Thursday, November 16, 2017

Hate filled drive by

Ever since Donald Trump became our president it appears that the band of haters want us to  continue to  portray our 45th president as the second coming of Adolf Hitler. The Liberal Democrat Party  and the Hollywood elites cannot come to grips that their crooked Hillary lost the election. Instead of accepting their loss, and trying to find a way to rebuild their party so they can make life for Americans better, they are engaged daily,  in the use of the media to continue their drive of hatred towards our president.

 Soon it became obvious that the  the Democratic Party  and the Hollywood elites could say and do anything they wanted in the form of lies and hatred towards our president, without any fear. They knew that the media would support any lie they perpetrated by broadcasting their agenda every day. The media know that many American have limited or no cable TV outlets available. So ABC, CBS, and NBC keep driving home their points of hatred and personal attacks on our President. For many Americans this is the only news they get, so many Americans believe what the three big networks are broadcasting to them.

Here's a simple test that I have used on liberals; I ask them to tell me one thing Obama did in his eight years that would like President Trump to continue. The answers I get are sadly hilarious. My favorite is, "well, he's increased food stamp distriubion, so more people can feed their families", and when I push back with, "why not create more jobs instead of food stamps", of course I am labeled a racist.

Of course ABC, CBS, and NBC will never tell you that in less than ten months President Trump's administration has opened the Keywtone Pipeline, created more than a million jobs, employer/consumer confidence has grown to lower unemployment to 4.1%, this past month over 260,000 jobs have been added in just one month, hundreds of EPA regulations have been cut to help businesses grow, and our stock market is on an all time sky-rocketing pace that some economic analysts are predicting 24,000 by next Spring.

There is now a movement by liberal Democrat members of the House to impeach our President,  even though there are proof of high crimes and misdemeanors. Of course ABC, CBS, and NBC keep airing that lib Congressman Dem Green "promises" there will be an impeachment before Christmas. I'd love to see his hopeless plan. Let's not forget the incredibly "accurate" polls that reflect President Trump's approval rating at 40%. Please remember these are the same polls that had Crooked Hillary up by double digits on election day while the voting polls were still open.

ABC, CBS, and NBC will never broadcast the horrific travesty of Obamacare, and what it has done to Americans by way of its unfair mandate tax. These fake news networks, while praising Obama for eight years suddenly can't recall anything positive that Obama did for the past eight years, while they continue to heap unjust tirades of hatred on our President and his family.

 The House of Representatives just passed moments ago the tax reform bill initiated by our president Donald Trump. Not a single Democrat in the house voted to pass this bill. It is obvious that no matter what our  President Trump's agenda is is clearly obvious that the Democrat Party, the Hollywood elites, and our fake news media will  do all that they can  to discredit any of the President's initiatives.

 Of course the media  has a much larger platform to broadcast their hatred and fake news
against President Trump.  Not a single Democrat in the House and Senate  has ever voted in favor of any of President Trump's  initiatives.  How can any of these groups, in good conscience, proclaim they want what's good for the American people.

 These groups are still recovering  from last year's election results. I would  like to remind the  liberal Democrat party, Hollywood elites, and of course the media, that the 63 million of us that voted president Trump into office believe in him, and he can count on us to vote him in again in 2020. Maybe  The media  should take a strong look in the mirror and see who really is becoming Hitleresqe at this time. 

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country and our troops.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Not Grampa's Prez

No, Pres. Trump is not your grandfather's President. He is the epitome of the phrase "there's a new sheriff in town". Election night in November, 2016, the media and many many talkshow hosts vehementlybroadcasted predictions that Hillary was ahead by double-digit points and was definitely a shoo-in to win the presidency. CNN even went so far as to tell their viewing audience that they can go to bed early that night because by 11:00 PM the call for Hillary winning the presidency would be in.

 For eight years our great country endured how Barack Obama was trying to destroy our great country. I'm not gonna waste my writing time or your reading time by listing all the despicable things Obama did for eight years, but I do want to mention the very last thing he did before leaving office. We all know that the country of Iran  is the leading supporter of the radical Islamic terrorist Muslims that want to overthrow our country and our way of life. So what does Obama do on his exit from the White House? He gave, yes, gave Iran $140 billion in cash, And we all know why it was cash. Because cash would be easier to funnel into the Muslim terrorist groups.

