Monday, May 25, 2015

That's classified!

Any American that's even pondering to cast their vote for Hillary in the upcoming primaries or presidential campaign, that's providing she gets the Democrat nomination, just please think again, and take the time to read this. Please

I made a prediction in my You Tube video blog a few days ago that Hillary won't even make it through the primary debates. The Dems now have Bernie Sanders, Webb, and O'Malley throwing their hat in the ring. And once the primary debates unfold Hillary is not going to be able to hide anymore. It's "fish or cut bait time" Hillary. Time to pay the piper.

I also made another prediction, and that is that sometime between now and the end of 2015 Elizabeth Warren is going to throw her hat in the ring. When you add these four contenders to the mix, along with Hillary's falling ratings, I strongly stand by my prediction that she will not receive the Democrat nomination in the end.

She can refuse to refuse to take questions from the press all she wants, but there will come the days, during the primary debates when she's going to HAVE to answer questions about her erased emails, along with her private server, her mysterious donations from foreign countries, her Benghazi role as Secretary of State, and so many other of her illegal endeavors.

Bernie Sanders has already announced that he intends to push Hillary for answers to these crucial developments, during the debates. Her days of just walking through restaurants and smiling at average people is wearing very thin. And the only way she continues to survive is by her constant lying.

Also, if any of the pro-Hillary voters think Barry Soetero is bad at lying, just wait till Hillary gets in the limelight. It's going to be lie after lie during her campaign speeches. And if she should get into the White House be prepared that as soon as she gets challenged for an answer to a delicate situation that the American people have a right to know, her patented answer will be "that's classified, and I can't discuss that now".

Be ready for "I'll have someone from my staff get back to you". Be on the lookout for "we haven't heard back from so and so yet". 

Is this the kind of person we deserve in america's White House? Her first year will be appointing cabinet positions to all her heavy donors. Chelsea will probably be Secretary of State, and Bubba will be the U.N. Ambassador. 

I've actually heard people say they're going to vote for Hillary because she's a woman. Really?
That's all you got? And Hillary herself claims she's been in politics all her life, and "isn't it about time America elects a woman president"? 

We have a bona-fide liar in our White House now. His policies and actions are knawing at the very foundation of what made this country great. Until January of 2017 he will continue to do all he can to erode the principles, freedoms, and rights of the people of this country.

The good news is that in November, 2016 we can vote someone in office to begin repairing the damage this man has done, and will continue to do.  The bad, very bad news is that if Hillary takes up residence in our White House, she may bestow on us all deeds and activities that make Barry look like a Republican. We can't afford to let that happen to us and our future generations.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Happy Birthday to me

Today my wife and family are helping me celebrate my 80th. year on this planet.Cake with loads of frosting and all. Greetings from family and friends. Even hugs from my 17-month great granddaughter. Couldn't ask for more. God has been good to me.

Now I haven't seen or done it ALL, but in my 80 years I have a lot of memories, and I'm so grateful to so many, starting with my wife that has given me more good memories than I deserve since we've been together.

I believe in God, and I believe he gave his only son to die for our sins. I'll believe that till my own number is up. Yes, I have friends, and even a close family relative that believes there is no God, and I have a close buddy who's a strong agnostic, and still claims he wants proof.

Well, I'm proud to sing to the skies that I believe in God. But I also believe there's a Satan devil that dwells in the fires of hell. This evil Satan devil spends his time trying to destroy and punish the world. Since the beginning of time Satan has sent his own personal "soldiers" to help him destroy any belief in God or any Judeo-Christian values.

He has sent Karl Marx, Lenin, Adolph Hitler, Stalin, and countless other evil dictators.. All of these evil soldiers of Satan failed in their attempts, but that doesn't mean that the devil Satan will ever stop. No, he will continue to send people to us that will work hard at trying to destroy and punish the good people of the world.

Now, of course I'm not advocating that the man that now resides in America's White House is a "soldier" of Satan, but just take an objective review of what has happened in our great country and the world since January, 2009 when this man became president.

