Monday, September 1, 2014

When did it really start?

As we watch the radical jihadist Muslims take over the mid-east we keep wondering how and  when  did this escelate.We know there have been wars in these regions for centuries, but the spreading is frightening, and will they ever make good on their threat to come to America? Terrorism is growing and spreading throughout the mid-east with promises to expand to kill all in western society.

History shows that great countries have risen up against dictators and defeated them, dating back to the days of Gengis Khan. In Europe during the 1930's and '40's Adolph Hitler was successful until America, Great Britain and our allies stepped in to bring him down.

However, today our world and our very own America may be facing the worse crisis ever in mankind.Today we have a "movement" transpiring. And this movement is being abbetted by the leader of the free world, Barry Soetero. 

I have often wondered why a tape that was to be aired on "Hannity" from Fox was pulled by the government. The tape revealed in Barry's own words his true feelings on being a Muslim. he talked about his morning and evening prayers. He ended the tape by repeating "there is no more loving prayer than the prayer to Allah in the Koran".  Of course Sean Hannity never got a chance to air it, but millions of Americans have seen it, and agree that we have a Muslim in our White House,

Today every American, Black, White, Asian, and Hispanic should encourage the likes of Al Sharpton to stop fanning the flames of racism among minorities. All this does is pit Americans against Americans. The real crisis facing us today is Judeo-Christians against radical jihad Muslims. These radical ISIS mongrels have pledged to slay all Christians in western society.

Like many Americans I pondered over when did the extreme Muslim jihad radicalism move into "high gear".  For me the day this ever growing crisis moved into high gear was January, 2009.
When Barry Soetero first took over the office of the presidency one of the first things he did was travel to foreign countries to diminish, downgrade, and apologize for America's exceptionalism and superiority. 

Then he began to laud the accomplishments of the Muslim community touting what they have given to the world. I still don't know what that is. I know it's not Sharia Law, even though there are many communities within our country that honor and abide by this desecrating law.

Then what does Barry do? He begins to appoint Muslims, and Muslim Brotherhood members to his "czar", cabinet positions, and deputy positions in high ranking offices. Our own CIA Director, John Brennan, is a Muslim. Yes, sure you can say, "but he's a good Muslim". Someone tell me the difference between a good Muslim and a bad Muslim. Thought so.

So, now what does our White House Muslim say when asked what is the plan for the ISIS outbreak/ Well, he proclaims, "I have no strategy". Am I the only one outraged at this? There is a jihadist radical Muslim group scourging throughout the mid-east slaying non-Muslims, even beheading women and children, and this president has no strategy. Really?

This man in America's White House that bows to Muslim leaders must be prevented from doing so much damage that soon jihad ISIS Muslims will be attacking our country through our unprotected southern borders. We can only hope that the likes of Sharpton wake up and think for a minute. if Rev. Al thinks a war between Blacks and Whites would be bad, he should realize a war of radical ISIS mongrels against Judeo-Christians could desecrate our country.

We should also realize that in the 1700's our great country rose up against British tyranny and we were successful. Of course I'm not advocating a war or fighting action. What I am stressing is to wage our war in the voting booth in sixty-one days. 

Barry Soetero and Dingy Harry Reid complain that the Republican-controlled House won't pass any bills to help America's middle class. How many Americans know that there are over 300 bills passed by the House just sitting and collecting dust on Reid's desk. And Barry is so afraid of his own base turning against him, there are now stories that he won't pass any executive orders of amnesty until after the mid-term elections. Talk about leading from behind.

The main reason the media will not report any accurate and truthful news to the public is because many high-ranking executives at ABC, CBS, and NBC are married to staffers in Barry's White House and administration. This should tell all Americans why Fox News is the only network that gives accurate and truthful news to America.

Sixty-One days folks. We can do this.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Police Czar, really?

Let me start today's blog with a little history. In June, 1934 Adolph Hitler appointed his political ally, Herman Goring, to head up a state police, eventually named The Gestapo. We all know the horrific and tragic deeds the Gestapo did under Hitler's rule, all the way  until they were defeated in 1945.

But we must never forget the carnage this evil state police did in their eleven year existence. This state police, Gestapo, was partly responsible for Hitler to rise to the "supreme leader", The Fuhrer.  The Gestapo was largely responsible for the torture and annihilation of Hitler's opponents, and of course Jews.