 Immediately after election night the anti-Trump war started, And we all know who fueled the war. The media, the Hollywood elites,  and of course the progressive liberal Democrat party. Even late-night talkshow hosts led by the infamous Stephen Colbert began vicious personal attacks against our President, and even his family. These groups would not just let the election be buried in the past. Lies and false narratives were created, and it seemed that these groups  actually believed they were going to be successful in beating down our President.

For  eight years we had to stand by and watch a spineless lily livered White House occupant never make a decision for the betterment of America.  However, the media, the Hollywood elites, the Liberal Democratic Party, and the group of fake news people didn't count on the strong leadership that Pres. Trump possesses. I actually  have a few liberal Democrat  acquaintances, That strongly and vehemently despise Pres. Trump.  But what I asked them why do they hate them they never talk about his policies they just hated him for personal reasons, because they believed strongly that Hillary should be there president.

 The only legacy that Barack Obama leaves behind is his failed health care plan. Can anyone point to any of Barack Obama's policies that eventually helped and continues to help the American people? Pres. Trump began his own war against the fake news media and  other groups that protested against him, and even threatened to impeach him, even with no legal grounds. Just imagine how things would be in this country today if the media would just start reporting  truthful and factual news rather than fabricated lies.

 It seems the fake news media didn't count on the strong leadership skills of Pres. Trump. He's a man that gets things done. He's a lot like the famous Lee Iacocca whose famous words still ring in many people's ears, lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. Yes he is criticized for his bombastic  rhetoric at times, but did the media actually think he was going  to just lay down and roll over and let these people walk all over him and destroy him.?We all know Pres. Trump is a man who gets things done and doesn't worry about those who oppose him as he is trying to get things done for the good of the American people.

 Pres. Trump is approaching nine months in office, and let's take a look at the things he's already done,  and these are facts that even Pelosi  and Schumer can't dispute. In less than nine months Pres. Trump is growing the economy by over 3%. The Keystone pipeline is flourishing successfully. There are a million new jobs due somewhat to the fact that Pres. Trump has cut over 1000 EPA regulations. Unemployment is under 4%, the lowest in over 20 years.

 The stock market is now the highest it's ever been in American history, and it is predicted to hit 24,000 by Spring of 2018. Two big steps have been taken by Congress to implement President Trump's  tax reform. Of course the media and the Hollywood elites in the liberal Democratic Party will never  report to the public about these accomplishments.  instead, these groups will just continue to use the only weapons they can, and that his vicious personal attacks against the President and his family.

 However, and this is really a big however, the media didn't take into account how these accomplishments have just increased President Trump's confidence in what he's trying to accomplish for the American people.  The media is beginning to understand that when they take one punch at Pres. Trump he will punch back twice as hard.

 Does anyone really think our President  really cares what the media or the Hollywood elites think of him? So maybe, just maybe people like Colbert, The View, Kimmel, Fallon,  only help to embolden our President's confidence. And just to make it more clear than ever the 63 million Americans  voted Donald Trump  into the White House continue to be his loyal supporters and see beyond the fake news and vicious personal attacks levied against our President.

 Yes it's very clear that Donald J Trump is not your grandfather's president. He's a very strong leader that works very hard for the good of the American people, all American people. If and when the media starts to report their news fairly and honestly Pres. Trump may go down in history as one of our great Presidents. Keep tweeting Mr. President, because  we appreciate the information you give directly to the American people. The media knows they are losing and maybe someday they will wake up to that fact.

 And that's politics with Pete for today.... God bless our country, and our troops.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Couldn't stay away

A few weeks ago I wrote a " farewell blog"  and promised my wife and family members that I was finished writing blogs, But it's so hard to keep my feelings inside since I am a former proud member of the United States Air Force brotherhood, serving from 1954-1958.  Therefore I'm back to respond to the kneelers and the dispecable Congresswoman Wacky Wilson. 

