Thursday, December 4, 2014


I don't know if I'm blessed or cursed with this above average memory of mine, nevertheless it's mine, and I'm stuck with it. 

I remember very vividly in 1994 when my daughter and grandson came to visit me, so her and I could watch the jury's verdict in the O.J. trial. Both of us, like millions of other Americans,  had been very diligent in following every TV broadcast of the trial.

I remember my daughter trying to stop my 3-year old grandson from jumping up and down on the couch as the jury was filing in, and we were glued to the TV, anxiously awaiting the verdict.  That 3-year old is now ready to graduate from Pre-Med at Duke, and select a medical school. Yeah, I'm that old; 80 in May.

I also remember extremely vividly when three African-American jurors were interviewed after the trial. Their exact quoted words were, "in our heart of hearts we knew O.J. was guilty, but we just sendin' the White folks a message".

Then subsequently came the African-American that fired his weapon into a police officer, slaying him, and he's now teaching classes at a university.

Then came the New Black Panthers during the 2008 presidential campaign when they threatened White voters flashing their batons as they entered a voting booth in Philadelphia.

Well, I'm not saying "karma's a bit**", or "what goes around comes around", but then appeared on the scene the Zimmerman-Martin trial. Then the grand jury ruling in Ferguson. And now the grand jury decision in New York about Eric Garner.

All we're getting from the Barry-Sharpton show is rioting and looting. If I had a dollar for every White that rioted after the O.J. trial I'd be broke. I haven't heard or seen any broadcasting outside of Fox, that asks, why didn't Mike Brown and Eric Garner just  OBEY THE LAW. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC's Sharpton will ever address that question.

Even with several African-American witnesses stating that Mike Brown did not raise his hands in a surrendering gesture, everywhere the protesters are running rampant with their hands raised.
With every hand raising gesture they are just fortifying the lie supplied by Sharpton and his mob gangs.

Last week, while driving through Virgina after a family visit, I was driving over the speed limit. And there it was, the infamous flashing lights behind me. When the officer approached I rolled down my window, obeyed all his instructions in my very low subdued voice. He issued me a citation, and away I drove with my wife reminding me what an idiot I was for speeding.

And with my blessed/cursed memory I never forgot what my father said to me at dinner one night when I was a high school senior. I was telling the family how cool our field trip to the jail was, as we were studying law in our Civics class. The police officer picked me out to show the class how perpetrators are finger printed, mugged, and walked to the cell. 

I was telling mom, dad, and my sisters how cool it was to be in a jail cell. Dad just scowled at me and said, "you think that's funny"? Before I could even respond Dad further said, "if you ever get picked up for breaking the law and get thrown in jail...let me warn'll be safer in that cell...don't let me come for you".

I'm 79 years young, and those words have never left me. Other than some parking and a few speeding tickets I'm proud to pray to my Dad and tell him I have never broken the law. My point in this is Mike Brown had a father, step-father, and his mother's boyfriend in his life, and yet no one could teach this young man.....JUST OBEY THE LAW.

Store owners in New York had been calling the police authorities complaining that Eric Garner was chasing patrons away from buying cigarettes by selling single cigarettes on their streets without a license and not paying taxes as designated by federal law.  Instead Eric Garner just flat out refused to JUST OBEY THE LAW. Did I mention that Eric Garner had a long police record?

Has anyone else noticed that since Barry Soetero has been in office the race relations in this country are worse off now than ever before? Oh, we're not done with rioting and looting, but I strongly feel good Americans are starting to push back a little more now. Yeah, karma can be a bit**, and what goes around just may come around.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Their true colors

CONGRATULATIONS to all who voted to help oust the evil Dingy Harry Reid from the Senate majority leader's role. We did it! And to throw a little more fuel on the fire, it appears we're going to add Louisiana and Alaska to the roles soon.

While mainly focused on election results from Fox, I did do my share of channel-surfing to get the election result views from other networks. I must say it was almost as entertaining as the election results to watch and listen to the left leaning liberal stations with their meager attempts supporting their views of how the election was supposed to take place.

Of course much entertainment was provided to me by the gang over at MSNBC. Well, what did anyone expect with the line-up of Maddow, Matthews, Mitchell, Todd, Schultz, and my all time dunce favorite, good old marble-mouth Sharpton?

