Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Why teach hate?

Two days ago I was baby-sitting my 3-year old great granddaughter. She was playing "Doctor" with her dollies, and then played "momma" with them changing their diapers, and singing  songs to them. Later at lunch she said 'grace' before we ate.  After lunch her GiGi (great grandmother) showed her the A-B-C book she bought her. Then she got drowsy, so we put on her favorite cartoon TV show and watched her fall asleep for her nap.

Watching her sleep I couldn't help but think of all the love and protection surrounding this 3-year old angel. She has wonderful parents, fantastic grandparents, and two of us great-grandparents that spoil her.  You should see the mess she makes in the kitchen helping us bake chocolate chip cookies. She insists on using the electric beater to stir the ingredients. Oh, the mess she makes, but the clean up is worth it.

What's my point in all this? While my great granddaughter is being taught love, respect, sharing, and Christain values, many places in the mid-east are teaching their 3-year olds how to  hate and kill the infidels of the western world. These young children are taught that their beloved Allah wants them to hate and kill all Christians.

As these 3-year old mid-east children grow to the rip old age of  9 or 10 they are then brought into the military ranks of the evil ISIS and taught how to kill the infidels with knives and guns.  I recently saw a video of this handsome sweet looking Muslim boy pick up a knife to stab and slice a Christain's neck and stand there to the cheers of his ISIS teachers. The thing I noticed the most was the utter blank stare on the face of the young boy as he looked at the Christain he just murdered. He showed no remorse, or feelings at all. It was treated like a homework assignment.

There are so many "take-aways" from these two comparisons. Suppose the mid-east families taught their children that Islam is a religion of peace, while teaching their children to love, respect, and act with kindness to all cultures and religions.  And at the same time Christain families were teaching their young children hatred towards Muslims of the Islam faith. When the Christain children became of age they are taught to use knives and guns to destroy and eradicate all Muslims.

My point is that anyone can not just hate, but even go so far as teaching hate to the children of the world. It's so very easy to hate. Just ask Stephen Colbert and the Hollywood elites. They honestly feel they are above average Americans, and further feel that disagreeing with them just fuels more hatred more by using words like white supremacy and racism. And the people of hate that loot and vandalize decent American businesses really don't know or understand why they commit these horrible life and property damages.

Hate usually begets hate, and what is accomplished if Americans just hated an opposing view by someone, or their religion, or the color of their skin? A nation filled with hatred will surely implode, and will have absolutely nothing to show for all its hatred. Hatred slows all Americans, and stops us from focusing on what our country truly needs.  It's OK to disagree and have respectful debates, instead of physically destroying lives and properties of others.

To me, the most disturbing news today was news that the media will not even address, or even give notice to. And that is that the city of Chicago has now reach 500 crime-related deaths in 2017, and there are still sixteen weeks left in this year.  Of course the frosting on the cake is that Chicago is, by law, ruled a gun-free zone.  Rather than try to clean up his crime ridden city Mayor Rahm Emanuel was delighted, and paid more attention in declaring that President Trump is not welcome in Chicago. 

But, as I wrote earlier, it all starts in the family. If mothers, fathers, and child caregivers from ALL nations begin teaching all children of all cultures and religions that peace is the answer then we have an amazing start to living in a world of peace and prosperity.

And that's Politicws with Pete for today...God bless our country.....and our troops.
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Thursday, September 7, 2017

I got fired!

A few days ago, after hurricane Harvey blasted Texas, and there were articles and Internet postings about the Muslims and Mosques in Houston offering no help and supplies, I wrote a joke on Facebook, "the reason there were no Muslims in Texas helping out was because there were no dry places for their prayer rugs". Then I get a notification from *uckerberg's Facebook notifying me that my comment (joke) was rude and distasteful, therefore I am banned from their Facebook website.

Initially I was a little sad, even though I never open up their fake news articles anyway that have nothing to do with the headline of the story. I used F/B  to communicate with family and friends, and look at pictures of the kids and grandkids, especially my two great granddaughters, and my grandsons in California.