A great guy that I grew up with and played several years of sandlot baseball with got an appointment to West Point, years ago when he was 18. He was a football running back, playing and starring in every game. He  graduated with honors at the age of 22.

 My friend was then promoted to Captain, and then was deployed to Vietnam. He was in Vietnam only a short while when the Viet Cong threw a hand grenade into his Jeep and the explosion killed him. I think of him every day and recently my wife and I visited the Vietnam Memorial moving wall. Of course I shed a tear when I saw his name etched on the wall.  I still wear a wristband to remind me of the sacrifice my friend made, along with thousands of other brave heroes in our wars. 

  Along with my friend  there were thousands of other names etched on the wall. These men and women gave their lives so that all Americans could enjoy the freedoms that we cherish today. Then shortly thereafter spoiled brat complainers in the NFL began their onslaught of disrespect to our country, our flag, our national anthem, and those men and women who sacrificed their lives in all the wars that our country has endured.

It's no secret that over 90% of the NFL kneelers are African-American. Most of them don't even have an idea why they are kneeling during the sacred honoring of our flag, our country, our national anthem, and the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives to protect those kneelers, while giving them the right to take a knee when they want to.

 These NFL kneelers may want to reconsider that  instead of taking a knee to dishonor our country our flag in our servicemen and women, maybe they should take a knee in defiance of all the Black on Black homicides that are occurring every day in our country. The people of Black lives Matter are running rampant in this country protesting what they call social injustice to the African-American community. By the way, 

 Oh I agree wholeheartedly that black lives do matter, so if Black lives matter so much to this organization and to the NFL kneelers why aren't they doing all they can to stop the violent  black on black crimes occurring every day in this country. One just needs to take a look at the daily homicides  in Chicago  and take notice of the percentages of white on black crime versus the Black on Black crime rate.  That's definitely where the focus should be. 

 Why aren't the NFL kneelers and the black lives matter organization going to  the inner city of Chicago to give much-needed support to stop the black on black crimes?  Yesterday, it was reported that approximately 30 NFL players took a knee during our national anthem. I just wonder how many of these kneelers ever wore the uniform, and I wonder how many of these kneelers ever went to Washington DC and walked among the memorials that are dedicated to those brave and corageous men and women who sacrificed their lives for  all of us.  I wondered that if during the national anthem the loudspeakers in the stadiums would switch over to someone  reciting the Lord's prayer. Ever think of how many kneelers we would have then.

 And now we have another Maxine Waters  in a goofy cowboy hat, that during a time when a family is grieving would politicize a condolence telephone call from our president to the grieving widow. This is a horrible disrespectful act not only towards the grieving widow or the fallen soldier, but towards every American especially those of us who wore and still wear the uniform.

 The NFL kneelers, along with the media, and groups like black lives matter, are doing nothing more than helping to destroy themselves from within. This is already been evidenced by the declining attendance at all NFL games. Oh yes,  just as a little side note, all of this stupidity by people like the black lives matter group, the NFL kneelers, and the media are really helping the GOP to retain power in Congress in 2018 and 2020. So maybe us conservatives. Should thank  them.

 And that's Politics with Pete for today. God bless our country, and our troops.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

My farewell Blog

 Well, since this is a first and last for me I want to explain my current reason for this. Due to Parkinson's my hand tremors have increased, and it is become nearly impossible for me to type. Lastly,  and maybe most importantly, I have decided to discontinue publishing any more of my blogs.  I am a strong believer of my conservative values, along with being a staunch supporter of Pres. Trump.

 However I have noticed in my strong exuberance to support my president I have discovered that my pushback against the media the Hollywood elites and the Lib Democrats have become almost as hateful as those entities trying to desecrate my president and his family. I found myself spewing hatred towards these people almost as strongly as they were spewing hatred towards my present, my country, and my flag. 

 This past week as America observed over 200 NFL athletes refusing to honor our flag in our national anthem, I had the great opportunity to visit the Vietnam Memorial movie wall in Madison Ohio. After reviewing the names of our fallen heroes in the Vietnam wall my disdain and yes even hatred towards these NFL players grew stronger and stronger. Then I asked myself what good are you doing harboring all this hatred towards people you don't even know.