This man has more than doubled the national debt in this country to over $18.Trillion. We have more than 50 million Americans out of work. We have 46 million Americans on welfare, while he keeps preaching that "we are recovering".  We buy products made in China, so that China can take its profits and loan us more money. We owe China trillions. This man in America's White House feels the one per-centers should give "their fair share" to the poor and less fortunate, refusing to realize his Saul Alinsky approach to our crumbling economy will not recover by just increasing entitlement programs to welfare recipients. It's corporations and businesses that create jobs, not welfare programs.

In fact can anyone remember ANY of this man's programs put into effect since 2009 that have been successful? Even his own home state of Hawaii, where he was supposedly born is now desperately trying to opt out of the infamous Obamacare program.

America's relations to the rest of the world has degraded to an all time low. Iran is one of the biggest supporters and suppliers of the mid-east terrorists, and yet the man in the White House is about ready to give them a pass to make nuclear war heads. A White House mid-east summit showed only four of the six mid-east leaders attended. No one respects this man.

Can anyone remember when race relations between Blacks and Whites were any worse than they are now? And this man keeps fanning the fires of racism by his actions. He recently sent three emissaries to the funeral of the Black criminal that was shot by a police officer, but sent no one to the funeral of a young police officer that was gunned down and killed by a Black thug criminal with a long rap sheet.

He is in complete support of his Muslim background, and refuses to name ISIS for what it truly is. Many of his office and chief appointees are members of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

And has anyone seen a war on Jews and Christians like the war that's taking place today? And who are the aggressors in this war on Judeo-Christian values? You know that answer. It's the evil radical Islamic Muslims. 

And has there ever been a time in our country where our American flag is not only being desecrated in public, but there are actually certain venues where the flag is not allowed to fly.

Chaplains are not allowed to perform Mass on military bases, but Muslims are allowed to get their rugs out and bow to Mecca every day. If god's word is spoken or a prayer is uttered you can bet a lawsuit by the ACLU will shortly follow.

Recently a U.S. Air Force General was chastised by some atheist group just for speaking at a graduation commencement that he owes his success to God. This group wants the General to be court-martialed. Not making this stuff up people.

Every morning I step outside with my morning coffee and say my morning prayers. Today, on my 80th. birthday I prayed extra hard that our great country and our world will be successful in ridding ourselves of Satan's evil followers as soon as possible.  I also prayed that our future generations will be successful in destroying any Satan followers that prey on the good citizens of this country and the rest of the world.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Do what to the Police?

Not too long ago, in fact, rather recent, Barry Soetero promised the police departments of America that he was going to assure that the  policemen/women were equipped with the proper military arms and equipment to combat the crimes and racial uprisings in the country.

So now Barry has done a complete reversal. Just yesterday he said that it looks like military arms on city police officers appear to be "emotionally damaging to citizens". And what has Barry decided? Well, he now wants to strip police departments in the U.S. of any military arms.  Barry thinks it's degrading to the communities to see police officers in military arms patrolling the streets.

Really Barry? Were you afraid that the looters, and evil scum criminals would be offended if they saw the police departments of Ferguson and Baltimore use all the arms they could to protect their city? Did Rev. Al Sharpton tell you to back the police down, and take away the appropriate arms necessary? Were both Barry and Al afraid this was too much force for the police?

And here's the frosting on the cake. Barry now wants police departments throughout the country to undergo training for their officers. Barry, along with Sharpton and Mayor DeBlasio of New York, want police department men and women to be more understanding and empathetic of the criminals they approach.  They need to be trained. Really?

Barry wants to "train officers", but has given no thought to the evil Black criminals that roam the streets to loot, burn, rob, and do all they can to attack and destroy those citizens that take pride in their cities, and some of their tax dollars actually go to supporting these thugs.

Has Barry ever researched the young Black hoodlum gangsta criminal? Did he ever look into that Black youth growing up without a father? Did he ever look into the single mother that is trying to raise that Black youth? With no strong support that Black youth will lose any self esteem, and desire to reach worthwhile goals.

The youth then learns about welfare and other entitlement programs, and with low self esteem he's going to drift to other peers in his same situation. This is how gangs are formed and a life of crime is underway. Their hatred for authority, beginning with the Police, grows while they continue to feel the police is out to punish them unjustly.

They Black criminal youth feels the police "are just out to get me".  Duh, yes that's true. When you commit a crime the police are certainly out to arrest you to see that justice is done, and law abiding citizens are protected.

