Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mr. "Nanny" Obama

Who said, "raising taxes in a recession is definitely not the way to go"? Who also promised when he spoke that "by the end of my first term I will cut the national deficit in half'? This same person also said, back in January, 2009, "the first bill I'm signing into law is that Camp Gitmo will be closed within one year"?

If  you guessed Mr. "Nanny" Obama you win the grand prize of enduring four more years of the "Dictator" in chief, our Lord & Savior, the Messiah, Saint Obama, or for those of us who  know who he really is...we just call him our Nanny-In-Chief.

On the backs of the Chicago Thug Machine, this man with no business savvy or political experience outside of A.C.O.R.N., has been swept into our White House. His latest "adventure" is to convince 51% of Americans that to tax the very core of our job creators will give the government $81.Billion a year to help reduce our deficit of $16.Trillion. Wow, that's great Mr. Nanny. That's going to make a big dent, as we fall deeper into recession.

Will someone, anyone please give me a breakdown of any entitlement spending he intends to cut. But he sure wants to cut back our military spending to weaken the very core that protects this nation, while he continues to increase his freebie-welfare base that is reaching 50 million.

Want an example of his "nanny" state?  Of course you do.  To protect the privacy of the Automobile Dealership and the new car salesman I will not divulge names, only to say this actually happened recently in a Ford dealership: A woman, at the Ford dealership told the salesman she wanted to lease a new Ford Focus. Her application reflected she was on Social Security Disability. When the salesman remarked that she didn't look disabled to him, she remarked, "Oh, I'm fine now, but I make more money now than when I was working. I got an injury at work, I'm OK now, but no one has told me to return to work. I get $1,500. a month from Social Security Disability, and $700. a month on an EBT card (food stamps). I also get $800. a month for government subsidized rent". She paused a second, smiled, and said, "Oh yeah, I also get 250 free minutes a month on my Obama phone".

This story must end with some levity. The lady didn't lease at this dealership. She went down the road and found the same car at $10.00 a month less. What a frugal lady.

Two things come to mind here; who pays for this? Is it the hard working Americans making $200,000. a year? And what happens when the money runs out to pay the freebie-welfare people? 

Recently an economist said there were many jobs not filled today because the freebie-welfare people are asking themselves, "why work....we're gettin' thousands a month by not doing anything".  Now does it make sense that 75% of the freebie-welfare populist voted for Mr. Nanny.  Is this a great country or what?  I wish Mr. Nanny would've been around when I was working hard for a living. 

Oh yes, Mr. Nanny, has anyone told you that the GM car, Volt, that you proclaimed, "is the car of the future", has just about completely ceased production?  Let's not forget Mr. Nanny, two of the energy companies that you bailed out with our stimulus money is expanding all right, with jobs in China. What a great leader you are.

Ant that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country....and our troops

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