Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I'm listening to every word Barack is saying as he is now starting his gun control TelePrompting while he hides behind children. Barack wants to take guns from the hands of Americans who legally abide by their Second Amendment rights. He further threatens he will invoke twenty-three executive decisions urging bans on guns. By the way when did "gun control" suddenly become "gun violence"?

There have been others before Barack who have hid behind children when giving orders to their countries; two that come to mind is the German Chancellor in the 30's, and in the 90's the Iraqi dictator.  Really, Barack using children as photo props. Wonder how many of these precious children know the origin of the Second Amendment. It was laid down by our founding fathers to protect us from government tyranny. Yes, much like Barack is trying to get away with now.

The esteemed Senator from New York is strongly urging WalMart to discontinue the legal sales of legal firearms. But I didn't hear Barack urging his elite Hollywood donors to discontinue making violent crime movies involving guns. Then there's the other esteemed California Senator Diane Feinstein who definitely doesn't know anything about handguns, rifles, and assault weapons. Feinstein wants to ban a legal rifle because of its cosmetics. It is identical to a rifle she calls legal, operates and fires the same way, but its only difference is the pistol hand grip on the rifle.

I should probably thank Barack for making my point that guns don't kill people...people kill people. Think about it; Barack has several armed body guards with weapons surrounding him twenty-four hours a day. He also supplies eleven armed body guards with weapons surrounding his daughters at their school. Who is he protecting himself and his family FROM? There certainly is no need for protection from good law abiding American citizens, of which many are NRA members. 

The armed guards surrounding Barack and his family are there to protect him and his family from radical criminals that want to inflict harm on them. Barack and his family need not fear harm from good law abiding citizens, so armed guards are needed to seek out the difference. Which brings to mind; it's OK for armed guards to be at his daughters' school, but he doesn't want armed guards at my grandchildrens' schools. Nah, that's not double standards.

During Barack's photo shoot today the camera shifted to Attorney General Holder several times. Isn't it ironic that Holder, along with his good buddy Barack had "no knowledge" of all the American assault weapons that found their way into the hands of the Mexican cartel; one of which was  used to kill border agent Terry.  It seems Holder, Barack, and the media does not want to discuss the "Fast & Furious" episode. Wonder why.

Barack should know that over 90% of gun crimes are committed by handguns that are illegally in the hands of criminals that have not desire to abide by the rights of good Americans. Bad people with guns are committing crimes. Barack should focus on that. Why can't we have harsher, more strict punishment on any crime, no matter how small, when it is committed with a gun? We need to stop focusing on guns, and focus more intently on people who commit crimes with guns.

Barack also wants to ban gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds. That has to be one of the most most ridiculous ideas ever presented. I just saw a video where a gun handler changed out three 10-round magazines in less than five seconds. That's as bad as Mayor Bloomberg of New York stopping you from buying a 16-ounce cup of soda, but it's perfectly OK to buy two 8-ounce cups.

Can you name the three things that Chicago and New York have in common? Well, one is these two cities have the highest gun crimes in the country. Another is both of these cities have the strongest gun ban laws in the country. Finally, law abiding citizens do not have the right to carry a weapon. Will someone please explain that to this dumb old man. Please.

I'm going to follow the lead of one of my favorite news anchors from Fox News, Eric Bolling. After the New York newspaper printed the names of gun owners in two counties, Eric said, "I want everyone to know I am a gun owner, and have weapons in my home to protect my family".
I like that philosophy so much that I too want everyone to know I have two .38's and one .357 in my home, and all three are loaded when I set the alarm and go to sleep at night. Oh yeah, I also do my own re-loading.

You know, we should give Barack some credit for today's photo shoot. There is one group of people he made very happy by urging the ban of weapons. He made CRIMINALS very happy.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops.

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