Friday, January 25, 2013

Where are the Horatio's?

Just finished reading a non-fiction book last night that depicted the life of a criminal. Of course I'm not going to reveal the name of the book or the names of the characters in the book.  It is revealed a "true" story, so I'm not going to take any writer's privilege here.

The book was a very important story for me, as it depicted the life of the this criminal.  While this does not lean too much on my usual themes of "Politics", it does give an awareness of success stories here in the land of freedom where anyone can pursue their dream. The book also depicted why our government corruption, along with the EPA, and "protection" laws that have led some educated, decent law abiding citizen to turn to a life of crime.

In my 77 years the only laws I've ever broken are the result of parking tickets, and a few speeding tickets, but I did find myself cheering for the criminal while I was reading the book as the man changed into a life of crime. The main character in the book started his post college career with the All-American dream of hard work equals success. He realized hard work, ingenuity, creativity, and ambition are the ingredients he needed to success. 

The book's criminal character possessed all these attributes and initially had a healthy outlook and confidence. I don't want to overstate this person's character, but it must be noted he was not born into a life of crime. On the contrary he was born into a hard working family, his father was a successful business man.

He believed in the Horatio Alger dream; his two favorite heroes were Steven Jobs and Bill Gates. They started their business venture in a garage with nothing but great ideas. Our "criminal" was naive enough to believe he could do the same, but soon his dream began to fade.
He ran into corrupt politicians that favored his competitors by accepting bribes. He ran into government regulations that were illegally burdened on him unless he "played along".

As his dream of success through hard work completed faded he had to file bankruptcy. At the bottom of the barrel and just about ready to throw in the towel, our "criminal" was approached by a "team" that suggested a different approach. Of course at first blush he was reluctant, but soon he realized a life of crime allowed him to walk around the hoops that others were forced to jump through. 

Within a few years the life of crime gave him a life of prosperity and riches. With his cash flowing in he went even deeper into his life of crime. He began to "give gifts" to government officials to "look the other way". While our character was a criminal his prosperity and riches afforded him friends in government, banking, and even into the judicial system where he had judges as very "close" friends. He owned rich lavish homes, vintage cars, and continued to expand his business tentacles to other profitable markets that were questionable.

Now, just what is my point in all this? I'm sure you get it by now.  It's very simple. This man, Barack, in our White House, through his welfare/food stamp programs are squashing the hopes and dreams of hard working people who believe in the Horatio Alger strive for success. Barack is making it so easy for his welfare/food stamp base to live free off the backs of hard working people. Why should Barack's welfare base work? They know the man in the White House believes in expanding government. 

It is a fact the money we spend monthly on welfare accounts for two-thirds of Barack's spending. In fact, and it is a fact, welfare surpasses military and all justice spending combined.
The context here is very simple to many people; why try the hard work route, jump through hoops only to get shot down? Why not just go on welfare, collect food stamps, and let Barack attack the makers and give us takers the good life free. 

And we scratched our heads in November wondering how Barack carried 51% for his reelection. Folks, it's a fact the overwhelming majority of the 51% were people on the welfare/food stamp role. We need to stop making the life of welfare/food stamp so easy to attain, and get people back to work. Barack never spoke of jobs and our dismal economy in his inaugural speech a few days ago. His main theme was based on "helping the middle class". The only problem with that Barack is your way of "help" is to put as many as you can on welfare, creating as many people as  you can dependent on government for you to control.

Someone please get the message to Barack that our great country needs to get people back to work, not to welfare. My father's words that I'll never forget were, "the true heroes in this country are people who put two sandwiches in a brown bag, go to work everyday, and take care of their family". 

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God Bless our country...and our troops.
(P.S. to JTG....finally located bill #3962...I had forgot to type PDF in the link...thanks)


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