Friday, May 19, 2017

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,
You are in a war against the media and the Comedy Central News Network,  formerly known as the Democrat Party. They are "hell-bent" on throwing any lie, distorted news, and personal attacks at you to get you impeached and removed from the Presidency.

In addition to the snivveling little babies in the press corps briefings you have the weight of the entire ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC news networks on your shoulders. And if that isn't enough you have the CCNN supporting all the lies and personal attacks levied against you by the media.

I'm not going to review all the obstacles thrown at you, but rather to implore you that millions upon millions of us Americans don't want you to back down one iota from these fake and dishonest organizations. These hateful organizations want you to fail because they still cannot accept that Crooked Hillary lost in November.

Mr. President your victory in November, and what you've accomplished already in less than four months has gone against the grain of these ungrateful left leaning groups. Their names and pictures appear in Webster's dictionary next to the definition of hypocrisy.

Please, Mr. President, don't back down from these ungrateful hypocrites. Instead, please keep fighting back. Never forget about the millions of us that have your back. We are now seeing through their own self-generated protective fog that surrounds these hideous groups in the media and the entire CCNN. 

They seem to forget that on election day we millions that support you will be just as powerful as the media and the CCNN when we step into the voting booth. Don't back up one step. Keep pushing forward Mr. President. Our country needs you, and the Constitution needs protection from the CCNN, and the media.

Mr. President, these people are so deranged in their views and degradation of our Constitution they have resorted to personal hatred and lies about you and you family. When one thinks of the eight years of lies, scandals, and misrepresentation of the news, it's astounding that none of these scandals were never reported.

I know Mr. President that I speak for the millions of us that voted for you, please continue what you're doing, and don't let up for a second. Keep grinding it out. Keep pushing back against these news outlets and the CCNN

You have already proven your leadership capabilities to us, and we have your back for the 2020 election. We respect and appreciate what you've already done in your first three months, and we believe the best for America is yet to come. Keep moving forward Mr. President. We believe in you.

A proud "Deplorable" 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Comedy Central News

The Comedy Central News Network formerly known as the Democratic Party has been coming out with such lying, hateful, and biased news that it's actually getting more comical every day. I want to thank them for the laughs and chuckles they give me. It seems to never stop, and that's great for the 2018 and 2020 elections for the GOP.

The CCNN will stop at nothing to tarnish our President, even if they have to manufacture stories and hyperbole.  They feel that the only way to fuel their hateful feelings because their goddess Crooked Hillary lost in November, 2016.

Maybe the most hilarious comedy is when the CCNN, with the help of CNN broadcasted that "it was terrible that President Trump, at a recent White House gathering, took two scoops of ice cream and a diet coke while others only got one scoop and water". Goodness sakes, that's sure grounds for impeachment. 

Want another laugh? Two days ago Deputy Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, opened the daily press briefing with, "Sean is on Naval Reserve Duty, so I'll be filling in for a few days". That was the very first piece of information she gave the press corps. However just a few short hours later the CCNN, with the help of CNN, and The View began a string of lies that Sean Spicer was being punished for the way he handled the Comey firing. They further said Trump will replace Spicer with Ms. Sanders because he was upset with Sean.  That's not sad folks, it's comical.

Our President Trump has been in office less than 4 months, and even with the vitriol and hatred thrown at the President and his administration, he continues to do some great things for the American people. The CCNN, with the support of the media refuse to report that jobs are increasing, unemployment is down, border crossings have decreased by 70%, first-time unemployment filings are the lowest in 28 years. 

Our stock market steadily hovers around 21,000, net profit is up for many corporations as they continue to have confidence in our President even after only 113 days. The war between President Trump and the media was initially started by the media. The President asked only that the news about him be fair in their reporting. 

When the media continued with their diatribe the President wasn't having any of it, and not only did he tell the truth about the media and the CCNN, he showed them that he was the boss in town. The President refuses to have anything to do with CNN and MSNBC, and have you seen their ratings lately. When will they learn that they are no match for this President? He's not the lazy shiftless golfer and vactioneer that their hero Barry Soetero was? President Trump is a strong fighter, and will emerge great.