The youth of this country is our greatest natural resource, and Barry is doing absolutely nothing for the education, growth, and support of these underprivileged young Black youths. Instead he feels part of the answer is to "train our police officers". 

Yeah Barry the answer to all the crimes committed by young Black youths is to tell our police departments to "back off". What a great idea. Did Barry get that from Sharpton?

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Sunday, May 17, 2015

What future holds??

I just read where president Barry Soetero is urging all Christians and Jews to "stand shoulder to shoulder with those of Islam". Really Barry? As I'm typing this your beloved radical evil Islamist Muslims are going into a village to slaughter and behead men, women, and children. Children as young as my 17-month old great granddaughter. Yeah, I'll stand next to them all right; with my .38 special. You want us to stand shoulder to shoulder with these murderers that have only one goal in mind, and that is to destroy our way of life.

Today I had my 17-month old great granddaughter in a stroller walking through our complex laughing and singing songs with her. I began to drift back to a time when I was her age, 1936, which of course I can't remember, but I recall my parents telling me how times were then before the big WWII start in 1941.

I began to recall what I could remember of my life over the past 80 years. And then I began to think of the state our country and our world is in now.  I actually became frightened. Please just ponder for a few minutes what this Barry Soetero administration has done to our country and the world in the past six and a half years.

It's a foregone conclusion that our allies don't trust us anymore. This man has shown disdain and a strong personal dislike for our greatest mid-east ally Israel, and its prime minister Netenyahu. Is it because Israel is a Jewish and not a Muslim nation? One wonders.

More proof of this is that of the six mid-east leaders Barry invited to his summit to discuss his "hand-holding" with Iran, only two leaders came. The other four gave lame excuses, not caring what Barry thought. One even begged off because he attended a horse show.

Maybe we should've seen this coming when on Barry's first day in the White House in 2009 he returned the statuette bust of Winston Churchill to England. Repots were that he has a hatred for England because of some war decades ago where England invaded a village in Kenya.

Then Barry follows up with the ultimate narcissistic gesture of all by sending DVD/CD's of his speeches to England's Queen as a gift. As the young kids write; WTF!!

So now this man has alienated America's two biggest allies, Israel and England. What's next; Canada?  And it's very apparent that our enemies fear us no more. Iran, Syria, Russia, ISIS, they all laugh at us, and don't even want to talk to us. 

Back to my great granddaughter. She's just 17 months old, and I am so frightened of the world and our society that she may face as she grows up. The racial civil unrest of this country today is astounding. Since before the Civil War there has never been the racist civil war that is going on today. It's as if Barry and his sidekick Rev. Al Sharpton is planning this racial unrest.

I personally detest this man in America's White House for the damage he has done for the past six years, and he's not done yet. He has two more years in office, and even with his Obamacare and other failures, even with his own Democrat party turning against him, he continues to use his power to wreak havoc on our great country.  

It's going to take years to recover from his damage once he's out of office. And allowing Hillary and Bubba back into our White House is going to delay our country's repair even more. 

I'm 80, and have a very limited time to hang around, but like all other old-timers I just want to see our children to grow up safe and free in our world.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our toops.
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Friday, May 15, 2015

Not a lottery winner!

I'm very sad today because I just heard our president Barry Soetero announce that I'm not one of his "lottery winners". Yes, I buy my lottery tickets every week, and will gladly take the money if my numbers are ever called. Isn't that what a lottery winner is? Isn't it someone who does nothing at all except buy a ticket with some numbers on it that gives the person something FREE. There is no hard work involved. There is no work at all involved.

Gee, with that criteria I guess all the entitlement people on welfare, food stamps, unemployment, and government housing subsidizes  are all "lottery winners" right Barry?

Let's see, I started working at ten years old with my first paper route. After high school and four years in the U.S.A.F., I went to college on the old G.I. Bill of Rights. Moved to California and worked my Italian-American butt off in every job I undertook. Yes, plain hard work, with no "lottery winning".

Always kept my nose clean, and the only laws I ever broke were parking and speeding tickets, and paid them on time. Along the way I earned, yes earned, enough money to invest in an average stock portfolio, and 401K's offered by companies I worked for. No lottery winning there.