With spittle flying from his mouth the leg-tingler himself, Chrissy Matthews, would not concede. It was so laughable. Even after there were five declared "flips" to the Republican candidates, the old leg-tingler kept spitting out "I still see a sliver of hope....we can take Virginia, probably Alaska, and if Landreau wins the December run-off, then maybe we can just hang on to the Senate."

The MSNBC gang had predicted a 53-45 victory for their beloved Democats during the evening, even when the results of GOP victories started pouring in. Then Joni Earnst from Iowa took us to the magic number of six the Republicans needed to win control of the Senate, and I quickly switched over to the gang at MSNBC. They were still reluctant to call a victory for the GOP, and were among the last of the networks to do so.  Why NBC hasn't shut down that disappointment is beyond the comprehension of millions of Americans.

And maybe the very most entertaining for me came the very day after the election results, and is still going on. It is actually hilarious. Dear old kinky-haired Debbie Washerwoman Schultz spoke up to say, "Our Democratic views are still what the American people want". Really, Debbie? Did you watch the results from another planet?

Then our dear wind-tunneled face Nancy Pelosi says, "This is not a flow of's just a little ebb for now". And even after Barry Soetero wants Sharpton to "help" him to get along with the new SOP Senate, what does the Rev do? He goes on his MSNBC show and announces to his very few viewers that he will "continue to fight against all GOP policies while they have control of the Senate". 

Also, will someone explain to me what Barry Soetero meant when he said, "To the two-thirds of you who didn't vote...I hear you".  What is that supposed to mean? Is he threatening these two-thirds? Is he going to cut off their entitlements?  Talk about very, very poor losers.

OK, enough; no more resting on our laurels. We have a 2016 election to prepare for so we can take back America's White House, and keep the House and Senate in the good hands of the Republican Party. 

NOTE: As a side note, I'll be starting an added phase of Politics with Pete with video blogs, starting Tuesday, November 11, 2014. Please keep an eye and ear out for it.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country....and our troops.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


It seems like yesterday when I was marking off the countdown days on my desk calendar to the November 4th mid-term elections. Beginning with 365 days, until this morning, with two weeks left until AMERICA'S DAY!

I call November 4, 2014 America's Day because that's the day we take our first step in taking back our beloved country from Barry Soetero and his evil administration. Nearly all of my blogs this past year has dealt with Fast & Furious, The IRS, The DOJ, Benghazi, Obamacare, etc., etc.,....need I go any further? I'm sure the few people who read my blogs are tired of my relentless bloviating about the evilness of Barry and his merry band of corrupt cohorts.

So I've decided to give a break to the few loyal followers who do read my political blogs. This is it for me until the election is over. Next blog I write and publish my blog will be after the November 4th election. I'll either be sobbing in my Scotch or drinking my Scotch in celebration.

I've said and written all that I can think of to urge good American conservative voters to spread the word and vote for our first step; to send Dingy evil Harry Reid out to pasture. Yes, we  all know there are some GOP candidates that we don't favor for office. However, don't lost sight of our initial goal. After we retake the Senate and keep the House then we can focus on the GOP-led road ahead preparing for the 2016 presidential race.

Don't forget what we did to Nancy Pelosi after the 2010 mid-terms. She became the queen of irrelevancy. Her name is hardly mentioned anymore. We must use this opportunity in two weeks to make Harry the king of irrelevancy. Nice titles for them huh? The king and queen of irrelevancy. Love it.

We have to endure Barry Soeter along with his endless golf, vacationing, do-nothingness, lying, arrogance and his lame-duck presidency for the next two years. Well, just maybe with a GOP House and Senate and the evil lying he has been caught at by the Supreme Court, we just may be able to begin impeachment hearings against him.

So, let me end today's blog with a few questions. For the next two years does America want an administration that (1) lied about Obamacare. (2) Traded 5 Taliban killers for a U.S. Army deserter, (3) Refused to ask Mexico to release a true American hero in a Mexican prison, Sgt. Tamarhoosi. (4) Opened America's southern borders allowing illegal criminals to enter the U.S., (5) lied there was not a 'smidgeon" of corruption in the IRS, (6) allowed the Dept. of Justice to spy American journalists, (7) has golfed over 200 times instead of being a presedential leader, (8) would not allow military support for our Benghazi consulate, and then whisked out to Las Vegas for a fund raiser, and (9) just 12 short minutes after announcing the ISIS beheading of an American Barry is on the first tee at the golf course. Don't even want to take up space to write about the economy and Barry's foreign policy.

