Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Would you still have?

Please allow me another blog today. Just a short one, but I feel, in my opinion, very important to our country's role in the middle east.

It has been reported that Barack is sending four F-16 fighter planes to Egypt, a country that is under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood. It has also been reported that by the end of this year Barack will be sending 12 more F-16's, along with 200 Abrams tanks.

Why are we, or maybe I should say, why is Barack sending all this war armament to a country that has gone on record with statements from their dictator Mohammed Morsi as to how much they hate our country and our President. They have called Barack a liar, and continue to show their hatred for the United States.

We all know of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and their hatred of Israel and how they continue to teach their own children to grow up hating Israel and seek to destroy our strongest mid east ally, Israel. 

I would like to personally sit down and talk to each and everyone of the 51% of Americans who voted for Barack back in November.  Had you known before you voted in November that you were voting for someone who will send over $1.billion to Egypt with F-16 fighter planes and Abrams tanks in his first year of his second term?

Barack has never visited Israel in his first term, and most likely won't in his second term.  This man wants to cut our own military power, while he is supporting the strength of  a Muslim Brotherhood country, Egypt.  Why would he do this to our strongest ally Israel?

Many have heard me and read my words where I fully believed that Barack was a strong Muslim sympathizer. Rather than belabor my beliefs any more I would ask anyone who reads this to watch two movies; the original "Manchurian Candidate", and the movie, "No Way Out".

If any of the 51% had known how Barack was going to react to Egypt and the Muslim brotherhood I question they would have voted for this man.

And that's Politics with Pete, again, for today....God bless our country...and our troops

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