Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My kinda town - Chicago is

This news alert just in folks. Great phenomenons have just occurred. It has been reported that guns are magically appearing and are firing bullets without anyone holding the gun. At a gun show in Ohio, at a Jr. College in Texas, and even during Barack's inauguration parade five people were gunned down on the streets of Chicago.

It has been reported that in all these instances no people were involved; the guns just fired by themselves. Since these phenomenons have occurred  gun violence advocates are pushing their agendas to take all guns off the street. They are attempting to prove that guns alone kill people.

Also these same advocates are calling for the instant removal of spoons, forks, and knives. It has been discovered these kitchen utensils are causing the obesity of Michael Moore, Rosie O'Donnell, among other gun violence advocates, so they must be discarded along with Mayor Bloomberg's empty 32 oz. soda containers.

Member of Congress that are in favor of these bannings are also trying to ban airplanes, Doctors, abortion clinics, and automobiles. These items have been proven to cause more deaths per year than guns. Doesn't it make sense we remove all these items from society? Makes sense to me.

Every time a gun crime is reported on TV, radio, and newspapers the very first thing we hear is, "we gotta get the dam guns off the street". Ever wonder why Barack and his fawning media never report on the ever growing gun violence in Chicago? Yes, Chicago, Barack's home town, where Frank Sinatra sang, "My kinda town-Chicago is".

There is one outstanding and main reason why we never hear about the crime and gun violence in Chicago; and that's because Democrats are in complete control with their power in Illinois, and cannot blame Republicans for any of the ever increasing crime in Chicago. Therefore one must assume all the blame and responsibility lies only with Democrats. am I wrong, or is it Bush's fault? Someone let me know OK?

Let's review this OK?  Naturally Barack is a Democrat (Socialist).  Governor Pat Quinn, Senator Dick Durbin, Illinois House Leader Mike Madigan, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and the Illinois Congress; all are Democrats. There just isn't any Republicans around to blame.

In the past six months 221 were killed in Iraq/Afghanistan. That is sad, but how come the liberal progressive media won't report that in the last six months 292 were murdered on the streets of Chicago. But not to worry; Mayor Emanuel is making sure guns are not allowed on the streets. Only thing is he forgot to tell the criminals of Chicago.

The school system in Chicago is rated one of the worst in the country, and has the worst graduation rate.  However, they can't blame Republicans. There are none to blame.

Illinois state pension fund is $78.Billion in debt. It's the worst in the country, but it's never reported by the media because you can't blame Republicans because there isn't any to blame.

Cook County in Chicago has the highest sales tax, 10.25%, in the country, but it's never reported because you can't blame Republicans. 

How can anyone believe that Barack can remedy our economic, education, and safety problems in our country. Just take a look at the culture that he comes from.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops

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