Friday, December 9, 2016

Media? What media?

Wouldn't you think by now that the liberal left-wing media would get the message. As they conue to attack, trash, and lie about PRESIDENT-ELECT Donaald Trump the media is rapidly getting the message that the Trump administration does not need the press. PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump went so far as to inform the press that there may be no more daily press briefings. 

And as Mr. Trump has said many, many times "when the press start treating me fairly and honestly maybe then I'll cooperate more with them".  For eight years we were subjected to a fawning press corps that kissed up to the Barry Soetero administration. And if any reporter dare ask a question that didn't coincide with Barry's policies they were immediately shot down, and was not called upon again for a long time.

So what does PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump do? He just decides he doesn't need the media at all. He'll just use Twitter, and other social media outlets to reach the American people. I, for one of many, thinks it's a great idea. Did the left-leaning progressive lib media think they were any kind of a match for PRESIDEN-ELECT Trump?

And how about Newt Gingrich's idea? Let's just eliminate the White House press corps completely, while expanding the social media so that reporters from all over the world can ask the White House any question they want. Then President Trump can answer the questions directly to the American people, without any liberal left-wing media filtering his comments into lies. 

Face it folks', press secretary Josh Earnest has made a frustrating joke out of press corps meetings in the White House. Just think about it objectively. Expand Twitter, Facebook, etc.,  then set up programs so reporters, and even citizens can submit questions to the Trump administration. After all, we all know, by now that communicating directly to the American people is a gigantic reason that Mr. Trump won the election.

The glaring reality is the incoming Trump administration has no use or need from the media. In fact, he regularly takes them on, and then uses social media to go directly to the American people. And the truth is most Americans support the idea of the Trump administration by-passing the media and going directly to the people through the social media.

It took someone like PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump to put ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC in their place. They are beginning to realize that America is fed up with their reporting of nothing but liberal Democrat slants on the news. 

To sum it up, the factual truth is America really doesn't need the media any more. The Trump administration will, however, welcome media back into the fold when they start reporting news fairly, honestly, and with integrity. 

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Isn't this fun?

I wake up every morning now deleriously happy, anxdious to turn on my Fox News channel and watch what PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump will do next, and aalso excitingly happy that Crooked Hillary is still on the hook for possible indictment and prison, and will not ever again reside in our White House.

Last Chrismas I got a "Farewell Obama" calendar showing his remaining days in office. The caldendar shows all the stupid, corrupt, and evil things Barry Soetero has done, and the stupid quips from Uncle Joe Biden, our Gaffer-In-Chief. Today, my calendar shows that Barry Soetero has exactly 47 more days in America's White House.  Then we'll be rid of him and his husband Michael.  I'm sure not gonna miss his stuttering when a teleprompter isn't near by.

All during PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump's campaign the media, daily radio and TV talk show hosts, many athletes, and Hollywood elites spent their entire time attacking Mr. Trump, even when facts showed that Crooked Hillary was, and still is, corrupt and treasonous.

While the media was viscously attacking PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump and his family they were continually praising Crooked Hillary, all the while publishing erroneous poll numbers,  The media actually felt that if they broadcasted and published lies and distortions about Mr. Trump then of course the middle class American would believe them and vote for Crooked Hillary.

Yes, Mr. Trump was in the race by himself, with no media support, except from the number one cable news network Fox. Even Fox had Megan Kelly and Shep Smith came after PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump. Crooked Hillary even gathered many of the entertainment elites to appear on stage with her, praising Crooked Hillary while lambasting Mr. Trump endlessly. 

Mr. Trump's beautiful wife and family were even attacked by the media and the entertainment elites. They hated Mr. Trump so much, and they were so cock-sure that Crooked Hillary was going to win the election that they promised, yes promised, that if Mr. Trump were to win the election they would leave the country. By the way has any of them left yet?