And now we are hearing news oozing out of D.C. that three of the "Ramblin' Racists", Sharpton, Jackson, and Holder are trying to convince their supreme leader, Barry Soetero, to appoint a Police Czar.  A Police Czar, really? What would his/her duties entail? Does this mean police commissioners throughout the country would report to a Police Czar who would report to Barry?

Race agitator Sharpton fueled the fires of appointing a Police Czar, so that "we can oversee the injustice done to blacks by police", after his racist talks in Ferguson.  Really Al?  Does that mean the Police Czar will thoroughly investigate crimes against blacks? Wow, he's going to have his hands full if he does his job correctly; given the enormous high volume of blacks committing crimes against other blacks.

Do you think the Police Czar will investigate black on black crimes? Or will he just focus on white on black crimes in the name of "justice for blacks"?   If the Police Czar wants to do his/her job correctly I've got a few crimes he can start with. How about the black thug from Chicago that turned against his country and joined ISIS? How about the black police officer who gunned down a young white unarmed white male in Utah? How about the 29-year old black thug born and raised in New York, that killed four young males, one a 19-year old, in the name of his Allah?

Of course if Barry Soetero appoints a Police Czar he/she will be an African-American and their main duty will be to insulate Barry from any crimes in the black community, so that Barry can focus on his main duties; campaigning, golfing, vacationing, and hanging out with his celebrity buddies.

Please don't forget this lesson in history on how Hitler started his state police, the Gestapo. Also, remember that Hitler could have named Herman Goring, his own Police Czar. Scary huh?

We must take our first step to stop this man in America's White House. We have a great opportunity in just sixty-six short days to take back our Senate, keep our House, and then maybe start impeachment proceedings in 2015.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hey Rev Al, legislate this!

Did anyone else watch that evil race baiting fool on "Meet the Press" Sunday. Yeah, I'm talking about Al (got my minister diploma on-line) Sharpton.  He declared on national TV that "there must be legislation to protect the young black man from the white police brutality". Really Al, you want protection for the black thugs who break the law everyday? 

Just how far would you like this "legislation" extend to? Here's an idea: When a white police officer comes upon a crime committed by a black thug, he must quickly call his/her precinct and ask for a black police officer come and take over the crime in progress. How about this Al: All white cops are not allowed to carry firearms in heavily populated black neighborhoods.

Even that's not enough for you huh Al? Well, here's my final suggestion. When a white officer comes upon a crime being committed by a black criminal thug, the white officer must quickly holster his/her firearm and throw up their hands and turn their back on the black thug, and walk away from the crime in progress. Seems fair, right Al?

How are those ideas Al? It's the best I can come up with now.  Hey Al, if we do all these ideas I just mentioned do you think black crime will come down? No, it won't you stupid bloviating racist.
You must think Americans are really stupid. The high crime rate in the black community is because blacks are committing almost 90% of the crimes against blacks. 

Blacks committing crimes against blacks is the highest crime rate ever in the country, and that is a proven fact. And just what are you and the rest of your quartet of Ramblin' Racists doing about it?  The answer is....nothing!

We all know you don't give a rat's a** about the young blacks in this country. You only care about your time in front of a camera, and what's in it for you. You have done nothing to help promote programs to help educate and employ the black youths in this country. 

You are nothing more than a "race chaser". You were screaming like a raped ape at the Brown funeral screaming for "justice for our young black youths", however you only scream like this when you see just a hint that there may be a crime against a black youth committed by a white person, especially a police officer. You have no concept of what true justice is.

You are doing nothing more than preparing the crowds to start their riots in Ferguson should the grand jury decide not to indict officer Wilson. This episode in Ferguson is nothing more than a platform for you to shoot off your loud mouth caring for no one but yourself. And guess what, Americans are seeing right through your scam.

Just a few days ago, in Utah, a black police officer shot and killed a white youth. Any comment Al? Thought so. Where are you and the rest of your quartet of the "Ramblin' Racists' Barry, Jackson, and Holder on the ever growing high crime rate and killings of black on black? Why don't we ever hear a word of this on MSNBC?  So pathetic. A 29-year old black American-Muslim slaughtered a 19-year old white college student. Can you give me any of their names? Thought so.

