Friday, December 7, 2012

Honor our WWII troops

I'm not ashamed to admit I shed a lot of tears this morning watching the news showing the 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.   I channel-surfed most of the other networks to see that there were no Democrats, Republicans, or Independents on TV this morning, and there were no Protestants, Catholics, Jews, or Muslims. There were just Americans honoring our WWII war heroes on TV. It was very uplifting to experience this unfolding on the morning news programs.

At 77 years old my wife and I both have recollection of uncles and cousins killed or injured in what many call "The Great War", but is any war  great?  Every war is devastating, with many tragic consequences. Even with our great country emerging  victorious in both the European and Pacific war zones, there were many horrible consequences, and unforgettable memories for America. 

Later this morning, wearing my old beat up Air Force ball cap,  an old timer approached me asking about my time in the military. I found out he was also an Air Force alum. We talked about what today meant to every vet who wore the uniform, including all those who fought and  lost their lives in all the wars our country has fought in, but especially those who served at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941

He said it felt disheartening when he asked some young teens this morning if they know what December 7th signified. They said they had no idea what December 7th meant. He said he wasn't angry, but felt sad that most of the service men and women, who fought and survived WWII to protect the freedom these young teens enjoy, aren't even remembered today.

There is a movie available on the Internet today; "Honor Flight". It can be found on I encourage all to watch it. I also encourage those who can to volunteer to assist at airports helping WWII veterans on and off planes when these heroes fly to Wash., D.C., to visit the WWII War Memorial. 

We have a family friend who is a part of this program at our Cleveland airport. She has invited my wife and I to take part in these early morning programs, helping  these special WWII heroes on and off planes. Many of them have canes, walkers, wheel chairs, and need assistance. We're looking forward to helping out at the airport soon. We feel this is our chance, in a small way, to say "Thanks You" to these heroes.

There's not too many WWII survivors around today, but if you happen to know one please contact  him/her, and let them know how much you appreciate what they have done for you.
I guarantee you'll make their day for them. Many of them feel forgotten, especially among the young of today. We owe them so much that we can never repay, but at least we can acknowledge them and let them know they will never be forgotten.

God Bless our country....and all our troops, especially those WWII heroes and vets, along with those at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941

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