Thursday, January 17, 2013

Give me your gun

I'm still having a lot of trouble with Barack's "gun violence" speech yesterday.  If all 23 of Barack's executive orders had been passed several months ago would any of these executive orders have stopped the Aurora, Colorado massacre? Would they have stopped the Sandy Hook school massacre? I think not. 

Barack is trying very hard to follow suit of monarchs and dictators that have preceded him in history. All throughout history it has been proven that every country's head of government, kings, monarchs, dictators, even emperors  that have taken away the rights of the sovereign population to protect themselves, goes on to completely, and at times, tyrannically, rule that population that have no means to fight back.

If, in the 30's,  the Jewish population had the right to arm themselves just maybe there wouldn't have been a Holocaust. Maybe there would not have been any slavery if African-Americans were allowed to arm and protect themselves in the 1800's. Here's a fact straight from the annals of history that even my critics will not be able to dispute: Imperialist Emperor Hirohito strongly announced in December, 1941, "we must attack the American bases in Hawaii...we cannot attack the American mainland because behind every blade of grass is an armed American".  This is a fact proven through WWII history books. 

What Barack did yesterday was nothing more than a political photo shoot, using children as wallpaper. To many, Barack stood on the graves of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre to push his agenda of banning all guns. He just wanted to make a statement to ingratiate himself with his left wing liberal progressive base. We all know he cannot repeal the Second Amendment. Even the great Messiah Barack cannot destroy any part of our Constitution.

I noticed that Barack never once mentioned the escalating crime in his own hometown of Chicago. More people have been killed by handguns in Chicago in 2012 than were lost in the Afghanistan war.  Barack kept repeating, " if we can save just one person we must try this". Yet this hypocrite in chief will not even allow any questions involving the murder of our own American border agent with an assault weapon that his own Eric Holder delivered to the Mexican cartel. Why is that Barack?

I have been heavily criticized for writing in my blog yesterday in questioning the eleven armed body guards at the school of Barack's daughters. I strongly believe that Barack's daughters should be protected at all times, as I pray that no danger ever befalls Barack and his wife.
But the criticism just makes my point for me. The handguns, rifles, and assault weapons will not harm Barack and his family. If such a tragedy befalls the first family, and I pray it doesn't, it will come from a crazed maniacal murderer, USING a gun. And I also want my nine grandchildren protected. They are just as important to me as Barack's children are to him.

I read in a report yesterday that there is a $250,000 fine with two years of imprisonment if you steal or break the egg of a bald eagle, but the government will pay the medical care of a woman's abortion. Why don't we ban the medical instrument that abortion clinics insert into the womb of a woman that sucks and kills the unborn fetus of a woman? Believe me, more children are slain every year by abortions than by bullets. In both scenarios someone put a handgun in their hand and pulled the trigger, or inserted an instrument into the womb of a woman and destroy a fetus. And the difference is?

Jessee Jackson now wants to hold all gun manufacturers liable for gun crimes. Am I the only one that finds that ridiculously stupid? Way to go Jessee...shift that blame from the high percentage of young African-American youths committing gun crimes. By the way Jessee, you should talk to your Chicago mayor buddy Rahm Emanuel. In all states that allow citizens to legally arm themselves crime has decreased by 49%. Also, crime has increased in all urban areas where it is illegal to arm oneself.

It must be stressed, strongly stressed that we need to focus on the mental state of the  crazed maniac or undisciplined youth that would walk into a school or theater and open fire on defenseless children and adults. The mother of the Sandy Hook school killer purchased and registered her guns legally. Yet her son took her guns, murdered her, then took off for the school. I often wonder what would've happened if there was an armed guard at the entrance of the school.

Decent Americans that obey all gun laws and practice gun safety protocol do not purchase guns for the purpose of killing someone. They purchase guns for three reasons; collecting guns, target shooting, and protecting themselves and their families. Every time I leave my home my .357 is shoulder-holstered to my body. I would never use my handgun in any illegal manner, but I feel safe and comfortable knowing if the situation should occur I have the legal right and means to protect myself.

Barack not only "forgot" to mention that 40,000 gun homocides have occurred since he was elected into office in 2008, he also failed to mention that in the five leading Hollywood movies no less than 185 people were killed. Of course he wouldn't mention those statistics. He needs the backing and donations of the Sean Penn's, Quentin Terratino's, Martin Scorcese's, George Clooney's, and my favorite Jamie Fox.  In the movie "Django Unchained", Fox stated what he liked best about acting in the movie was, "I get to kill white people".  Of course the media ignored him stating that, but can you imagine if a Republican actor had said the best part about being in "Roots" was the part about torturing and killing African-Americans? Of course that would be despicable, and the media would not have let that go. But why the double standards?

This great country has a bigger problem than crimes committed with guns. The overriding problem in this country is the increasing violent crimes committed by crazed maniacs and undisciplined youths.  We must not let Barack push his agenda by starting to ban guns or repeal our Second Amendment.

Many of our founding fathers, beginning with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, proclaimed our Second Amendment was for citizens to arm and protect themselves, even against a tyrannical government.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops.

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