These are not embellished lies folks; these are pure facts. I refuse to believe that any American that truly loves this great country would not exercise their voting power to rid us of this dictator-type leader and his evil corrupt administration.

Our time is coming people. Don't waste it. We can do this. Let's take our country back. See you in two weeks.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.



Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Don't worry-Barry's here

Folks, please don't worry about Ebola spreading throughout the U.S. Also, please don't worry about ISIS infiltrating the U.S. through our porous southern borders. Don't give a thought to our failing economy. Don't think at all about our health care premiums rising in 2015.

And for God's sake, don't think for one second about ISIS overtaking all the oil fields in the middle east while we refuse to drill and frack for oil, and mine coal for energy here in the U.S.
Don't worry about any of these little "mis-steps". They're not worth even thinking about. These are just minor blips that our Dear Leader Barry will take care of. Heck, he can address these small minor blips while he's walking from green to tee on the golf course. He's already golfed over 200 times, so he's proven he can multi-task.

I'll tell you what you should be worrying about...what you should focus on...what should scare you. Folks, we have a gigantic serious problem that is the largest problem we've ever faced here in the U.S. You can feel and experience this serious problem every minute of every day.

Just open your front door and walk outside, and you can experience this horrific major problem firsthand. It's the most dangerous problem facing mankind today. It's called global warming!

What? You don't believe me? We've all been told lately of this threatening problem that is the number one crisis facing our world today.  Hey, Barry and his husband Michael said do. Secretary John Kerry said so. Even chubby Bob Beckel from Fox's The Five claims so. And lest we ever forget that the mighty Al Gore has be warning us for years about the warming will soon melt our polar caps. Sneaky Al was so good at marketing this idea that he received a Noebel prize for it while pocketing millions upon millions.

Here's a thought; how come China, Japan, India, and other high producing countries of products they are selling to the U.S. don't give much thought to "steeeenkin" global warming?The "rich producing" countries of products sold to the U.S. realize that global warming is not an issue that will hamper the manufacturing success of their respective country.

We have so many serious issues facing America today; the economy, ISIS, Ebola, amnesty and protecting our illegal immigrant border onslaught. Yet  Barry and his husband Michael, along with John Kerry, Al Gore, Hollywood movie stars, and countless rich progressive libs want to shut down energy production here to "protect" us from global warming.

Here's where I want to interject the profound knowledge of one of my heroes, Rush Limbaugh.
Rush aired during one of his daily broadcasts that if every American were given a "free" year to go out and purposely do all they could to increase global warming, the ambient temperature of the U.S. would not go up one-tenth of a degree.

Rush further stated "so what; should we close down energy production here in the U.S. because of some stupid fear of just possible raising the ambient climate temperature one lousy degree"?

Rush then ended his segment on global warming before he went to commercial break by asking, 
"I'll keep the phone lines open and welcome any calls on information about what the middle east oil-producing countries are doing to stop global warming".  Then Rush laughed in that way only he does by asking, "Does anyone know if there is a middle east oil-producing country even doing anything to prevent a fictitious global warming situation"?

Well, here's the good, no great, news Americans have our opportunity in just three short weeks from today to stop this ridiculous garbage about a proposed ruination of our country due to rising temperatures.

Folks, we need to stamp out and defeat Ebola and ISIS. We need to begin fracking and drilling for energy right here in the good old U.S.A., and tell the middle east where to stick their oil.  We need to prop up our failing economy. We need to resolve the issue of our porous southern borders.
 And we need to focus on the one single person we need to bring over from Mexico; Sgt. Tamahroosi.

Please remember when you walk into that voting booth in three weeks that if you vote the wrong way Barry and his administration will continue to wreak havoc on our country so horrific for the next two years that we may never recover. Vote the right way.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Islam peaceful now??

Two of my favorite athletes of all time are Cassius Clay and Lew Alcindor.  Cassius Clay, a young boxer from Kentucky rose to become agreeably the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time.

Lew Alcindor, a tall seven foot basketball player from Power Memorial high school in New York, went on to UCLA and then the NBA to become perhaps the most successful and dominant figure in all of basketball.

There are millions of Americans today who don't know the identities of Cassius Clay or Lew Alcindor. Well, you may know Cassius Clay as Muhammad Ali, and Lew Alcindor as Kareem Abdul Jabar. Both of these great athletes converted to the peaceful faith of Islam.

In the boxing ring they just didn't come any tougher with twelve-round boxing endurance than Muhammad Ali. And all the championship trophies Kareem Jabar received at UCLA in college, and then the NBA speaks volumes about the strength, endurance, and tenacity of this great player.

