Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dontchya just love the U.S.A.?

Just got back from the gym, and for a 77-year old, I had a great workout. I listened to  my "old fashioned" music from my iPhone to drown out the rap swearing that was vibrating loudly through the gym. As I said, great workout, and that put me in a great quiet pensive mood to write this blog showing my love for this country.

Maybe part of my good mood is Duke beat Maryland by 20 points yesterday. You're all probably tired of my bragging that I have a grandson in medical school at Duke. Sorry, but that's a grandfather's prerogative.

So, I poured some coffee, and headed for my computer and here I am typing away; not knowing what my next words are going to be or how this blog will end. 

However, let me start by patting myself on the back for predicting the responses to yesterday's blog of "2016-told ya so". I want to sincerely and humbly thank those those responded with the kind supportive words. These kind of responses just keep me going. Thanks again.

I guess I should even thank my the critics of my latest "2016..." blog. They actually made me a prophet. My profound liberal progressive critics made my predictions come true. They rang true to form so profoundly that I thought their responses came straight from MSNBC..

Of course I can't repeat the phrases they wrote. If I did I'm sure the News-Herald would take away my blog writings in the future. As a writer, speaker, facilitator, and professional sales trainer over the years, I have found that when people who disagree with you respond with lies and name calling it just truly reflects who they are. There's an old truism that people who respond with name calling and swearing are just masquerading any semblance of a decent and intelligent vocabulary.

None of my critics wanted to respond about Barack sending billions in aid to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, along with F-16 jet fighter planes and hundreds of Abrams war tanks. Instead they once again resorted to name calling, lies, and swearing. As I've written many times, I will debate and publish any protesting views, but will not demean myself by distinguishing any lies, swearing, or name calling in my blog responses.

I will sign off this blog with my undying love, respect, and honor for this country, and the great majority of the great American citizens. I believe we will find our way back from the sad state of affairs Barack has placed us in, and his intentions for the next four years.

We started in the Revolutionary War, breaking from the tyranny of the United Kingdom. There have been world dictators in the past that have tried unsuccessfully to bring down their great countries of freedom. Stalin, Hitler, Hirohito, and many others who even tried to bring their distorted tyrannical rule to the United States, and of course miserably failed.

Their philosophy was to grow and expand the government so strongly that they will not only govern, but RULE the masses. They wanted to make the masses totally dependent on the ruling class. These dictators started small. They took from the wealthy, even the investors who wanted to create jobs for the masses. Their next step was to expand government jobs and unions.

The next step was to make sure the media was on their side to broadcast their philosophies to the masses. With the media supporting them it was easy to engage in cover-ups to keep the truth from the people. It also helped the dictators' agendas by appointing some of their followers to high ranking government positions. Of course it started out great because the masses were getting a free way of life from their beloved dictator without even working. Many even voted to keep them in power.  Hmmm, sound familiar?

And let's not forget a valuable tool the dictators used; offering free avenues to health care. Wow, the masses thought; this is great. Let's bow down and show our love for our beloved leader. He will surely look after us as long as he stays in power. Just listen and read what the media is telling us.

Do you know what the final decree from the dictators to the masses? Yes, you probably already guessed it. Take away the arms from the citizens. Again, sound familiar?

And currently there are uprisings from the extremists in the middle east that take financial aid and military arms from the U.S.A.,  as they spew their hatred for our great country. They want to overthrow us, even to the point of slaying Americans as they impose their Sharia Law on western civilization.

Does any of the above in this blog make you thing of what is going on today in our own country with Barack in charge?  I'm not going to debate where Barack was born. My concern is where he lives now. His background emanates from a city ruled by crime and criminals. That is his background. You almost understand his "ruling" philosophy. Does he know any better?

But, you know, I believe in this great country. We're going to take Barack's dictatorship ruling only so much. Honest journalism is already reporting the true facts of good Americans are beginning to push back. The true facts of Obamacare are starting to surface and reflect how it will harm the economic growth of this country. 

Barack took a bath in Teflon and sent Biden out to attempt to initiate gun control. Barack wanted nothing to do with it because he knew his control control law would never get through Congress. He's going to let Biden take the fall, as he's already starting his "Hillary for President" campaigning.

Yes Barack, you've been pushing us around for four years, but have you noticed we Americans are starting to push back. You're not afraid of impeachment are you?

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops.

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