Now let's fast-forward to our presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. Notice the similarities between Patton and Trump. Can you imagine if Patton was a weak, spineless, and indecisive Army General in WWII. We would have suffered many more losses than we did while fighting the evil axis.

So after eight years of a weak, spineless, and indecisive wuss in our White House, we need a strong leader.  Patton did and said things that many objected to, but he was so confidence in his leadership and getting things done, he didn't take the time to worry about what others said about him. He just got things done.

Right now the "Trump haters" are taking their dislike of him into their own personal agendas. Yes, Trump is very outspoken, and says things that offend many, but you cannot accuse Mr. Trump of being weak and spineless.  He certainly wasn't my first choice when there were seventeen candidates vying for the GOP nomination.  However, millions of Americans have voted Trump victoriously through all the primaries. 

I hope all the "Trump haters" realize that not voting for Trump or stupidly trying to erect a third party candidate at this stage of the game, all but assures Crooked Hillary a clear path to continue Barry Suoetero's policies.

The NRA has just endorsed Trump, as he is a big advocate of the 2nd. Amendment rights, whereas Crooked Hillary wants to repeal the 2nd. Amendment. She's even got her daughter on the stump trail "promising' that her crooked and corrupt mother will even try to shut down gun manufacturers and then move to confiscate handguns from Americans.

So I'd like to remind the Trump haters that not voting for Trump is just assuring more years of Barry's policies. Is that what you want? I didn't think so. If Crooked Hillary says she wants to create jobs why is she saying she will even use executive powers to shut down gun manufacturers when she becomes president?

The media, starting with the Washington Post are pulling out all the stops to attack Trump personally with all his "trysts", even when he was a single man, but the media says not a word about all the trysts Slick Willy had, and he was married. The NY Times interviewed many "Trump women" past and present. That would be OK if the Times will also interview Slick Willy's women; Juanita Broderick, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky, Jennifer Flowers, and all the underage girls he had sex with on Epstein's island.

The media are even attacking that Trump has no experience, and yet in 2007 a virtual unknown was voted in our White House with less than 200 days in the Senate. And the way Barry is leading reflects he is truly not leading for all Americans.  Barry Soetero is truly the most un-American president we've ever had in our White House.

Barry won't even acknowledge we're at war with ISIS. Can you imagine Patton refusing to use the name Nazi during WWII? And have you noticed how Barry just lazily strolls to the podium and reads his teleprompter? He is definitely more concerned about his vacationing and his golf game.  Barry exemplifies the word "clueless".  Our great country does not need a weakling that will not work hard for the American people.

"C.C."(Crooked & Corrupt) Clinton just wants to be president for herself. She may well soon be indicted for her email crimes. Add that to Benghazi, and her crooked Clinton Global charity that accepts money from countries that support terrorism.  We all have a duty in November when we vote to only choose a leader that will undo all the damage Barry has done. We have to finish Barry Soetero, not extend him through C.C. Clinton.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country....and our troops
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Monday, May 16, 2016

Here we go!

While we all bask in the glorious news that in only 249 days our great country will  be rid of a radical Islamist sympathizer, we begin to think of who is going to replace him. Do we believe the bloviating lies that Crooked Hillary, the press, and most of the left-wing media are saying about Trump, or do we believe the FACTS surrounding the Clinton scandals?

Many Republican did not pick Trump for their initial choice to run on the GOP ticket. In fact most Republican supporters didn't pick Trump  at all. However, he is now our presumptive GOP candidate, and it's time to measure, not only Trump vs. Hillary, but let's focus on who they're bringing with them.

First thing Hillary is going to do is bring a Muslim Brotherhood member, Huma Abedin, with her giving her advice to  the corrupt queen. Of course Huma is gonna have her Weiner with her.
You remember the sex texting machine don't you? Ah, then there's Slick Willy. He'll be traveling around getting donations from terrorist sympathizing leaders, so the Clintons can fill their "rainy day" coffers.

And let's not forget dear sweet Chelsea. When it comes to supporting her mother's views she's actually militant and threatening. On national TV Chelsea bragged that her mother was going to bring down the NRA, and try to revise, maybe repeal the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.

The corrupting scandals surrounding the Clinton "machine" is overwhelming; Benghazi lies, email treasonous activity, improper filtering of the Clinton Global Initiative donations to fund herself and her supporters. And how does Crooked Hillary respond? She attacks Trump's past, even when he was in college, and when he wasn't marriage.

Hillary must know that most women would rather be married and divorced ten times than being married to a womanizer that had countless affairs while married. Hillary is even enabling Slick Willie about her sexual exploits with underage girls.  I bet the Slickster and his new buddy 
The Weiner are already planning Oval Office wild orgies. 

In addition to Huma Abedin, Hillary, if elected, will have s Cabinet full of many corrupt left wing progressives that are bent on attacking hard working Americans to pay for the entitlement people's welfare status, so she can continue to control them as Barry has done for the past eight years. Much like the little mustache man did in Germany in the '30's.

Under a presidency under Crooked Hillary I can visualize Boxer and Pelosi appointed to the Supreme Court vacancies. I can visualize Sharpton as Home Land Security chief, or head of the DOJ. Who do you think she'll appoint as Secretary of State? Probably Schemer or Durbin. Chrissy Mathews or Rachel Maddow will be her press secretary....maybe Maher.

I like the presumptive Trump choices for cabinet positions; Christie or Gowdy for Attorney General, Giuliani or Allen as Home Land Security chief, General Keene as Military Chief of Staff; how about Pete Hegsteth as Nat'l. Security Advisor? There are so many better choices for cabinet members under Trump than Crooked Hillary.

We must remember that Americans will be the deciders in November about who will lead our country, and giving them the permission to make decisions that will effect us for decades to come, including who they appoint to their staffs. This is a great responsibility for all of us. We must not misuse it. Hillary is not entitled to be the president. She sure hasn't earned it.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops
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