Wednesday, August 24, 2016

United States of ??????

United States of Greece?  United States of Venezuela? United States of Cuba? Yes, pick one folks because if Crooked Hillary corrupts her way into our White House we will no longer be the United States of America. Maybe we'll become the United States of Iran, or the United States of Middle-East.

Our great country could possibly, just possibly survive if Crooked Hillary came by herself into the White House.  However, when you consider the people she will bring with her, and the damage they will do with her for four years America cannot afford this corrupt woman in our White House, or give her the reins to make decisions relating to the safety, security, and economy of our great nation.

First abominable thing she'll do is appoint strong liberal left-leaning Justices to the Supreme Court. Just think for a minute what that's going to do to Americans. First, our 2nd. Amendment rights will be gone, along with the NRA, and your guns. Chelsea has already bragged about that recently on one of the talk shows. Remember, "Scalia's death is an opportunity for us".

This will , of course, be followed with mandatory removal of American flags in public facilities, along with removal of Judeo-Christian prays in public schools. Natually Muslim prayers and prayer rugs will be mandatory in public schools.  

And how about all the "Male", "Female" signs being removed from bathroom and shower facilities in public schools? Yep, picture your daughter taking a shower after gym class and a young man comes into the shower area, and starts soaping up right then and there. Great huh? By the way how come we never hear stories of girls "gendering' into boys locker rooms?  Hmmm?

And then there's our national security. If Crooked Hillary is elected we all know that Huma Abedin will be her Chief of Staff. Human was a writer for the Muslim Brotherhood, and has strong Muslim ties to the middle east. Huma Abedin will be a mole for her Brotherhood. Now add to this equation that over half of the 158 visitors Crooked Hillary visited with as Secretary of State gave generous donations to the corrupt Clinton Foundation, with her famous 'pay for play" scandal.

Some of these donors are from countries that actually hate America. You can imagine the "pay-back" favors she'll be giving those countries, as she makes our borders more porous inviting many ISIS fighters and sympathizers into our country with no background checks. In her own words Crooked Hillary said, "I want to build bridges, unlike Trump who wants to build walls".

Of course there will be two sex maniacs that will enjoy free rein in the White House; Slick Willy and the porn sexter Weiner-Man, who is Abedin's husband. Can you imagine the orgies these two are gonna have when Crooked Hillary and her Huma leave town? Gonna be fun.

Crooked Hillary will reduce the strength of our military while she taxes, taxes, taxes, so she can continue playing the Pied Piper to the welfar and food stamps community for control purposes.
Notice I never mentioned Benghazi or her continuous lying about her emails and her private servers? I don't have to. What's in this blog is enough to put this woman in prison.

Let me end today's blog with yes Crooked Hillary is up in the polls right now, but there's still much time left for Americans to realize the fate of our great nation if this woman is elected. Never forget that she doesn't want the White house to help America. Rather, she wants the power that goes with the White House all for herself.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless America, our troops, and officers in Blue.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Just doesn't matter

Every one who knows me knows what a news junkie I am, and also a very strong Republican conservative. Before the first swallow of coffee the TV is on, and I'm watching the news. Of course my poor wife gets the brunt of all my complaints agains the Crooked Hillary scandals and the fawning media that are doing all they can, illegal or not, to get her elected.

Then I did something I've never done since becoming a news junkie. I shut off the TV, sat at the computer to pay some bills, write some e-mails to friends, and even posted some pictures of the grandkids on my site. My wife came into the TV room, saying, "what's wrong? Is the TV broke?"

I told her that I just got so fed up that I turned off the TV, and then I explained why. I pray that Id'm totally and completely wrong, and at 81 I guess it really doesn't matter much to me personally.  Get ready folks....Crooked Hillary is going to be our next president. 

Of course she doesn't deserve to be out president. She deserves to be in prison, but do you really believe the Dept. of Justice or the FBI is going to indict or prosecute? Of course not. We average Americans have no idea of how vast and powerful the corrupt Clinton machine is. Nor do we have any idea how far  their corrupt tentacles reach.

