Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Let's ban it all Mr. Costas

I'd like to think my wife and I are both success stories for the Second Amendment. Four years ago I met up with our city's Chief of Police to discuss protection. I told him that at 73, and being somewhat physically vulnerable, what can I do to protect my wife and me.

He suggested we take Ohio's Concealed Carry Weapon's class (CCW), take the state test, buy a handgun and learn how to use it.  We then we heard about state-reciprocity handgun laws, and went to Pennsylvania, and took the state test. This means my wife and I can conceal-carry our handguns in all states except Illinois, New York, and California. Ironically these three states lead the nation in handgun crimes. I guess only criminals can carry handguns in these three states.

I joined a pistol league, and became responsible for running the league. At one point we had thirty-two members meeting at the gun range every Wednesday. Members included men, women, and young adults from every walk of life including retired police officers, retired military people, lawyers, janitors, teachers, etc. We enjoyed target shooting contests for ten weeks, then enjoyed a steak dinner and great respectful camaraderie .

I follow all the handgun laws and all the safety protocols including never carrying my handgun if meeting friends for even one beer or even my favorite drink,  single malt Scotch. Never carry and drink is a law and personal rule I live by.

This is not a political blog, so why write this today? Well, enter Bob Costas. Mr. Costas, reported on national TV, at an NFL game at half time, that if former NFL player Jovan Belcher didn't have a handgun he and his girlfriend would be alive today. Jovan Belcher tragically shot his girlfriend, then turned the gun on himself.  Mr. Costas opined that if all handguns were made illegal and our Second Amendment is repealed there would be much less crime. 

Will someone please tell Mr. Costas that if our Second Amendment rights are taken away from law abiding citizens, then only criminals will be carrying guns, and law abiding citizens will have no means to protect themselves.

Also, Mr. Costas if we eliminate guns to stop crimes then it makes sense to abolish knives, ropes, wires, cars, prescribed medicines, and even aspirins.  Just yesterday a man was pushed in front of an on-coming subway train and was killed. Now, Mr. Costas if there were no subways that man would be alive today, right?

Here's another story Mr. Costas won't tell you: a young college female student, with a license to carry a handgun was told she couldn't bring her handgun on campus. She argued she had one class a week that ended after dark and would have to walk across campus alone. The school still forbade her from carrying her handgun for protection. Want to know what happened? One night walking across the campus alone the young female student was attacked, raped, and strangled to death.  Now with Mr. Costas' logic if there was no college there the young lady would be alive today.

Another ridiculous story: Jason Whitlock, sports writer claims that the NRA is another KKK because they lobby to "have guns available that are easily accessible to black youths to use to commit crimes".  Now that's really logical Mr. Whitlock. What do you propose we abolish,  the NRA, guns, or Black youths? Take your pick. 

And we must not forget the box cutters the terrorists used on 9-11-01 to slash the throats of the pilots that caused planes to fly into the World Trade Centers. Should we abolish box cutters, or even the planes? Then the tragedy may have never happened. I say abolish the terrorists.

Now you know I have to bring a little Politics with Pete into this. Please remember Mr. Obama, after his reelection inauguration in January wants to abolish our country's Second Amendment rights and stop Americans from exercising their right to bear arms. Of course, like most of Mr. Obama's laws it is hidden.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country, our troops, and our Second Amendment Rights.

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