It's pretty obvious that the CCNN does not want profitability to rise in corporations to invest in new jobs and technology. Instead they report that profitability hurts the ability to "share the wealth".  I find myself, at times, actually feeling sorry for the stupidity of the media and the CCNN. NOT!  How can they proclaim they are for middle class America? Now that's a lie. The CCNN only want power, and at any cost. Recently a Democrat Congresswoman from the Moonbeam state of California said "middle America is just Podunk, USA".

The phrase that "American people have a right to know" should be "the American people have a right to know what WE tell them. In fact MSNBC's Mika reported that same thing on the Morning Joe show on MSNBC recently.  If any of you CCNN followers are fed up we of the Republican Party would welcome you with open arms. Why not put support behind a strong leader, unlike the previous 8-year massacre led by Barry Soetero.

After watching today's press briefing it's easy to understand, and hopefully believe, the press briefings may be cancelled. Why would anyone be surprised if he made this decision? Why not? These press briefing reporters only ask "gotcha" questions, and refuse to let press secretary Spicer or Sarah Sanders justify their answers. The media and the press briefing reporters in their condescending and arrogant manner believe they can report anything and get away with it.

It's not working, and if the Trump vs. media continue then you can be sure the press briefings will be cancelled, and it will show the press that karma and pay-back are really bit***s.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country....and our troops.
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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Stuck in the middle

I love the "oldies" when I listen to music. I have a lot of those songs on my iPhone, stick the ear buds in and take my daily walk. This morning I was listening to an oldie that kept repeating the phrase, "I'm stuck in the middle".  While listening to the song I started thinking  that phrase is really aligned to all of us.

Americans are stuck in the middle whether it's the media or Congress fighting each other. Why does our country and the good American people suffer ever time Republicans and Democrats start their stupid fights. We all endured the damage done by Barry Soetero for eight long years.
Wouldn't it be prudent to give President Trump a chance and some support? It's only been 105 days.

The lawmakers that we sent to Washington have let the American people down. There is so much in-fighting going on right now between the Democrats and Republicans that it appears that nothing will be accomplished for the American people.

Less than two weeks ago the Democrats were saying they had lost all confidence in FBI Director Comey. Pelosi, Schumer, Reid, Waters, all of the Democrat Party, wanted Director Comey to resign. They all, among others, had lost confidence in the FBI Director. Pelosi said, "Comey is not up for this job".

However, when President Trump fired Director Comey two days ago the tide abruptly turned, and suddenly the very same Democrats that were hunting for Comey's scalp, are now screaming that President Trump should be impeached for firing the FBI Director, and investigations should be held for collusion between President Trump and Russia.

With all this Democrat vs. Republican fighting going on, one thing is obvious. These Parties are doing absoluteldy nothing for the good of our country and Americans. So much vitriol, back and forth in-fighting is nothing more than a gigantic waste of time, and is slowing  down any moves forward to solve the challenging issues we face today.

Why can't the lawmakers we sent to Congress just let this stupid semantic disagreement to go away? It's very obvious that regardless of what President Trump does he's going to be attacked by the media and the lib Dems. Their problem is our President is moving and getting things done. He will not be swayed by the media, and you can bet the media isn't powerful and influential enough to "take down" this President.

Remember, anyone in the presidential administration serves at the will and pleasure of the President. It's as simple as that.  A new FBI Director will be appointed, and we will move on.

The lib Dems are continuously trying to tie President Trump to Putin and Russia regarding the 2016 election, however to date there is no evidence linking President Trump to Vladimar Putin and Russia. As that old hamburger commercial asks, "Where's the beef"? In other words, there is no there there.

Congress, mainly the lib Dems, have to stop with these crazy consperiency theories, and maybe start working with President Trump to solve the problem he was left with by Barry Soetero. Refusing to work with President is making the lib Dems look very bad. These Washington lawmakers should understand that the voting booth is one place where we can begin to stop being in the middle.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country....and our troops.
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Saturday, May 6, 2017

If Crooked Hillary won!