Crooked Hillary thoroughly believes she is not only entitled to the presidency, she actually believes she's going to win in November. The media has her already picking her cabinet, picking out drapes and furntiture for the White House. She's got the entire Democratic party, the fawning media, and billionaire Soros all pushing like mad to get her into America's White House. Even Okra Winfrey says Crooked Hillary deserves it because she's a woman. Really?

With "the machine" behind her pushing so hard she pays no attention at all to all the lies, scandals, and corruption that befalls her. She firmly believes she is above the law. Her, her staff, and Slick Willy can lie all they want knowing nothing will be done. Even with all the damming evidence surrouding her she knows her buddy Barry Soetero won't let anything happen to his legacy.  I'm sure Barry has already directed AG Lynch there will be no indictment. Simple as that.

No matter what evidence is found and pushed forward, you can bet everything, and I mean everything will be delayed until after the election when she can then, as president, stop all investigations. This evil corrupt woman even defiles the Constitution. Our Constitution says a member of Congress can receive no funds from foreign entities. So Crooked Hillary says "Oh yeah, watch me". She forms a corrupt illegal Foundation for all her foreign cronies can contribute to for her, Bill and Chelsea to siphon from. What a scam, and it's working.

She's been lying since she was first in the White House with her scandolous husband, and she continues to spew out lies after lies, and she knows she will never be held accountable for any of her lies, scandals, and corruption. Get prepared folks, it's coming.

Even if all else fails, and Trump is up by 20 points on election day, you can bet the election will be rigged. Write-in ballots, on-line voting, and rigged electronic voting booths will all "punch out" Crooked Hillary, no matter who you vote for, and you can bet this will happen again in 2020. 

I pray deeply that I'm wrong, but get ready folks for Crooked Hdillary to turn this great country into another Greece, Venezuela, and Cuba. Of course the media and her chief of staff Huma Abedin will secure the downfall with their propaganda. 

Please pray, and pray hard that I'm completely wrong, but I got a feeling I'm not.

And that's Politicw with Pete for today...God bless America, our troops, and those in Blue
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Monday, August 22, 2016


My favorite part of this year's Olympics and all Olympics I have watched has been at the end of the medal events when all the winners and losers embrace each other with heartfelt respect. No Olympian cares about the race, color, or creed of the other Olympians when the event is over.  They all just share mutual respect for one another. Oh, how the whole world could learn from these athletes.

I know it's an old cliche that's been repeated so many times, but really wouldn't it be great if ALL  countries acted like Olympians after the events were over? This really got me thinking about the problems our own country is experiencing today.

America honors those that come to our country legally, and we celebrate their different cultures and religions, but we also stress that they assimilate to our Constitutional laws. We also ask that all who enter our country legally respect  all of America's cultures, races, and religions. 

However, it's obvious that the religion of Islam, who always prides themselves that they come from peace, it's apparent that many Muslims who follow Islam do not and will never accept the  laws of the United States of America. Of course not all Muslims who follow Islam are unfaithful to the U.S. Constitution. However, too many are disrespectful of our country.

Think about the Muslims of Islam that refuse to assimilate in any way to our country. It seems the only thing they believe in our Constitution is their right to free speech.  They continue to constantly complain about our way of life, and strongly want to impose their own culture, law, and religion on America. Today, we have cities that even allow Sharia Law.

Can you imagine stoning your wife to death because she left the house without her head covered. Or killing your own daughter for wearing make-up and going to the movies with a Christian young man? Islam is not a religion of peace; rather it's a religion of warriors.

Have you thought about all  the ethnicity's that have entered our great country, and have contributed to our greatness, success, and growth? Spanish, Irish, Polish, Russian, Italian, Asian, German, and on and on. The have followed our Constitutional laws while honoring their own religion and culture. They didn't want to change America, they wanted to assimilate.

Complaints are all we hear from the Islamic Muslim following. They want to change our way of life to suit their own, i.e. schools, restaurants, wardrobes, food choices, child rearing, etc., etc.
Have you ever seen a Muslim candy striper, or a Muslim symphonic orchestra, or an Islamic-Muslim restaurant that allows all to patronize? Has anyone seen the Islamic-Muslim culture invent, contribute, build anything that advances our great country.

