Friday, April 18, 2014

Your land is my land!

Of course most remember the old Arlo Guthrie song of "This land is our land......." Well someone should tell that to Dingy Harry Reid and his corrupt son. They have even hired rogue police and state officers to kill and bury some of Cliven Bundy's cattle.

Well, the corrupt Reid wants to change the lyrics to Guthrie's song to "Your land is my land". And do you want to know why? Why it's because the corrupt Reid & Son team have already made a deal with a group called ENN to set up a gigantic solar panel farm on the grazing land where Bundy and his family feed and raise their cattle.

And why, you ask, is this such a big deal that Dingy Harry is even calling Cliven Bundy a "domestic terrorist"? Harry and his evil corrupt son are running scared because he knows that America is standing strong behind the Bundys, and this may hurt their deal.

Well, Dingy Harry even has the media chiming in with this stupid accusation. Did anyone watch Sgt. Schultz, of MSNBC, claiming Fox News is inciting riots and domestic terrorism because Sean Hannity reported favorably on the Bundy debacle. And yet the management at Comcast is scratching their heads wondering why Fox's ratings are sky high, while MSNBC'S ratings are in he basement,

And talk about race-baiting.....MSNBC went so far as to theorize that if Bundy were Black then the GOP would be screaming for the Feds to go in their with guns blazing. And this Administration was supposed to unite the races in our country. Think not.

How come the media won't report that our own Federal Government hired rogue snipers that actually shot, killed, and buried bulls grazing on Bundy's land? How come the media calls Bundy a terrorist that owe's the "wonderful" IRS several thousand dollars, but won't say a word that the evil race baiter Sharpton owes $1.9 million in back taxes, while Holder and Barry Soetero are key note speakers at Al's NAN convention?
Barry Soetero is a disgrace to the office of the Presidency, and is the laughing stock around the world starting with Putin. And where is the media in all this? Why they are still carrying the water for this man who has us all wondering why he caters so much to the Muslim nations. I have an idea, but that's for a later blog.

However, folks, the good news is that in 192 days we can take our first step to fix this. No, we won't get rid of Barry and his husband Michael, but with a good solid GOP House and Senate we'll be able to send Barry to the golf course instead of OUR  White House, and Michael can go on vacation and shut up about obese America. Has Michael looked in the mirror lately at his wide derriere? 

Don't give up folks; spread the word; 192 days left.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I predict!

Some of old timers remember the late Jeanne Dixon. She was a semi-famous astrologer, syndicated columnist, and would make hundreds of predictions. Problem was that most all of her predictions were way off. However, she would glorify, write about, bloviate, and tell us all about the one or two predictions that came true.

I guess her plan that if you make hundreds of predictions you're bound to get one or two correct.
So in today's short blog I'd like to make a few predictions, and then later this year I'll revisit this blog.

First of all, I'm going to predict that Roger Ailles and his Fox News Network will enjoy rising ratings, and will lead the cable news by its widest margin ever over their competitors. My logic is that as we get closer to the ever important November mid-term elections more Americans will be watching Fox by wider margins than other networks. My logic in that is by now Americans realize that Fox is the place to go to for honest, fair, and balanced news, reported with integrity and honor.

Furthermore I'm going to make a couple of predictions; first with a double-edged sword. I predict the GOP will win in a gigantic landslide to take the Senate back and retain the majority in the House. 

Now if we take back the Senate and keep the House by a slim margin then I predict that MSNBC will continue to maintain its broadcasting of liberal progressive view with the likes of Matthews, Schultz, Maddow, and Sharpton. They will continue to spew lies and blasphemy at the GOP.

But with my prediction of a landslide victory by the GOP in November's mid-term election I also predict that Comcast will start thinking that maybe it's time to clean out the likes of Matthews, Maddow, Sharpton, Schultz, and even Tore, or whatever his name is.

I predict that Comcast will start paying attention to Fox's ratings success, and think there just might be room for another "fair & balanced" news network. Of course their first step will be to get rid of the leg-tingler,  Rachey, Sgt. Schultz, the Rev., and Tore, or whatever his name is.

Can you imagine any of the above MSNBC hosts presenting the news fairly, honestly, and with integrity? Nah, they have to go away. Can't wait to write my blog about this issue the very first day after the November elections. See ya then.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops

Monday, April 14, 2014

Why even vote?

Wife and I were at a family gathering yesterday. Loud, crazy bunch, made  up mostly of Italian-Americans. Love 'em like crazy. Most of us going ga-ga over the new 4-month family member. Some even arguing over whose turn it is to hold hold her, until however she spit up. She actually "left" some of her milk on my sweater.

