Saturday, December 8, 2012

Way to go Mr. O.

Maybe this blog should be titled "what do we do for the next 357 days Mr. O."?  It's a fact, if we tax everyone who earns $200,000. a year($250,000 for families), the revenue accrued can only operate government for eight days. My obvious question is what do we do for the next 357 days?

America is drowning in the quicksand of debt faster now than ever before. Forty-Six cents of every dollar our government spends is borrowed. Will someone please explain to me how that type of progress is going to get us out of debt.  

Someone please tell Mr. Obama to quit campaigning. He won, and he's in our White House for another four years. Mr. Obama there's no need to travel around the country, sitting at the breakfast tables of Americans to tell us what you want to do. Just do it. You're the leader in chief. Give us your plan. You do have a plan don't you?

Quit pandering to your base. You can't run for election anymore. But then, you've been a lame duck resident of our White House since January, '09. Why change now?  You and your buddy Pelosi keep reminding us that elections have consequences. Well. Mr. Obama, winning elections also bring responsibilities that require strong leadership. 

Do you know what leadership involves? Most of us don't believe you do know. It means sitting down with House members of Congress, negotiating, comprising a plan that is good for all Americans. You keep pontificating, "my way or the highway".  You're destroying us Mr. Obama.

And please don't insult us that things are getting better. Layoffs are continuing at an alarming rate since you were reelected. Twenty-two states want to secede from you. Reminds us all of how the early Americans came here to get out from the tyranny of England. Things are getting worse and you know it.

You proclaim that unemployment is down to 7.7%. Again you insult us. Please do the math. To arrive at 7.7% with only 146,000 jobs created only means one thing; thousands just gave up and left the job force. 

We know you want to grow the government. In the past four months 73% of jobs created are in the public force, where unemployment is down to 3.8%. What does that that tell you Mr. Obama? You're not for the middle class working people Mr. Obama. You're for expanding government. We all get it now.

You know it...we know it; you're our welfare/food stamp president. You even want to diminish our military power by cutting defense spending. However, there is no talk of cutting entitlement spending. In fact you're on the road to increase entitlement spending. You want more welfare people to depend on you for one reason; voting for your party in the mid-term elections in 2014.  
You make it so easy for your welfare populist to grow. Here's an example; I was in the paint store today waiting for the clerk to help me out, and he was talking to the customer ahead of me. "Yeah, it's OK working here, the people are nice, but the pay is tough. I'm thinking of just going on welfare". Is that what our welfare program is all about? 

We are in a fiscal cliff crisis, with our economy heading for a depression that we may not recover from. Our mid-east adversaries don't seem to respect us, and our allies are beginning to doubt us. More than ever our country needs a leader, not a campaigner.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country...and our troops.

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