And now they are demanding welfare, food stamps, subsidized housing, separate prayer rooms in schools, while Christians are being held back so as not to insult the religion of Islam, by not saying the pledge of allegiance, or waving the American flag because it may offend Islam and Atheir Allah.

Americans should all wake up to the true depiction of the lettering ISIS. What does the first letter spell out  I-S-L-A-M.  

So don't anyone, anywhere, anytime, anyplace anyway tell me Islam means peace. Islam means warriors. You want proof? Look what they're doing to women and children in the mid-east. And good old Crooked Hillary wants more of them to come here.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless America, our troops, and those in Blue
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ya think, just maybe?

After Donald Trump went through the rigorous task of legally and successfully capturing the nomination many thought the entire GOP would endorse, support, and lend all their resources.
It was obvious Trump was the GOP candidate to move forward to defeat Crooked Hillary. I mean, after all, isn't the main role of the GOP party to get behind their candidate, and do all that's necessary to dethrone the vast, powerful, and extremely corrupt Soetero/Clinton machine?

Many, including me, will tell you that Trump was not the first choice of the 17 candidates that started the debates last year. But why have so many GOP individuals still fighting against supporting Mr. Trump? Just what are the reasons that these GOP'ers will refuse to endorse and help Mr. Trump? Of course they must know by now that not supporting Mr. Trump in reality is supportong Crooked Hillary.

The Bush's, Ohio's Gov. Kasich, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnel, Susan Collins, and a host of other GOP Congress men/women have even taken to writing a letter to RNC Chairman Priebus to cut off funding for Mr. Trump's campaign. Why is that?  Even cry-baby Cruz was seen at the DNC convention a few weeks ago. Is there something going on that we average middle class Americans aren't being told?

There was plenty of time last year when there were 17 candidates that could've been bolstered and supported by these cry babies instead of Trump. And we all know that despite these losers, along with the horrible leftist media, the American spoke out in overwhelming droves that the choice of American people to represent them to challenge Crooked Hillary is Donald Trump.

To me, personally, my biggest disappointment is Ohio's Governor John Kasich, as I reside in Ohio. He is certainly showing a cry-baby playground mentality. He says he just doesn't share Trump's policies. Really, Gov. Kasich....are you going with that? Someone should wake up and tell Kasich that there is no such thing as a "perfect" candidate, but we're talking Crooked Hillary here. Does Ohio's Governor think about what Crooked Hillary will bring to the White House if she's elected.  Mr. Trump needs Ohio's electorate votes. Don't deny him that Governor Kasich because you don't like some of his policies.

I also have entertained an "out of left field" theory that has been rattling around in my empty  head. We all know that Mr. Trump wants to attack American companies that have sent their businesses to foreign countries. Many American manufacturers are having their products made cheaper in places like China, Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka, etc., etc.

Now we all know that many of these Americans have lobbyists that represent them to keep these companies overseas for cheaper labor.  My questioning theory is that just maybe there are a lot of GOP turncoats on the lobbyists' "payroll", and do not want Mr. Trump to cut off the cheap labor profits that many manufacturers are enjoying now. Mr. Trump wants to cut corporate taxes from 35% to 15%, in order to bring jobs back to the U.S.

As of this morning there are over 100 GOP Congressmen/women vowing to not endorse and/or support Mr. Trump. Are they so selfish in putting themselves ahead of the American people?
Or is it because they feel they can't get elected by their constituents  if they support Mr. Trump come this November? These turncoats are endangering America into four more years of Barry Soetero. This is actually by Crooked Hillary's own admission. 

Crooked Hillary wants to expand the failed Obamacare, she wants to attack corporations by increasing heavier taxes, so she can continue Barry Soetero's give-away programs. She wants to bring Slick Willy and Sext maniac Anthony Weiner back into the White House, along with Muslim Brotherhood member Huma Abedin.  She also wants to open our country's borders even wider, while giving automatic amnesty to illegals already here with free health care and education.

Why would these GOP turncoat cry-babies want to give Crooked Hillary a chance to continue the downward spiral of our country. Wouldn't you think that these GOP cry-baby turncoats would listen to the millions of Americans that support Mr. Trump? Something's going on.