A couple of us "old people" were discussing the upcoming November mid-term elections. Most everyone who knows me knows that I'm more conservative than Rush Limbaugh. Anyway we were discussing that if the GOP doesn't take back the Senate and retain the House we're going to be in trouble for the rest of Barry Soetero's two years.

I pointed to my 23-year old granddaughter and remarked, "hope these young people realize what faces them in the future, and gets out to vote to stop Reid and his band of crooks". She quickly asked,  "Who's Reid"? All I could retort was "What"?  She then floored me with, "not everyone is a news junkie like you...besides I don't even vote". With that, she went back to texting on her I-phone.

Then out of nowhere a 71-year old family member spoke out and said, "Oh, I've never voted, and don't ever intend to". Of course this ignited me, but before I could utter a word, my commander-in-chief, also known as my wife, spoke two stern words, "Pete....NO!!".  So, there I sat in silence wondering why people turn their backs on the privilege and rights given to us by our Constitution.

Wonder just how these people would react if tomorrow they woke up to find that their right and privilege to vote has been rescinded, and they could never vote again.

In 196 days we go to the polls. This will be our greatest opportunity in the past six years to take a stand, and take our first step to getting our country back. If we don't take back the Senate, and worse, lose the House, you can expect Barry Soetero's last two years in our White House will be just the beginning of the downfall of the economic structure of our country. 

Is there anyone who wants Dingy Harry Reid to maintain the Senate leadership? More importantly, can you imagine what Barry Soetero will do in his last two years if Dingy Harry stays in command of our Senate?  It could very well be the most disastrous time in our history

For those who think their vote won't make a difference I remind them of those words from a song I've always liked, ".....if everyone just lit one little candle......".  And, for those that don't get out to vote for us to take back the Senate and keep the House, then they are certainly part of the problem.

I leave today's blog with; if Americans don't take this opportunity to vote Reid out of his command this November then Americans will get exactly what they deserve. God save us then.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.

Friday, April 11, 2014

I wanna be in contempt

It seems today that "being held in contempt" is almost like a badge of honor...well at least notoriety is certainly gained. Being held in contempt is about as punishing as Barry Soetero's sanctions against Iran and Putin, or as punishing as Tax fraud Rangel's Congressional sanction.

Barry's threat to Asaad of Syria of "crossing the red line in the sand", is as fearful as when I used to yell at my young daughters years ago, "don't let me come back there" as they were being mischievous  in the back of the station wagon on a family trip.  Have you noticed how frightened Putin and Iran are when Barry sanctioned them and held them in contempt? Yeah, they're really scared of big bad Barry.

One of the biggest tax frauds ever in Congress is Charles Rangel. he should have been kicked out of Congress a long time ago. Instead, then House majority leader Nancy Pelosi just banged her gavel and uttered, "Congressman Rangel, we in Congress now sanction you".  Wow, I bet that scared old tax cheat Rangel.

The truth is a sanction and a contempt along with $1.25 only gets you a cup of coffee at MacDonalds.  Today sanctions and contempt assignments are passed out like candy at Halloween.

There are those progressive libs, led by Rep. Cummings that are desperately trying to get Issa's committee to stop investigating Lois Lerner. We all wondered why.  Then we discovered that Lerner was filtering her IRS sneaky tactics to Cummings. 

Is there any doubt that Lois Lerner is guilty of betraying her position at the IRS? Why else would she plead the Fifth Amendment? Why is Cummings so adamant in his defense of her? We all now know why.  Yes, we all know Lerner and Cummings are guilty, but you can bet the Holder and his DOJ misfits will do nothing about it.

Oh, someday down the road Lerner and Cummings will be found guilty and found "in contempt" or be "sanctioned". But my response is a big fat SO WHAT?

Congressional sanctions and contempts should be followed with a healthy monetary fine and jail time. I guarantee that contempt assignments and sanctions will definitely be taken a lot more serious. Did you notice how Holder has reacted since the House found him in contempt? As viewed by us all, he practically gave the middle finger to Rep. Gohmert.

For the past two days my wife has been vehemently insisting that I clean the garage instead of being on the couch watching The Masters from Augusta. Today she yelled at me, "you're in contempt, and I'm sanctioning you".  However, unlike Congress, my wife did levy a fine against me, but I can't write it here in my blog.

Seriously folks, we can take our first step to stop all this Congressional nonsense in just 197 short days. Please let's not let this golden chance pass us by. And what I say to all this? Contempt and Sanction this!!

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hey Holder asparagus this!

Are people still looking for evidence of just how thin-skinned the liberal progressive Dems are? They actually believe if they whine and cry like little babies, more people will treat them like I just treated my great granddaugher as I was rocking her to sleep.