I retired as a division sales manager for a major medical instrument company from Boston, MA. Next week I reach the young age of eighty(80), and I don't recall anyone contacting me to tell me I won some type of lottery. However, Barry seems to believe that all people who have attained any modicum of good fortune and success are nothing more than "lottery winners", and not from anything they did on their own.

I wonder if Barry was looking in the mirror when he was talking about "lottery winners". I mean, it only stands to reason if he did. Barry never had a job, never ran a company, only served for a little over 100 days in the Senate. And while in the Senate he only voted "present" when a bill hit the Senate floor.

A few weeks ago I filed my Federal and State income tax filings on-line. The instant, yes instant, I finished, the flag appeared on my computer monitor flashed that I owed the Federal treasury
$X,XXX.00, and the State $XXX.00. Of course I wasn't  happy with the results, especially when my lovely wife said it was probably my fault that we had to pay. You guys know what I'm referring to.

No one contacted me to say I just won the income tax lottery and therefore don't have to remit any payments to the Federal or State coffers. Actually there was a certain amount of patriotic pride, along with civic duty that went along with paying my "fair share".

However, income taxes, and Americans cvic duty to pay their rightful taxes to the Federal and State authorities does make me think of my favorite cute little monkey Al Sharpton. Evidently Al is one of those "lottery winners" that Barry speaks of. The cute little monkey owes over $4.Million in Federal taxes, and just about refuses to pay up. I wonder how Al reacted when his computer monitor flashed his $4.Million. Must be great al to be one of Barry's "lottery winners".

Let's not forget those other tax-free lottery winners from MSNBC; Toure, Alex Wagner, and Harris. They have each owed tens of thousands of dollars in back taxes for several years. Can you imagine the interest due on those back taxes. However they won't have to pay a dime because they are part of Barry's "lottery winners". 

I guess I'll be called a racist for asking the question that is is just a coincidence that Sharpton, Toure, Wagner, and Harris, all from MSNBC, are all, like Barry, are African-Americans. Also these African-Americans all work for the network, MSNBC, that fawns over Barry and carries his water.

And I save the best for last. Let's not forget the most famous lottery winners of today; our very own IRS. The IRS employees owe, not millions, but BILLIONS in back income taxes. Now there's a group of "lottery winners" that barry refers to, tongue in cheek. Way to go Barry.

But in God's eyes I'm a true lottery winner. For He has blessed me with my loving wife and family.  Thanks God.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hmmm...Let's see now!

According to the great Reverend Al Sharpton and some other African-American civil leaders, and race baiters, the main reason for the poverty in Baltimore is because of the Whites, and furthermore the Whites are the true cause of the looting, burning, and rioting in that city.

Well, first of all how many Whites did the cameras see doing all the rioting, burning, and looting? How many Hispanic-Americans? How many Asian-Americans? How many Native-Americans?  We all sure did see a lot of evil Black criminal thugs throwing rocks at the Baltimore police officers. We all sure did see a lot of Black criminal thugs burning down business after they looted them.

Secondly, How many Black-owned businesses were looted and burned during the riots as opposed to other ethnic and White owned businesses? Did  you see the interview of the Asian-American shop owner whose business was so destroyed that he will never be able to rebuild?
And how about the brave small business and shop owners who vowed they will rebuild and reopen, but definitely not in Baltimore? Are you evil criminal thugs happy about that now?

It seems so easy for Reverend Al to place the blame of poverty in Baltimore strictly on the Whites. Of course that's the easy way out. He stands on his podium screaming and inciting the African-Americans of Baltimore, "to continue the fight to protect our rights". Way to go Al.
Hey Al, how about paying back that $4Million in back taxes? Some of that tax revenue might go to helping the impoverished of Baltimore.

But before Al and his other band of merry race-bait inciters continue to blame the Whites alone for all the poverty in Baltimore, let's look at some very factual statistics.

Here's the stuff you'll never hear from MSNBC and Sharpton, and ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN.
Fact: 68% Baltimore is Black.  Fact: 68% of Baltimore's police department is Black. 
 Fact: 58% of their fire department is Black.  Fact: 86% of Baltimore's school district is Black.
Fact: 72% of Baltimore school teachers are Black.  Fact: 90% of Baltimore's city council is Black.  Fact: Baltimore's Mayor and Chief of police are Black.  

