Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hooray for the 98%

Hey, let's hear it for the 98% of Americans that are going to have their taxes lowered in 2013. Isn't that great?  This is really going to help dig us out of the economic crisis we now face. The added income for these 98% 'ers are going to really stimulate our dying economy. Hooray!!

Yeah, we're going to go after them rich fat cats that make over $200,000. a year.  Can you imagine the enormous revenue our government is going to reap when taxes are raised on all Americans that earn $200,000. a year? Yep, it comes to $81.Billion. We're really going to reduce the national debt with that. Only take us about NEVER!!!

Has anyone mentioned that we don't have an income or revenue problem? What our country is suffering from is a gigantic SPENDING problem. It was actually comical to watch the Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid announce on the Senate floor, "Americans don't understand how the system works". Yeah, this from a man who hasn't presented a budged in almost four years.

This from a man who openly refuses to bring any House passages to the Senate floor. This from a man who flip-flops so much he has no idea which direction to walk in. And yet when someone asked Senator Reid to name one area that his boss Mr. Obama would cut in spending, he dances enough to make Fred Astaire blush.

There are pure facts that must be addressed. Today we have a $16.4 Trillion national debt. Treasury Secretary Geithner has announced that we will reach our debt ceiling next week. This means our great country will soon have no money to pay its bills. Now for you and me it means we have to tighten our belts, cut corners on spending, and even get a second job in many cases.

Wouldn't it be great if we were like our Government when we reach our debt ceiling? It would be great if we could just go down to the basement, turn on the the green printing machine and spit out hundred-dollar bills. Hey, it's working for Mr. Obama. Why not us?

Here's a couple more astounding facts. If we raise taxes on all Americans earning $200,000. a year we will take in enough revenue to operate our government for eight long days. Yes, eight long days. Then what do we do? Maybe we'll have to resort taxing those that make $100,000. per year., and then $50,000. a year, etc., etc.

Another fact is those big fat cats that make $200,000. or more per year are small business owners, and what happens when you start attacking the financially successful corporations and businesses in this country? Yes, you guessed it. Large and small businesses will begin the scale back their operations, cut investing and spending, and yes, guess what else? They start laying off employees, and in some cases moving their business to foreign countries.   By now everyone who reads my blogs know my favorite question on this subject, "when is the last time someone on welfare ever created a job"?

And of course we all know Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is lying through his false teeth. The House, under Speaker Boehner,  has submitted over 40 bills and proposals to the Senate to vote on, and Reid won't even bring them to the floor. Ever wonder why? Yet, with a straight face Reid claims the GOP wants to raise taxes on 98% of Americans.

So, Mr. Obama, Harry Reid, Senator Schumer and darling Nancy Pelosi want to raise taxes on all small businesses and large corporations, and then add Obamacare to their mix. With that in hand you can bet unemployment will rise to over 9%.  But hey, Mr. Obama and his crew will keep that money flowing to his extended unemployment and welfare costs, so the 51% will continue to sing his praises. Yes, while our country heads for Greece and the rest of Europe.

The word "entitlement" gets thrown around a lot these days. When you extend unemployment, hand out welfare/food stamps, along with tax refunds to people who pay no taxes is that really "entitlement" or just plain "freebies"?  I'm entitled to my monthly Social Security check, because I paid into it since I was a teenager.  By the way has anyone heard of any cuts at all to these welfare/unemployment/food stamp people that are living off the taxes of hard-working Americans?

One of my critics wrote that I "over-drew" my Social Security check. That is a big joke. If my payroll deductions were put in a private interest accruing fund I'd be drawing hundreds of thousands today. Don't give me any foolishness about my entitled Social Security.

All good hard-working Americans are being held hostages as we go over the fiscal cliff and endure raised taxes, while the very people we elect to protect our economy will never personally suffer like the rest of us.

Is this a great country or what?

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country....and our troops.

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  1. Another home-run. Harry Reid lying through his 'false teeth' had us rolling!


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