Texas Rep. Gohmert took Eric "hold-em" Holder to task, and what does the cry baby do? He runs to Sharpton's National Action Network and whines to the African-American audience that Gohmert challenged the greatness of Holder only because Holder is African-American. Whew, what a cry baby.

I know I'm not the only one that whole heartedly agrees with Rep. Gohmert. All Gohmert did was remind cry baby Holder that he has not and still does not do his job. Holder's first official act when appointed Attorney General back in 2009 was to grant pardon to the Black Panthers that openly threatened and barricaded voters in the 2008 presidential voting race.

Since then Holder has done nothing, absolutely nothing but spend his entire time doing only one thing; protecting Barry Soetero.  Please take a moment to think about it. Eric Holder is the "top cop" in our country, and just what has he done for the American people?

What has he done about Fast & Furious?  What has he done about the murder of a government patrol agent?  What has he done about the Benghazi massacre of American heroes?  What has he done about the IRS targeting only certain specific groups? What has he done about the DOJ spying on American journalists? How come every "matter" is still under investigation?

Do you want the answer to the questions asked in the paragraph above?  The answer is NOTHING! Yes, Eric Holder has done nothing, and his only answer to these questions is, "I can't comment because this matter is still under investigation". Holder is lucky that a polite professional like Gohmert challenged him instead of millions of dissatisfied Americans.

So what does Holder do? He goes crying to Sharpton and his spa buddy Barry. You didn't hear Rep. Gohmert complain when Holder threatened the honorable congressman Gohmert with, "You don't wanna go there buddy". I guess it's OK for an Attorney General to threaten a sitting Congressman, but when the Congressman bites back Holder goes running to his African-American (NAN) convention and cries "it's because I'm's racist".

Decades ago a trial lawyer wanted to tone down the rancor in the courtroom, stoo up, and yelled to his opposition, "you, sir, are casting aspersions on my asparagus". Last year Gohmert said that to Holder, which offended Holder, being the thin-skin that he is.  So yesterday as Holder was leaving he said to Gohmert, "good luck with your asparagus". What a cry baby whiner Holder is. I bet his spa buddy Barry will console him.

Will someone please get it through Holder's thick head that Americans don't like or want Holder around because of his ineptness, and unwillingness to step up and do his job, not because of the color of his skin. I think Barry told him a long time ago that to be AG all he had to do was learn the phrase, "I can't comment....that matter is still under investigation.".  Mr. AG work for the American people, not just Barry Soetero.

Folks, we are only 199 days away from really stepping up to take our country back from the likes of Holder. Let's not lose out on this great opportunity.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

GM alive? - Al Qaeda dead?

I remember our Gaffer-in-Chief Joe "Bite me" Biden on the campaign trail during this past presidential election. He was out there stumping across the country yelling at the audiences, "GM is alive and Al Qaeda is dead and on the run". 

We all knew then and it's been confirmed now that good old gaffer Joe certainly had it backwards. He should have been honest with the American people, because we all now know that GM is dead....and Al Qaeda is very much alive. Maybe Joe just read the teleprompter wrong.

What's really sad is the American people are being kept from the real truth. Our main stream media, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC will not bring forward the real facts to us. They spend all their broadcast time attacking those who will not agree with Barry Soetero and their own biased network agenda.

I get teased a lot about being a "Fox News junkie", and I certainly admit to being a strong leaning conservative Republican. However, and this is a big HOWEVER, I also watch Fox because they will have many contributors on their shows that are in complete disagreement with the conservative views. I like to get ALL views of the current news.

The deranged culprits in all this are the media. I consider the "Fab-5" as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC.  You can be assured that the Fab-5 will not report the news fairly; the truthful news that Americans want to see and hear.

To me one of the biggest miscarriages of journalistic reporting eminated from Dingy Harry Reid and Senator Shameful Schummer. Both of these have very short memories. They are both on the record decimating the Koch brothers for contributing to the Republican Party. In fact both Schummer and Reid have called the Koch brothers "un-American".

And yet no one from the Fab-5 will report that both Schummer and Reid in 2003, and 2008 received donations for their congressional races from the Koch brothers. Also, both Dingy Harry and Clueless Charlie even wrote letters of thanks to the Koch brothers. And you wonder why Fox leads the networks in news reporting.

The continuous onslaught of the Koch brothers goes on because of their generous donations to the GOP, yet on the list of overall donations to the Dems or GOP the Koch brothers are ranked fifty-ninth. Yes, they rank 59th on the scale of political donations, but because most of their donations go to the GOP this makes them evil un-Americans by the standards of Reid and Schummer.

