Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Barack the Messiah??

Yesterday I watched and listened to every word Barack spoke at the press conference. I almost turned off the TV within the first ten minutes. It was hard listening and watching a man that said "I", "me", "mine", and "my" countless times during the first few minutes. And why was it necessary for Barack to keep reminding us, "I am the President". Does he forget that his welfare freebie contingency voted him in last November? We get it Barack.

I expected at any time his press secretary Carney was going to appear on stage with a gallon of Teflon and a wide paint brush. Every issue surrounding the horrendous debt ceiling was the fault of the Republicans in the House. This from a man  who has raised our debt ceiling more in four years than all 43 presidents before him COMBINED.

In 2006 Senator Obama voted four times against raising the debt ceiling. In 2008 while campaigning Senator Obama declared, "it is unconstitutional that the Bush administration wants to raise our debt ceiling that is already at $5.Trillion...we cannot pass this burden onto the backs of our children....the buck stops here...we need leadership displayed."

And now, with a debt ceiling of over $16.Trillion just yesterday Barack  says, "it is unconstitutional not to raise our debt ceiling to pay our bills...we will further destroy our economy".  Someone should tell Barack, to go ahead and exercise the Fourteenth Amendment and raise the debt ceiling on his own. We all know he doesn't have the leadership capability to step up to the job to do it. He also doesn't have the guts.

If Barack raises the debt ceiling on his own, and it fails, which it most certainly will, then Barack will have no one to blame but himself. He even has the arrogance to hold the American people hostage for the SECOND time by saying "if the debt ceiling isn't raised we may not send Social Security checks to our seniors or military pay to our service men/women".  How horrid is that? He never once mentioned that the welfare/freebie people were in danger of not getting their monthly freebies to spend on liquor, drugs, strip clubs, and casinos. Oh no, he knows where his bread is buttered. 

I'm so glad Barack didn't make math his major study in school. Can anyone understand how he came up with the figure of $4.Trillion in cuts to our national debt? This man is using wars we will not go into as reductions to our debt. He claims that bringing home some troops in 2013 are to be considered cuts to our national debt. He's gone so far as to say the interest on these "future" reductions that haven't taken place yet, as debt reductions.

All Barack kept repeating yesterday was, "either Congress pays its bills or it doesn't...it's as simple as that". Barack reminds me of an old buddy that was proud of playing his "three-card Monty" with all his debts. He'd max out a credit card, then apply for a new one, and on and on.

Does Barack know that for every dollar our government spends .40 cents of it is borrowed. Also, there is heavy interest on that borrowed .40 cents, and guess what we are forced to do in or downward spiraling economy? We are actually borrowing money just to pay the interest on our enormous debt.

This from a man who has not submitted a budget in nearly 1,400 days. This from a man who does not posses the leadership skills to ORDER Senate majority leader Harry Reid to get off his backside and submit a budget and do it now. This man was elected to uphold the Constitution as it was laid out by our founding fathers. 

Barack was not voted into our Presidency to change the Constitution. He is the elected President, he is not the Messiah, nor is he Allah. I have the deepest respect for the office of the President, but as a man I cannot respect this disgrace to our highest office. I refer to him as Barack, not Mr. Obama, not President Obama.

Yes, of course there's nothing we can do except hope information comes forward for an impeachment, but I think we all know with a Democrat Senate that's not going to happen. However, we can start the long climb back with mid-term elections in 2014.

Tomorrow, it's gun control all over again. Please stay tuned.  Thanks

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops.

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