Your leader, Barry Soetero, is as bad as you. He pretends he cares for the black youths of this country, but we all know better. He cares only for their vote. Beyond that, Barry Soetero is just a lame duck golfer, and you are nothing but an irrelevant racist that wants to see evil stirred up in Ferguson.  In fact, you will most likely be disappointed if there's not rioting in the streets in Ferguson soon.

The good news for Americans is that in 67 days, after the mid-term elections you will be more irrelevant than ever, and Comcast will most likely pull the plug on you. Do you understand Al? You'll be gone in about 67 days.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

"Contain" this Barry

I've been warned by my commander-in-chief (wife), to never write a blog when I'm completely outraged. Her favorite warning is, "remember when you hit the 'publish' button you can't take back what you write".

Yes, of course she's absolutely correct, but after what that evil man in America's White House said yesterday about ISIS, I'm so upset, outraged, and angrily out of control toward this man that I just have to write this. I never know who reads my blogs, but today I think I'm writing this more to vent than to have anyone read this.

Did you see and hear this egotistical, arrogant, self-centered excuse for a president stand in front of Americans and people all over the world, and say we must "contain" ISIS. Contain, really Barry, what in heaven's name do you mean by "contain"?

What does "contain" mean to you Barry? Do you think we're going to just ask them nice to stop slaughtering Jews and Christians? Or does "contain" mean we'll try to capture as many ISIS members as we can, ship them to Camp Gitmo?

Yes, sure, we'll put them in Camp Gitmo, only to feed, clothe, and treat them with respect, and then later we'll release them back to their world of slaughtering again.  Hey Barry do you remember releasing five high profile terrorists in exchange for a traitor? 

You want to "contain" these ISIS radical murderers, really? These jihadist radical Muslims are slaughtering Jews and Christians as I'm writing this. They only know one way of life. Witness what they did to journalist James Foley. They beheaded him on national TV, and have promised they will do it again soon to another journalist. And your answer is "contain". Are you crazy?

ISIS has declared they will overtake Iraq, then the middle east. They have also declared they will fight with all their beings to overtake our own United States.  They have gone so far as to tell the world that the U.S. will suffer another 9-11 attack, even more brutal and devastating.

And now we have proof that ISIS has cells here in our country. So what are you going to do then Barry, if/when ISIS starts slaughtering Americans? Are you still going to stand in front of your infamous telepromter and declare that we must "contain" ISIS? 

You are a worthless president. The American people voted you TWICE to be our leader and protect our great country. You weren't elected to be a golfing, partying, vacationing figure head.
Even your military advisers are telling the world that ISIS is the worst and ever-growing terrorist group our world has ever known.  ISIS makes Hitler appear to be a kindergarten teacher.

"Contain"? "negotiate"? Are you nuts? No, of course no American wants to see our young people go off to war, but our very existence is being threatened by an evil terrorist army that is bent on destroying all in the world who do not believe in their jihad. We must decimate these evil terrorists. We must completely destroy ISIS so that they will not and cannot rise up again.

Can you imagine in December, 1941 if then president FDR, instead of declaring war he proclaimed that we must "contain" Japan and Germany? ISIS knows we have a very weak man in America's White House. This evil man in our White House has known that turning our southern borders into a geographical "sieve" that would make it very easy for ISIS to cross our southern borders into our country.

The United States now more than ever needs a strong robust president that will take the war directly to ISIS on their home front, not ours. Using the word "contain" just emboldens the therrorist ISIS army more.  By the way, where is Homeland Security in all this. They have been silent throughout this whole terror threat.

I only hope we can take back the Senate and keep the House in 70 days. Maybe starting in 2015 we might be able to get the ball rolling the right direction. Getting out to vote this Novembe may be the biggest responsibility Americans have in their life time.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops

Thursday, August 21, 2014

#1Bully-Barry Soetero

Growing up I was always told by elders and mentors that if you hurt someone's feelings by making a mistake or forgetting to send a kind gesture, well that's just a mistake that you can quickly repair.

But when someone overtly and consciously does things that they know ahead of time will greatly destroy someone's feelings, well that's just pure evil, especially if they actually enjoy hurting someone else.  Yeah, there's a big chasm of difference between being hurtful,  mean-spirited and being just pure evil.