 I  realized that my hatred was consuming me and made me know better than the likes of those in the media, Hollywood elites, and the lib Democratic Party. I found myself hating  the likes of Wolfie, Joy, Clooney,  and yes even Stephen Colbert. With the help of my wife and my family I have realized I am spending useless  energy of my time doing a little more than expressing my hatred for these people for their own private beliefs.

 There are 63 million of us American citizens that supported Trump and put him in the White House. Of course you can bet that the media will never interview any of us, pencil ratings and outrageous programming they just want to highlight all the newsgathering hatred that is been amassed by some of these infamous people. I soon discovered that by eating these people I put myself down on their level, and I will not do this any longer.

 I was so very proud as a young 18-year-old in 1954 to volunteer to serve my country for four years, wearing the United States Air Force uniform. I got a chill every time I stood for the national anthem with my hand over my heart and a  big thrill saluting my American flag. I still get a thrill as an 82-year-old man every time I hear the Anthem or see my flag waving. Showing hatred towards groups like black lives matter or any other fascist group just stymies the love and respect I feel for my country and my flag and the military men and women who fight every day to protect.

 I have decided that rather than show hatred and disdain for these hate groups that protest in our streets I want to focus on my love and respect and honor for this great country and for the sacrifices our men and women gave so that we all can enjoy our freedoms and liberties, rather than writing negative blogs against those who I feel do not have a strong conservative and constitutional values that I embrace.

 Yes it's true that you can bet the media will never interview any of us 63 million people who voted for Donald Trump but you can also bet that we 63 million people will be heard loud and clear and just as  strong a voice as those who spew hatred towards our flag, anthem, our Constitution, our flag, and our president.

 Our country is the greatest country  the world has ever known, but we can only continue to be the greatest country by all citizens doing  away with of hatred and violence that now seems to prevail in our great country in many cities. We can and we must stop the hatred that we have for those who disagree with us. How can we teach our children love and respect when we refuse to set the example for them ourselves as adults.

 We need to reteach ourselves as well as our children those values of love, respect, sharing, hope, and caring for each other. 

 And that's politics with Pete for today God bless our country... and our troops

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Wall

Years ago I visited the Viet Nam War Memorial Wall in Washington D.C.  As a USAF veteran I wanted to pay tribute to our fallen heroes, especially a close friend that lost his life at the hands of the Viet Cong. We grew up together, played on  city championship baseball teams in 1952. My friend got a congressional appointment to West Point. The last time I saw him was the night before he left for West Point celebrating his appointment. He was promoted to Captain and then shipped over to Viet Nam. 

Two years later I joined the USAF, and spent most of my tour of duty in Europe. Never saw my friend again. A few days ago my wife and I visited the Viet Nam "moving" war memorial in Madison, Ohio. I wanted to pay tribute to the men/women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. I also wanted to visit the nameplate of my childhood friend who was killed in Viet Nam when a Viet Cong threw a grenade in his jeep. 

We met so many people Friday at the wall in Madison. The comradre was unbelievable. Military vets from WWII, Korean War,Viet Nam War, and Vets from the current war in the mid-east were there. Most of them had hats, shirts, medals, and ribbons signifying their service in the military. So many warm embraces accompanied with tears made it all the more memorable.

I was so impressed when a Viet Nam veteran, adorned with medals and ribbons aapproached me and said, "thank you for your service". I had an old USAF baseball cap on. I told him I was in '54-'58 and felt a little guilty because I never saw any combat. He then said to me, "doesn't matter cause when you enlisted you signed a check saying you're available for war or any other job the military gives you". This Viet Nam vet made my day.

This morning I read in the news that over 200 NFL players would not stand to show respect for our flag and National Anthem. I haven't watched any NFL games since Kaepernick refused to stand last year before a game during our Anthem. I must admit, it's a little easier given I live in the shadow of the Cleveland Browns stadium where they house a 1-18 team. Before I continue on with this blog please note, OBJECTIVELY that the NBA and NFL teams are comprised of over 80% African-Americans, and nearly 99.9% of the kneelers were Black.

