Saturday, January 26, 2013

"2016" - I told ya

Here's a scenario I'd like to throw out to those that read my blog today, especially my critics that were part of the 51% who voted for Barack back in November.

OK, so here's the scenario: You're in your safe home that is all locked up and secure. Suddenly there's an intruder pounding on your door threatening to bring harm to you and your family.
Do you call 911, and then protect your family by any means?  Or do you unlock the door, welcome the intruder in, and show them where you keep your money, jewelry,  guns, knives, or any other protective tools?  Come on now, there are two choices here. Which one would you pick?

Let's carry this to a larger scale for the sake of discussion OK?  Would you vote for someone to be President of our country, and while in office choose the second option when dealing with countries that could cause us harm as does the intruder wanting to illegally enter your home? Would you want a person in our White House that would operate this way? Really?  Think about it.  

Well, congratulations to the 51%. That is exactly what you did in November. In Egypt there is a self-proclaimed dictator of Egypt, Muhammod Morsi, who is also leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. This man also has close ties to Al Queda and other terrorist groups. This man has declared his hatred of Israel and the United States. 

Dictator Morsi also proclaims that Jews are pigs that must to extinguished. He has proclaimed he despises the United States almost as much as he hates Israel. He has directed the schools in Egypt to teach Egyptian children that they must hate Israel and the United States. 

Guess what Barack just did? He chose to opt for the "unlocking" the front door of our country.
He is immediately sending four F-16 jet fighter planes to Egypt with a promise of twelve more F-16's, along with 200 Abrams tanks.  The F-16 is our most powerful jet fighter plane. The Abrams tank is a very powerful war tank.  

I wonder how many of the 51% that voted for Barack were aware of this before they voted in November. Heck, I wonder how many of the 51% know that information today. Almost forgot to mention this little tid-bit. Best way to describe it is to go back to my original scenario.
That intruder you allowed in the house to harm you and your family, remember him? Well, suppose when he finished stealing from you and harming  your family, you offered him $100.00 or more?

Well, that is exactly what Barack is doing. Not only is Barack supplying powerful jet fighter pilots and elite war tanks to an organization that may use these armaments to attack our biggest mid east ally Israel; he sends billions of dollars in aid to Egypt.

Does this make sense to anyone? I am urging my critics to please respond to this blog and explain the logic in all this to me.  Now don't write back with all the name calling, reminding me how stupid I am. I already know that.  No need for that. I'm more thick-skinned than you can imagine. Just be logical OK? Give me your logic for Barack doing this. Just the answers OK?
In the movie "2016" Barack proclaimed that we must equalize  the military forces in all countries. He feels that is the way we can "spread the wealth and security of the globe". The movie even depicts how this "spreading" would enfold. The movie shows a cartoon graph of the growing  military strength of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, along with other mid east countries, while a barbed-wire fence is shown squeezing all around Israel, and squashing the country.

Oh yes, did I mention that while Barack is doing all this he is downsizing our own military to the point where are own military will be it's weakest in history? Sorry, forgot to mention that.

It was shameful enough that Barack never mentioned jobs, the dismal economy, and spending cuts in his inaugural speech last week; he never spoke the words, FOREIGN POLICY. It seems he cares nothing about our relationship with our allies and our potential enemies. 

I'd like to make a wager with any of my critics. I'll wager that Barack never visits Israel during his second term in office. He won't let a visit to our strongest mid east ally get in the way of his golfing, basketball, or vacations.

Be afraid folks. Be very afraid.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops

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  1. I love reading your blog, you make more sense than any politician we have ever had. Please keep writing this blog as many of us love reading about common sense.


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