To many Americans, Barry Soetero is just plain evil. He is so arrogant, self-centered, hubris, and self-contained that he cares not for any of the values of Americans. Conversely he goes out of his way to purposely act and do things that he knowingly will hurt the values of this great country, just to show us all he's above it all.

Now, that's just pure evil. This man was elected, TWICE to be our leader, our beacon of light in these troubled times. He has not only completely failed, but he continues to make sure we all know he's "in charge", and can do as he pleases, with no concern at all for the good of the American people who chose him to lead us.

He is so insecure that he wants to make sure we know who's in charge. He is really not an intelligent person. Why would he need so many of his "followers" to make the important decisions on matters? It's because he actually believes he is above all the problems the common people of America face every day. 

What is worse for our country is this man purposely perpetrates actions that he knows in advance will rile up his critics. He feels he must do that to prove he's above it all. His most recent actions showed what a arrogant shallow man Barry Soetero really is. He gave a very boring 3-minute speech about the slaying of journalist Foley, and then just a few short minutes thereafter he was on the golf course laughing and joking, while Foley's family appeared on national TV in tears.

He knew very well that this would disturb many Americans, but he didn't care at all. In fact he enjoys doing this sort of activity. This is part of his on-going pursuit to show Americans that he really doesn't care about what the country wants. His wants are all that matters to him.

He did absolutely nothing about the slaying of border patrol agent Terry, but quickly dispatched his brothers Sharpton and Holder to Florida for the Zimmerman-Martin trial, and then to Ferguson, Missouri to fan the flames of racism against the White police office.

This evil man is so quick to party, golf, vacation, and hang out with his celebrity friends, but takes no time at all to be our leader and president. This man actually believes he is above the office of the president of our great country. 

OK, we made a mistake TWICE in allowing this man to live in our White House, so what can we do about it? We can't do it in one swoop. It's going to take steps to repair what this evil man has done and continues to do. 

We start by voting his Gestapo leader Reid out of the Senate majority leader role in 72 days when we walk into the voting booth. And then who knows....with a Republican House and Senate, maybe, just maybe we have the strength to start impeachment hearings against this evil man.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How far behind Barry?

This man in our White House, Barry Soetero, gives a new meaning to "leading from behind". What Americans want to know Barry is just how far behind are you going to lead from? The truth is you're not leading at all.  Leading from way, way behind gives Barry a great "Teflon" cover to make sure nothing at all sticks to him.

This man in our White House is definitely more concerned about his popular and likeable image then he is about making decisions to lead our country out of our current problems. Instead he uses his famous words, "I", "me", "mine" and "my" to try to fool the American that his is leading. However, the American people are fast approaching the time when this man in our White House cannot be trusted to lead America any longer.

This man has no idea what the word leading really means. It does not mean having White House parties with Jay-Z and Beyonce till 2:00 A.M. It does not mean golfing with famous athletes. It does not mean photo-ops eating ice cream, and riding his bike around Martha's Vineyard. Leading certainly does not mean spending taxpayers' dollars flying around the country to campaign for his Democrat party. 

Barry's approval ratings are so poor that even members of his own party that are up for reelection and election don't want to appear on a campaign stage with this man. It's obvious this man knows nothing about leadership, and only knows how to read from a teleprompter that is prepared by someone else.

There are no reasons to bring attention to all the tragedies that this man has just completely ignored; Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS, DOJ, Obamacare, etc. But what is interesting is that because of the recent failures to lead in the most recent serious problems, many Americans are beginning to believe the strong indicators that we actually have a radical socialist Muslim living in America's White House.

This man is brutal, bordering on evil, with his forced downsizing of our military. He's actually forcing Army and Navy active duty personnel to "leave" their duty rosters. We have a Marine hero captured in Mexico on bogus charges, and this man will not even discuss this traffic mishap with the Mexican president. And maybe his biggest expression of disdain for our military is that when a hero, Two-Star General Green, was killed in Afghanistan, this evil man went golfing during General Green's military honor burial ceremony. He didn't even send his number one flunkie, Biden to at least show some recognition to this hero.

