Thursday, January 10, 2013

Trust you? Why?

During my many years as a political news junkie I've heard, watched, and seen more than my share of candidates stumping and bloviating on their campaigns begging for our votes.  I've listened to more promises and lies than I will ever be able to remember.

City mayor hopefuls, House Representative candidates, Senator wannabes, and even on two occasions presidential hopefuls. Yes, I've heard it all. I've discovered that  they think the American public is stupid and will forget the promises they make to gain our vote after they are in their elected office.

In most cases these candidates will smoothly stand on the stage and beg us to believe what they are saying; "Give me a chance to prove I can make things better" they say. It seems the best orator and smoothest speaking candidate gets out vote; see Barack.

 Yes, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and even the Messiah Barack can jump for joy and jubilation as they did the best job of getting enough votes. Barack gets to use our White House as his home base as he vacations and golfs. Please don't expect him to do anything else.

News anchors and journalists are joking that there won't be anyone at Mr. Obama's  inauguration this month because so many of the welfare/food stamp/unemployed will be home using their EBT cards to visit strip clubs, liquor stores, and casinos. Are those jokes really that far from the truth?

What a great job the Death Spiral Trio of Barack, Reid, and Pelosi did on convincing Americans that only the elite wealthy would suffer a tax increase. In undertone muted breath they uttered so no one would hear was, "oh yeah we're also raising payroll taxes".  This means, in reality, that 77% of Americans began to notice less money in their paycheck starting a week ago.

All Americans on supplemental health insurance will notice an increase in their monthly premiums. My monthly premium jumped $32.00 a month beginning this month. Many, many companies, schools, hospitals, and small businesses are now cutting hours back, laying off employees, and ceased any job creation so as not to offer any health insurance programs to employees.

So what happened this past November?  Well, it seems fifty-one per cent of voters "drank the Kool-Aid", and believed Barack's stump speech teleprompter reading accolades that growing government would help them attain a "spread the wealth" better way of life.  And the Barack-fawning media is telling us everything is fine. The media wants Americans to believe that despite 7.9% unemployment, 50 million Americans on welfare, and nearly 400,000 are filing first time unemployment claims every week, that "our economy is stabilizing". What? Does anyone really believe that?

What Barack failed to do was give the real message to the country he was voted in to lead. And that is that " you cannot tax and spend your way into prosperity". Barack says he wants to be like former president Ronald Reagan, but how can he, when it was President Reagan that coined that phrase? Someone has to tell Barack that you can't push people back down, make them dependent on the Government and expect our great country to prosper.

I am, however, encouraged. Since Barack has been voted in to golf and vacation from our White House his daily approval ratings have dropped.  Hard working Americans are starting to spit out the Kool-Aid, and are ceasing to believe in his expanded Government philosophy.  Well, not all Americans. We still have the 50+ million on welfare that Barack has convinced big government is best, and they can continue to have a better way of life because he's going after "the fat cats who make a lot of money", and pass it on to them.

Why is everyone amazed that the trust in our political leaders is waning?  Remember President Lincoln's famous "you can't fool all the people all the time"?  Well many Americans are starting to see through the smooth talking promises, and there's a lot of dis-trust of our political leaders coming through the horizons.

Americans were promised lower taxes except for the $400,000 earners. The bare truth is state, city, property, health care, and payroll taxes have increased for 77% of American money earners.  The only Americans who really don't pay attention to this statistic are the welfare people making their "freebie" income off the backs of hard working Americans.

The other bare truth is that Barack doesn't care about any of these statistics.  He really believes in the press releases that ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN are broadcasting about their love for him. It's going to be a long road back from the spending Barack wants to levy on good hard Americans. Let's face it....he's in our White House for four more years. Yes, it's enlightening to know that Americans are awaking, which makes me believe in the adage about "waking the sleeping giant".  

We'll really start our move back in 2014, where our first steps will be to get rid of the House and Senate mis-fits, beginning with Harry Reid.  Harry Reid is near 1,400 days without submitting a budget to help Congress manage our financial affairs. Hey, maybe it's because he just doesn't know how to work up a budget.

We have elected members of Congress to represent us; that's the bottom line, and they continue to fail us in all areas. It's time for us to look ahead to 2014. Yes, true hope and change is what our great country truly needs.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops

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