Can you imagine if only White athletes in the NFL took the knee, or if only White NBAchamps refused to visit the White House. My God, BLM, Antifa, Sharpton, Jackson, CNN, and MSNBC would be all over this, and the words "racial inequality" would never be uttered. These Black athletes in the NBA and NFL are multi millionaires. What are they complaining about?  All you're seeing and reading about is the disdain of the media for our President Trump.

I'd like to know how many of these "kneelers" and disrespectors of our American flag and our National Anthem were ever privileged enough to wear the military uniform. My guess is just about zero, nada, none. You can bet the 63 million Americans that voted for President Trump would never take a knee during the Anthem, and the flag is honored.  While on active duty I always felt an overwheling sense of pride, honor, and patriotism when the Anthem was played, and I stood while in salute.

I am 82, and I still feel that way when I hear the Anthem. With Parkinsons' it's a little difficult to stand, but nothing and no one could ever stop me from standing. After visiting the moving wall this past Friday my loyalty to my country and flag became so much stronger. I just wish the 200+ NFL/NBA kneelers would visit the wall. 

Over 90% of the NFL kneelers and NBA whiners are African-Americans, so naturally they are all screaming "Trump is a racist".  They claim they're kneeling  for"social justice"., and "cops killing Blacks" A little research would inform them that actually Blacks kill Blacks at an alarmingly growing rate; much much more than Whites killing Blacks. Even the percentage of Blacks killing Whites are a higher percentage.  These 200+ kneelers should visit Chicago, where Black on Black crime is rising daily, not kneeling out of their protest against our President. 

Visiting "The Wall" will give any patriotic American a sense of pride and honor remembering these true men/women heroes that made the ultimate sacrifice to proect our freedoms that enable the 200+ "kneelers" to show disrespect to our flag and Anthem. 

One just hopes and prays that these kneelers will use their athletic platform to praise and honor our country rather than show disrespect and disdain.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops.
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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hooray for Hollywood?

I know this great hard-working young man who is on a major TV drama show beginning its third season. He plays a Doctor on the show, and it's exciting for me to watch this young man grow into a fine actor while maintaining both feet grounded. I attended many of his high school and college plays and musicals he performed in with my own grandson. 

I was sharing a single malt Scotch with him when he was home a few weekends ago, and we discussed his life and his perspective on acting. He was was so very impressive. He reminded me, "I have no idea what these medical terms are or mean....I just read the script they hand me". When I said to him that I wished all Hollywood actors had that attitude, he just smiled and said, "No comment.....I wanna keep acting".

What's my point? Americans just want actors, singers, and stage performers do what we spend our money for....ENTERTAIN  us. That's all we want from them. I'm 82, and have my own personal list of favorite actors and singers from the past. When I paid money to watch or hear  them perform I didn't know, nor did I care, what their political or religious beliefs were. Also, none of my favorite performers tried to influence or judge anyone else's beliefs on politics or religion.

So will someone tell me what the hell has happened? Maybe it started when politicians used entertainers to help them convince the voters to vote for their candidates. Of course that's fine, and is part of the American way of life, debating, and voting. But where is it written or decreed that if you don't agree with the Hollywood elites you suddenly become a "racist", or a "deplorable", or a "cave dweller", or numerous other degrading insults from the losers?

Yes, losers. When the other team wins and you lose,  you graciously move on and try to find ways to win the next time you meet your opponent. It seems though that the left-leaning lib Dems have encouraged the Hollywood elites to attack the winners, even after the game is over.
The November, 2016 presidential election was the lit fuse that started the hate-mongering emanating from the Hollywood elites. 

Let me use a sports analogy. Who would you bet on to win a football game between number one Alabama and my high school team? Of course number one Alabama would be the heavy favorite. All during the 2016 Presidential campaign Crooked Hillary was declared the winner by a large margin long before voters went to their polls.  She even went on talk shows declaring herself the winner, and was screaming, "it's my turn...I'm entitled...why aren't I 50 points ahead?" On election day she had a double-digit lead. No more needs to be written.
  Have you noticed, though, that the push back is really gaining momentum? We 63 million that put Donald J. Trump in the White House have only one voice speaking for us. His name is President Donald Trump. We 63 million 'deplorables' have no media to speak for us. Wouldn't it be great to have ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN start interviewing some of the 63 million who voted for President Trump? 

