Thursday, January 31, 2013

Inanimate objects

Thanks to Obie's latest decisions I have so much ammunition for my next few blogs; jobs council, approval ratings, 7.8% unemployment, and so many of his broken promises and lies. Thanks Obie; I'll get to  you starting tomorrow.

Today, I'd like to address something I promised I would never do. I'm going to respond to a critic who, in my opinion, has an eight-pound chip on his shoulder.  Now this critic has called me a moron, a white racist, and many other names unfit to print in this forum. Hey Mr. Critic, what does that say about you? Lighten up, take a deep breath and learn to laugh a little.

I have a huge disagreement with this individual, as they use the illness of a young family member to push his agenda on his hatred for guns. Before I go any further, let me write that I will pray for a healthy and speedy recovery for his young precious family member, as I believe children are the most import natural resource in our world.

But to act like Obie and others who use children to push their agenda makes me feel a little uncomfortable. MSNBC is by far the biggest offender of this gun violence agenda pushing. They went so far as to use their own editing when a father in Sandy Hook was speaking about his slain son. To me MSNBC is crossing the line.

Please indulge me in two short stories. Years ago my father and 3-year old brother were visiting an apple farmer. My father told my brother to stay in the car, as Dad crossed the road to talk to the farmer. Dad's car and my brother were in full view. Suddenly a loud thunder clap occured accompanied with a bright lightening flash. My frightened brother panicked and dashed from the car. Crossing the road, and in full view of my father,  he was struck down and killed by an oncoming driver.

Dad passed away at 88; Mom at 87. They told me a day never passed that they didn't think of their slain son. But they never used my brother's death as a platform to abolish cars. People like my critic should just be forthcoming and admit their hatred of guns. Instead they use a family illness to push their agenda. Much like Obie standing in front of children to push his agenda against our Second Amendment rights. Here's a this hatred of guns political because I notice only Democrats want to abolish all guns?

I have three lovely, beautiful daughters. One was born with Cerebral Palsy. After her birth the delivery doctor came to the waiting room and said, "sorry, we couldn't get enough oxygen to her brain....there may be brain damage". It was discovered later the lack of oxygen to her brain caused damage to the motor sensory controlling area in her brain.

She never walked until she was four years old. At  five years of age we had her tested at the Cleveland Clinic. A well known child psychologist informed us, "based on her testing; she's going to be a "slow" individual...don't pick the college of your choice...she may make it through high school, but don't look for anything beyond that". 

I'm busting with pride because someone forgot to tell my daughter she was going to have problems. Today, yes she walks with a very awkward gate, but she holds two Masters Degrees. along with a national Master's Degree in her field. I am so proud of her accomplishments. She rides horses, swims, has some papers published, and is a great cook and gardener.

My point in all this? When a horrible monster uses a car, gun, knife, etc., to commit a horrible crime please remember it's the person, not the implement that is causing the crime. It is disgusting when adults insert tragedies  of our young precious children to advance their own personal agenda. Every family has stories of illness and even death, but to stand on the graves of victims is inexcusable.

Dad didn't sue anyone as it was a freak of nature that caused my brother to run in front of that car. Cars should not be taken off the road. I didn't sue the doctor who delivered my daughter, and doctors should not be abolished.  Let's worry and focus on the criminals who commit crimes, not the inanimate pieces of metal called guns.  Our gun violence problems will not be solved with a blanket law to take away Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens. Don't let the criminals laugh at us. You know criminals won't obey any gun laws.

Hey, how come Obie won't talk about Chicago?

Before I leave I want to wish the young family member of my critic a Godspeed and healthy recovery. I hope he grows up strong, and at twenty-one years of age becomes a conservative Republican, joins the NRA, gets a concealed carry weapon, and learns how to protect him self  and his family. And along the way help grampa get the chip off his shoulder. Life is too short.

Now that that's done, watch out Obie; tomorrow is all about you and your failed policies.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country....and our troops.

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