Saturday, January 12, 2013

Trickle-down disaster

OK...OK...let me write how I see it, and then I'll sit back and read the responses  from my blog critics. That's fair, right?

First of all let's find some common ground. Doesn't matter if you're a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or whatever, I know we can all agree that the education of our youth is foremost for the future success, growth, and sustenance  of our country.

It was unnerving for me this morning while watching a segment of a TV news program, when it was reported that there seems to be a two faceted growing concern among middle class parents who are financing their childrens' college education.  There is also a frightening concern with college graduates finding meaningful careers, while trying to repay their college loans.

Barack and his team of Reid and Pelosi would have you believe the only way our country can prosper is to tax, spend, and give taxpayer money to the welfare and food stamp entitlement programs. Barack and his team of "merry bandits" have, with the help of his fawning media, have convinced many Americans the best group to attack is corporations, small businesses and the wealthy. Take money from them to give to the welfare/freebie/unemployed community seems to be their theme. They truly believe this is the main course to prosperity.

Let's see what happens when this takes place.  Corporations, small business, and the wealthy will begin to pull back their assets, will cut back their work forces, will limit their spending, and most of all will grossly limit or cease job creation. We've already seen this in many corporations and small businesses. We're now averaging close to 360,000 a week filing for first time unemployment insurance, along with a national unemployment of near 8%.

Another stonewall to the growth and future of our country is that we're finding that even Obamacare is a failure before it even moves into high gear. Many large corporations are refusing to offer health care insurance to employees. Many small businesses are cutting back working hours to employees so as not have to offer any health insurance. What does that have to say about the Obamacare plan that was passed in secret chambers and all 2,977 pages jammed down our throats. Is that what's best for the future of our country?

So, of course this "trickles down" to the average middle class wage earner who plans to send their children to college. I would like to see an up-to-date poll of how many middle class families have had to fore go sending their children to college because of lost jobs and the economic status of our country.

To continue with the "trickle down disaster", we send our children to college to become engineers, doctors, teachers, scientists, along with other meaningful careers to enter our work force to make a better America. To make our country effective and competitive in the world market. Instead, these potential college students cannot afford to attend college for an advanced meaningful education, and some even must take lesser jobs, some even end up on welfare. And of course their welfare community is financed by the very same corporations, wealthy investors, and small businesses that are being forced to hold onto their assets.  Can you see what the vicious cycle of "trickle down disaster" will continue to cause?

Now, please indulge me while we visit former President Reagan's philosophy of "trickle down economics".  First we drastically reduce corporate taxes on corporations, allowing them to invest in expanding their business investments thereby leading to increased hiring. Next we reduce taxes on wealthy investors giving them incentives to invest thereby creating more jobs.

And what happens when more jobs are created? Middle class wage earners make money that is taxed to help our economy, and with gainful employment can make plans to send their child to college. The child goes to college and studies for a meaningful career when entering the work force.  We must remember, along with effective entitlement spending reductions and more employment our welfare nanny state will drastically shrink.

This is a win-win combination for all, and was successfully accomplished by the Reagan administration in the 80's.  We must understand that if Barack and his "merry bandits" continue with their "trickle down disaster" methods the only thing we can be sure of is that our welfare nanny state will grow and grow. Now, will any of my critics educate me as to how this is going to help the future growth of our economy and our country? 

When a normal middle class family sees their finances headed for a downward spiral they will discuss their finances, establish a budget and strive to live and spend within their budget.  that would make sense for our own Congress, except that Senate majority leader Harry Reid hasn't submitted a budget to Barack in almost 1,400 days. How can you live within a budget if you don't even have one. 

As I've written in earlier blogs, these members of Congress, along with Barack, that we voted in to preserve and advance the success of our great country will not themselves absorb any of the economic pitfalls of our country now and in the future. They'll be fine with the enormous payouts of security we give them when they leave office. Why should they care; it's not their money; it's ours.

We cannot continue down the path of taxing and spending into prosperity. We must invest in our businesses to create jobs so we can invest in the true basic need for the success of our country, and that is the education of our children.  Take your pick; grow our welfare nanny community, or invest in the education of our young community. What do you say?

Today we have college graduates that have struggled to finish their college educations, and cannot find a job because of our current economic crisis. For the first time ever there are many discovering that even with a college degree it is becoming more and more difficult to attain a meaningful career. And on top of that they must find a way to begin repaying their college loans.

I've heard young people even fearing going to college only to face unemployment, along with interest bearing student loans to repay. I have a grandson who is in his second year of pre-med at a leading university, and my daughter is already talking about the fear of what his student loans will be like when he completes his medical education and training.

I am very afraid, not only for the $16.trillion national debt, and the economic direction our country is now in, but also for what our youth will be inheriting.  Are you afraid?

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops

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