I had heard stories of people and organizations being banned from Facebook, but I never opened up the articles because, quite frankly, I never believed any of these stories. Then I did some research and found that Facebook is nothing more than another left wing arm of the lib Dem party. Yes, Facebook  will aldlow any stories, pictures, cartoons, opinions, AS LONG AS THERE IS NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS THAT MARK *UCKERBERG DOESN'T WANT ON HIS WEBSITE.

 But you do know what is allowed on Facebook? Hollywood elites calling for the destruction of Christianity, namely Jennifer Lawrence and Miley Cyrus. John Cusack wants Pres. Trump assassinated. George Lopez wants to "pimp out" our first lady. Stephen Colbert called our President a c**k sucker.  Kathy Griffin holding up a caricature of Pres. Trump with blood running down his face.

Then there's the daily news in Facebook by Black Lives Matter protesting and chanting about wanting dead cops. Antifa rioting at rallies attacking free speech advocates. Congressman Gutierrez wants Latinos to "fight in the streets".  Whoopi, Joy, and Rosie screaming horrible dreadful remarks against our President, even his son Barron.

Madonna wants to burn the White House down. Ashley Judd wants to smear her menstrual blood on President Trump and his family. The media spreads lies and personal attacks on Pres. Trump and his family, and you can read about it every day in Facebook.  Almost every day you can read in Facebook about how Maxine Waters and Joy Reed of MSNBC want to impeach Pres. Trump.

The double standards and hypocrisy of Mark *uckerberg and Facebook have enabled me to be very proud to remove Facebook from my iPhone, iPad, and mac computer. I'm hoping my family and friends will continue sending me pictures and communicate with me through Twitter, Instagram, and the Tea Party Communication Internet sites. 

I also encourage everyone, especially conservatives, to remove Facebook from their electronic communicating devices.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country....and our troops.
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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Time's up

I got the idea for today's blog from a story I was telling a friend. It happened in March while watching my favorite team in college basketball's  "March Madness". Two minutes left, score tied, and my lovely wife decided to walk into the TV room then to tell me about the exciting ending to her Danielle Steele book. What's my point in this analogy?

The "exciting" ending to Danielle Steel's book was so irrelevant to me compared to my fave team losing in the final ten seconds of the game. (of course I blamed Danielle Steele for my team's loss).  Kind of woke me up to how lately the media, Hollwood elites, and the left wing Dems are beoming more and more irrelevant every day. 

Here's just one example: Last November on the morning of the election CNN and MSNBC had Crooked Hillary up by a double-digit lead over Trump. But not a word from the media about the false polling report, however when President Trump announced two days ago that southern border crossings into the United States are down over seventy-five per cent the very first thing CNN and MSNBC  report is "the polling is false".

I also had help from a good friend of mine about this irrelevancy thing. He was chiding me for paying attention to the rants and raves coming from BLM, Antifa, Soros, and these other ignorant left wing groups. He reminded me that these groups are small, meaningless, irrelevant, and they have no message other than to show their hatred for our country and our President.

My friend also reminded me the only way these irreleant groups are even noticed is because of the media is fanning their flames of hatred. BLM is really a small group, but when just a dozen of them march with a banner screaming about cops, Trump, and hate we really should just ignore them, and eventually they'll go away. He reminded me of the occupy wall street group. Boy they were powerful huh? Can't even find one now.

The media has now found some allies in their hatred of Trump to help them push their agenda of destroying our President. Every time Joy or Whoopi say something negative about the President or his family it makes headlines. Media cameras follow BLM and Antifa around like little puppy dogs. Every time Clooney, Madonna, Streep, or jerks like Lopez make hateful remarks the media runs with the story like it's the gospel truth.