I've watched Ali win and defend his title many times on TV, and watched first hand Alcindor at UCLA and later the Los Angeles Lakers. I've read books on both of these great athletes, and discovered they were as great peace loving Americans as they were athletes.

Away from the boxing ring and away from the basketball court these two Americans preached and practiced peace in the name of Islam, and still continue to do so. It seemed these two set the bar for people of other cultures and religions to accept the peaceful religion of Islam, while helping all Americans to accept each others religions.  At the time there were no disputes that subsequently escalated into the gigantic chasm between Judeo-Christians and Muslims we have today.

There were no wars, bombings, slaughterings, and even beheadings. To all it appeared that Judeo-Christians and Muslims lived in peace. What happened? When did it start? Why, how, and when did the division between Christians and Muslim start?

Many pundits, TV networks, journalists, etc., have loudly voiced their views on this ever escalating tragedy that befalls our country today. I would like to throw my "pundit" hat in the ring with my opinions and views. I just want to add some food for thought to Americans today.

In my opinion the overwhelming divide between Judeo-Christians seems wider today than it was even after September 11, 2001. The chasm seemed to grow wider and wider beginning January 20, 2009.  Yes, that was the day Barry Soetero was sworn in to become the leader of the greatest country and the greatest military of all time.

From the day of his inauguration he seemed to be a surgeon with a very large scalpel on a mission to promote radical Islam, while destroying the Judeo-Christian values in our very own America. Since he first took office he continues to stack his administrative deck with members of his Islamic faith. Our own leader of the CIA, John Brennan, is a Muslim.

Factions of the radical Islamic war mongering has broken out stronger than ever since Barry took office. Usama bin Laden, El Quiada, and now we today we have the most monstrous threat to our country, ISIS.  Barry continues to downplay the threat of ISIS. He uses "pin prick" attacks instead of attacking this vile threat head on with the mission of destroying them.

It has been reported that ISIS now makes over $3.Million per day selling oil from the fields they have confiscated in the mid-east. They now have the money and power to grow into the strongest threat to our country and way of life since Adolph Hitler.

ISIS must be stopped and destroyed now. We cannot afford to wait as they grow stronger by the day. Our country needs leadership to lead us into destroying these evil terrorists.

Do you ever wonder why Barry Soetero is so very hesitant to attack and destroy ISIS? I think I know why. Maybe, just maybe there's an ISIS terrorist cell that resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It is so hard to believe that Islam is a peaceful religion today.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Here's the difference Hillary!

I just finished watching the Fox News broadcast of "13 Hours in Benghazi" hosted by Bret Baier. I'm going to start this blog before I hit the sack and finish it tomorrow. I don't know what I'm more dismayed and horrified at; the actual killing of four Americans, including a high profile American Ambassador or the cover up by Barry and his State Department.

I watched and listened to these three brave men answer Brett's questions, and how they retold the facts as to what happened that night. Of course the very first person who came to mind for me was Barry Soetero. To this day there is not a clear understanding and knowledge of where he actually was while four Americans were being slaughtered by Islamic radicals committing jihad. There is proof however, that the very same evening of the attack he was on his way to Vegas for a fund-raiser.

All three of these heroes that wanted to rush the three-quarters of a mile to help the Benghazi embassy under vicious attack related the exact same story: "We were told on three occasions by our bureau chief leader Bob to 'stand down'". Not once, but three times.

My wife and I are not ashamed that we both shed tears watching this documentary on Fox. Of course many times throughout the hour we kept saying to each other, "why won't the other news networks broadcast this too"?  Thank God for Roger Ailles of Fox to have the courage to broadcast this highly informative news program, while other networks choose to ignore it.

While these three heroes were reliving their stories to Brett Baier of Fox they also had tears recalling that horrible night I thought of four other individuals immediately. The first two, of course, are Barry Soetero and our former infamous Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 

By now we all know why Barry did not want to order any help to save our Ambassador and the other three Americans. It's very simple; at the time we were only two months away from the presidential election, and Barry didn't want any "news" of a terrorist attack occurring on his watch.

And who among us will ever forget Hillary's infamous quote, "what difference does it make"?
Really Hillary? Four dead Americans and you, your boss, and Susan Rice dismiss this tragedy by saying some anti-Muslim film producer in California caused this attack with a video.