On election night the vitriolic lambasting by the media covering the election continued. They were all declaring Crooked Hillary was going to win in a landslide. Newsweek magazine even had a news edition "in the wings' with "Madame President" on the cover with a smiling Crooked Hillary picture.

So what did the media do, and still does? Of course, their continued assault on the Trump family. Every decision and movement made by PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump is met with whining and crying by the media. At first I was so angry that I allowed it to take away from my joy that Mr. Trump fought back on his own terms against the media and won. 

For the past eight years if anyone spoke out against Barry Soetero they were called a racist. Today, PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump hasn't even been sworn in yet and the media along with the "elites" are throwing names at him like "White Supremist, womanizer", and many other names not fit for print. But according to MSNBC's Rachel Maddow that's OK. She's now attacking the people PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump is appointing to his administration.

Barry Soetero has such sour grapes, he even went so far as to blame restaurants, taverns, and bars for carrying the Fox News channel on their TV's. If only the media would realize that the very main reason Crooked Hillary lost is because the American people looked long and hard at what Barry Soetero did for the past eight years, and decided electing Crooked Hillary would only bring more of the same for the next four years.

Green Party leader Jill Stein is failing in her attempt to overthrow the will of the American people with a recount of votes. Now that's the definition of insanity; doing something repeatedly hoping to get a different result. I'd like to see another election recount in all fifty states just to witness Crooked Hillary losing again.

The Democrat leaders in the House and Senate never seem to learn from their horrible defeats. This is proven by electing Pelosi and Schumer to lead their party again. Of course the frosting on the cake is the possibility of Kieth Ellison becoming the DNC chairman. Instead of spending all that energy attacking PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump, the Democrat party would do well by trying to repair their own party.

During the campaigns I keep repeating over and over, "How could anyone elect this crooked and corrupt woman as president of this great country".  I thought, at first, that the media and entertainmentd elites would let up on PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump, and I became extremely angry. Then I decided these uninformed ignorant people are not going to take away my joy that the man I voted for will be MY President in forty-seven days.

Go right ahead media and you entertainment elites that didn't help Crdooked Hillary one iota, keep crying, whining, and complaining about the election results. See how much that helps your party's future. The rest of us will just "hang around" and support the efforts of our forty-fifth U.S. President,  DONALD J. TRUMP. Get over it Dems.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country, and our troops.
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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thank you Dems

Now that the election is over the Republican Party would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to its biigest supporter in winning the 2016 presidential election, and of course I refer to the Democratic Party. The progressive lib Dems conducted their campaign in such a manner that defied all aspects of decency, honesty, and integrity.

With Crooked Hillary at the helm the Democratic Party sought to lie and cheat their way to an election victory.  Isn't it amazing that despite all the evil corruption by Crooked Hillary's campaign, and all the false reporting by the media, the good people of America saw right through their veil of lying and deceit?

Also want to thank the Dem House for re-electing tunnel-face Nancy Pelosi as their minority leader. The way the Dem House has been losing elections the GOP must be deliriously happy over her re-election to again lead the House Dems "down the tube". How about Muslim racist Kieth Ellison as DNC chair? Now that alone will be a big help to the GOP. He's already advocating a separate state for Blacks only.

And let us not forget the biggest help to PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump is the White House leader himself, Barry Soetero. The lack of leadership, his spineless attitude of "leading from behind" was a great incentive to middle class America to finally show the curtain is closing on the Barry Soetero dictatorship.

The only definite location Barry Soetero could be found was on the golf course, not the oval office conducting presidential duties. He and his husband Michael have been deceitful to us, and finally after eight years the American voter have spoken out the main way they the voting booth.

Of course the ignorant, uninformed progressive liberal Dems will continue to attack and criticize the Trump administration. Already Dem Senator Schumer has said "if Obamacare is repealed it will literally kill our senior citizens". Never mind that no one can afford Barry's ludicrous attempt at a legacy.

Don't forget the other source of heavy attacks and criticism against the Trump administration, and that's our newly-discredited media, namely the news outlets of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, HuffPost, NPR, and other uninformed news outlets.  Oh yeah, don't forget Jorge of Telemundo.