But the message to the likes of Whoopi, Joy, Chelsea(2), Madonna, Clooney, Jen Lawrence, Ashley Judd, is that you idiots are not impacting our thinking at all.  And your words and actions are hurting no one but yourself. We have already started to boycott your movies and appearances. Remember you are nothing more than people reading off a piece of paper that someone else wrote for you. 

In the days of Shakespeare only the misfits were actors. They were not revered by the public. The reality is you are nothing but speakers of words put on paper by others. No one really cares what you have to say about our country and our President. If the Trump supporters had a media voice like these overrated performers you just might see a difference.

The NFL, NBA, and MLB is imploding, and by the looks of movie box office sales the entertainment industry is right behind them. Karma and Pay-Back folks.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Why teach hate?

Two days ago I was baby-sitting my 3-year old great granddaughter. She was playing "Doctor" with her dollies, and then played "momma" with them changing their diapers, and singing  songs to them. Later at lunch she said 'grace' before we ate.  After lunch her GiGi (great grandmother) showed her the A-B-C book she bought her. Then she got drowsy, so we put on her favorite cartoon TV show and watched her fall asleep for her nap.

Watching her sleep I couldn't help but think of all the love and protection surrounding this 3-year old angel. She has wonderful parents, fantastic grandparents, and two of us great-grandparents that spoil her.  You should see the mess she makes in the kitchen helping us bake chocolate chip cookies. She insists on using the electric beater to stir the ingredients. Oh, the mess she makes, but the clean up is worth it.

What's my point in all this? While my great granddaughter is being taught love, respect, sharing, and Christain values, many places in the mid-east are teaching their 3-year olds how to  hate and kill the infidels of the western world. These young children are taught that their beloved Allah wants them to hate and kill all Christians.

As these 3-year old mid-east children grow to the rip old age of  9 or 10 they are then brought into the military ranks of the evil ISIS and taught how to kill the infidels with knives and guns.  I recently saw a video of this handsome sweet looking Muslim boy pick up a knife to stab and slice a Christain's neck and stand there to the cheers of his ISIS teachers. The thing I noticed the most was the utter blank stare on the face of the young boy as he looked at the Christain he just murdered. He showed no remorse, or feelings at all. It was treated like a homework assignment.

There are so many "take-aways" from these two comparisons. Suppose the mid-east families taught their children that Islam is a religion of peace, while teaching their children to love, respect, and act with kindness to all cultures and religions.  And at the same time Christain families were teaching their young children hatred towards Muslims of the Islam faith. When the Christain children became of age they are taught to use knives and guns to destroy and eradicate all Muslims.

My point is that anyone can not just hate, but even go so far as teaching hate to the children of the world. It's so very easy to hate. Just ask Stephen Colbert and the Hollywood elites. They honestly feel they are above average Americans, and further feel that disagreeing with them just fuels more hatred more by using words like white supremacy and racism. And the people of hate that loot and vandalize decent American businesses really don't know or understand why they commit these horrible life and property damages.

Hate usually begets hate, and what is accomplished if Americans just hated an opposing view by someone, or their religion, or the color of their skin? A nation filled with hatred will surely implode, and will have absolutely nothing to show for all its hatred. Hatred slows all Americans, and stops us from focusing on what our country truly needs.  It's OK to disagree and have respectful debates, instead of physically destroying lives and properties of others.

To me, the most disturbing news today was news that the media will not even address, or even give notice to. And that is that the city of Chicago has now reach 500 crime-related deaths in 2017, and there are still sixteen weeks left in this year.  Of course the frosting on the cake is that Chicago is, by law, ruled a gun-free zone.  Rather than try to clean up his crime ridden city Mayor Rahm Emanuel was delighted, and paid more attention in declaring that President Trump is not welcome in Chicago. 

But, as I wrote earlier, it all starts in the family. If mothers, fathers, and child caregivers from ALL nations begin teaching all children of all cultures and religions that peace is the answer then we have an amazing start to living in a world of peace and prosperity.

And that's Politicws with Pete for today...God bless our country.....and our troops.
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