Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We need truthful research

We all know, including many Democrat leaders, that Mr. Obama cannot get reelected by running on what he's accomplished these past four years. So, he and his supporters, along with the media are going the only path they can, and that is to demolish Governor Romney by any means available.

Some of the comments in today's blog are recycled from my previous blogs, but with only thirty-five days left in this critical election many of these comments bears repeating. Remember, folks, the futures of our children and grandchildren are at stake.

So many Americans continue to do little or no research on the values of both of the candidates. Instead, they choose to drink the Kool-Aid provided by our main-stream media. The media continues to downgrade and humiliate Governor Romney, and readily broadcast any alleged mistakes, lies, and deceptions concerning his financial success, his family, and even his religious beliefs.

However, the media, along with the New York Times, L.A. Times, Washington Post, and other liberal publications will never bring to light the mishaps of the Mr. Obama's lack of leadership, and how he's handling today's critical areas in our economy and foreign policies.

Mr. Obama is a big proponent of the entitlement process. He continually preaches, "fair share".
Mr. Obama feels we should give up America's free enterprise and capitalism way of life, and turn to growing a welfare Socialist state. He throws his "poison arrows" at big, medium, and small businesses, and wants to heavily tax them to continue his aid to the welfare state.

Giving aid to the downtrodden appears to be a honorable humane road to take, and I'm sure everyone, including me, would like to wave a magic wand and take care of everyone on welfare, unemployment, and food stamps.  Just two questions though: (1) When is the last time someone on welfare, food stamps, or unemployment ever created a job? (2) Without big, medium, and small businesses investing to create jobs to stimulate revenue what does the United States do when the money to take care of our welfare state is all dried up?

Mr. Obama wants to raise taxes on everyone making over $200,000. per year, along with the very businesses that invest to create jobs. With this policy is it any wonder that  investing corporations will hold steadfast to their investment money, knowing that Mr. Obama's tax increases are on the way.

During President Bush's eight years in office his administration spent a total $4.9 Trillion. This includes financing the Iraq war.  Mr. Obama, along with his media support claimed President Bush was "unpatriotic" in spending the taxpayers' money. During the 2008 campaign the mainstream media led with that story everyday in their broadcasts and news prints.

What the media will not broadcast or print today is that in less than four years,. yes LESS than four years, Mr. Obama has spent $5.6 Trillion, and he's still going strong in spending, with more outrageous spending on the way if he's reelected.

Mr. Obama has convinced his followers on welfare, unemployment, and food stamps that if Governor Romney is elected, then all of their entitlements will be taken away. With that scare tactic, of course this 47% will vote to reelect the man that's giving them their entitlements.

The media will not report the failed policies of Mr. Obama. They will not truthfully report that, in fact, Mr. Obama does not have a net gain in jobs created, but in reality a net LOSS in jobs created since he's been in office. The 386,000 jobs Mr. Obama has allegedly created is a falsehood. The just are no 386,000 jobs created by Mr. Obama.  The media will also not report that under Mr. Obama's watch unemployment has been over 8% for over 44 months. 

The media will not report that the welfare and food stamp state has been the highest it's been since WWII, but they will go out of their way to report about Ann Romney's horse. the media will not report that our economy has had the slowest growth since the great depression, but they will give front page coverage calling Governor Romney's Mormon religion a cult.

The polls are full of skewed lies, the media is full of lies, and will not report the news truthfully for the American people. I urge all Americans to stop drinking the main stream media's Kool-Aid, and do your own research on truthful facts before you walk into that voting booth. 

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God Bless our country...and our troops.

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