The very great news is no one is really caring anymore what the media and Hollywood elites have to say. President Trump learned early on in his campaign that the media was going to try to make life miserable for him and his administration. What they didn't count on is the strength and leadership of this man. The media and the diety of Hollywood also didn't realize that President Trump was going to take his messages straight to the American people.

Of course the media wants you to believe the President is just bragging, but how else is the American public going to know what is truthfully happening in America today? Our national debt is going down, but the media will never report this. President Trump has created over one million jobs, but you'll never hear or read about this from the media, much like the media won't report the illegal border crossings are down over 70%. 

EPA regulations are slashed to  the savings of $400.Million in the first seven months of this administration, but you know the media is silent on this.  Former prez, Barry Soetero hailed Burgdahl as a hero, he commuted sentences of felons in prison. One of the 1700 felons he released from prison almost immediately went to his former girlfriend's him and killed her and her two children. Did you hear anything from the media on this?

However, President Trump pardons Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the media reports that it's unconstitutional, and of course this "this appears the White House is truly racist". Our GDP fell to less than 1% under our last administration, and the average income fell in the past eight years. In the seven months Pres Trump has been in office our GDP has grown to 3%, and average income for Americans has risen, but you'll only hear or read about the shoes Melania wore to Texas. By the way her shoes cost $60.00 Michael (Michelle) Obama wore 560.00 shoes to one of Barry's photo shoots surrounding a terrorist uprising., and the media loved her.

Good American people, especially the 60+ million that voted President Trump in office, pay no attention any more to the media. Actually they've become the laughing stock of journatistic news. They actually think the American people are stupid and will believe anything they say on CNN and MSNBC. That is actually comedic. 

Sorry for the long rambling blog, but I, like many other Americans, feels strongly for our President and want him to succeed in his challenges to make America great again.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hatred equals racism

Will someone, anyone, please explain the benefits of hatred to me. The overwhelming hatred in our own country today seems to be fueled by the media, and their hateful rhetoric was turned up several notches after November 8, 2016. Have you ever heard the word "racist" used as much as it has since the election?

The media are stirring up the hatred so bad they are even indicating the violence perpetrated by Black Lives Matter and the so-called Antifa is because of President Trump, and now their hatred includes ALL Republicans.  Led by CNN and MSNBC, the media are actually condoning the cop killing and physical disturbances by BLM and Antifa. Defacating and burning of our American flag seems to be the norm among these groups.

The left wing libs, Hollywood elites, and the media are so full of hatred and racism that they won't even acknowledge the truth about our American history. Or maybe they're just too ignorant and stupid to recognize that they are cheering for the wrong side. There are definitely some hard facts that just maybe the lib Dems should be aware of.

Stupid lib Dem protesters are vandalazing and destroying statues that Democrat leaders erected over a hundred years ago. Jim Crow, yes the Jim Crow that stupid lib Dems are calling the biggest bigot and racist this country has ever known was a registered Democrat. Not a single Democrat lawmaker in Congress voted to end slavery when it was debated on the floor  of Congress during Lincoln's presidency. Our Republican president then, Abraham Lincoln, was assassinated by a Democrat for freeing the slaves.

So what did the protesters do just a few days ago? They defaced the statue of Lincoln at his memorial. Not since 1861 has our country come so closse to another civil war, and the main reason for this is the lib Dems cannot get over Crooked Hillary's lost last November. The media, Hollywood elites, and the lib Dem party are fueling these riots, protests, and statue vandalism.

The KKK was formed by the Democrat Party, and any active KKK members out there today are all Democrats. The KKK was even invited and attended a Democrat party presidential election nominating conference.

The flames of hatred and racism are being fueled by people who refuse to research when, where, and who started the hatred and racism movement here in our country. It was the Democrat Party.

Let me borrow a phrase I read just the other day, "Blacks, who were never slaves, are protesting against Whites, who were never Nazis by tearing down statues that were erected by Democrats".  Now, where is the logic in that?