Of course the Fab-5 just eats this up. In fact this is usually a lead-off on some of the Fab-5 programs. How come the Fab-5 won't tell us who is in the top five on the donor's list? I'll tell you's the evil man who helped Hitler eradicate Jews in Europe, and now his donations are for the liberal progressive Dems only. His name? George Soros. But don't ever except to see or hear this on the Fab-5 networks.

Ah, if only. There is no way the Fab-5 will ever report truthful news to the American people. Well there are some "fantasy" ways they may just start reporting news with integrity, honesty, and truth. Imagine Sarah Palin, Dr. Carson, Col. West, Condi Rice, and some others as Democrats instead of Republicans.

How about Sharpton? If he were a Republican he would be thrown out of MSNBC's nearest window.  How about the leg tingler Matthews...would he make a great GOP broadcaster? Recently a group of African-American youth thugs were taunting passing cars, even pounding on the sides as the car or truck went by. A ten-year old African-American, in his taunting,  got too close, fell, and the driver ran over his leg. Clearly the ten-year old was at fault.

Yet the white driver jumped out of his truck and raced over to help the young African-American thug. Soon, ten African-American thugs rushed over and beat the white truck drive while he was assisting the ten-year old. A witness heard one of the Black thugs yell, "Let's get whitey". Today, that white truck driver is in intensive care in a coma. Anyone hear about this on the Fab-5?

Now just reverse this scenario. Let's say the driver was African-American and the thugs were white. You can bet old Rev. Sharpton would be parading all over the streets with that story.

But folks, there is a big, beautiful, and bright light at the end of the tunnel, and it's only 200 days away. It's called the November 4, 2014 House and Senate elections. This may be one of our greatest opportunities to take back our country. Please, let's not waste it.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops

Wednesday, April 2, 2014's BarryCare

Hooray!!, Yipee!! the day finally arrived. BarryCare Day. We should make it an annual holiday for schools, businesses, all banks, post offices, etc.  Yes folks it is now official and we should celebrate BarryCare and all the 18-30 year olds' that have opted to participate in this great program, and start paying their premiums, so us old timers will get taken care of by the insurance companies when us real old people file our insurance claims.

I was especially impressed by Barry Soetero's victor lap around the rose garden staring into his teleprompters as he spewed out lie after lie.  Isn't it amazing that just a few weeks ago no one in Barry's office knew how many signed up for BarryCare, and didn't know how many young people have started to pay their premiums?

I remember when Barry's people kept "promising" all of us that they were going to get the seven million people signed up that the CBO said were needed to make BarryCare a success.  Then they backed down and admitted they were going to fall well short of the needed seven million, admitting that maybe only 5 or 6 million would actually enroll.

Then miraculously, mysteriously, and magically on the final day of BarryCare enrollment, with the website down, the Democrats starting pounding themselves on their backs celebrating, and their Dear Leader, Barry Soetero claimed that actually 7.1 million have signed up for BarryCare

Well Barry stood in front of his loyal followers in the rose garden, and claimed victory with 7.1 million enrollees signed up, therefore it must be true. Barry said so, therefore it must be true.
Of course he's telling the truth; he's our Dear Leader. 

I want to tell you something that's also truthful.  I'm 78 years old, and soon I'll be contacted by the New York Yankees to take A-Rod's place at third base. Come on have to believe me because I said it and I wrote it, therefore it must be true. Also, I have four years of college eligibility left, and so next year I'll be the starting point guard for Duke. Just waiting for Coach K's call.

My point is that lying is easy; anyone can do it, even this old man. Yes, lying is easy and the most prolific liar in our midst today by far is Barry Soetero, our Dear Leader. He has been lying about BarryCare since 2010, and finally the American people are seeing through his lies. And come this November Barry will feel the reaction from the American people over all his lies.

We all know that 7.1 million Americans have not enrolled in BarryCare, but we can't dispute it till this November when we vote. I've said many times that my math is very bad, so I need some help with Barry's scenarios. He had told us earlier that BarryCare was going to allow 30 million Americans that didn't have health care will now have it with BarryCare.

Here's what I can't understand: As BarryCare started to roll out over 6 million Americans have lost their health care insurance due to the atrocity of BarryCare. Jobs are being lost, businesses are laying off employees, and premiums and deductibles are on the rise. Huh?

OK, now, according to Barry we have 7.1 million people enrolled, and yet he still won't tell us how many of that 7.1 million were previously insured. And how come we don't know how many of this 7.1 million have started to send in their monthly premiums?

And today's facts, yes facts, reveal that today we don't have 30 million uninsured.....we have over  47 million uninsured. So why is Barry taking victory laps? Remember this in 207 days folks.

And that's Politics with Pete today...God bless our country...and our troops