Monday, January 28, 2013

Is a gun political?

With all the political accusations, conflicts, and diatribe going around about guns today, one has to wonder if the gun by itself is Republican, Democrat, Independent, Christian, etc.

I even tried to find some humor in this delicate and often debated topic. As I was leaving the house today I holstered my .357 snub-nose, and headed for the door. As I passed my wife I said, "my Republican buddy and I are going out for errands". She responded, "what Republican buddy"?  I just replied, "According to the Dems all guns are not just pieces of metal....they're Republican". She responded by shoving me out the door, and calling me crazy.

Seriously though, I know I'm not the only one that has noticed if you're a progressive liberal Democrat you want all guns taken off the street, and attack the Second Amendment every chance you can. Just yesterday the CBS morning host urged Americans to "just give up on the Constitution". Of course he's a liberal progressive. What else can you expect?

It seems the liberal progressives want to make headlines about gun violence. Of course all Americans want all violence and wrongful deaths of any kind stopped, but taking away Second Amendment rights of Americans is definitely not the answer.

Today, on TV a father of a slain Sandy Hook six-year old said it best, "It doesn't matter how man gun laws you enforce the criminals are still going to commit crimes. Look at Chicago. They have the strongest gun laws in the nation, have the highest gun crime in the country,  but only law abiding citizens obey the Chicago gun laws. Criminals just laugh at the gun laws...we need to look at the person not the gun".

This father said he didn't want any gun law named after his slain son, but rather find out why criminals break laws and use guns. He went on to talk about parenting using his own loving parents as examples of the responsible and loving parenting skills they used when he was growing up.

Someone please tell Senator Feinstein the difference between rifles and assault weapons. She is just clueless.  However, Senator Feinstein did acknowledge that she used to carry a gun when she walked the streets at night when she was alone. Is this another Democrat double standard?

Last year 323 deaths were by guns, but only 38 of them were by assault weapons. Most deaths were crimes committed by handguns. Last year 496 deaths were caused by hammers. Last year 650 deaths were caused by knives. Last year 12,000 deaths were caused by drunk drivers.

Last year 195,000 deaths were caused by medical malpractice. This means you're more likely get killed by Obamacare than by a gun. 

Hey, here's suggestion: how about stronger punishment for crimes committed by guns. Judges should dole out harsh punishment to anyone convicted of a gun related crime. We know criminals don't care about any gun laws. The truth is the criminals are laughing at us. As far as they are concerned they do hope we have stronger gun laws. That way they know they'll be the only ones carrying guns as they walk the streets of Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York, which happen to be the highest gun crime cities in the country, and also happen  NOT to allow citizens the right to protect themselves with a gun. Ah, another Democrat double standard. Did I mention these are strong Democrat cities.

Barack and his team want to take away our right to bear arms and protect ourselves, repeal the Second Amendment, and take ALL guns off the streets. 

Can you imagine the reverse? If roles were reversed and it was the Republicans who wanted guns off the streets, I can guarantee the Democrat double-standard liberal progressives would be screaming the Republicans are attacking our constitutional rights.

I will always stand by my right to protect myself. I'm a proud NRA member, an Air Force veteran, and to quote Charlton Heston, (Barack) only way you'll get my gun from me is to pry it from my dead hands". 

Please tune in tomorrow. We're going to write about how much love Barack has for Fox News and my mentor Rush Limbaugh.

And that's Politics with Pete for today.....God bless our country, our troops, and our Second Amendment rights.

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