Our President, Donald J. Trump is now taking the hatred/racissm war right back to the media, Hollywood elites, and the stupid lib Dems like Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Warren, etc.  I don't think these stupid groups thought for a second they would get the push-back from our President that they are getting now. 

Our President has done some great things since he took office, but the media refuses to acknowledge his accomplishments.  Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and any other rogue group that will listen to the likes of Jackson and Sharpton are being encouraged to protest and even kill cops and Whites. Don't these foolish groups get the idea from history that any group that uses hate and racism as their mantra will soon be destroyed and abolished? 

Jobs, the economy, national debt, EPA regulation slashing, our military, our veterans, education are all areas that President Trump has improved and continues to improve, so why are the hate groups trying to stop him? This is evidence that these groups and the entire lib Dem Party do not care if our country moves forward and succeeds. They just want to exercise any method(s) they can to stop our President.  If they succeed they will destroy our country, and we musn't allow them to do that.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Friday, August 18, 2017

I'm White and not afraid

Move over Black people. I've reading and listening to your rants and raves about what an evil racist I am because I'm White, and more so, because I voted for President Trump in November.
How quickly the Black community forgets that they voted for a "half-White" man in 2008 to become the country's president. However, the African-Americans never refer to Barry Soetero as "half-White". To them he's the country's first Black president. 

Remember when Crooked Hillary was campaigning and she said, "I want to build bridges to allow immigrants into our country, while Donald Trump wants to build walls"? Our European leaders thought it would be magnanimous to open their borders and allow Muslim refugees to enter their countries, with the help of the half-White Barry Soetero. 

We all know what happened soon after the onslaught of Muslims into England, France, Germany. and Spain. Vetting programs in these Europen countries were so lax that it was extremely easy to filter terrorists amon the refugees. Then the terrorists began recruiting the refugee Muslims in these European countries.

Soon the "refugees" became looters, rapists, murderers, while erecting "no-go" zones where only Muslims could live and enter, and where strictly Muslim laws, including the horrific Sharia Law took place. While the Muslims were practicing their own set of religious laws, doctrines, and rules they also disregarded the laws and rules of the countries that graciously took them in, including our United States.

Soon after the Muslims were established in Europen countries the unspeakable terror attacks began; London, Manchester, Madrid, Germany, Barcelona, and even the beautiful resort community of Nice France. Can you imagine if Crooked Hillary became our 45th. president? These horrible vicious terror attaacks would be going on now in New York, L.A., Chicago, Detroit, and other major metropolitan communities.

We all hoped our new President, Donald Trump could focus on vetting incoming immigrants, build a southern border wall, and work to keep America secure and safe from terrorists. However, it's clear that President Trump has a growing problem within our own country, by our own citizens. Stupid lib Dems have refused to let go of Crooked Hillary losing the election everyone though she would handily win, and then the hatred against President Trump, fueled by the media began immediately after the election.

The media, mistakenly assumed they could report any lies and hate toward the President, his administration, and even his family with no repercussions. The media, Hollywood elites, and the stupid lib Dem party didn't figure in the push-back they received and continue to receive from our President. I could cite a lot of the fake news and hateful comments beginning with CNN'a Blitzer blaming our President for the Barcelona terror attack yesterday.

The destroying of prominent statues by groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa is funded by George Soros and fueled by our own media all because they can't get over Crooked Hillary losing the election. The media are now claiming that Americans that voted for our President Trump are nothing more than white supremecists out to destroy the Black community. I guess that includes me and all the Caucasians that voted for Mr. Trump. 

Black leaders are calling for the assassination of President Trump, and with the help of the Media and Soros are fueling an all-out race war between Blacks and Whites. And now the "statue hatred" is escalating to destroy all statues of men who were slave owners; Jefferson, Lee, and even George Washington, the father of our great country.

These statue destroyings are just movements to show the hatred these Black racists have against the White communities. But what these Black thugs think we are in fear of them. The likes of Jessee Jackson and Al Sharpton are advocating the removal of the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials in our nation's capital. They are also advocting and supporting the killing of Whites and police officers.

