Friday, January 11, 2013

Guns vs. Politics

I'm not going to apologize for writing another blog on guns and the Second Amendment rights. I'm just a 77-year old Air Force vet, that owns three duly registered handguns, is licensed to carry a handgun when I leave the house, make my own reload bullets, and when weather permits I go to the range twice a week to shoot at targets. It's a passion of mine.

As I've said in my previous blogs I pride myself in following all gun laws and complete safety protocol when handling my handguns. Ironically it was the Chief of Police in our city that suggested I get a handgun, register it, get licensed to carry and learn to shoot it, and abide by all the laws.

My wife did the same, as did other members of our family. My son-in-law has target rifles that he has registered, and that's the point of my blog today. Most people today do not know the difference between assault weapons and target rifles. I'd like to try to clear that up.

An AR-15 is not an assault weapon just because it has the initials "AR" on its description. An AR-15 has the capacity to fire quickly, but you must pull the trigger each time you want a round discharged through the barrel. On the other hand with a true assault weapon you can pull back on the trigger just once, keep the trigger pulled back,  and you can fire a 20-round magazine in a few seconds. Also, an assault weapon will give the option of discharging one round at a time.

 Since 1986 assault weapons have been banned, and only the military and certain state and federal police organizations can have an assault weapon in their possession. Yes, there are certain assault weapons that have been "grandfathered" in, but are legally registered under the National Firearms Act. A fully automatic weapon is widely known as a "machine-gun", and it is a felony for a citizen to own a fully automatic weapon.

There are two distinct problems here. The first problem is obvious; criminals do not pay attention to any law banning fully automatic rifles and handguns. Criminals will continue to use fully automatic assault weapons in the commission of their crimes. The second problem here is many Americans, beginning with Senator Feinstein of California, do not know the difference between a target shooting rifle and a fully automatic assault rifle. Senator Feinstein will have you believe an AR-15 semi-automatic is an assault weapon.

It's obvious that Barack, along with his partners Gaffer Biden and Eric "close-mouthed" Holder are outwardly attacking our Second Amendment rights. It's ironic that Barack and Holder take this position because they "dozed off" when hundreds of assault weapons just "walked" across the border into Mexico, and on of these weapons was used to kill one of our own border patrol agents. What is worse, the case of  "Fast & Furious" still remains unresolved.

Of course it's a political fight started by our elite left wing progressive liberals, led by Barack.
Remember while campaigning against Barack in 2008 Biden yelled out to his audience, "ain't no way Obama is taking my rifle away from me"?  At the same time Barack was campaigning to his audience, "I don't want to take your rifles and handguns away from you".  If it wasn't so true it would be comical. Now that these two are running the show in D.C., all of a sudden they want to meet with organizations in an effort to just about stop the sales of guns and ammunition.

I have a question or two about this. How come since Barack started this mission of banning guns the NRA membership has increased by over 100,000 in less than three weeks?  Also, how come legal guns, ammunition, and reloading supply sales are skyrocketing at an enormous rate as I'm writing this.  As soon as I heard Barack appointed Gaffer Joe Biden to investigate this I looked up to heaven and said, "God help us...not Biden".

Then I e-mailed, telephoned, and visited my reloading suppliers and purchased the legally required limit of bullets, primers, and powder. I'm so afraid that with Gaffer Joe heading up this investigation I'm not taking any chances. The very strong supposition is Barack wants to heavily increase taxes on gun and supply sales so it will be passed on in hopes consumers will be discouraged and stop buying guns and supplies. Will someone please tell Barack and Gaffer Joe their attack on the Second Amendment, even with the help of his fawning media will not stop Americans rights to our Second Amendment laid down by our founding fathers.

My wife and I visited a neighboring state, became legally approved to carry a handgun in their state. Because of state reciprocity throughout the country we can legally conceal-carry our handguns in all states except three; New York, Illinois, and California. I'm sure everyone knows by now that these three states will not legally allow citizens to carry handguns for protection. Of course criminals do not care about gun laws.  Isn't it ironic that these three states lead the nation in gun crimes, and the city of Chicago is the "city winner" of gun homicides throughout the country?  Did anyone expect the criminals to abide by gun control laws? Of course not....well Barack, Holder, and Biden do.

News anchor Piers Morgan of CNN wants all of us to believe that we should ban all guns, and that will slow down gun crimes. Has he taken a look at his mother country England lately? Citizens cannot arm themselves in England and gun crime has soared. By the way there's a petition floating around to send Piers back to England, however, England started their own petition stating they don't want him back. 

The good news for us gun enthusiasts is there are currently eight states, with more to follow, that will not allow the federal government to come into their state and ban semi-automatic weapons. Further, if any from the federal government come into their state to enforce a ban on semi-automatic weapons they will be arrested and charged with a felony crime.

Because Barack, Holder, and Biden want to take our guns away it follows that all the left wing radical progressive libs and their fawning media will support this and continue to attack any conservative Republican by blaming them for all gun crimes in the country. This is why this investigation is nothing more than a witch hunt and another political controversy. 

I pride myself on being a gun enthusiast. Target shooting and reloading is a hobby of mine. I legally own and have registered two .38 specials, and one .357. My wife never leaves the house without her snub-nosed .38 in her purse. We both pray that we never point or shoot at anything more than a target on the gun range. However, when we retire at the end of the day we load our handguns with hollow points, set the home alarm, and sleep like newborns.

You cannot solve and/or stop gun crimes by repealing our Second Amendment. We must open investigations on WHY there are gun crimes. There's a cartoon floating around where a man with a knife is standing over someone lying on the ground bleeding, and he's asked by a bystander, "why did you stab that man with a knife"?  In the next cartoon there is the same scenario except the man has a gun instead of a knife. The bystander then says, "we have to ban all guns to stop this".

We cannot make our Second Amendment a political fight. "Why" there are gun crimes must be investigated, not the punishment of law-abiding citizens by repealing their rights to protect themselves. I could go on writing about this passion of my Second Amendment rights, but I've taken too much of your time already. Thanks for reading.

By the way on another subject; I had a weird dream last night. The victims of Hurricane Sandy were all African-Americans, and Barack was a Caucasian Republican president. My dream went on to to see Charley Rangel, Jessee Jackson, Al Sharpton, Van Jones, and others screaming into the cameras that it is unjust that financial aid has not been given to these victims. Just as I was waking up I thought I heard Sharpton utter, "this is all Bush's fault". Then I woke up. Wow what a dream.

And that's Politics with Pete for today.....God Bless our country....and our troops

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