Sunday, January 20, 2013

Celebrate your 2nd. Amendment today

I couldn't make it to Columbus to join in for Gun Celebration day, so I celebrated Gun Day in my own way. I practiced my Second Amendment rights by taking my .38 special and my .357 to the gun range and shot 250 rounds at targets. It was a great way to celebrate Gun Appreciation Day, and honor the privileges my founding fathers gave me.

At the gun range I met some other gun target shooters, enjoying some cordial conversation and camaraderie. Of the eight target shooters there, six were NRA members, all had their conceal carry weapons license. Many jokes about Barack's gun laws were exchanged. One gun owner retold a joke he heard, "if guns kill people then spoons have made Michael Moore and Rosie O'Donnel fat".   Another shooter remarked about a cartoon picture of Joe Biden saying, "there must be gun registration for all guns, well except for the assault rifles Holder sends to Mexico".

On the serious side it should be noted that yesterday's Gallup poll reported that the NRA has a higher approval rating than Barack. This from a polling organization that is known to lean to the left. Also reported is that in one month membership for the NRA has increased 250,000. Can this many Americans be all wrong? Gun and ammunition sales are skyrocketing. Also, noteworthy is that since Barack started his dictatorial war to ban guns his approval ratings have spiraled downward significantly.

Remember way back, when Barack declared he was "going to fundamentally transform" our great country? It seems gun control, or I should write "selected" gun control appears to be his mantra now. It's clear that   Eric Holder doesn't have to abide by any gun control rules, as evidenced by his "Fast & Furious" program of shipping assault weapons to the Mexican cartel, and refusing to talk about it.

Can anyone guess the author and date of this quote: "this year will go down in history. For the first time our nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the rest of the world will soon follow our lead into the future".  You still can't guess who said this? I'll give you a clue: it was a small man with a mustache, from Germany, in 1935.

The American people are not going to stand for anyone, including the man that sits in our White House, to take away any rights from us that were granted by our founding fathers. Just who does this man think he is? I suggest he stop reading his press releases from his fawning media. 

How about the hypocrisy of this White House, of course along with the help of the fawning media?  Barack's team heavily chastised the NRA for running an ad that showed Barack willing to have armed guards protect his own children at their school, but strongly denies armed guards at anyone else's childrens' schools throughout the country. Nah, that's not double standards is it?

And then what does Barack do? He parades four young children on stage during his announcement of signing 23 executive orders surrounding gun control. He has to be the biggest hyprocrital White House resident this country has ever known. There were over 40,000 violent deaths attributed to gun violence during his first term, but Barack saw no advantage to exploit them. He saw no reason to address the overwhelming gun violence in his own home town, that is led by his good buddy Rahm Emanuel.

But Barack certainly did as his buddy Rahm once quoted, "never let a good crisis go to waste".,
and that's exactly what Barack did. He virtually stood on the graves of the Sandy Hook school massacre and used it for an agenda to attack the Second Amendment rights of Americans to ban guns.

Of course gun control, gun violence, the NRA, Second Amendment rights are all that's being broadcasted on radio and TV today. One has to wonder if Barack and his team, along with his fawning media purposely pushed this news agenda so we'll all sort of forget about our growing national debt of over $16.Trillion, or how Obamacare is causing rising health care premiums,  or how hospitals are stopping certain medical procedures because of Obamacare,or how Barack and Reid haven't submitted a budget in nearly 1,400 days, or how businesses are laying off and unwilling to invest in job creation,  or how our unemployment is at 8% and projected to grow to 9% by summer. 

Nah, Barack is doing just what his buddy Rahm has suggested; let's focus on trying to ban guns, and maybe Americans will forget how economically bad our country is doing right now. 
This man, who wants to attack our Constitution and our Amendment rights as laid down by God and our founding fathers should be impeached. Of course with our Democrat controlled Senate that will probably never happen, so we must endure the next four years of this "lame duck" White House resident. What say we all try to make a change beginning in the 2014 mid-term elections?

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God Bless our country...and our troops. 

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