Donald Trump hasn't even been sworn in, and already he's done more for middle class America than Barry Soetero has done in eight years, i.e., Carrier Air Conditioning. The only things that Barry really accomplised was enormous gun sales for law-abiding Americans to protect themselves. In eight years Barry has managed to destroy our healthcare system. He has also managed to help the largest race division this country has experienced since the Civil War.

We must also credit Barry Soetero with the horrific number of terrorist attacks here in America by illegals that are pouring into our country, with the adamant approval of Barry's administration. Just another reminder how the increase of Black-on-Black crimes have increased in the last eight years. Ever wonder what caused that? It was Barry trying to start a race war.

There are rumors that Barry "instructed" Crooked Hillary to call Trump at 3:00 on the morning of Nov. 9th. to concede the election. Supposedly Crooked Hillary was to negotiate with Trump that there would not be any criminal investigations by the Trump's administration against her. The underlying rumor is Barry was afraid he would be dragged into Crooked Hillary's investigation.

It seemed all was OK, until Crooked Hillary joined forces with Jill Stein  in demanding voter recounts in three states. Even though the recount won't even happen there has now emerged rumors that Crooked Hillary may have lost her "get out of jail free" card from President Trump. Can you imagine how Barry is quaking in his boots.

In closing, we of the GOP want to sincerely thank the lib Dem party, Barry Soeter, and the media for lending your valuable assistance in assuring Donald Trump will be our president for the next four, maybe eight, years.  We love you, and look forward to your help in the next general election.

An that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country and our troops.
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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Media isn't done

PRESIDENT-ELECT Donald J. Trump has been elected by the American people exactly nine days ago. He won't even officially take office till January 20, 2017, in sixty-one days, and the media is still relentlessly attacking him.  It appears that PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump is going to endure as much attacking from the media during his four years as President as he did when he was campaigning. PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump hasn't even been sworn in yet, and the media will not let up with the personal attacks.

For any of you who entertained the idea that the media was going to "back off" on their attacks on PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump are greatly mistaken. Can you imagine What's going to happen if/when President Trump does make a mistake? The media will crucify the Trump administration. And as we all know, there was only one guy who never made a mistake and we hung him on a cross. 

Of course I refer to the news outlets controlled by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, HuffPost, NY Times, and many other Internet social media outlets. I've been channel and Internet surfing since the election was called for PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump. It has actually been quite entertaining watching, reading, and listening to this group of sour-grape losers.

The other evening I watched MSNBC's Rachel Maddow waving her arms, and attaacking the entire Trump family. My wife and I thought she was deep into some Scotch or drugs. She was waving her arms crying, and it was easy to discern that she could not accept the election, and she was going to do her best to attack the entire Trump family for the next four years. She was definitely making a fool of herself.

Teachers and college professors are actually urging students to skip classes so they can protest and "start a race war against Whites". Does anyone remember so much race divisiveness before Barry Soetero took office in 2009. Now what does that tell you? This country will be a better place to live once Barry leaves our White House and PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump takes over.

Oh yes, by the way this is for all the racists that keep screaming Crooked Hillary won the popular vote. Just yesterday is was discovered that over 3,000,000 votes for Crooked Hillary were cast by illegal aliens. So another fact in this election that the media will not report is that PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump won the popular vote by a landslid in addition to winning the electoral college vote by a landslide.

You see folks, Crroked Hillary, along with with the lying main stream media, felt they could overlook the middle class hard working Americans that wanted a change from what the horrible Barry Soetero did to our country. They actually felt that us "deplorable" would vote the way that Beyonce, Lada Gaga, Miley Cyrus, etc., wanted us to vote.  Liberal Dems didn't pay any attention to what us lowly  deplorable Americans really wanted. 

And now we have the personal vile attacks on all of the nominations for the administration of PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump. Because these nominees are White the media, along with the liberal Dems are calling them racists. They can't find anything to truthfully attack them on, they dig up just utter junk from years, even decades ago.

