Monday, January 7, 2013

Americans who hate U.S.

What do Oliver Stone, Michael Moore, Bill Maher, Rosie O'Donnel, Janeane Garafalo, David Letterman, Sean Penn, Ben Jealous, Paul Krugman, Roseann Barr, Joy Behar,  and Al Gore all have in common? These are all American citizens born and raised in this great country, who make a living by declaring their hatred for the United States of America.

It's bad enough we have TV news anchors from foreign countries broadcasting on our own major networks that we should abolish  our U.S. Constitution, we also have hundreds of college professors teaching the same un-American values to our young students right here in the U.S.

What is happening to the American values laid down by our found fathers?  We now have a film maker, Michael Moore, who vehemently states he does not respect, nor will support our American troops fighting in the Middle East. Have you noticed how he goes on major networks and repeats his anti-American views over and over, and then rakes in millions of dollars for his un-patriotic movies? Why is that? Oh yeah, it's our First Amendment rights that protect this America hater.

Let's not forget John Kerry, who served in the military in the Viet Nam war. Senator Kerry has been nominated to become Secretary of State. This very same man likened our military troops to the slaughterings of Genghis Khan. After Mr. Kerry surreptitiously received medals and ribbons during the Viet Nam war he threw his medals and ribbons over a fence and said he was ashamed of our own military. Is this the type of man we want to control our foreign diplomacy with our foreign allies and enemies? 

Then we have former Vice President Al Gore, who sold his interest in the Current TV network to El Jazzeera, a well known pro-bin Laden and Taliban supporting news network. Mr. Gore facilitated the sale of his network so the infamous El Jazzeera can now broadcast their anti-American beliefs right here in our country. 

What is happening to our great country? To the country that Americans were honored to sweat and work hard to see our land grow? To the country that honored every man and woman who wore the military uniform and fought on foreign land to protect our values of freedom? Why is it now considered "cool" to broadcast on TV and radio that the U.S. is horrible? Are viewing ratings and money to be raised up at all costs?

Why is it so easy to become entirely dependent on our government to survive? Doesn't it scare anyone that our great country now has eleven states, yes eleven states where government workers now outnumber the private sector workers? Because Mr. Obama has proven that expanded government is best for our country, now more than ever we have a growing population totally dependent on the government, and that population grows in enormous leaps and bounds daily.

In many of my blogs I was heavily criticized for defining "makers" versus "takers". By now we all know who they are. Makers work hard, earn a living, and even create jobs. Oh yes, they pay taxes also.  Takers consist of our ever-growing population of people who live on welfare, food stamps, and extended unemployment.  And while we continue to make life easy for the takers, the takers population will grow, while harboring no strong feelings of ever being nothing more than a taker.

By the way a writer at Forbes Magazine identified these eleven states as Death Spiral States. Of course California is one of the  leaders in this field. In California for every 100 people who work hard and pay taxes they are rewarded by some of their tax money going to support 139 government dependent people, including a vast majority on welfare.

The ultimate leader in this field is New Mexico; meaning for every 100 hard-working taxpaying Americans there are 153 "takers".  Would you like to know if you live in one of these Death Spiral states? 

We've already mentioned California and New Mexico. The remaining ten Death Spiral states include Hawaii, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois, New York, Maine, and the great state I live in, Ohio.

Want some frosting on the cake? We are so concerned to preserve the dignity of our food stamp recipients, so as not to embarrass them when they are required to display their stamps when shopping. Instead our government issues EBT cards that can be used at ATM's for cash. The problem in many cases is the food stamps recipients will use their EBT cards at ATM kiosks. Then off they go to buy liquor, drugs, visit nude-bar facilities, and gambling casinos.  This is not only dishonorable, it's highly illegal.

America, in my plea to ask you to be afraid, I'll close with my own personal story. At twenty years old, stationed at an Air Force base in England I read the entire book,  Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire".  I'll never forget the feeling the book left me with. I questioned myself and others, "could this ever happen to the U.S.?"  After over 400 years the Rome dynasty completely and totally collapsed. The main reason was due to inner conflicts of its political leaders. The Roman Empire imploded from within because its political leaders were more focused on personal power than the welfare of its people.

At the time of reading the book it was 1955, and I was twenty years old, and the country I wore the military uniform for, our United States,  was only 179 years old. And the way Mr. Obama is leading our great country, I feel he wants many more than eleven states completely and totally dependent on the government. I am very afraid. Are you? If not, then be very afraid and we must voice our distress to our leaders, and then vote to correct it starting in 2014.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country....and our troops.


  1. Yes, our 'Rome' seems to be burning...and again it is being blamed on 'the Christians" well...on Conservatives who believe in a country founded on Judeo-Christian principles, and of course our beloved Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  2. Did you ever stop to think that many people are on food stamps,welfare,etc. because in this country, if you get sick, or injured and do not have insurance, you have to pay out of pocket. If you are not wealthy enough to pay out of pocket, you will lose your savings, home, etc. If you are not wealthy enough to pay for college or are not an athlete, your education stops at high school. Meanwhile, the U.S.A. spends billions of dollars on the military, & salaries and perks for politicians & their families. Welfare and food stamps are a pittance compared to the money spent for the above mentioned. I do not hate the U.S.A., but I can understand why other people do.
    I wonder what Abraham Lincoln would think of the state of our country today. He would be heart broken I am sure....just as I am.


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