So I'll close with my "left field" theory in a question. Are D.C. lobbyists funnelling money to these GOP cry-baby turncoats to stop Mr. Trump from trying to bring jobs back to the American people.  Think about it.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless America, our troops, and officers in Blue.
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Monday, August 15, 2016

It's the family, stupid

This morning I grabbed my first cup of coffee early,  got in my favorite chair, and turned on the news. What I saw was the rioting, looting, and burning in the streets of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
The developing story was a 23-year old Black man, Sylville Smith, was running from police with a stolen firearm in easy view of the officer. The unfolding story further said the officer shouted to the 23-yr . old to stop and drop his weapon.  The man refused, and the officer, fearing for his life and the lives of others, fired his weapon at the man, killing him.

In retaliation Black youths took to the streets of Milwaukee looting, setting property and autos on fire. It was horrifying to watch. The Black thugs considered it justified for the killing of their 23-yr. old "brother". Of course what ABC, CBS NBC won't report is that Mr. Smith was a career criminal at 23. His rap sheet includes drug possessions, armed robbery, witness tampering, violence and a host of other crimes, but you won't hear this on ABC, CBS, NBC.

Then, the pundits, experts, journalists, news anchors took to the microphones to give their reasons and solutions for the uprising on the streets of Milwaukee. First, some said the man with the stolen gun should have stopped and dropped the gun, showing he was obeying the law. Of course the media blamed everything and everybody except the Black thug evil criminal.

But many others, mostly from ABC, CBS, and NBC, along with Black Lives Matter supporters
argued that poor economic conditions, police brutality, and an uncaring community are at fault for this type of killing.  No one, not anyone, addressed the true problem in this killing. 

Just imagine if this 23-year old had been raised in a caring, loving family that taught him respct of others and respect of the law, and maybe more importantly, self-respect.  Just imagine if the parents of this 23-year old had, through loving discipline, demanded that he did the simple things like staying school, and doing school assignments. His sister or cousin got in front of a mic and screamed that men/wimen in Blue were violent killers of all Blacks.

Yes, of course these are simple enough tasks and responsibilities, but maybe the parents of this 23-year old never disciplinded themselves to the tasks of parenthood. Maybe these parents didn't live by the famous saying, "proper parenthood is the toughest, but most rewarding job in the world".  Mr. Smith's own father admitted, "even though I was in and out of prison while he was growing up, I did the best I could". Really? You want us to accept you're a good parent? 

Everyone has so many "after the fact" opinions, but I'd like to know what began 23 years ago with this young man that led to yesterday. What led this man to live a life of crime? Why does the blame rest solely at the feet of racial inequality, the economy, the ghetto, or the worst blame; "Whitey".

There have now been two days of looting, arson, lawlessness on the streets of Milwaukee, with Black Lives Matter claiming moreviolence against "whitey" and officers in Blue  is to come. 
Someone tell me what good will come of all this mayhem on the streets of Milwaukee?  What are Black Lives Matter hoping to accomplish by burning the very businesses that thrive to make Milwaukee great. These businesses pay taxes to help Milwaukee, and now they're destroyed thanks to evil black thugs led by BLM.

The deceased criminal, Sylville Smith, was video-taped on the African-American officer's body-cam showing Mr. Smith was shot in the chest,also revealing he had a weapon, with 17 rounds in it, and turned to face the officer with gun in hand. Preliminary investigation shows the shooting was within lawful police parameters. But, of course you will never hear about this on ABC, CBS or NBC.

Another bit of reporting you won't hear from the main stream media is that while the mayhem was occuring on the streets of Milwaukee, two officers, yes men in Blue , were mercilessly gunned down by evil black thugs. No, you can bet the major networks will never report this.

And that'sPolitics with Pete for today...God bless America, our troops, and officers in Blue
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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Where were you then?

Right now it seems like Donald Trump is like a one-armed boxer in the ring with Mike Tyson, and it's the twelfth round and is getting pummeled. The corrupt judges and referee won't stop the fight. At the same time most of the people in the audience is cheering for Mike Tyson to keep pummeling  Trump. Think about it folks.