Talk about double standards. What does Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, and Jeh Johnson have in common? Yes, they're Black. Remember when Whitey protested and rioted because Barry Soetero put these people in his cabinet? I don't either.  

Why is it that the media will not give any information about Congressman Kieth Ellison who wants to be the new House Minority leader. He's a Muslim, he hates israel and and all Jews, and is a disciple of Louis Farrakhan. Thank you lib Dems, because having this man as your minority leader just guaranteed more success in the House for Republicans.

It was discovered that 3,000,000 votes for Crooked Hillary were cast by illegal aliens.  Of course those votes were discounted. That also means that PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump won the popular vote by a landslide in much the same way he won the electoral college vote. however, that still didn't stop the lib Dems. They are now trying to get the electoral voters to change their final vote next month. Some electorate voters have even received death threats to change their
electoral college vote.

Crooked Hillary carried 87% of the votes in New York city, so get prepared for the media to broadcast and spew more vile and attacking lies aimed at the Trump administration for the next four years. Instead of embracing the change, and showing PRESIDENT-ELECT Trump the support and respect he deserves because he won the election by a landslide.

I urge everyone to research all the news that ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC will be sending your way. Most of it will be lies and distored views against our 45th. President.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country, our troops and PRESIDENT-ELECT Donald J. Trump 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Can you imagine?

I'm 81, and there are many times my morning 1.5 mile walks and my hour at the gym gets a little tough for me. Like most people I do a little fantasizing to help me get through my "healthy" ordeals. 

Of course those who know me know I'm a news junkie, and a strong conservative Republican. So I started to"trip out" on my walk this morning imagining what it would be like having Crroked Hillary in America's White House.

Let's look at the scandals surrounding the crooked and scandalous "Bill & Hillary Show" for the past 30+ years. First, beginning way back in the 1980's and continuing up to this very month there have been in excess of thirty "mysterious" deaths of people associated with the Clintons. Recently the very Doctor that diagnosed Crooked Hillary with a brain tumor was found dead, and "determined" it was by suicide.

As a New York U.S. Senator Crooked Hillary did not author a single bill, and over 2,000 jobs were lost. She was responsible for the deaths of four Americans, and during the horrific debacle in Benghazi. It was discovered that she actually sold arms that funnelled to the terrorist in Libya.

She was never challenged, and when she appeared befiore Congress she lied, and was never found guilty of any charges. Of course the media never reported it. As New York's U.S. Senator and Barry's Secretary of State she was held above the law by the FBI and the DOJ.

Now, we have unrefutable evidence of the evil corrupt things she has done during her campaign, never having to answer to any of the horrible things she has done. Anyone following the news and emails from Wikileaks know the horrendous things she has done, and has not been challlenged to answer for any charges against her.

Of course it is very said and deplorable to even think this woman can lead our country instead of being sentenced to prison for espionage and treason. If Crooked Hillary were a Republican or in the private sector she would most definitely be indicted by our once decent and honest FBI and DOJ. Today, both of these once presigious departments are now as corrupt as Crooked Hilary, and continue to "carry her water" in hopes of a presidential appointment should she win.

So today's short blog is to plead with Americans to think about all the scandals and corruptions Crooked Hillary has walked away unscathed as a first lady, Senator, and Secretary of State because of enormous support from the entire Obama administration. 

If this evil, corrupt, scandalous woman got away with all these proven indiscretions before, CAN YOU IMAGINE what this woman is going to do if she is elected by the American people? Then she will answer to no one and furthermore she will have these organizations answering to her. Can you imagine how our Supreme Court will operate under Crooked Hillary's administration?

Can you imagine all the presidential executive actions she will be enforcing without letting Americans know about?  Can you imagine what favors she will be paying to all the mid-east leaders that have heavily contributed to her? Can you imagine who her cabinet members will be, and the duties they will carry out?  Can you imagine the roles Slick Willy and Chelsea will be performing, especially Slick Willy as the first gentleman?