Black thugs are so stupid they don't even know that Abraham Lincoln is the father of freeing slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation. This racial division, bigotry, and hatred took on a whole new meaning beginning January, 2009. Well, here's a message to the Blacks that scream and advocate for the demise of the White population: It ain't gonna happen. There many, many Whites like me that are very proud, and we are not afraid. 

That's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country and our troops.
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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

It's Trump's fault

It is truly amazing that in only seven months as President Trump is responsible for all the problems that face the entire world today. Hateful fake news stories involving President Trump started the evening of election night, November, 2016 and have escalated into a driving force against President Trump and our whole country.

President Trump is responsible for the Ferguson, Missouri riots. President Trump founded the Black Lives Matter movement, and organized them to march on our city streets screaming "we want dead cops now", and "fry 'em up like bacon". President Trump also organized the Black thugs that did the looting and burning in the streets of Baltimore.

President Trump also found time to encourage the riots in the streets of Berkley, Calif.  Evil President Trump is using all his dictatorship to organize and deploy military might to destroy poor little chubby Kim Jung of North Korea. It's terrible that President Trump is threatening poor little old North Korea. How could he do that? Ask Rosie, Dennis Rodman and Kieth Ellison. They'll tell you what a great guy Lil Kim is.

As if that wasn't enough President Trump decided to stage a race riot in Charlottesville, Virginia, with the help of his high-heeled wearing wife and daughter. CNN's Jim Acosta reported that he saw Melania and Ivanka at the Charlottesville riot.  CNN CEO Zucker had to stop Acosta from reporting that Melania and Ivanka were driving the car that ran into the crowd.

The mayor of Charlottesville, and the lib Dem Governor, along with the media, and our wonderful all-knowing Hollywood elites have joined forces to attemt to convince the American people to hate Trump as much as they do. Does CNN think that Acosta can sell any news stories, no matter how he fabricates the story. And do the Hollywood elites led by idiots like Whoopi, Joy, Clooney. Madonna,and Ashley Judd are going to convince us to believe all their lies?

I am thoroughly convinced, as are many of Trump supporters, that the entire left wing Democrat Party would rather see our country fail rather than support our President. Of course the more they do this the stronger we Pro-Trumpers get. President Trump has done more for America in seven months than the radical Islamist terrorist did in eight years.No need to repeat his achievements, you already know what they are. Well, that's if you tune into Fox occasionally.

It's so difficult to comprehend how the stupid lib Dems allowed a radical Islamist Muslim stay in our White House for eight years. He controlled his left wing supporters by giving them freebies. Can anyone objectively point to anything positive he's done in eight years? Of course not. 

Since election night in November, 2016 our stock market has risen to 22,000, over a million jobs have been created, unemployment is lowest its been in seventeen years, household income has increased, more foreign countries are investing in America than ever before, coal miners are back to work and flourishing, Keystone Pipeline is open and flowing crude oil at a monumental pace, EPA regulations have virtually been sliced in half, a well-respected Judge has been appointed to the Supreme Court, and there is a positive spike up in small businesses.

Of course you will never hear or read about this in the media. The media is largely responsible for all the hatred driving left wing groups in this country. Like a bunch of cry babies the media is upset because our president keeps calling them out on their lies and vicious personal attacks against him and his family. 

Yes, the media has started a war with our President, and the media is losing. Yes, the media gives enormous press and attention to the hate groups in this country, but the media seems to forget that the millions upon millions that voted to give Donald J. Trump the task of bringing our country back to the top are sticking with our President through all the hateful rhetoric dished out by the press.

For example, Barry Soetero and his tranny husband, not only take spear vacations now, they leave their 18 and 16 year old daughters alone to "fend" for themselves. The oldest daughter is a druggie that wails and rolls around the floor all "juiced up", and their youngest at 16 is spotted swapping tongues on the public streets, while sport a new boob job.