And now today, we may have our biggest indicator ever; his total lack of leadership surrounding the slaughter in Iraq by ISIS. By admitting there is a serious upheaval in Iraq by ISIS would degrade his legacy that he kept repeating over and over again and again, " I ended the war in Iraq and I killed bin Laden". 

This is another indicator that this man cares nothing at all about anything or anyone in our country, or for that matter, any of America's allies. He is actually stopping arms and support equipment to Israel as they battle the Hamas terrorist group.

This man refuses to roll up his sleeves and address all his attention to what is good for ALL Americans. He gives new meaning to the term "lame duck". It's not a question anymore of what Barry is going to do. The major question is what are Americans going to do about this? Well, the best answer is that in 73 short days we can take our first step. Don't let it pass us by.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Never before in my 79 years n this earth have I ever witnessed such racial division in our great country.  And who is at the base of this "fanning the fire"? Well, it's our very own Barry Soetero, along with his loyal followers, Eric Holder, Jessee Jackson, and the infamous Al Sharpton.

Yesterday Barry gave credence to the rioters in Ferguson, Missouri by blaming their problems on "racial inequality". Does this man realize what he just did? I really don't believe he's intelligent enough to realize that he just gave the OK to these looting rioters. He's allowing these African-American looters and rioters to hate Caucasian Americans even more then they already do.

And what does Barry do to fan the flames more? Well, he sends the African-American Attorney General to Ferguson.  You can bet that will just fan the flames of racial unrest more. This quartet of Barry, Holder, Jackson, and Sharpton focus only and highlight only crimes committed by Whites against Blacks. 

Remember Sharpton during the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman fiasco. He railed on and on inciting rioting by Blacks. So many times we've heard the phrase, "what if Zimmerman was killed by Trayvon...would Sharpton still be inciting Blacks or even Whites"? Well, in the 500 days following this trial over 10,000 Blacks were killed by Blacks. I would be willing to send a case of Sharpton's favorite booze if he can just name one of these 10,000 Black slain victims.

Barry and Holder have not yet, and will not, visit our southern borders where crime is being committed by the hour by the illegals swarming our border. All Barry wants to do is give them amnesty and register them Democrat.  Barry and Holder have yet to visit any part of Chicago to address the high crime of Blacks against Blacks, that is increasing daily.

You will never witness Barry, Holder, Jackson, or Sharpton address the pure fact that African-Americans make up less than 15% of the American population, but have committed over 50% of all crimes. Where is the outrage there?

Has Barry ever visited one of the reasons that there is such unemployment among young African-Americans? With the entitlements Barry has afforded our young African-Americans in welfare, unemployment, food stamps, and subsidized housing why should they work?  And what does Barry attribute to high unemployment among young African-Americans? Why it's because we enslaved them years ago, and it's because we have so much racial inequality today. Yeah, those are sure valid reasons.

If he were alive today, Martin Luther King Jr. would be ashamed of Barry Soetero. King did not lead us in the '60's civil rights movement only to have it destroyed by this Divider-In-Chief.
Why hasn't Barry met with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in hopes to initiate inner city programs to educate young African-Americans?  It'll never happen. Barry would rather fan the flames of racial unrest, and get their vote.

Barry feels he can continue to carry the African-American vote for his Democrat party by constantly pandering to the African-American voter. His pandering consists of looking the other way at the ever growing high crime rate among the Blacks. He really doesn't care how many crimes the young Black man/woman commit, as long as they push the voting button Democrat.

Barry has lost a lot of the  American support when he accused the Cambridge, MA police of "acting stupidly" when they arrested professor Gates. Then he lost more support when he declared, "if I had a son he'd look like Trayvon Martin".  I guess one of his White House staff members advised him not to say if he his "son" Trayvon had a brother he'd look like Mike Brown from Ferguson.

It seems lately though that the African-American community is waking up to the message that the "Rambling Racists" quartet of Barry, Holder, Jackson, and Sharpton really care nothing about the African-American community. They care only about promoting their own narcisstic platform.

The odds are great that none of the "Rambling Racists" will be seen in Chicago unless and/or until there is a White on Black crime. They will do nothing to help in the education of the young African-American, so they can contribute to this great country, and to make a better life for themselves and their families. They care only about your vote.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.