America, please take a minute to IMAGINE these scenarios before you walk into the voting booth on November 8, 2016. The media and even Slick Willy's wife looked away while he was having all these scandalous affairs while he was president, hardly ever reporting it. And yet the media is crucifying Donald Trumpd for comments he made. Has there been any proof that Trump actually committed any indiscretions?

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Are you ready America?

From all indications from the media it appears that Crooked Hillary Clinton, instead of going to a Federal prison, will be the 45th. president  heading for the America's hallowed White House and oval office. And so my deep burning question to all Americans is ARE YOU READY?

Is America ready for the corrupt dealings behind closed doors that Crooked Hillary will be presiding with countries that hate Americad, and yet donated large sums of money to Hdillary's phony "charity" foundation? Do you wonder what kind of "favors" she will be recipcrotating to Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, and yes even Russia. Don't forget she sold 20% of our uranium to a Russian enterprise that turned around and gave enormous sums of money for Slick Willy's speech.

Are you ready America for Loretta Lynch and Barry Soetero to be granted Supreme Court Justice appointments during a recess period when Congress is not in session? Are you ready for the supposition that Crooked Hillary could very well appoint four Supreme Court Justices that will be far left? Are you ready for the return of Eric Holder?

Are you ready America for Crooked Hillary's promise, broadcasted by her daughter that she will "bring down the NRA"? Are you ready America for Crooked Hillary to repeal the 2nd. Amendment. She even admitted, "the 2nd Amendment is flawed, and must be changed". Please remember a man in Germany in the '30's and '40's was successful in removing arms from citizens, and we all know what happened next.

Are you ready America for Huma Abedin to be America's Secretary of State, even though she has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood?  Are you ready for Cheryl Mills to be White House Chief of Staff? Are you ready to have MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell as the White House press secretary?

Are you ready America for Crooked Hillary to expand "Obamacare" so much until it evolves into total government control raising our health insurance premiums so lazy unemployed people on welfare and food stamps receive free healthcare? Has anyone ever asked who will be paying for the "free" college that Crooked Hillary touts on her campaign?

Are you ready America for Craooked Hillary to pass into law that it's lawful for 36-week abortions to physically tear a baby from its mother's womb?  Are you ready to vote a woman in office that will not refer to a baby, only a fetus, when it is in the womb? 

Are you ready America for Crooked Hillary's selections for Cabinet positions, i.e., Secretary of Defense, EPA Director, Secretary of Treasure, Homeland Security Director, etc.? Are you ready for a left-wing liberal take over of these appointments?

Are you ready America for Crooked Hillary to allow 65,000 unvetted refugees from Syria to come to our country?   Are you ready for Crooked Hillary to allow open borders from Mexico?
Are you ready America to have your taxes increased to pay for the health, education, and unemployment of the refugees that Crooked Hillary allows into our country?

Are you ready America to have a president that wants to continue to "scale down" our military and other first line defenses that protect our country? Are you ready for a president who claims "our Veteran's Administration is doing a good job for our veterans and there is no need to change their status"

Are you ready America to have Slick Willy as the White House "First Gentleman", and have him run amok in the White House having affairs with interns when Crooked Hillary travels?Are you ready to have Podesta and Palmeri on Crooked Hillary's staff?

Are you ready America to have Crooked Hillary appoint Chelsea as the chief director of the corrupt Clinton "charity" fund, so that more illegal dollars flow into the coffers of the Clintons, and not to people of need? Can you truly accept and respect Crooked Hillary after she was responsible for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi?

Are you ready America for a president that has lied to the FBI and 39 times swore under oath that "I do not recall", and erased over 33,000 emails AFTER she was directed to undergo questioning from Congress?

Are you ready America for four more years of Barry Soetero, and a gigantic increase in our national debt while our country suffers its most rapid decline in GDP growth since the depression? Are you ready to continue to live in a country where more Americans are out of work than are actually employed?

