Monday, January 21, 2013

Turn around day

I was so glad the pro football championship games were on TV yesterday. It was just too depressing listening and watching all the news surrounding Barack's inauguration. I'm happy to write that I didn't watch or listen to any of the lying hoopla delivered by Barack and his gaffer in chief Biden. 

Today, I'll be writing blogs, reading my latest David Baldacci's "The Forgotten", and of course making my  re-loads for my .38 special and my .357.  I'll bet everyone at one time or another has said, "wonder how it would be to turn off the TV for an entire day".  So today my wife and I have decided to keep the TV in the silent mode all day. It's so difficult to watch Barack make the same broken promises that he made four years ago.

Well, maybe if there's a college basketball game on tonight I might turn on the TV, or maybe watch a courtroom mystery that I DVR'd last week.

Four years ago unemployment was 7.8%, and today it's the same. Food stamp enrollment has jumped from 33 million to 47 million. Our national debt in January '09 was $10.2.Trillion. This morning as Barack, Michelle, and the girls parade down D.C. streets the national debt is $16.4.Trillion.  When Barack took office a gallon of gas was $1.84; today a gallon of gas is $3.53.

In January 2009 public college tuition was $6,850. per year; today as Barack smiles while strollling down the parade route public college tuition is $8,650. which is a 26% increase. Isn't it ironic that Barack keeps preaching "we must find ways to encourage our children to attend college". Problem is Barack, fewer young people can afford college today, let alone the college loan debts they'll face in the future.

Today we have more Americans on government entitlement programs than we've had since the great depression. Is  this the leadership our country needs and wants? This is another reminder of my father. He grew up on a farm in Italy, never went to the first grade, and came to this country when he was just 16. Being the oldest of 8 children he, along with  Grampa Pete went to work to support the family so Dad's siblings could go to school.

Dad ended up working for forty-eight years in the steel mills, and his highest earnings topped out at $27,000. a year, and Mom never worked outside the home. Dad could stretch a dollar from here to anywhere. If Barack had half the leadership skills my uneducated father had our national debt would be paid, and our country would be living within a national budget.

Dad left behind a legacy of hard work, and he would always proudly brag in broken English,"I never had to go on unemployment.....hard work won't kill you, but worrying about it will".
Dad passed on at the age of 88, and his reading skills consisted only what my younger sister taught him. Yet he was a giant to our family. A rock that could always be counted on. It seems that family leadership is slipping away from our society today, and we are in badly need of it.

I know Dad is spinning in his grave today with the ever increasing welfare and food stamp entitlements that Barack has instilled in our society. It's disgusting that today this man has the arrogant audacity to celebrate what he's done to our country these past four years, while he lies today, and will continue to do the same destruction in the next four years.

So what say folks, let's make this "TURN AROUND DAY". Let's make this the day we all vow to do our part to work hard to do all we can looking forward to 2014. We must prepare ourselves for the mid-term elections because barring an impeachment over the Benghazi massacre, and Barack's attack on our Constitution we are burdened with this person for another four years beginning today. What are you going to do about it?

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country....and our troops


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