Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thanks again Mr. O

This is directed right straight at you Mr. Obama. You make it very simple to bring to light why you are such a disgrace to the residency of our White House.  I probably should thank you because you give me so much ammunition to bring to light.

For the first time in sixty years and under your White House residency, we now spend more money than we gain from revenue, and we are getting closer to European status with no hope at all in sight. And yet, Mr. Obama you have the audacity to blame Republicans starting with President Bush. Now that it isn't cool any longer to blame President Bush, you have decided to blame Republicans because "they don't like me".

You sit in comfort as ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, PBS, and MSNBC fawn all over you.  Kind of mindful of the little guy with the mustache in the '30's. He had complete control over all forms of printed and radio media.  These networks will not print or air any of the truthful news. And they have been successful in feeding your welfare/freebie people the lies that got you reelected.

I am one of those that you spoke about in your 2008 campaign, "clinging to my guns and religion". For me you can add Fox News to that "clinging". Actually I am in awe of what Bill O'Reilly is trying desperately to do to get an honored Marine veteran released from a Mexican prison. Not only will the other networks refuse to step forward to help this Marine, they will not even report it.

A few months ago you visited all your fawning media outlets; i.e., Pimp with a Limp, MTV, Entertainment Tonight, The View, Dave Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jay Leno. You kept your continuous rambling of "I", "me", and "mine", when referring to our American troops protecting you, Michelle and the girls. Now, more than ever,  we know these were nothing more than photo shoots.

There is so much you could do to facilitate the release of Marine Corporal Jon Hammar. You could easily pick up the phone, call the President of Mexico and demand the Corporal's release or the money flowing into Mexico will stop. You could invoke a no-fly zone over Mexico. You could encourage Americans to boycott vacations and business to Mexico.

This brave Marine Corporal volunteered to go to battle zones in the mid east to fight in combat to protect you, Michelle, and the girls, as you alluded to on these fawning programs. But when the time comes for you to step forward to bring this brave Marine back to America for Christmas, you turn your back on him.

Your spokesperson, Jay Carney, when speaking to the press corpse actually said he had no idea what the newsman was speaking about. For God's sake Mr. Obama, this is one of our brave fighting men. Get off your backside, away from your teleprompter, and step up to your responsibility to be the leader the 51% wanted. 

By the way, I wouldn't brag anymore about bailing out General Motors. What are you doing about the $12.Billion GM now owes the taxpayers.  

And you better tell Bernanke to get that green printing machine into overtime to keep printing money for your welfare/freebie people. Because you know very well, if you run out of money for your "posse" they will turn on you in a minute. Have you and/or Bernanke told the American people we now spend $853.Million a DAY in interest alone on our debt?

Again, thank you, Mr. Obama, for giving me one more spoonful of ammunition that proves you are going down in history as the most infamous resident of our White House.

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country...and our troops, especially Marine Corporal Jon Hammar

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