America, if you are ready to accept all these things then by all means declare yourself a faithful left-wing liberal progressive Democrat and vote for Crooked Hillary. And when all of these things mentioned above come to fruition after she's elected....well then America you will get exactly what you asked for, and our country will become another third world country.

Remember, on November 8th., you have a choice. Don't let our country down.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country, and our troops.
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Friday, September 30, 2016

Why Trump???

When there were seventeen GOP candidates campaigning for the Republican nomination for President the last person I was cheering for was Donald Trump. I keep thinking Bush, Rubio, Carson, and even my own Ohio Governor would be a better choice. I even predicted that Trump would be the first to fall.

So Trump emerged as the candidate that will oppose Crooked Hillary on November 8th., so why would or should we vote for him?  Why would I vote for a business man instead of someone with thirty years of political experience? Why would I not vote for a former first lady, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State? 

Why would I vote for a brash, arrogant, loud speaking, controversial successful businessman instead of an "experienced" politician? Why would I not want to take the "safe route" and keep things in Washington status-quo, and extend Barry Soetero for another four, maybe eight years?

If Trump emerges as our next President-elect on November 8th., he can stand proud and say he did this amid all the backlash from the media, with no support at all from many of the elitist. There are so very many reasons why our great country cannot aaccept Crooked Hillary as our next President.

One staunch Clinton supporter said, "Oh let's forget about's old news".  Really? Tell that to the survivors of the four men her and Barry refused to help because it was "election time". To this day no one knows where Hillary or Barry were when our Benghazi consulate was under fire, let alone sending in planes and troops to rescue them.  And of course our wonderful media just swept it under the rug.

Trump makes one brash controversial statement and the media can't wait to "lead" with the story. However, the media has not said a word about the corrupt Clinton Charity Foundation. Money is still being laundered in and out of that foundation like holes in Swiss cheese.  Talk about a media and White House cover up. 

Remember the song, "If I had a hammer"? Well that was a big part of Crooked Hillary's e-mail scandal. In addition to her unsecured private server where she successfully maintained her "pay for play" deals, she had her aide literally smash thirteen cell phones with a hammer, while another aide "bleach-scrubbed" her server to eliminate 33,000 e-mails.

And of course our lame FBI won't do a thing because FBI Director Comey works for AG Loretta Lynch, who works for Barry. Director Comey gave immunity to five Clinton aides only to hear them all say, "I can't recall".  Even Crooked Hillary said thirty-nine times "I can't recall", when the FBI questioned her. By the way does anyone else know that FBI Director Comey sits on the board of one of the corrupted Clinton Foundations companies?

Maybe the biggest incentive to cast your vote for Trump is who Crooked Hillary will bring with her if she gets into our oval office. Don't forget there will be four openings for the Supreme Court in Crooked Hillary's four years. She has already announced she will fill the openings with left-leaning progressive libs.

Crooked Hillary's daughter has already announced on TV talk shows that her mother will bring down the NRA and repeal the 2nd. Amendment,even if she has to use executive recess orders, and one of those appointments may well be Barry Soetero along with three women. Crooked Hillary has already alluded to that.  

The only true way we'll be rid of Barry Soetero and what he's done to us for eight years is to vote for Trump. Can you imagine Huma Abedin as Secretary of State? She has strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and used to write articles for their news editions

And don't think for a minute that Crooked Hillary isn't going to return favors to all those mid-east countries that have donated to her "charity" fund that is hidden in her lost 33,000 e-mails.
She may even attack our country's principles and freedoms more than Barry has done.  She is attacking our men/women in Blue to cater to the Black vote, but you can bet she will do nothing for the African-American community if she enters our oval office.

To sum it up, even if you're not a true Trump supporter, for the sake of our country don't vote for a corrupt scandolous woman who only wants the presidency for her own personal gains and power.  If she were a Republican she would right now be where she prison.
Right now Trump is our only chance to start rebuilding and restoring our country.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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