Did I just hear/read the news correctly, that Crooked Hillary is still not accepting her strong line of defeats, and is now promoting "the resistance"? This corrupt woman has been losing for years, and still believes she has credibility with Americans. Has this woman ever won anything, or has she just been hanging onto Slick Willy's coat tails all these years? 

Yes, with pedophille Willy's help the won a Senator's seat in New York, but then what lib Dem doesn't win in New York? Can you say DiBlasio? Remember "Hillarycare" that she tried to get through Congress when she was first lady? It immediately failed. The truth is that Crooked Hillary's legacy is she is a loser, among being a liar, corrupt, and un-American.

Let's see; she lost to Barry Soetero in the lib Dem primary. Finally she wins the lib Dem primary and loses to President Trump, and then loses again by a wider margin in the recount. This woman just keeps on proving what a loser she is. Now she's in a "movement" that she says is designed to "resist and fight the Trump administration". 

Not only is Crooked Hillary a loser, but she's a sore loser. Her Clinton Global Foundation has dried up her donor base, but that doesn't deter the crooked and corrupt Clinton trio  of finding another novel idea of putting money into their personal coffers. The Clintons are now organizing a group called Stronger Together. By the way what methods are the Clintons going to use to resist and fight"? Didn't she do that during her campaign? 

But I digress. Can you imagine the tragic travesty if Crooked Hillary, Slick Willy and Chelsea were in our White House now? You can see her "lin-up now. Huma Abedin as White House Chief of Staff, Loretta Lynch would stay as Attorney General, Gina McCarthy would stay on as EPA chief, or maybe replaced by Al Gore. Obamacare would be the healthcare law of the land.

Increased funding for Planned Parenthood would be enforced, with the head of P.P. chosen as Health & Human Services Secretary. Decrease in border patrol security, while mid-east Muslim leaders from Iran and Syria make large donations to erect bridges in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California to make it easier for refugees to come to America. Each bridge will have loudspeakers blaring Neil Diamond's song, "We're comin' to America".

The Clinton Global Foundation will be operating from the White House, with Chelsea appointed as overseer, while soliciting donations from mid-east sheiks.  All bill requests from the GOP led Congress would automatically be vetoed by president Crooked Hillary. The three finalists for Press Secretary would be Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, and Steven Colbert. 

That Ninth district circuit court judge would be nominatyed to Supreme Court, while Elizabeth Warren becomes Seccretary of State. Governor Moonbeam Brown appointed to Secretary of Homeland Security whose main charter will be funding for education, housing, food stamps, and welfare for all incoming illegals that come across the bridges.

All college loan debts will be forgiven while college tuitions will be free for incoming freshmen/women. There will be no signs at all on bathroom entrance doors or locker rooms, including showers. Anthony Weiner will be appointed Bathroom Oversight Czar, establishing safe spaces in all colleges and universities.  There will be no winners' trophies in any athletic contests in K-12 schools and colleges. All participants will get equal trophies.

The National Debt will rise to $25Trillion, and the media will blame it all on G.W. Bush. Universities will have curriculums to have several degrees in Islam and Muslim teachings, with September 11th. of each year established to honor all Muslims.  Any blasphemous writings or speaking deemed negative against the Islam/Muslim religion/culture will be a felony federal crime.

I thank God every day that this evil corrupt family will never live in America's White House.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.
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Thursday, May 4, 2017

"....but names will never..."

One of the easiest things to do is to verbally berate, and personally attack someone when they're not in the room to either defend themselves, or punch you in the face. I was told once that when you attack and defame someone that isn't there to defend themselves it just shows how weak you are, and what your character is made of.

Monday night CBS late night show host Stephen Colbert called our 45th United States President, Donald Trump, a  c*** sucker. Now, isn't that classy? Of course you can bet that the execs at CBS will do nothing about it. Can you imagine, if you will, for a second if one of the late night talk show hosts used the same words about Barry Soetero while he was president?

During Barry Soetero's 8 years in the White House never, ever was he personally attacked with the vulgar and vile that CBS talk show host Colbert displayed on his nationally televised show.
Barry Soetero even admitted, in his own words, "When I was in college I visited the possibility of gayness". Even though there has been controversy surrounding Barry Soetero's sexuality, no one has ever gone on national TV and spoke vulgar sexuality comments about this topic.