And last, but certainly not least....Fact: 54% of Baltimore is on welfare.

No, I am not condemning the city of Baltimore for having such a high percentage of African-American population residing in their city, and managing their city.  But what I very strongly object to and condemn is the Sharptons and other Black riot inciters for solely blaming the White race for their failure in that city.

I am proud to be a White American, and will stand up for my rights to honor and protect my race. I am not in condemnation of all Blacks in Baltimore, but I do condemn the Sharptons of their race that incite rioting and urge the evil Black criminal thugs to destroy property and harm others that they have no right in doing.

Sharpton is just as much of a black evil criminal thug as those that he encourages to riot. He and other Black leaders should look within and do all they can to help the city of Baltimore and their African-American population. Burning, looting, and destroying is not the answer.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Saturday, May 9, 2015


Yesterday was a wonderful memorial day for my wife, me, and our family. We watched our granddaughter walk across the stage and receive her Bachelor's Degree. Not a dry eye in the whole family. It was hard work for her. She's married, has a 16-month old daughter, and works just about full time. Talk about dedication. and she's not finished yet. She starts graduate school this fall.

Later, the family went to a near by restaurant to enjoy more tears of joy, and toasts to the new graduate. I guess to all in our family it meant so much for many reasons, one of which there was no silver spoon involved here, just hard work and dedication. We all volunteered for baby sitting duty, and helping out wherever we could.  Truly an "All In The Family" effort.

Yes, of course I'm going to make this part of a political blog. Did anyone think I wouldn't?

Listening to the Dean talk about the accomplishment of the students was so great to hear. There were graduates from many ethnic backgrounds; Asian-americans, Hispanic-Americans, and African-Americans, among others.  It was so heart warming to witness all these families taking pictures, hugging, tears of joy after the graduating ceremonies.

Of course I couldn't climb under the covers last night without watching the late night news when we arrived home. One of the news segments airing on TV was the new Attorney General, Loretta Lynch promising that she was opening an investigation of the Baltimore police department, and the Ferguson, Missouri police department.

She announced this on the day that 20,000 officers were paying tribute to the NYPD officer that was slain by an evil Black criminal thug on the streets of New York. Ms. Lynch never mentioned officer Ryan, along with four other officers killed in the line of duty by Black evil criminal thugs. For that matter, there was very, very little of the slain White officers by any news media outlets. She was more concerned that "there could be serious problems within the community concerning police brutality against Black citizens".

Then the news channel aired displays of the riots, looting, and the burning down of businesses in Baltimore and Ferguson. The TV showed evil Black criminal thugs smashing police cars, setting fires to businesses, firing weapons, and destroying everything in their wake. 

I'm sure there were no college graduates in these groups of rioters and looters. I'm sure none of these evil thug looters had college majors in education, social work, nursing, computer technology that I witnessedet in last night college graduates.

Then I started my crazy mind swirling that WHAT IF these rioters and looters were raised in families that provided them with LSD; Love, Support, and Discipline, as were the families of last night's graduates that I witnessed? 

WHAT IF family core values were stressed more to our youths instead of the easy availability of free entitlements? Why doesn't our core family values stress hard work, education, and believing in yourself with love and respect for others? 

Why is it more satisfying for some youths to destroy police cruisers, burn buildings, and destroy businesses than working hard at a decent job and getting a proper education to make themselves and their familes enjoy a better way of life?

Parents must be responsible for their children. Their main responsibility is to presenting them with a loving and purposeful environment, not one with free government handouts. Starting with parents all children deserve a loving hand up from their parents. They don't need hand outs from the government. Why are so many of these youths raised in an environment of entitlements instead of education and hard work?

What is so tragically sad is that some parents actually teach their children that the very same society that is providing their entitled freebies is their enemy. They destroy, rob, and burn businesses that pay taxes that go toward their freebie benefits. Many destroyed businesses in Ferguson and Baltimore are already stating that will relocate their business to other locations.
Did the looters think about this before they looted, destroyed, and burned down their stores?

It is the responsibility of the families in our society to put our youth on the right path of life. And it is the responsibility of Attorney General Loretta Lynch to stop making police departments the scape goats for all the problems of our youths.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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