Of course Barry's "buddies" at ABC, CBS, NBC, and MSNBC all carried the water for him and Hillary, and also claimed the attack was the result of the video, even though it was discovered later that less than 300 people even viewed the short video. Maybe now Americans are realizing that the main reason we don't get the truthful news from the media, except for Fox, is because many White House staffers are strongly linked to executives from these media outlets; some even through marriage.

Some other news you'll only get from Fox: After the Benghazi attack both the White House and the CIA held press conferences. Can you guess what news outlet was not invited? If you guessed Fox you are right on.  Another bit of news you won't hear from the media is that Fox's Greta Van Susteren was contacted by the White House and strongly suggested that Greta tell correspondent Jennifer Griffen to cease/stop reporting any news on Benghazi. Ever wonder why?

Maybe my strongest disdain and disrespect in this tragedy is directed at the two, for lack of a more descriptive word, "females" that are the State Department press representatives. I'm writing of course about Marie Harf and Jen Psaki. I cannot imagine how these two "females" got the important task of representing our State Department.

These two "females" continue to spout off there is no evidence there is no evidence of a "stand down" order issued from the embassy bureau chief "Bob" to those government contractors that were on their way to lend support to the Benghazi embassy under attack. They are basically calling these three heroes liars.

I only wish Ms. Harf, and/or Ms. Psaki would have been seated at the interview held by Bret Baier and the three brave heroes that finally defied orders and rushed to help their fallen comrades anyway, at Benghazi. I wish Harf and Psaki would've been at the interview, and still exclaimed there was no evidence of a stand down.  Yes, these three arrived too late, and wished they could've had that thirty minutes back that they were told to "stand down".

To even speak the names of Harf and Psaki in the same context of these three heroes is a disgrace to all military personnel that ever wore the uniform.  I hope and pray Trey Goudy can finally get to the bottom and give America the truth we deserve on this tragedy.

And yes, Ms. Clinton, it does make a difference.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Want fries with that?

To me cheating on my wife means I tell her I'm going to Home Depot and then I sneak into a fast-food place and eat a big juicy burger, with fries and a large chocolate shake. Then on the way out I get a large chocolate-chip cookie.  I got it down to a science; I get in the car and suck on a cough drop on the drive home. But I think she knows anyway, and lets me get away with it.

I know I'm biased about living in N.E. Ohio, and I'm proud that the overwhelming majority of waiters, waitresses, and servers that I encounter in restaurants and fast-food places are using their jobs as "stepping stone" jobs while they finish their education. In some cases it's also a part-time job to earn extra money, while on their way to find a career job.

What is inspiring to me is that the overwhelming majority do not and will not make a career out of waiting tables or serving at fast-food restaurants. One of my favorites is a young man working at Subway's while he's in his third college year of pre-med. He also has another job he works at for the summer to earn extra money for his education. His goal? Someday be a Doctor and work for "Doctors without Borders". What a great young man.

What's my point? Allow me to journey through this scenario please. As I'm writing this Barry Soetero is allowing thousands of illegals to swarm across our southern borders.  Thousands of these illegals, along with many minorities, citizen and non-citizens already here, will end up working at these restaurants and fast-food chains. 

What's disturbing is the majority of these that end up in restaurants and fast-food chains have no desire to improve themselves through education. Instead they want their dear leader Barry to raise their minimum wages. In this way they can make a career out of asking, "do you want fries with that"?

I'm very adament about this hopeless scenario, because I have an all time favorite hero. He migrated to this country in 1915, the oldest of eight children. He immediately went to work in the steel mills with his father, so his seven younger siblings could be supported and go to school.

This man labored for forty-eight years in the steel mills and along the way made sure his three children all went to college, so they didn't have to labor in steel mills. He came through Ellis Island and became a citizen the right way. He sacrificed so others could get educated for a better life. He's my hero, and was my Dad.

Raising minimum wages so people make careers out of jobs meant to be "stepping stone" jobs on the way to education and a better and more prosperous life is destroying the very core of America's theme of achieving a better way of life.

And we can all see the negative snowball effect this has. "Stepping stone" jobs will give way to "career" jobs in restaurants and fast-food chains, and that pre-med student, along with others like him, will have trouble supplementing their journey to complete their educational goal, and a better way of life.

Of course you know how I'm going to end today's blog. Much like I end all my blogs lately. Yes, we can do something about this folks. In about fifty-six days we have the constitutional right and privilege to walk into our voting booth and cast a vote to start ending this dictatorial regime.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.