By the way, Colbert is trying to hide behind, "Hey, I'm a comedian, that's what I do". Am I the only one who doesn't see any humor in Colbert's delivery. He was not trying to be funny, instead he planned his ugly vicious diatribe against President Trump. CBS will not punish Colbert for saying this on national TV, instead he may get a raise and promotion.

Fascist, misoginist, racist, daughter-incestor, liar, mentally unbalanced,  double agent for Putin, war monger, child killer, "prick"-tator, Hitler, slave holder, retarded, his wife is a prostitute, his son Barron is retarded.....can I stop now, or should I continue on with more ugly disrespectful names thrown at President Trump? Do the lib Dems really think they are ingratiating themselves with the American people by using language that resembles a Jay-Z rap song? 

It seems swearing, cursing, personal attacks, and overall low class language is becoming the mantra and call sign for the lib Dem party.  But President Trump and his staff are handling this horrific language in a very professional manner, which means the lib Dems and their media are not deterring the goals of our President.

Since November 9, 2016, really before that, the verbal onslaught of President Trump by the lib Dem has been relentless and the worst that Americans have ever witnessed. The good, no GREAT news is these stupid lib Dems and the media are not only wasting time, they are actually fanning the Trump flames that emboldens our President and his administration.

Another piece of good news is the media and most of the stupid lib Dems are losing their credibility with the American people. Yeah, that'll sure help them in 2018 elections. Latest Rasmussen pols have President Trump very near 50% approval and climbing. We all know that the media and ignorant lib Dems will never stop with their onslaught, but they're too stupid to realize how this is destroying them and their Dem party, while actually helping the GOP.

Don't you ever wonder or ask just what the media and stupid ignorant lib Dems hope to accomplish with their vicious diatribe against President Trump? They certainly aren't helping Americans. It's so easy to be a Colbert, and throw guttural vile remarks at our President on national TV, but what are you doing to help America?   As adn old parable says, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me".

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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Monday, May 1, 2017

March & Protest this!

It's really ironic, almost comical, that there has been been hundreds of Anti-Trump marches and protests since President Trump took office exactly one hundred days ago. When interviewed most of these marchers/protesters have no idea why they're out there, nor what they hope to benefit from their march/protest. 

Have you seen those stupid lib Dems that are in the marches and protests? It's easy to see that most of them don't even have a job, and they think they are marching and protesting for the American people. These stupid lib Dems are just marching and protesting because their goddess Crooked Hillary lost, and they hate President Trump.

These marchers and protesters feel the only way they can compensate for their November, 2016 loss is to show their hatred for odur President. A survey was taken on certain college campuses where students were asked how they felt about President Trump's first 100 days compared to Barry Soetero's first 100 days in office.

They were asked, "What did you think of President Obama wanting to build the wall between Mexico and the U.S.?" Every studient that was asked replied, "Great idea". But when the survey questioner asked, "What do you think of President Trump passing a law to downsize our military to the lowest its been since 1928"? Their replies were unanimousl, "Horrible, disgusting, un-American".

And of course my favorite is when lib Dem students at an Ivy league school were asked, What do you make of President Trump in his first 100 days traveling to countries and apologizing for America's greatness"? Again the lib Dem students unanimously replied, "That's wrong. He should not make speeches like's un-American". Wow, our students are really well-read huh? Of course they feel vindicated because these stupid marches and protests are supported by the Hollywood elites who also strongly dislike our President, and even use their status to call for President Trumps's impeachment.

Most of these marchers and protesters have no idea what their agenda is. There were actually some stupid lib Dems that couldn't even understand what their carried signs meant. They just replied, "I dunno, someone just told me to carry it." Where does the funding come from to support these marches and protests? It's pretty evident that Barry Soetero and George Soros are supporting and funding these marches, rally, and protests.