Remember the mid-term 2014 elections of our House & Senate representatives? I stayed up till very late into the night and celebrated like a little kid when the tallied votes reflected that Republicans took control of the House & Senate.  I strongly felt that Paul Ryan, leader in the House, and Mitch McConnell, leader in the Senate, would start bringing us back on the road to where America belongs.

The truth is Ryan, McConnell did absolutely nothing and in fact even bowed down to Barry Soetero, and let him do as exactly as he pleased for his remaining time in office. They did nothing to even try to overturn the dastardly executive actions Barry has done for several years. Both of these are as spineless as Mitt Romney,  John McCain, and Ohio's Kasich.

And now what are these sissies doing? They're turning on Trump as fast as you can say "turncoat".  These turncoats aren't even decent enough to address that if they get Republicans to turn on Trump, they're assuring the Crooked Hillary machine will be assured of four more years of continued Barry Soetero. Can you say Sharia Law?


Crooked Hillary and her corrupt machine is the Bernie Madoff of politics, but only on a much larger and more dangerous course. Crooked Hillary has been promising countries outlandish favors in her 'pay for play' schemes. She's even taking money from countries that hate us and support the very terrorists that want to massacre us. Of course ABC, CBS, NBC won't report any of this. The media is too bas "helping Tyson knock Trump out of the race".

Crooked Hillary and the media wants you to focus on Trump's relationship with Putin, which has proven nothing. And yet ABC, CBS, and NBC will not report that Hillary brokered a deal to sell one-fifth of America's uranium to Russia for very large donations that were laundered to their crooked foundation by way of Slick Willy's outrageous speaking fees in Russia. Has anyone heard any of this on ABCCBS or NBC?

Trump has a long hard road ahead of him. He's got the media attacking him, and now the help of the elite GOP is even trying to find ways to get Trump out of the race. Don't you just wish these wussy GOP'rs could look into our country's future if Crooked Hillary gets elected?

Even if the GOP holds the House & Senate Crooked Hillary will just use her executive pen and move to destroy us. Amnesty will be given to all illegals, and the borders will be re-named the Swiss cheese wall. Thousands of Syrian refugees will come here with terrorists hidden among them. Anyone here anything from ABC, CBS or NBC?

My own person immediate worry is if Crooked Hillary is in our White House her appointment of Supreme Court Justices could well turn America into a third world country. Her first order of business will be to repeal the 2nd Amendment, and take our guns away. Next she'll raise taxes to eliminate all college debts, then the illegals will receive free health care which will be paid for by hard-working Americans.  Can you say Venezuela?

Trump is alone. All he has is we Americans that believe in him. No one else is getting behind the support for him. Did you hear what former CBS reporter Dan Rather just said. He strongly suggests "that ALL media do all they can in their reporting to degrade Trump and all the Americans who support him".  Yeah, spoken like a true journalist Dan. weren't you the guy that lied and lost your job over the lies you reported on G.W. Bush's military record?

Yes, Trump keeps getting battered, knocked down in his fight, so bad that he doesn't even have anyone in his "boxing" corner, except those of us who beliieve in him.  The media will continue to lie and invent drama into Trump's campaign, but have you noticed that Trumps is the fighter that Americans need. Don't look for the sissies like Ryan, McConnel, McCain, Bush family, Romney, Kasich, and other GOP leaders to get behind Trump.

All Trump has is us powerful Americans that will make the ultimate decision in November. Please vote to help him make America great again, and don't forget to contact your House and Senate to do all they can to monitor the voting process. Crooked Hillary is not above rigging the tally counts anyway she can.

And that's Politics with Pete for today..God bless America, our troops, and our Blue lives
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Friday, August 12, 2016

Not the public-it's the media

Please wake up folks, and give yourself some credit. ABC, CBS, NBC,, and NPR is just reporting their biased news that they think will help Crooked Hillary get elected.  These biased news networks know full and well that many Americans do not receive cable or satellite news. They know the only news outlets many Americans have are the three major networks.