Now to show why our President lashes out at the fake news media is you will never hear or read any stories about Barry, tranny-Michael, Malia, and Sasha, but the media will come out with hateful remarks because the Trump women wear high-heeled shoes to a political function.

Hang in there faithful Trump supporters. He's only in his seventh month, and it's going to get better and better. We will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Thursday, July 20, 2017

We need each other

In 1776 our great country was legally and Constitutionally born and rose up to become the greatest country ever in history. Since the beginning of our country we have endured and triumphed against dictators and leaders from around the world. Beginning with the Revolutionary War, down through the annals of time, and have defeated all the evil adversaries that threatened our great country.

And how did we do that? We, as Americans, fought against these tyrants and dictators by joining together as one nation with one pure simple goal. That goal was to flat-out destroy our enemies. I'm sure there were those that didn't want us to go to war with the tyrants from Great Britain. There were thousands that objected to the North vs. South Civil War. 

Many were against going into WWI, and argued bitterly when FDR declared war on Japan and Germany. Yes there were strong oppositions, and even despite oppositions to these decisions, our country,  including the Congress and opposing parties may have disagreed, our country banded together as one to do what was best for our country.

I was six years old when WWII began in 1941. I still remember when famous athletes and even movie stars put their careers on hold to join in the fight against our enemies. What caused this phenomena? Plain and simple; Americans put our country first. For the good of our country was our main theme, not what was good for themselves, or their reelection, or their personal career, or even their political affiliation.

Sadly, today it's a different story. We have the lib Dem party, Hollywood elites, and the media all banding together, with one goal in mind, destroy our President Donald Trump. These hateful groups care nothing at all for the good of the American people. They only want their progressive liberal agenda back in power. And don't forget, they want to be reelected.

These groups are still reeling from the loss of their beloved Crooked Hillary, and will not accept our new President and his administration. But the election is over, Hillary lost, Donald won, and now it's time again for our country to band together and help our country get back to the top, where we belong. In 2009 the Democrat Party wanted us to put aside our political differences and support the president Barry Soetero. 

Yes, there are many who didn't want Mr. Trump to be our President, but why does the media, lib Dems, and Hollywood elites do everything they can to impeach him? President Trump has been in office for only six months, and ever since January 20th. of this year impeachment has been the main topic for the left.

The stock market closed today at 21,640 which is the highest in our history. It started climbing November, 2016. Unemployment is down to 4.1%, every month the job market is opening with new jobs.  You will never hear of any of this news from our media. Isn't it about time that the people we all elected band together, work together, and "git 'er done"

When the left, led by the lying media, and Hollywood elites realized they had no grounds for impeachment they started the evil messages of assassinating our President. Does that sound like a group of people that want to work with the President to put our country on top? No!  Even anchors from Fox News are joining the gang of anti-Trump'ers. Shepard Smith, Chris Wallace, and Juan Williams are now spouting off unkind words of protest against our President.

Not stopping there, the anchors at CNN and MSNBC are now calling Americans that voted for President Trump as "unpatriotic and racist". It makes one wonder if the anti-Trump groups want to help join together or just plain divide our country.  Factions of the left are so relentless in their hatred they even go on personal attacks against our President's family, including 11-year old Barron. How does that help get anything accomplished?

In 2010 Democrats got behind closed doors and drafted the horrendous Obamacare. Republicans were not even allowed in the room. We all know what the result of that outcome did to the American people. President Trump has invited Democrat House and Senate members to join him in drafting a more suitable health care plan for all Americans. So far the lib Dems, led by Pelosi and Schumer refuse to even attend any meetings with the Republicans.

Our country will be destined to implode from within if we continue to show hatred and defiance within our political parties. And the very worse part is every day Americans will be the biggest losers.  Dems must find a way to work with our President and forget what happened in last year's election. 

And that's Politiccs with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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