Someone must tell these stupid lib Dems that their marches and protests will do nothing to deter our President Trump's leadership and goals. In fact, these ignorant lib Dems are just emboldening President Trump and his administration. Everyone sees the insignificance of these anti-Trump demonstrations. Do these stupid lib Dem demonstrators realize they have no credibility at all, and within the next few months these demonstrations will just dry up. President Trump and his entire Republican base don't even acknowledge these stupid lib Dem displays on the streets of America.

Soon the protest and rallys will dry up, their funding will stop, and then these stupid lib Dem marchers and protesters will scratch their heads and realize all that marching and protesting accomplished absolutely Even Crooked Hillary is giving up. By the way can anyone tell me, anyone, what has been accomplised by these marches and protests?

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops
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Friday, April 28, 2017

Stop the press(es)

Yes, there's a major war going on between the press and our President Trump. It's apparent, and the lib Dem press corps display that every day in Sean Spicer's press conferences.  Right now there are so many topics in the White House that the stupid lib Dem press corps should be asking press secretary  Spicer, i.e., North Korea, tax cuts, healthcare, and even the wall, but no, their main goal is to print lies and to incite protests.

On the day after the White House announced the biggest tax cut our country has seen since the Reagan administration the press corps ignored this news and never asked a single question about it today. Instead they wanted to know why former NSA Director Flynn isn't being prosecuted for his fabricated "ties" to Russia.

By the way when did the lib Dem press corps ever ask questions or challenge Barry Soetero's administration surrounding the scandals of Susan Rice lying about Benghazi, or Crooked Hillary's private server or her 33,000 lost emails?  They never did. During Barry Soetero's eight years the press corps questions were, "What did you and the first lady have for dinner last night"?, "Did you fill out your March Madness sheet yet?", "How are the girls doing"?, What do you and Michelle do on date night?".

It appears former NSA Director Flynn received $45,000. from Russia for appearing at a gala with Putin. Did the press corps ever ask Carney or Earnest press secretary's about Crooked Hillary "selling/giving Russia one-third of our country's uranium when she was Secretary of State? Nah, don't think so. Oh yes, don't forget at that same time Russia gave Slick Willy $500,000. for a speech he gave in Russia.

This current lib Dem press corps spends the entire briefing just firing "gotcha" questions at Sean Spicer, hoping to find an in-road to crucify President Trump in their lying and skewed biased reporting later. Of course the lib Dem press corps is supported by the likes of CNN and MSNBC. This has been going on since our President was campaigning. Every single news outlets had Crooked Hillary ahead in their fabricated polls by double-digits right up to election night.

They hated President Trump so much, but many felt the hate, lies, and personal attacks would stop after November, 2016. But not only did it continue, it got worse. And now it's bad enough that Pelosi and cry-baby Schumer are attacking him, but the stupid lib Dem news and media outlets are so reledntless in their pursuit that a strong leader like President Trump had to resort to only one logical thing.

He pushed back on the entire "fake news" media so hard that they continued to write and broadcast lies and personal attacks even though this President has done more for the good of American people in less than 100 days than Barry Soetero did in his entire eight years in office. Will someone pleas pass on some information to the lib Dem news outlets. (1) Crooked Hillary is done. (2) President Trump has been so effective pushing back against the "fake news" media that more and more Americans are are realizing that the President will never get a "fair shake" from the media.

Many of the millions what voted for President Trump would like him to completely and totally cease all press briefings. Why would the President and the White House press secretary subject themselves to the daily onslaught of "gotcha" questions? The President has said many times he only uses the social media because the lib Dem media will not report the news on him with fairness and integrity. 

Preesident Trump should expand town hall meetings, along with his Twitter and Facebook to connect directly to the American people. Why host a bunch of reporters everyday that are only going to print lies after they "hit" Sean Spicer with irrelevant and gotcha questions? The lib Dem press corps say the briefings are essential, but it's not essential if their reporting is nothing more than "fake news". 

The lib Dem media will never win in their war against our President. He has been so effective in his accomplishments and his push-back against the media that the band of misfits in the White House briefings that America is finally understanding what the media is all about. President Trump will continue to do what's best for our country, even though the media wants him to fail.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops
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