The Crooked Hillary machine is being carried mainly by ABC, CBS, and NBC. The media will not address any of Hillary's lies, scandals, and corruption. Their main job is to attack Donald Trump any way they can.  Have you noticed how the media keeps touting that Hillary is ahead in the polls, but three non-biased groups have reported that the recent polls are purposely polling mostly Democrats, so they can tell Americans that Hillary is doing great.

Have you ever noticed Hillary's campaign speeches can't even fill a high school gym, while Trump's campaign garners thousands, with thousands outside the arena waiting to get in. It's obvious the public is supporting Trump more than Crooked Hillary, but of course the media won't report that to you. 

Can you just imagine if Trump had the father of the ISIS sympathizer who murdered 49 Americans at a LGBT night club in the visible background at one of his campaigns? And yet the media won't even touch that Crooked Hillardy's team invited the father of the ISIS supporter who did the horrible act of killing 49 Americans to her Florida rally.

Let's talk about what the media reported about Trump's statement regarding the 2nd Amendment voters. He was encouraging NRA members and 2nd. Amendment advocates to stop Hillary by not voting for her. But of course the media reported that Trump wanted Hillary assassinated. Why didn't the media report that Crooked Hillary said that Justice Scalia's death "was an opportunity" for her campaign? Of course the media will never report that Crooked Hillary's daughter Chelsea said that "Scalia's death is a great opportunity for my mother to repeal the 2nd. Amendment".  Nah, you'll never see that in the media or in the New York Times.

Now we know that the inept Attorney General Loretta Lynch very recently denied the FBI's request for the DOJ to investigate Crooked Hillary and Slick Willy's foundation.  You'll never hear about this in the mainstream media news broadcast. Can you just imagine if Trump had privately met on a tarmac with AG Lynch?  

Can you imagine if the media found that Trump had a private unsecured computer server in his basement that he never disclosed that he had? Can you imagine what the media would do to Trump if it was disclosed  that he received millions in donations from countries that hate America, and most of that money went to his wallet instead of his campaign?

What if Trump had something to do with the savage death of Libyan Ambassador Stevens by refusing to send aid to him and the other Americans that were killed? You know what the media would have done to that bit of news. 

And just why is Crooked Hillary doing everything she can by lying about the deleted e-mails?
Why won't she just tell us? What she did was treasonous, and accepting money from countries who hate us is treasonous as the Secretary of State, in exchange of favors. Everyone knows Crooked Hillary belongs in jail, not in our White House, but ABC, CBS, and NBC will do all they can to hide Crooked Hillary's corruption, liess, and scandals.

How about the "double-dipping" by Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills? When Crooked Hillary was Sec'y. of State these two were on the State Department payroll, and at the same time they were receiving  paychecks from the Clinton Foundation.  Of course this is not only unethical and immoral, it's also illegal and is criminal.  But know full well that ABC, CBS, and NBC, along with the NY Times will never report this to Americans.

For years we've known that ABC, CBS, and NBC was always left-leaning, progressive, and support the Dems, but now they've taken to lying and twisting all of their reporting to fit the agenda of the Democratic party. Has anyone researched the connection between the Soetero administration and these networks? Can you say nepotism? Many are married, along with brothers, sisters, etc., between these networks and the corrupt Soetero/Clinton machine, even up to the White House.

And now we have solid proof that the White House, probably Soetero himself, told their war analysts to report that the war on ISIS is rapidly improving, ISIS is falling, and we will soon eliminate them. The real truth is that ISIS has grown under Barry's administration. By falsifying information he is outwardly responsible for endangering the lives of our troops in the middle east fighting ISIS. 

With Barry's continued lying about ISIS' JV team he also endangers the lives of Americans here in the U.S. This action is treasonous, and Barry Soetero must be arrested as an agent of ISIS, but of course we'll never get any reporting or support of this from ABC, CBS, or NBC.

The bottom line here is that if elected, Crooked Hillary may be far more dangerous than what we've experienced these past eight years. The Crooked Clinton machine is so vast, powerful, and full of scandals and lies that she could put a horrendous block to American freedoms and rights. She will ruin this country if elected.  Only we Americans can stop this; in the voting booth, and then be assured the voting machines and counting aren't rigged.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless America, our troops, and our men/women in Blue. (Please follow me on my You Tube video blogs, Politics with Pete)